What to wear when you don’t have a uniform

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When a corporate uniform is done well, it not only takes away the daily dilemma of what to wear, it helps style you into a business frame of mind.
There is many a morning (Mondays especially) when I lament not having a uniform to pull out of the wardrobe.
There are, however, ways to take the stress out of choosing what you wear to work.
With a bit of pre-planning, the resulting look can appear as effortless as a uniform.

Organise your wardrobe. Group your work clothes into tops, skirts, pants and dresses. I also group mine in like colours and position clothes for functions or other occasions away from my work clothes. This allows you to see at a glance what’s still in the ironing basket and what’s ready to wear.

Think of how each of these fashion pieces can combine together. Write down a list of these combinations and put the list on the inside of your wardrobe. Photographing the pieces together can also serve as a useful reminder and help you to regularly get the most out of your wardrobe.

Before going to bed each night, think about what your work day will bring the next day. Mentally note what you plan to wear – down to the shoes and accessories. This makes it easier during the morning rush hour at home and gives you more of a chance of arriving at work looking polished.

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  1. Hi Nikki, It’s been some years now since I participated in your Capsule Wardrobe programs. Becoming a first time Mum in late 2017 committed me to a couple of years not putting any effort into myself and, consequently, feeling the full effects of being a bit of a Frumpy Mummy. Recently, I’ve started reading your blog posts from start to finish and I’ve decided that I’ve had enough of food and paint stained tee shirts and it’s time to find me again. So I’ve pulled out my capsule wardrobe PDF’s and I’m planning, yes, planning, some investment pieces that will suit both my new lifestyle as a mum and my eventual return to work. I know you’re swamped in positive feedback but I didn’t want this opportunity to skip by to express to you that I’m so grateful for all the time you’ve invested in committing all this knowledge and advice to writing in your blog as such a useful repository for us all to delve back into when the need arises. And whilst I miss your capsule challenges, I wish you every continued success with your own label ❤️ Lisa B xx

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  2. Been reading your blogs for a while now. And this one works for me as I don’t usually wear a uniform at work. Thank you very much! 🙂

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