Beauty Chat: featuring Trinny London Kester Black Elle Effect DB Cosmetics Dermalogica Bettyquette Go-To Skincare

Beauty chat: the skincare and makeup products I’m loving

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When it comes to a beauty chat, I’m not an expert but I’ve been writing about beauty products and treatments for about 18 years – initially as a journalist and since 2008 as a blogger. I ask experts a lot of questions to get the answers I’m looking for and I never feature any products here or on my social platforms unless I like them and they’ve worked for me.

This policy applies regardless of whether I’ve bought the products myself, been gifted them or been paid to feature them as part of a social media campaign. Please note, if I’m asked to be a part of a paid campaign and there isn’t sufficient time built in to try the products – particularly skincare – then I won’t say yes to the job. I said no recently to a high-profile beauty brand because that trialling time wasn’t built in to the campaign. I hope that gives you a level of trust when it comes to looking into the beauty chat products I feature here.

The other key point I’d advise applies to active skincare products, serums and chemical exfoliants containing active ingredients designed (when used consistently) to improve the texture and appearance of your skin. I suggest treading carefully before jumping in a slapping ALL the things on your face, particularly if you are in the peri-menopause years when dry, irritable, hyper-sensitive skin can be one of the by products of your hormonal changes. I learned the hard way about this one and have spent a good couple of years reinstating the balance in my skin with a gentler approach.

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Beauty chat products featured in order of appearance

Go-To Skincare Skin Party body moisturiser

Elle Effect The Wash

Elle Effect The Tint

*Kester Black lip colours – Daydream; Woke Up Like This; Glow Up

*Trinny London Eye2Eye – Vision; Chance

*DB “tubing” mascaras – Absolute Lash Lengthening Volumising Mascara; Beyond Amplifying Curling Volumising Mascara

*Dermalogica powerbright dark spot serum

Dermalogica multivitamin power serum

Dermalogica neck fit contour serum

Peppy Co LED light mask 

SkinCARE by Caroline Hirons

Bettyquette Lemon Drop hand, nail and cuticle oil

Ultra Violette sunscreens

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* These products were gifted to me for editorial consideration

Beauty Chat: featuring Trinny London Kester Black Elle Effect DB Cosmetics Dermalogica Bettyquette Go-To Skincare

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