How stylish were you at 14?

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Do the current crop of teenagers know how good they really have it in the style stakes?

This isn’t meant to be a deep and philosophical question.  It is about fashion, after all.  But it’s one that I ponder each time I have the opportunity to meet a new group coming through the Faye Rolph Models grooming and deportment courses.

I spend two hours with about a dozen 12-18 year-olds discussing “Dress Sense”. Now some parents of teenagers may think putting the words “dress” and “sense” in the same sentence as “teenager” is an oxymoron.

Not me.  These girls are savvy.  They shop everywhere from Supre to sass & bide.  They know their skinny leg from their high waist skirt and they’re not afraid to wear either of them.

They outwardly don’t share the same body issues our generation seemed to hold on to.  If they want to wear something, the do. (Sometimes this is a little bit of a minefield when you are trying to explain the benefits of a garment that fits AND flatters … but, hey, who am I to suggest that denim cut-off shorts should actually look like shorts, not briefs.)

I’m also a teeny bit envious of the fashion smorgasboard of choices available to teens today. In my day (insert pompous, old voice here), a trip to Target was about as good as it got.  Correction, I did own a pair of Staggers jeans so they must have come from somewhere swish (use this word in front of your teens and enjoy the reaction).

And here’s another thing.  They seem to have more of a grip on their individual style than most adults.

We do a little exercise in this class … the girls create a fashion vision board – a montage of magazine fashion and beauty images that “talk” to them.  A pair of sunglasses they can see themselves in, a hairstyle to try, a drop dead gorgeous pair of heels, a perfume bottle.  You get the picture.

The aim is to help them see clearly what they like (and what they don’t!) so that their fashion vision is always evolving but always in their heads when they’re out shopping, so they don’t make “what was I thinking?” choices when influenced by well-meaning friends and sales assistants.

Turns out, “WHAT WAS I THINKING?”.  These girls know exactly what works for them, they’re channeling their own style and leaving us for dead.

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