Ciao Bella Travel’s summer suitcase essentials

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Apologies up front to those who never get to be on holidays at this time of year … when it seems that the entire world is.  I truly do understand (I was one of you until two years ago!) and I’ll also understand if you don’t want to read on.

OR, you could choose to embrace these tips and stock up ready to holiday at a time of year when you actually get more than a square metre of sand space on the beach (see I’m really trying to be supportive and positive here!).

Ciao Bella Travel has all the solutions for your summer get-away. From clothing to toiletries and fold-up designer flats, Ciao Bella Travel will have you looking great at a pocket-friendly price.  Ciao Bella Travel director Kirsty Keane says the best way to plan the perfect holiday suitcase is to think about all the different things you will be doing on your break (drinks, cafe breakfast, beach, sight seeing) and jot down a packing list so you can stock up on your summer accessory essentials before you set off.  

Kirsty’s top 5 products this summer are:

 1.      Cleanser/Toner/Moisturiser Single Shot Tin $19.95 (Ciao Bella Travel fave)

2.      Annabel Trends Jewellery Traveller $19.95 (available in a variety of colours)

3.      Apple & Bee Makeup Case $29.95 (Editor’s fave)

4.      A stunning, non-crushable dress such as this gorgeous Sacha Drake Madison dress – $340

5.      A sarong in this seasons colours – $19.95

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