How to pack for a holiday at any destination

How to pack for a holiday to any destination

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With the world and Australia opening up with fewer restrictions, travel is back on the schedule for so many. There is a huge back catalogue of “what to pack” blog posts HERE but when it comes down to it, below is my tried and true method for how to pack for a holiday to any destination.

I’ve put together a video that includes some of my tips, specific to what to pack for an Easter holiday at the beach in south-east Queensland. It’s how we’re spending Easter but according to, it’s also how many Australians are spending Easter this year.

What I’m packing is all about beach casual but with light layers and a raincoat because it’s a late Easter this year and, let’s face it, any day when the sun has come out is a bonus that we don’t take for granted. Watch the video for more.

10 tips for how to pack for a holiday to any destination

1. Check the weather at the destination of the place/places you’re visiting. I use the weather app for this and find that it rarely steers me off course, even working a week in advance. 

2. Consider what activities or events you’ll be doing or attending. Whether this swimming, an event or a specific tour or activity, make sure you have outfits to suit.

3. Write down outfit possibilities and start a packing list in advance. I use the notes function on my phone. The beauty of doing this is that I can refer to it when travelling if I forget the combinations I’d planned at home.

4. Put all proposed outfits – including shoes and accessories – out in one place. I like to hang up the clothes to see just exactly how much my list translates to and what I might need to add or cull. I do this a week or so out so I can keep going back to what I’ve selected and make changes before putting in a suitcase. Working from a capsule wardrobe where separates work back with each other is key to creating lots of outfit options for while you’re away from home.

5. The key to a workable travel capsule wardrobe, I think, is keeping to one or two neutral colours. But it’s totally ok if your neutrals are hot pink and red. If they work back with each other and most of what you’re packing, you’ll always have something to wear.

6. Ensure all – or the majority – of packed pieces clothes that don’t crush or need ironing. Who wants to iron while away? Not me. Styling You The Label was created for this in mind – especially for travel.

7. Add in a couple of extra white or black tees for luck. If you have the pants, jeans, shorts and accessories sorted then these are all you need to extend your travel wardrobe. 

8. Don’t forget underwear. Seems obvious but there have been many a time I’ve nearly forgotten mine. And then one time I actually did forget. I’d been so engrossed in the outfit-planning mode that I forgot the essentials. 

9. Don’t forget the activewear. I don’t leave home without mine – and my sneakers. Exploring somewhere new by walking is one of my favourite things to do.

10. Roll and pack into packing cubes. I’m a huge fan of packing cubes for keeping different types of clothing all in one place, eg underwear, activewear and swimsuits. It makes for a better organised suitcase during your holiday too.

Are you heading away somewhere soon? What’s your number one packing tip?

How to pack for a holiday at any destination

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  1. Hi Nikki,
    Have just watched your tips for “Easter Packing”, bit late lol! but still relevant to most get always, so thanks for that, was
    also interesting to check out your clothes.
    I really like your stretch stripe throw on dress, you look great in it and my Q. to
    you below doesn’t seem to effect your look….. so
    My question is and hopefully you know or can help. Why do “most” stretch clothing items have the stripes going round. We’ve all grown up with “if your on the bigger side” don’t wear clothes with stripes going round, puts inches on!! I would love one of those dresses but will steer clear because of that reason, some florals/patterns I feel similarly in…. so I stick to “becoming boring” plain block colours.
    Also, I was lucky enough to travel o/seas for 3mths back in 2017 and used your
    “Capsule Wardrobe” pretty much to the letter, thank you it was perfect. Do you still subscribe to using the “capsule”.
    Thanks again for great posts. De S.

    1. Post

      Hi De, great question. The thing is, we were told a lot of things in the past about fashion and what to wear that has proved to be rubbish. The old don’t wear horizontal stripes thing is just one of those. Not only do they NOT make you look larger, who says we need to always be dressing to look smaller? The same people who said the stripes thing, I’m guessing. We’re all victims of years and years of diet culture. I say poo poo to it all. Wear what feels great on you – not what someone has told you you should or shouldn’t wear.

      Re travel capsules, yes I’m still very much for them and the Easter video was one. They help you get the most options out of what you pack.

  2. Great tips Nikki. I hate packing.. but I do agree on trying to plan outfits and lay them out ahead of time. Otherwise I end up packing waaaay to much unnecessary stuff that I dont need.

  3. I agree with laying out the oufits you plan on wearing. Since I started doing this, I have saved so much time in my travel place, and not having to get frustrated wondering what pieces I am going to wear.

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