Wild Spark

It was an absolute pleasure to share a little of the Styling You business story with you at the inaugural Wild Spark event. Below are some notes and links for you from my talk. If you’d like more information about anything that I’ve talked about, please email me: [email protected]

The Styling You Business Story – as written on my business’ 10th birthday (click HERE).

Styling You Shop – home of Styling You The Label (click HERE).

The tools

  • Blog/website – out of the box solutions like Shopify have revolutionised the world of online retailing.
  • It’s important to get your own URL/email address
  • Choose your theme
  • Add on apps for different functions – our top apps are Also Bought, In Stock Alerts, Orderly Printer Templates, OrderlyEmails templates, Ready to Ship, Yotpo Reviews (Most paid apps offer free support and help with set-up)
  • Email platform – build your list from the start; Mailchimp; Active Campaign (both integrate with Shopify)
  • Create your brand and build your community on social media – business pages/accounts on Facebook + Facebook groups; Instagram/Stories
  • Social media scheduling apps – Coshedule – batch this job on a weekly basis – even if you end up changing things around. Other apps, Plan – Kirsten mentioned this one and I’ll be looking into it.
  • Linktree – for creating multiple links in your Instagram bios.
  • Online meetings – Zoom – great for being able to record; especially if working remotely with contractors.
  • Bookkeeping – Xero (this integrates with Shopify via Bold Commerce) – once set up, it’s so easy for a book-keeper to work remotely on this.
  • Team tasking – Asana – this is our communication platform between those on our team. We can assign tasks to each other via the website or app. It means all team conversations are in one place.
  • Dropbox for Business – all the team has access to our business folders – cost is per user.

What to spend $ on – work out your priorities

  • Good photography has always been a priority for my business and even more so since we started our online store and now Styling You The Label. Good photography paints a clear and consistent picture of your brand and helps people to better see what you’re selling.
  • Graphic design – I’ve got a good eye for how I want things to look but not the skills to bring it together, so this is something I’ve always outsourced for branding professionalism and consistency.
  • Website theme – if you’re using a platform like Shopify, there are thousands of themes available. Do pay for one (ours was $180USD) so that you can customise it and make it look different from other online stores.
  • Basic website help/support – in the early days (and even now), I’ll turn to Google to troubleshoot anything I wanted to do on my website. Trust me, there is a YouTube video for everything! BUT. There are tech stuff that’s best left to the experts. You can source a developer via Shopify to help with specifics.
  • Facebook marketing – beyond boosting posts, this is where you should call in the experts, to run it for you or train you in how to do it. This can help with re-targeting; creating look-alike audiences and tracking conversions from advertising.
  • Know and recognise when it’s time to invest in bringing in people to help you, staff/contractors. Knowing when to hire is key to growth. At some point you’ll realise you can’t do it all. Staff are an extension of your brand and help to re-affirm the culture through customer service/how emails are answered etc. Look to women in your online community – do they have skills you need?

The conversion – what to think about

  • What are you selling?
  • What need are you filling for members of your community? How are you helping them – or changing their lives?
  • Styling You – it’s a safe place for women over 30 who are interested in looking and feeling their best but don’t feel traditional media and fashion marketing reflects who they are. We grew up on magazines but magazines didn’t grow up with us.
  • Styling You – we deconstruct fashion marketing – model and me – #everydaystyle – and now SYTL so that our community can make better fashion buying choices that reflects their personal style.
  • Styling You – our core beliefs have not changed – that every woman is real; that style doesn’t have a use-by date; that style should be about the individual; that wardrobes are built on basics with a sprinkling of show-ponies; that women are complex creatures; that our style may change – and that’s ok. These beliefs come through every aspect of our business. The beliefs attract our community; the community becomes engaged and more likely to buy what we’re selling.
  • SYTL was a next step for our brand – our label fills a community need based on our core beliefs. We are providing those wardrobe basics.