What jeans to wear in 2021. Are skinny jeans cancelled? Decjuba

What jeans to wear in 2021 and are skinny jeans cancelled?

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What jeans to wear in 2021 and are skinny jeans cancelled? Never have women been more stressed and confused about what jeans to put on their lower body than in a year when the youth of the world have told us via (social media platform) TikTok that skinny jeans and side parts are a sign that we’re old.

Take away all the memes that have exploded on to the internet as a result, stop trying with that middle part because you think you need to and don’t think that you have to burn your skinny jeans. You don’t.

You know my number one (and only) fashion rule? If you love it; wear it. This very much applies to the style of jeans you wear or might be considering buying. 

Just because there is a trend towards a jeans style, it doesn’t mean you have to embrace it. The new/old “hot” shape might not work for your shape. And the style might not suit your style personality. And that’s ok! 

What I do suggest you do if you’re not happy with the jeans in your wardrobe, is put in the time and effort to find the perfect pair for you. I say put in the time and effort because there is no one perfect pair of jeans out there that works for EVERY BODY.

Our bodies are beautifully different. 

Sadly, much like when it comes to buying a swimsuit, buying jeans brings out a barrage of negative self talk. I put the jeans question out on my Insta Stories before doing the below IGTV Live and it really did sadden me to read so many questions in which women pulled apart or put down parts of their bodies.

Listen up: NO-ONE HAS A PERFECT BODY but there is a jean out there for every body. Let’s please be kind to the one that we have. 

In the below video, I try on eight pairs of jeans in a variety of styles (including Mom jeans) to show why I don’t think skinny jeans are cancelled. Not all styles work for my shape but I share with you why some do and why some don’t to help you get started on working out what jeans to wear in 2021 – for your body. 

The VERY good thing about buying jeans in 2021 is that there are so many style options available to you. This was not the case back in the early 90s when the girlfriend/mom jean style first dominated. I didn’t wear jeans for a very long time … until the advent of stretch denim and, specifically NYDJ jeans, in the mid-2000s. NYDJ pioneered sculpting stretch denim and I’ll be forever grateful that they did.

If you head into a jeans-specialist retailer or buy/browse online, then you have a myriad of styles, shapes, lengths and washes to try on. So rather than be confused by the wide choice, embrace it knowing that there is pair of jeans out there for you.

Make it your mission this autumn-winter to find one pair of jeans that makes you feel comfortable and confident wearing them. This Holy Grail mission is worth taking time on – and spending more of your clothing budget on – because a good pair of jeans that works for your body is something you’ll wear again and again.

Jeans featured in order of appearance

(here’s a link to my measurements)

What jeans to wear in 2021. Are skinny jeans cancelled? JBrand | Outland Denim

1. J Brand Natasha sky high cropped skinny jeans in mid denim (I’m in size 30)

2. Outland Denim Harriet high-rise skinny jeans in black (Made famous by Meghan Markle. I bought them after she wore in on the Australian tour. I’m in 33 but too big – would probably better in a 31. Use code NIKKI10 for 10% discount.)

3. Outland Denim Abigail high-rise girlfriend jeans in muse (I’m in 32. Use code NIKKI10 for 10% discount.)

What jeans to wear in 2021. Are skinny jeans cancelled? Bohemian Traderds

4. Bohemian Traders distressed skinny jean in light blue (I’m in size 30 – they’re a little small – I’d probably be a 31)

5. Bohemian Traders slim mum jean in mid wash (I’m in size 34 – size up in these because there isn’t any stretch)

What jeans to wear in 2021. Are skinny jeans cancelled? Decjuba

6. Decjuba Evie distressed high-rise jean in mid-west blue (I’m in 14 but could probably now fit 12)

7. Decjuba Naomi slouch jean in Atlanta blue (I’m in 14, too firm on waist but perfect on hips)

8. Decjuba Becky straight leg jean in Manhattan blue (I’m in 14) 

Your what jeans to wear in 2021 questions answered

Thanks to everyone who submitted questions for me to answer. I’ve included some below that were asked multiple times. 

What are Mom jeans? Mom jeans is a slang term for relaxed, high-waisted women’s jeans that were originally fashionable in the late 1980s and early 1990s. In the late 1990s and 2000s they were mainly worn by middle-aged American women and, at that time, they were considered unhip by trendy younger women. Now they’re considered hip and trendy by young women. Go figure! That’s fashion for you.

How do I wear a Mom jean without looking larger? I think they are going to look larger on most people because there is more fabric. This is not a negative. It’s just the style. To balance out this look and make it FASHUN, show a bit of the waist, maybe add a belt and add a blazer for contrast to the volume of the jeans.

How do I get my size right in stretch jeans? If in doubt, size down. You need it to be firm on you to sit well and hold shape throughout the day.

Jeans for rounded bottoms and thighs? Check out the Curve Embracer range at Jeanswest

Jeans for long legs? Look for jeans brands that offer different leg lengths and opt for the longer leg length. 

Jeans for legs with lipoedema? Look at a stretch jean with either a flare or a wide leg girlfriend style.

Jeans for small waist and larger hips? I would look at stretch denim styles that are made for curves and buy to fit your hips. Then take them to an alterations expert to have them fitted to your individual waist.

Jeans for short/curvy body shapes? Stretch denim slim or straight leg jeans in a cropped length. Make sure hemmed or cuffed to show your ankle.

Best straight leg with a bit of stretch? Have a look at the Decjuba Becky and the Outland Denim Lucy

Best extended size denim? Check out Bohemian Traders; Harlow; Embody Denim; Commonry and City Chic

Shoes to wear with non-skinny jeans? I would wear loafers, brogues, sneakers or slides. Heels work for an evening or dressed up look. The ankle boot plus Mom jeans look is a tricky one, but do-able if you can cuff your jeans above the ankle boot. Here’s some inspiration. I’ll do a specific “what to wear with boots” video as we head into winter.

Let me know if you have any more questions and I’ll answer them here in the comments!

I purchased all the jeans featured myself. Some I’m returning. I’ve included affiliate links in this post. If you click and buy I may receive a small commission.

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  1. Hi Nikki, are the Outland Abigails soft denim? Also, how fitted do you find them around the waist/tummy? I’m after a comfy/slouchier pair of jeans. Btw, I bought the Decjuba Evie jeans after seeing them on you – I love them!

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      Hi Rachel, how a pair of jeans fits me will differ from you. The composition has spandex in it, not has much as the Evie though. No jeans I’ve come across have that same level of stretch – except my J Brand jeans. You can see how the Abigail jean is looser on the top of my legs compared with a skinny style.

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  2. I have just bought the Becky straight jeans. I would have never thought to look at Decjuba for jeans. Loving them. So thank you!

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  3. I found this so helpful, thank you.
    I had my eye on a pair of girlfriend jeans but was prevaricating, and wasn’t sure why.
    Reading your tips I realised they wouldn’t suit my preferred style of clothing on the top half.
    So now I can happily stick with my skinny jeans!

  4. I think they balance my hips nicely and are more flattering on me than slim jeans (although I still wear narrower jeans too and own many!)

  5. Love all the looks of jeans, but can you tell me are the Birkenstocks a thing at the moment? In or Out (Im 60)

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  6. Hi Nicki! Great list thanks!
    When I was a young mum, I had Levi’s 501s. My daughter discovered them a while ago & wore them to shreds(I used to hand wash them).
    My question is this – as a 60+ Now size 12-14 with large tummy/ flat bottom but curved spine, I purchased a new pair of 501 boyfriend jeans. They sit on my ankle but are more tapered towards the ankle… what do you suggest for those?

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  7. Nice assortment! I’m personally loving wide leg, slightly cropped jeans at the moment. Citizens of Humanity Sacha are my favourite but Aussie brand Assembly Label had nice ones too that are less expensive.

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