Autumn-winter 2020 style trends - comfy-cosy

Autumn-winter 2020 style trends: at-home comfy-cosy

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To be honest, I had a totally different autumn-winter 2020 style trends post to share with you but in view of the increasingly likelihood that many of us will be spending some quality time at home, I’ve brought forward my look at possibly my favourite trend: comfy-cosy.

It’s not rocket science. It is what it is: wearing clothes that are comfortable and cosy. Clothes that feel like you’re wearing a giant hug. And boy, oh boy, could we all do with one of those right now.

The thing is, if we end up in a lockdown situation like is already happening in other countries, more than ever for our mental health we will need to get up, get dressed and get on with it. Even if that getting on with it is re-watching every episode of Friends and hoping that Rachel and Ross really didn’t go on a break.

As someone, who up until recently, worked from home, this is something I learned to master after 20 years of working in an office. The lure of hanging in my pjs all day can be indeed strong – I was probably only saved in the early years by the necessity of doing the day care/school run. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the odd pyjama day but I know that I’m more motivated to get work done if I’ve showered, changed into fresh clothes, run a brush through my hair (or put it up!) and whacked on some tinted moisturiser and mascara. 

That’s just me … I just have one very big stipulation. The clothes I’m putting on need to tick the comfy-cosy criteria. This is not a time for clothing with structure. It’s a time for lots of stretch, dig-free waist bands, floaty and fabulous styles and soft fabrics … clothes that make you feel good whether your sitting, standing or spending quality time on the couch.

The below pieces are all from independent fashion retailers – brands I’ve long championed here at Styling You. Plus, there’s one from our own label – we are all about comfy cosy for every day! If you are doing a little online shopping over the next few months, please consider shopping with these labels first. Your support will ensure the continuation of brands that offer a wonderful mix of fashion styles for women of all shapes, sizes and ages.

Autumn-winter 2020 style trends - comfy-cosy

1.  Styling You The Label tee and jeans

2. Harlow shirt, tee and pants

3. Zarc jumpsuit

4. Jericho Road dress 

5. Ada and Lou dress 

6. Bohemian Traders cardi

7.  Philosophy pant 

8.  Maiocchi scarf

9.  White Label Noba top

10. Sacha Drake dress

So, tell me, where are you situated right now? Are you working from home? Are you on the frontline of our medical support network? Working in our supermarkets? Are you here for comfy-cosy dressing regardless?

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  1. As of today, I’m working from home. I was in the office yesterday (I’m in HR) and we had so many meetings and the three words I used all day were “I don’t know”. So I have loads of project work to do but it feels a bit strange not been in an office and interacting with people all day. I will be getting up, shower, dressing, coffee then work. Wish me luck!!

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      Oh good luck … hope you went ok?! I do find if you create a new routine, it will help you focus on the work at hand. Getting up and getting dressed is very much a part of it for me. x

  2. Hi Nikki,
    I too worked from home for many years but I did night shift, I did go to work in my pyjamas!
    These days I am retired but you can’t put a good nurse down & I am always doing something apart from caring for my disabled partner!
    I LOVE comfy clothing but still like to look chic. Love your SYTL garments & have quite a few but I usually get changed if I have been out. Jeans off, tracker pants or shorts on. Same with shirts, T-shirt in! I would live 24/7 in pj’s if I could but visitors would give me weird looks I’m sure.
    Keep up the good work, wash your hands & stay vigilant.

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