What’s your personal style “uniform”?

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How do you decide what to wear each day?

Is it the first thing you see in the cupboard?  The outfit that doesn’t need ironing?  Or a top that always makes you happy?

Perhaps you don’t subconsciously think about it?  Perhaps you should?

With just a little prior thought, getting dressed each morning can actually enhance your day. The right outfit for the right occasion can help you relate to people, confidently hold yourself while speaking and boost your bravado in a difficult situation.

Powerful stuff.  And you thought we were just talking about shoes, clothes and accessories.

So, if getting it right doesn’t come naturally to you, it’s time to think ahead. Don’t leave it till after your morning shower to start wondering what you are going to wear. Every Sunday night, think about what your working (and relaxation) week holds.  Each night plan in your mind – or write down – some outfit options BEFORE going to bed.

Think about how you can project your personal style while still meeting the demands of a day at the office. For example, a day of meeting in corporate offices will need a different style of outfit to a day that involves re-organising a dusty stock room.

I’m loving the new limited edition Soft Tailoring collection from Metalicus – suiting pieces but in fabrics that don’t crush and are easy care.  (See picture below).

Practicalities aside, your personal style “uniform” should be just that – a reflection of your personality. You should dress to suit the occasion and situation but whoever you meet that day should get an inkling of the personality behind the clothes.

Putting a little effort into choosing your outfits, will not only let your personality shine through, I guarantee it will help your day will flow more smoothly.

Metalicus' new Soft Tailoring collection. www.metalicus.com.au

Metalicus' new Soft Tailoring collection offers a new ease of dressing for work. www.metalicus.com

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