Autumn-winter 2020 style trends: any and everything animal print

Autumn-winter 2020 style trends: any and everything animal print

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The weather may be still on the “please let me not have to leave the air-con all day” side of the equation but in Fashion Land we’re being served up autumn styles, silhouettes, print and colours. In the first of a series showcasing autumn-winter 2020 style trends, we are looking at the trend that thankfully is going nowhere: animal print.

If you’re new around here, you’ll not know that I very much consider animal print a neutral – and I have done for a very long time. You’ll even read about it in my book

For me, every time I pop a little animal print into an outfit, it instantly elevates my whole look. Whether I’m wearing head to toe animal print or choosing to use it to pop block colours or neutrals, it feels to me that my outfit has gone up several notches.

So what’s different this season? You’ll find any and every animal print on offer, from leopard, to zebra, cheetah, giraffe and every hybrid combination in between.


When it comes to clothing, you’ll have your pick of frocks, skirts, pants, tops and blazers. This is a win-win as you can pick and choose the shapes that work for you and your lifestyle, while still indulging in a trend that has morphed into a classic.

Is too much animal print ever enough?

I say no. So, if you think the opposite, you’ve come to the wrong place. HAH. I’ve been known to print clash in the one outfit, combining one or two different animal prints. As long as there is base colour, eg black, in the print to ground and connect the mix of prints, I feel confident to do so and suggest you give it a go too.

For a black and white print, work it back with monochrome layers and accessories or pop it with jewel tones. For prints with a toffee or almond autumnal feel, work them back with black or white and let that warm, rich colour do the talking.

Still not confident to wear animal print in your clothes? Add a belt, cross-body bag or shoes to an otherwise neutral outfit for just as powerful a statement.

Autumn-winter 2020 style trends: any and everything animal print

1.  Styling You The Label dress $229

2. Country Road dress $199

3. Decjuba skirt $89.95

4. Seed dress $149.95

5. Fate + Becker dress $149.95

6. Witchery top $79.95

7.  Veronika Maine top $179

8. Bird by Design top $89.95

9. Sussan top $49.95

10. Katies blazer $89.99

So, tell me, are you fully on board the any and every animal print train with me? Do you have a favourite print or prints?

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