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NIKKI PARKINSON chats with Brisbane-based jewellery designer Chelsea de Luca.

What is it about jewellery in general that makes most women go weak at the knees?
I think because it’s such a sentimental thing, and it really allows you to express yourself, which makes it a pretty powerful accessory.
What do you think is the appeal of your jewellery?
There is a nostalgic charm in the vintage style of all of my designs which I think really appeals to people.

Women around the world are having to reign in their previously unrestricted clothing budgets.  Why does buying quality accessory pieces make good economic sense?
By simply throwing on some big earrings, or wearing a gob-smacking cocktail ring and cuffs, you can completely change that one black dress and create a unique look every time, giving longevity.

What was your path to becoming a jewellery designer? 
It was an unplanned path but a passionate one and came about as I always wanted to work for myself, so made the decision to quit my job in advertising, and follow a path doing something that I loved, and taught myself along the way.

Your pieces are inspired by the past – has jewellery from certain eras always held a fascination?
Absolutely.  I have always been drawn to old black and white movies with the glamorous movie stars and costumes.   And I think this is where my fascination began.  I am drawn to the 1920s – 1940s mostly because of the soul, drama and passion it exudes.

In the past 12 months, what three things happened concerning your business that made you stop and pinch yourself?
1. Opening my new flag ship boutique in James Street, New Farm.
2. Seeing my pieces worn by A-List celebrities is always a huge compliment
3. And just generally an overwhelming response to my jewellery

Chelsea de Luca is being worn by A-List celebrities all around the world … who are some of the more well-known and what are their favourite pieces?
Sienna Miller has just picked up some pieces in LA, including the Unflappable neckpiece, Triumphs & Tragedy cocktail ring, and Epic Romance cuff, which is exciting. Beyonce loved the Miss Francoise and Grace neckpieces.

Celebrity following is one thing, but how does it feel to see a regular person out at an event wearing one of your designs?

Where to from here for Chelsea de Luca?
My plan is to create a presence in the US market and continue to create a strong presence nationally, including opening another boutique eventually.

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