Don’t let how you dress blow your job interview

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There are many occasions when a first impression is crucial – the job interview ranks up there near the top.  A confident first impression comes from wearing your clothes, instead of your clothes wearing you.  Confidence comes from feeling comfortable in what you are wearing and knowing that  a little bit of your personality is coming through (in a good way) in what you are wearing.

What’s appropriate to wear

  • Know the work place – do staff wear casual, creative, or business-like clothes?
  • Aim to dress one notch above the office standard.
  • In most cases, that is smart, business-style attire.
  • For women:  tailored pants or skirt with shirt or top – possibly jacket
  • For men:  tailored pants, belt, shirt, tie – possibly jacket
  • Keep accessories to a minimum.  By all means include them to show your personality and flare it will show you are not a robot… but less is more.
  • Take out visible piercings.
  • Make sure shoes are in excellent condition.
  • Make sure clothes are clean and ironed.

What’s not!

  • Dirty, unpressed clothes.  The lazy meter will ring loud and clear in the interview.
  • Facial piercings – particularly if the role is a public one – keep in mind that the person interviewing you may be from a generation not comfortable with this.
  • Tattoos.  These should not be visible either.
  • For women:  too short a skirt; too plunging a neckline. Dress this way and it says you are more serious about picking up when out on Friday night than working. 
  • For men:  pants that are worn too loose, underwear showing.  This is not the place to show “you’re cool”.
  • Jeans, t-shirts – clothes that are way too casual – just because the job you are applying for has a uniform, does not mean you don’t need to create a business-like appearance.
  • Bare feet, thongs, strappy shoes

 Get all this right and it says, no fuss, no frills … my CV says it all.  I’m ready for this job!

Styling You's Nikki Parkinson at the November Get that Job workshop

– from the Get That Job workshop held at the events centre @ Maroochy RSL on November 2009.

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