FIGUR by Jules shapewear review

Why you might want this new brand of shapewear in your wardrobe

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I have a drawer in my wardrobe dedicated to wardrobe helpers – slips, camis, strapless bras, seamless underwear and shapewear.

It’s not a drawer I need to dip into every day but it’s a drawer that is there for me, should I want to wear an outfit that needs certain type of under garments to make it look put together. 

That outfit might include a clingy dress or pair of pants outfit. It might include a sheer top or dress that needs something underneath. By having that drawer of wardrobe saviours, I don’t get caught out or feel limited in what I choose to wear.

When it comes to the everyday, I’m unlikely to reach for shapewear but for an event, photoshoot or an occasion, it just might be what I need to give what I’m wearing a smooth line.

I get asked a lot in the Styling You community about undergarments in general and shapewear specifically – and it really is a personal thing – but when I saw the launch of FIGUR by Jules last week, I jumped on and ordered.

I loved the Jules (Jules Robinson of Married at First Sight fame) uses women of all shapes, sizes and ages in her campaign photos. I’m so HERE for that! I’m also here for a woman starting a business and launching a new product because she couldn’t find exactly what she wanted as a curvy size 12-14.

Every day of filming for 3 months, I wore many different brands of shapewear. The daily dilemma of it rolling down, shifting seams, slippery mic batteries sliding down the back, and don’t talk to me about the toilet troubles! I once had to take a whole outfit off to go to the toilet as it was so challenging to get the shapewear off without difficulty. Basically, I spent way too much money to be this uncomfortable.

The verdict? Check out my IGTV video below. Yep, I’m stripping down to my undies again! I feature the two pieces I bought and one that Jules kindly gifted to me. I’m wearing size 14-16 in all pieces, which is my regular underwear size.

Featured styles (in order of appearance)

Optimum Figur Shaping Shorts

Optimum Figur Shaping Skirt

Ultimate Figur Tall Body Shorts

So, tell me … would I find shapewear in your wardrobe? Favourite brand/style? Have you tried FIGUR?

FIGUR by Jules shapewear review

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  1. You are such an inspiration! Thanks for sharing this post with all us girls that need a bit of help in the shapewear department. Bravo!

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