Want to take a peek inside my new wardrobe?

Want to take a peek inside my new wardrobe?

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Want to take a peek inside my new wardrobe?

My daughter reminded me late last year when my Lady Room (office/wardrobe/beauty corner) was almost complete that this concept had been on my original vision board about 10 years prior. In that time, my wardrobe has been small cupboards, stolen space from other members of my household, boxed up winter gear and regular sorting, culling and editing. 

So, to now have a massive (to me) space dedicated to my clothes and accessories is really a dream come true. Yes, I had to get rid of a couple of kids from home (kidding … they grew up and left of their own accord!) but I now have a space that is functional and suits my needs.

Want to take a peek inside my new wardrobe?

In my latest video in my IGTV Live series, I talk you through my tips for how to keep your wardrobe working for you, no matter what space you have to play with and I walk you through how I’ve got my clothes and accessories now organised in this new space.

Once I’ve had a few things fixed up in this room, I’ll do a full blog post about how it was designed and the things I’ve used to furnish and decorate the room.

A couple of key wardrobe things that work for me

1. No matter what the space I’ve had to work with, I use this process to keep things edited and working for me. You’ll also find this discussed in my book, Unlock Your Style.

2. They only fashion “rule” I live by is that if I love it, I wear it. That means that for something to take up valuable wardrobe real estate, it has to work for me now. It has to fit. It needs to be in good condition. It has to lift me up; not bring me down when I reach for it to wear.

3. I’m a woman. My weight fluctuates. It is what it is. I definitely do not keep anything hanging in plain sight that doesn’t fit me. If it’s something that I love and would love to one day wear again, I’ll box it up out of sight. No-one needs that negative energy waving back at you from your wardrobe. It’s the same reason why I don’t weigh myself. I don’t want my daily mood dictated to by a number.

4. Think about YOUR lifestyle and how you can best organise your wardrobe to suit so that getting dressed each day – particularly the busy ones – is not stressful. Have more of the things you wear most of the week front and centre.

5. Don’t wait for special occasions to wear loved items in your wardrobe. If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that we deserve to feel great every day and if that comes from wearing an item of clothing that makes you feel fabulous, I say go for it!

Each Tuesday lunch time (12noon QLD time) I chat about a topic that I get a lot of questions about. If you miss any of these Lives, it will be saved to my IGTV channel to watch later. Send me an email ([email protected]) if you’ve got a topic you’d like me to discuss.

Want to take a peek inside my new wardrobe?

Want to take a peek inside my new wardrobe?

Want to take a peek inside my new wardrobe?

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  1. Inspirational wardrobe ideas. Thanks heaps. I got a walk in wardrobe 8 years ago, unfortunately due to no storage in our house it’s where Christmas decorations and our boys childhood momentos also are stored. Plus we attended lots of fancy dress parties so these clothes are also stored in the walk in wardrobe. Living in Tasmania we also have a lot of thick/heavy clothes that take up more room. I have actually done an edit since watching your wardrobe styling. Feels great. Thanks again.

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