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First impressions really do count.  In seven seconds someone has you summed up … and you may not have even opened your mouth.

It’s not just a matter of what you choose to wear, nor is it about wearing the latest fashion trends.

Making a good first impression is all about confidence … confidence that comes from wearing your clothes, instead of your clothes wearing you.

Wearing your clothes well starts with dressing to suit the occasion and the season.  In a special event or networking situation, it also pays to take into account what most others will be wearing – and then amp it up a notch.

This is where it pays to get a little advice.  Amp it too far and the effect will be lost in a sea of fashion statements.

But with a gentle style nudge, you can take a classic outfit and make it stand out from the crowd – in a good way.

The other area, in which advice can be helpful, is finding and choosing clothes to suit your body shape.

Make an impression with statement jewellery by Chelsea de Luca

Make an impression with statement jewellery by Chelsea de Luca

Every body shape can be fitted and flattered by choosing cuts and lengths of clothing designed to highlight your best bits and disguise the others.

Dressing for your body shape is more than knowing whether you are a pear, boy or an hour-glass shape, it’s about working with proportions and balancing volume.

It’s about creating curves when you don’t have them and minimising them when you do!

It’s about creating an outfit that makes you feel fantastic every time you wear it.

That’s the kind of outfit you need should you become a finalist in this year’s Sunshine Coast Business Woman of the Year Awards.

After all, you’re a winner.  You need to look and feel like one too.  And that’s one hell of an impression!


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