The Golden Globes 2010 frockfest

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You know the year has really started when the first of the big awards ceremonies signal that it really is time to kick off the Havaianas and start remembering how to wear heels … and frocks … and makeup.

Today it was the Golden Globes.  Little statues were handed out to some very deserving actors but it was the action behorehand that had me glued to my computer (thanks to it being live on the Golden Globe’s Facebook site).

The rain did make umbrellas an accessory of necessity – and those watching from the sidelines looked very fetching in clear plastic rain ponchos.  I can only imagine how concerned some may have been about what a drop of rain would do their ‘dos.  Oh the angst.

2010 was all about colour and detail – from Sandra Bullock’s vivid purple, through to Cameron Diaz’ glamazon red, Ginnifer’s Goodwin’s royal blue and Maggie Gyllenhaal’s soft peach.  Those not opting for a splash of colour, wore various shades of “nude” or embraced fashion stalwart, black. Detail was strong too, from sequins (Drew Barrymore) through to frills (Chloe Sevigny) and soft bows (Nicole Kidman).  And while, I’m talking about Drew, which overall I did love, I don’t know why anyone would choose a gown which added a “growth” to one’s hip region.  Looks divine on the should, on the hips … NOT FLATTERING.

It really was difficult narrowing it down to my favourites.  Which is why I settled for nine?  I do like a twist on a classic, though, and that’s what had me excited about January Jones’ black ensemble.  Black really does look good against a red carpet backdrop!

On my not-so-favourite list:  Kate Hudson.  So much structure in her dress and then she adds even more with platforms … all in white. And then there was Christina Hendricks … her cup really did runneth over.  Oh, and Tea Leoni.  What were you thinking?  The first photo I saw was cropped and you looked like you were heading into a law office (to work!).  The next image revealed the latest in corporate wear, a long grey skirt.  Nice!

But it was the lovely Zoe Foster at Primped who enlightened us to THE worst red carpet move (possibly ever).  Find out which celeb needs to pay a little more attention to grooming

But on a serious note.  Some would argue it’s quite frivolous to be dressing up and spending lots of money on looking good when near neighbour Haiti is hurting so badly after last week’s earthquake.  Red, yellow and blue ribbons were worn by most to signal their respect for the cause and plenty used their podium position to raise funds and awareness.

What was your favourite Golden Globes frock or fabulous ‘do?  What didn’t you like? Post or Tweet a comment.

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