Belt up with undetectaBELT… it won’t be seen.

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Belts can make a statement.  But what about when you just want them to do a job … and not be seen? Sydney fashion duo Louisa Sparks and Kerry ‘Frankie’ Islin have sourced the solution: the undetectaBELT.

The pair, known as Sparks and Frankie, are winning fans with this adjustable clear belt with a flat clasp designed with all the functionality of a regular belt, without the bulk.

 “The hidden undetectaBELT lets you wear fitted tops over your jeans without the dreaded ‘buckle bulge’ or ‘back gap’ where jeans gape at the lower back. The flush clasp maintains a smooth finish for a sleeker, slimmer line,” said Sparks.

UndetectaBELT $29.99


“The undetectaBELT offers a simple fix-it solution for common wardrobe dilemmas – jeans that won’t stay up, baggy waistbands and bulky buckles. Fitted t-shirts, knits and sheer tunics can sit smoothly over your tummy and hips without the bulk of a belt underneath,” said Frankie.

“Pants or stretchy jeans that fit well when they’re new can start to slip after they’ve been worn for a while. Using the undetectaBELT means you can keep your pants on – so to speak!” she said.

The belt is fully adjustable from size 6 to 18, so it’s also the perfect accessory for people who are losing weight but don’t want to purchase new items before they’ve reached their goal weight.

The undetectaBELT costs $29.99 plus postage and is available at

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