Remember the ’80s? I do, too!

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Last week, I was standing, microphone in hand, next to Australian fashion icon Alex Perry … yes, I know, it’s shameless name dropping, but I hope you can indulge me a little.

Then the music came on, the lights went down … we were suddenly transported back to smack bang in the middle of the ’80s.

Frock, after gorgeous frock came down the catwalk … all with a hint of ’80s … a little structure here, a statement shoulder there.

Sex And The City 2 - yes, it's '80s flashback time!

Sex And The City 2 - yes, it's '80s flashback time!

I’m outwardly smiling but inwardly thinking, OMG, they’re back.

Should I get excited as this was an era I enjoyed with youth on my side? Or do I run for the nearest cover, scared that someone is going to put a scrunchie in my hair?

According to Mr Perry, I won’t be wearing a scrunchie any time soon but padded shoulders are back and so is jersey. So is taffeta.

The difference is it’s all about exercised restraint, a modern take if you like on an era that most of us remember fondly.

Some fashion pundits will have us believe that if we are old enough to have lived through a fashion era, that we shouldn’t go there again.

Which makes it all a little difficult to navigate through each fashion season … what goes around really does come around as designers look to the past for inspiration for the future.

So after Mr Perry’s insight, I got to thinking: why can’t I take a little bit from a time when youth was on my side?

And therein lies the secret to embracing trends – this season or any. Embrace away – just don’t get caught looking like you’re in a time warp.

What trends are out there to dip into for Spring/Summer ’09?

  • Dresses – it’s all in the detailing and sleek shapes
  • Skirts – fun skirts, from short skater style to maxi, there is a shape for everyone.
  • Trousers – loose cuts and lightweight fabrics, yes, there are harem pants, and high-waist styles!
  • Tops – these are either structured and under a jacket or soft and floaty. Embellishment and detail is the key here too.
  • Jackets – not a huge call for them in Queensland but a lightweight jacket can really dress up an outfit – the tuxedo style is my pick.
  • Shoes – sky high heels or flats – not much in between.
  • Accessories – big, bold statement pieces. But only wear one statement at a time.
  • Colours – shades of everything from grey, navy, pale neutrals and vivid brights.

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