24 nice tops to wear with your perfect pair of jeans | boho

24 nice tops to wear with your favourite pair of jeans

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This time last year we weren’t leaving our homes so I completely missed trotting out my favourite autumn going out fashion uniform of jeans and a “nice top”. To make up for that, I’ve talked nice tops on my IGTV channel and below you’ll find 24 nice tops for you to check out and maybe add to your nice top wardrobe this autumn.

If you’ve been playing along at home and read/watched my post where I share tips for finding the perfect pair of jeans for YOU, then you’re sorted with the bottom half of this tried and true girls’ night out outfit.

(If you’ve not sorted the jeans, please do not be seduced by the show-pony tops I’ve included below and talked about in my video. Last I checked, you can’t go out with out pants on, so make it your mission to find jeans first, then splash out on a new top!)

It’s a Queensland (or northern half of Australia) thing but I always rejoice when the temperatures drop ever so slightly in autumn so that I can wear a pair of jeans without sweltering. At the moment, it’s that perfect sweet spot where it’s cool enough to wear jeans but mild enough that you just need a top without added layers.

The jeans and a nice top outfit combo is fun, fresh, comfortable and effortless. You never feel over or under dressed. Your outfit says dressed up enough for almost any outing with girlfriends, family or your partner but not too much that you’ll feel out of place.

There is nothing quite like popping on a pair of jeans, a fun and fresh top and heading out the door. It feels comfortable and effortless … because it is.

32 nice tops to wear with your favourite jeans | Styling You The Label Simone shirt

Styling You The Label Simone shirt | Decjuba Becky straight leg jeans

Watch my video for my tips about finding and styling nice tops

All shirts featured in the video are from my personal wardrobe. Some are many years old.

The only ones still available are:

Styling You The Label Simone shirt

Spell Anne blouse peach

Boteh Darya smock blouse (pre-order)

24 nice tops to wear with your favourite jeans

Below is a round of tops, shirts, blouses that I’ve found doing an online browse. There is something fun for everyone and this is such a great way to show your style personality. I’ve sorted them into the categories I talked about on my IGTV video.

Happy browsing! Let me know if you add anything to cart.

(Please note, some of the links included are affiliate commission links. I may earn a small commission if you buy after clicking through those links.)

24 nice tops to wear with your perfect pair of jeans | tailored

There is something about a collared shirt worked back with jeans. It’s classic, it’s the perfect contrast of dressed-up and relaxed. The shirt style looks great with all types of jeans but for a full contrast, work back a tailored shirt with distressed and/or relaxed boyfriend-style jeans.

1. Styling You The Label shirt

2. Witchery shirt

3. sass & bide shirt

4. Witchery shirt

5. Country Road shirt

6. Threadz shirt

24 nice tops to wear with your perfect pair of jeans | block colours

When people ask me about my favourite colours to wear, I get a pretty clear indication when looking at the nice tops section of my wardrobe. Finding block colour tops in shades that make your eyes sparkle is something that will also make you smile every time you wear your fave colours back with your fave jeans.

1. Bohemian Traders top 

2. Witchery blouse

3. Decjuba shirt

4. SHEIKE shirt

5. Naudic shirt

6. SHEIKE blouse

24 nice tops to wear with your perfect pair of jeans | boho

Always and forever will I be drawn to anything boho (I blame Nina Proudman) and when it comes to a nice boho top, my wardrobe is filled with them. They’re such an easy pairing with jeans and look great with ankle boots and a faux fur vest when things cool down further.

1. Spell blouse (this is the one I’m wearing in the video – it’s been re-stocked)

2. Boho Bird blouse 

3. Boom Shankar top 

4. Bohemian Traders top

5. SHIEKE shirt

6. Bohemian Traders top 

24 nice tops to wear with your perfect pair of jeans | fancy AF

There is a special spot in my wardrobe for the Fancy AF nice tops. I’m talking anything with a sparkle, a silky feel or something with a more formal design. The denim contrast is just perfect. Add a pair of heels and a clutch/crossbody bag and you’re set for a fabulous date night or night out with the girls.

1. Witchery shirt

2. Witchery blouse

3. SHEIKE shirt

4. Decjuba blouse

5. sass & bide top

6. SHIEKE shirt

24 nice tops to wear with your favourite pair of jeans

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