What’s your Aussie Day style?

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A major newspaper yesterday gave away Australian flag bucket hats as a patriotic promotion ahead of Australia Day tomorrow.  I was in my local newsagent and overheard a staff member say that people had been lined up at the door at 6am with their token.

By 9am, they were all gone.

Frankly, it got me thinking.  Am I unpatriotic because I DON’T want to put two flags on my car or wear an Aussie Day tank from Supre?

Or is it because I think Australian style doesn’t depend on adorning oneself with red, white and blue?

Before the clever merchandisers got a hold of Australia Day a few years back, January 26 was all about the last day at the beach before school goes back (or you got serious about the work year ahead, symbolised in my case by swapping flats for heels!).  It was about wearing your swimsuit all day long, accessorised only by salt spray, sand, sunnies and a big hat.

So maybe I’m just retro, not unpatriotic. 

A more subtle way to show your love of Australia is with Pink LouLou’s Patriotic Moment Necklace.  Priced from $118 for silver, it’s also a piece you wouldn’t have to wait a year to wear again.

What plans do you have tomorrow? … and more importantly … what will you be wearing?

Pink LouLou necklace, pictured in 22ct gold plated $138

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