The Model and Me: Zjoosh Olivia black leather pants

The Model and Me: Zjoosh Olivia black leather pants

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Winter is the ideal season in which to devote more of your budget to key investment pieces that will serve you year after year and the Zjoosh Olivia black leather pants very much tick that winter wardrobe investment box.

I know that everyone’s budget is different. What is an investment for one person is completely out reach for another; for another it’s a price point they’d readily spend money on. If you Google “black leather pants Australia” you’ll see and can explore every spectrum of this budget range.

With key pieces that you reach for more often in winter, I always suggest devoting more of your clothing budget to these pieces. Not only will you play out a higher cost-per-wear ratio but if you buy well they will serve you for more than one season.

Zjoosh is a Sydney-based bricks and mortar and online store. Founder Kellie Rigney started it in 2012 as an accessories brand and has expanded into clothing. I first fell in love after buying her linen shirts and have continued to shop with Zjoosh ever since. 

The model

Zjoosh Olivia black leather pants

Zjoosh Olivia black leather pants

Zjoosh Olivia black leather pants

and me

Zjoosh linen shirt, cashmere knit and leather pants | Will and Bear hat | FRANKiE4 Footwear MAiSiE boots

Zjoosh linen shirt, cashmere knit and leather pants (I’m size 12-14 and in large) | Will and Bear hat | FRANKiE4 Footwear MAiSiE boots

Zjoosh linen shirt, cashmere knit and leather pants | Will and Bear hat

I will admit I was nervous trying these pants on. I really wanted them to work on me as they’re something I’d wear on high rotation this winter and beyond. What I was most confident about was that they are stretch leather. I need that stretch to work across my tummy and hips but not be baggy in the legs. That combination of leather plus stretch in the Zjoosh Oliver leather pant makes them perfect for me. 

They are also extremely comfortable to wear, which you know is a big consideration for anything that comes into my wardrobe. I’ve owned faux leather pants in the past and still have a much loved faux pair that has ponte at the back but the thing that I always have to factor in when wearing them is that it has to be super cold, otherwise I sweat. That is not the case with these pants. The morning I photographed them I had that dread as it wasn’t a cold morning but I was pleasantly surprised not to end up in a pool of sweat.

I like to wear leather back with pieces that contrast that smooth texture. Linen and cashmere are perfect for that. I talk lots about how contrasting textures in your outfits can add interest and winter gives us the opportunity to do that with fabrics that are luxe and comforting. I also like to contrast volume. The pants are slimline, so adding layered pieces with more volume gives that contrast and elevates the look even more. 

Adding ankle boots (always show a little skin between the top of the boot and the bottom of the pant) and a winter hat complete the cocktail of textures for a winter look that I’d wear out to lunch or catching up with friends. 

The Model and Me: Zjoosh Olivia black leather pants

About the Model and Me concept

If you’re new to Styling You, my Model and Me posts are in their 11th year. I know, I can’t believe it either.

I started them because so many of my then personal styling clients (I stopped seeing clients in 2012) could not imagine themselves in the clothes they saw on models in campaign images in store, in magazines or online. This is pre-Instagram. Just. And definitely pre-brands showcasing their garments on more than just the traditional model size. 

I wanted to offer a different visual perspective from what was visible to the fashion consumer. It’s not a better visual perspective. It’s just a DIFFERENT one. I took that six steps further in 2019 when I started my own label, choosing to invest in photographing all our garments on each size that we sell. 

The Model and Me posts have continued – they are designed to help you understand your size in a garment  but also to support and champion fellow independent fashion labels I love.

*My measurements: I usually wear size 12/14 depending on the shape of the garment. I’m 166cm tall. My bra size is 16C (104cm); waist 91cm; hip 109cm.

For more Model and Me, click HERE to see the archive.

Unless otherwise stated, the product has been gifted to me for editorial consideration. If it’s made it to one of these posts, it means I love it and would totally buy myself. Sometimes the links may be affiliate commission links, meaning if you buy after clicking through from my page, I may receive a small commission but you don’t pay anymore.

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