Country Road’s big brother and sister opens

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It’s time to really show my age.  My first Country Road purchase was, of course, a logo canvas tote bag.  This was my ’80s uni bag and I wore it proudly.  As a student, I couldn’t afford anything else in the store but as soon as I got my first real job, I bought a week’s worth of clothes to take with me to a small Queensland town, knowing that shopping would be extremely limited.

And so began my on-again, off-again love affair with this iconic Australian label.  Over the years I’ve embraced its clean lines, gorgeous fabrications and stunning accessories. 

So, I just want to know … now that Country Road has a new older sister, closer in age to myself, am I still allowed (or is it still appropriate?) to shop in the chain store I’ve grown up with?

That older sister (and brother) is Trenery.  The new brand – the brainchild of Country Road creative director Sophie Holt – aims “to redefine fashion for 40-plus men and women – the mature and timeless customer”.

Trenery is stepping in to fill an un-serviced gap in the market by providing fashion which is relevant, beautiful, simple and stylish with a focus on quality, fit and value.

For women it’s all in the cut of an impeccable shirtdress, or the original trench that’s tailored for now, or the sensual feel of silk and cashmere against the skin. For men, Trenery is as much about how it’s put together as it is about the individual pieces. Whether it’s a softer-than-soft washed shirt, a lightly tailored blazer or a crisp chino, each piece has a comfortable familiarity.

“I wanted a tightly edited, modern range with clean, simple, beautiful details. For me, this collection is about everyday luxury and the pieces that count, the classics that should be in every wardrobe,” said Sophie.

“As Country Road moves its focus to a younger customer, Trenery picks up the mantle as its grown-up sibling, but at its heart lie the same cornerstones of fashionability, quality and value,” she said.

The Trenery name comes from the location of Country Road’s first commercial offices in Trenerry Crescent, Collingwood, Victoria. Five stores opened today at Bondi, Chatswood Chase (New South Wales); Highpoint (Victoria); Canberra Centre (ACT); and Karrinyup (Western Australia). Chadstone (Victoria) will open in November.  Plus 16 concession stores have also opened in South Africa, in Woolworths’ stores. 

No news on a Queensland store as yet, so I think I’ve answered my own question.  I’ll just have to still shop with the under 40s!

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