Triaction performance sports bra | Nikki Parkinson of Styling You. Photo by Sarah Keayes/The Photo Pitch

Triaction by Triumph: the sports bras that support my girls

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Sponsored by Triaction by Triumph

Finding good sports bras that support your bust should be a personal mission whether you run, hit the gym, do yoga or pilates … or simply go for a walk. 

Me? I could do a bit of all of the above all in one week. Yes, I’ve become one of THOSE women who actually discovered late in life that she loves exercising. Well, her body and mind do very much appreciate the consistent activity … after the fact. 

In the last two-and-a-half years, I’ve not only put my body on the line at regular HIIT classes (High Intensity Interval Training), I’ve learned to run

When you’re putting your body through things it’s never been put through, it’s good to do that with the help and support of experienced trainers but it’s also essential to have gear that supports you too.

I’m talking tights that support your core; shoes that support your feet and legs; and good sports bras that support your bust.

The bras I trust to that support my 16D girls are Triaction by Triumph sports bras. I’ve been buying (and re-purchasing them) for more than five years now so when Triumph approached me to partner with them, it was a no-brainer because I don’t wear anything else.

I can’t stress how important it is to invest in sports bras that are designed to support your bust, minimise bounce and make you feel comfortable when wearing them. 

Triaction by Triumph sports bras are bounce control tested by the University of Porsmouth’s world-renowned Research Group in Breast Health. The range features 60-83% bounce control, one of the best support levels available.

The value (%) tells how supportive and how effective the bra is at reducing excessive breast motion that may occur during exercise. It is measured by testing the difference in breast movement with and without a bra by performing biomechanical assessments to determine the level of support.

Within the Triaction by Triumph range there is a bra to suit every activity and every breast shape and size, whether you’re a triathlete competing at elite level, a yoga lover or someone who likes to get in 30 minute walk each day.

Whatever the activity or bra, you’ll feel supported in a lightweight bra that is so comfortable on, you forget you’re wearing it.

What I wear in the Triaction by Triumph range

The three bras below are all tested as Extreme – with support above 68% – and you can bet I give them a good run for that rating. All are convertible too and I mostly employ the cross-over back straps as extra support and harness power.

Triaction performance sports bra 

This is the original style that first got me started on my love affair with Triaction bras. It’s made from an innovative eco fabric that allows breathability to reduce sweating. The top panel has rigid lining to help reduce the bounce factor. It’s available in sizes up to 22E.

Triaction performance sports bra | Nikki Parkinson of Styling You. Photo by Sarah Keayes/The Photo Pitch

Triaction extreme lite sports bra

This bra is one of my most recent purchases and I’ve found it next level for bounce control (it’s 77% supportive). It also has the most divine feel on the skin. The breathable, anti-bacterial material has a texture that keeps its shape but ensures you can easily move. The wide band at the bottom of the bra feels really good on the skin (and this is a bit that gets quite sweaty for me) and the padded straps feel great on the shoulder. Available up to 16D

Triaction extreme lite sports bra | Nikki Parkinson of Styling You. Photo by Sarah Keayes/The Photo Pitch

Triaction control lite minimiser sports bra

This is also one of my newest purchases. I liked the idea of including minimising features in a sports bra – features usually found just in a regular bra. It gives the look of a crop top but with the support of a bra and can reduce the bust by one cup size. This lightweight bra has been ideal for running. The padded straps are comfortable on the shoulders. Available up to 16DD.

Triaction control lite minimiser sports bra | Nikki Parkinson of Styling You. Photo by Sarah Keayes/The Photo Pitch

Special offer

To help you feel supported in any activity you might be doing, Triaction by Triumph has offered Styling You readers a 15% discount code. Enter NIKKI15 at checkout to save (on sports bras only). The discount is valid until midnight November 27.

Shop HERE.

Terms and conditions: the promotion code can be redeemed at and  must be applied at the checkout to receive a discount. Cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions and offers. Please note: your shipping will be calculated after the discount is applied. The discount is strictly on SPORTS BRAS only. And valid until midnight November 27, 2019.

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  1. Wow, just wow- Imagine being the type of person who opens their phone or computer & actually takes the times to create (what I assume is) a fake account just to write something horrible to another human being…. might be time to re-evaluate those life choices love….

    Nikki, you look fantastic, I honestly hope I’m killing like that when Im your age.
    Please keep showing up & inspiring us xo

  2. You are such an inspiration to me & so many other women.
    Congratulations on calling out bullying for whatnot is.
    I am a 41 year old woman who found myself completely lost after having my first baby 9 years ago & it’s thanks to you, I found my style & learned to accept myself as I am.
    Wishing you success, love & good health always. Narelle xx

  3. Well, that was quite shocking – I actually gasped out loud! “When they go low we go high”. Well handled Nikki. WE know the community you’ve created and nurtured and supported. It’s because of you I wore white jeans and a fluro pink top to work today. I love seeing the real women you surround yourself with. It’s because of you that I bought new bathers late last year and went to Fiji and didn’t hide under layers. Love you, love what you stand for, love your gym journey (makes me kick myself in the arse most mornings to go and exercise). Me and my menopausal body are going to go and have some chocolate and raise a glass of champagne in your honour …. in my gym gear and sports bra!

  4. Hey Nikki, you’re inspirational & handled that like a mature adult!
    Because of you I am going to put on my exercise wear tomorrow & go for a walk in comfort! E#* the haters . Xx

  5. Nikki – I just want to thank you for being you and putting yourself “out there”. I am the same age as you and I cannot tell you how great it is to have women my age showing me that life is not over just because we are “women of a certain age” (I detest that phrase!!!). I love how you are fulfilling dreams you may not even have known you had 20 years ago. I find you an inspiration and you give me hope that it’s not too late for me to find new passions too. Sometimes I feel a little jealous of what you are able to achieve (given that many days I am bogged down in the hamster-wheel of housework and caring for others), but it helps drive a small spark in me to keep going. I would love for you to write about any family/life/career time management tips you might have for women trying to “do it all/as much as they can squeeze in each day”. Thank you.

  6. Dear Nikki
    You look fabulous. Thank you for being such a positive role model for all of us – an inspiration that being older does not mean we have to hide in the shadows. Negative commentary says multitudes about the person who chooses that path – particularly when they have the anonymity of the internet. We are your village and we appreciate what you do.

  7. Actually, I kind of needed Prue’s comment because it’s exactly what I say to myself (and a whole lot worse) every time I look in the mirror. I have taken a photo of Nikki’s comment to read every time I fall into the negative trap. Time to be a bit nicer to myself.

  8. Just keep doing what you do Nikki, I love your attitude. You always look amazing and inspire me as a 63 year old who loves style (rather than fashion) and who gets fed up with the photoshopped images that social media is plagued with.

  9. Hi Nikki
    I totally admire your honesty & openess to tell & show us what real women look like & experience over this crazy lifetime- #nofilterhere
    As women we need to support, encourage, & lift one another up – a bit like a sports bra really!!
    Keep up the tremendous work & continue to be a wonderful inspiration to women like me that struggle with their self image.

  10. Let’s face it – sports bras are NOT sexy and are not meant to be, they are functional. Nothing anyone does Or no matter how one looks, can make them look sexy, so heck knows what the troll was expecting you to do!
    I think we should feel sad for the troll. Clearly a person with low self esteem, bitterness and misery in her life. That must be a heavy weight to carry. A bit like the 16DD boobs I must carry each day on my chest 🙂
    You are a legend Nikki – Im 44 (almost) and my style approach changed about 6 years ago when I “discovered” you.

    1. AND PS: Even if someone has put on weight, maybe it is bc they are living their best life ever, drinking wine, eating good food, staying active, shopping, kicking goals….Prue, menopause will get us all in some way AND our lives are not finite so we may as well enjoy it as we see fit.

      1. That’s actually a good point. I remember reading an article on what Elle McPherson eats in a day, a protein smoothie for breakfast, a smoothie for lunch, a salad for dinner. I have dieted and found out that to stay slim I virtually have to stop eating everything and stick to similar diet. I just don’t want to live like that! But it’s still hard not to hate my body!

  11. Hi Nikki

    To tell you the truth even after a few day’s on from seeing those nasty comments from Prue my blood is still boiling about the words she used and that she thought it was ok to behave like that in this amazing supportive group. You’ve always been super inclusive of all women and have never shyed away from sharing beautiful body with us, in the hope that we will love ours unconditionally as you do yours. I have a metabolic disorder that encourages weight to hug my tummy, which in the past has put me off getting my cossie on at the beach. But over the years of seeing you confidently don yours I started to tell myself that if Nikki can do it so can I and now I don’t give it a second thought and for this I will be ever greatful to you. xxx

  12. Wow! So many thoughts flying through my head after reading your email Nikki & seeing Prue’s comment! Good on you for calling her out and please don’t ever stop putting yourself out there. You are an inspiration! I think it’s very sad that someone feels the need to put fingers to keyboard to be so hurtful. My Mum’s words…”If you have nothing nice to say then say nothing at all”, comes to mind x

  13. Oh Nikki, I have just seen your email. How dare that person make such dreadful comments. You look amazing, in fact better than ever and a picture of good health.
    Keep on keeping on and making it easier for many women to take a step or four out of their comfort zone.
    As you know I am probably your most senior fan and I get so much joy just reading your posts and loving each new picture you show. Love always.

  14. Bloody hell Nikki, you look amazing for ANYONE north of 40!! I have tricky boobs (with a history – thanks Mum and Gran ) so I’ll definitely give these a go!! And Prue? Off you fuck, we don’t need you hereby

  15. I have followed you for a few years now and I have to say you have never looked better! Whatever you are doing, keep doing it because you look amazing.

  16. Great to see the positive and supportive comments far outstrip the one childish, mean, sad attempt at nastiness. Thank you Nikki for your classy reply and thank you Mrs Woog for the parked car comment which has now become part of my arsenal

  17. Off to order a Triumph sports bra because you are INSPO Nikki! I’ve been hitting the gym 3 x a week for the past 6 weeks. No weight is coming off, but I FEEL so much better. I wake up happy. I feel more energetic. Who cares that I’m still a size 20 with rolls of love? I’m doing this for me as I’m sure you do for you.
    Suck on THAT Prue Schmoo.

  18. You could out-run that trolly Prue any day, Nikki. You’re in the game. You’ve created this community from what started as a blog on a styling website. It used to be just you and your laptop. Now you have a brand and a community. You’re one of the hardest working people in this sphere. You are a creator and a giver.
    As for Prue, go back to homewares at Fountainlake Shopping Centre with your hideous friend Trude. I hope you are locked in the storage room, for an indefinite period, with just a Bodum plunger and mismatched forks.

  19. I am desperately looking for a good fitting, supportive sports bra and not one of the pull over your head, can’t get it off ones . Living in Singapore it’s difficult to gets larger sizes and variety. Maybe I’ll look in Brisbane when I visit in
    December and fingers crossed I’ll find the right one.

    So far as people’s comments well, how rude can you get! I messaged the other day asking about one of Nikk’s model and me dresses saying that she has really inspired me and because of following people like her I have become more confident about my size and changed my attitude to how I look and feel. How we feel about ourselves is the most important thing and we don’t have to justify ourselves to anyone else. You rock Nikki!

  20. I’m saddened people like Prue still feel the need to express their opinions on a woman’s weight. I love and value seeing people who look like me doing what I want to be doing. Because of Nikki I wear OTS tops, white jeans and have learnt to run! I have also, thanks to Nikki, discovered brands that make comfortable clothing that makes me feel good when I run. I wear bathers (great, flattering, confidence building bathers) and swim with my family. No more missing out because my thighs wobble or my boobs are big. THANK YOU Nikki! (And no thanks to Prue)

  21. Seriously Prue! Obviously your parents never taught you the life lesson “if you’ve got nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all”. “Prue” needs to get a “clue”.
    Looking fabulous Nikki
    You Go Girl!!!

    1. Post
    1. Post
  22. I’ve also been wearing Triumph sports bras for years … they are the only ones I wear and great for everything from netball to yoga. As for “Prue” if you can’t say something nice – shut the f#@% up.

  23. I think you look amazing Nikki, keep up the great work. …wish these Bras went up just a few more sizes, that sure would be handy.

    1. Nikki, I adore this blog as it’s real and practical. Darling Prue needs a hug and perhaps a reminder that if you don’t have anything nice or constructive to say, just keep scrolling.

    1. Post

      Hi Prue, I’m not sure why you feel the need to comment on my weight. Like most women, it’s something I’ve struggled with most of my life, plus having a medical condition that makes it even harder to lose weight means that it’s an even greater daily struggle. I long ago ditched the scales and instead focus on regular exercise and feeling strong. I feel fitter than I’ve ever felt before. No, I might not look like what media and social media deem someone should like like when exercising or wearing activewear but that’s exactly why I show up. This is a space I’ve created to support and uplift women of all shapes, sizes and ages. If that’s in any way unacceptable or offensive to you, please don’t come back – you’re not welcome here.

      1. Nikki we’ll said. I think you look fabulous! I’m glad I’m part of your tribe who celebrate all bodies. I know being part of this tribe surrounded by positive kind souls has helped me immensely with my own anxiety and selfworth. People who still find it necessary to body shame or that think curves are anything but beautiful, really need to have a good think about themselves and their values, and figure out what type of person they would like to be. I’d like to think noone really is comfortable with, or desires to be nasty and judgmental? Perhaps if they new better they would do better ‍♀️. Time to evolve peeps! Nikki you look as always amazing, an inspiring role model for all. I don’t know you very well personally but a few that I know who do know you only rave at what a beautiful person you are inside and out. I would like to see more kindness in this world, women supporting and embracing women, not trying to be hurtful. Xx

      2. Nikki, you’re gorgeous because your insides are. Outside ain’t bad either. I’m raising three teenage girls, a tween girl and little boy. I’m raising them to treat their bodies with respect, and without judgement. You’re a bloody good of example of that. Keep doing you!

      3. Nikki: Thanks for calling out that rude troll Prue – firstly you look brilliant and are obviously fit and a great role model to us all. Secondly, the work you have and continue to do to support and celebrate women (all women) is both admirable and life-giving. I’m one of many who now walks with my head a little higher through following you and participating in your Ultimate Wardrobe Capsule Challenges. Sadly Prue doesn’t realize how wonderful it is to shout out to the world “This is me!” and own it.

      4. Nikki, you are precisely the reason I follow your blog.
        Your realness, healthy, active lifestyle, and that smile! Hard to past your smile.
        I don’t think I only speak for myself, but there is also a teeny bit of envy. I would love to look as good as you! ❤️

    2. Wow! Aren’t you a classy one Prue?! So rude! “Kindness is choosing love over hate, lightness over darkness and compassion over judgement!” Take the hint- words to live by!

      1. Post
    3. Oh, Prue. Honestly, is that the best you have? Nikki is a bloody legend who celebrates women of all shapes and sizes and for that, we are so very grateful for. Keep up the good work Nikki and remember that old saying that a dog never barked at a parked car xxx

      1. Post
    4. Oh Prue, I truly hope you’re just having a bad day because last time I checked, we aren’t in school anymore and mean girls just aren’t tolerated these days!

      I’m also wondering if you’ve had an eye check up recently because from where I’m sitting, Nikki is looking FABulous!

      Be kind to yourself Prue, it sounds like you need to be.

    5. Please post a picture of yourself so we can all comment. Actually don’t, because this kind of woman-on-woman crime is so déclassé/ghastly/not-
      worth-our -calories. Mmmm calories….

      Ride on are killing it.

    6. Thought we’d got past that ‘mean girl’s type of comment Prue (probably hiding behind a fake name anyway). Time you grew up

    7. Oh Prue. I am going to assume that you have something awful going on in your life right now.

      You must be hurting very badly from something.

      I feel really bad for you that you think lashing out at others and trying to bring them down is the way to try and push down your own pain.

      Please speak to a professional and get some help in dealing with your pain.

      I genuinely want you to get better so you are able to become a kind person, a person that does not take pleasure in hurting others, like you are hurting.

      I know you can do it.

    8. If you are a grown woman Prue that’s just sad. Mentally healthy people don’t put others down. It says nothing about Nikki and everything about you.

    9. Wow I can’t believe one women would do this to another women ! Nikki you are an amazing example of a women. Prue I thinks it time for you to step away from the keyboard and consider other peoples feelings before you type or speak!

    10. Wow I can’t believe one women would do this to another women ! Nikki you are an amazing example of a women. Prue I think it’s time for you to step away from the keyboard and consider other peoples feelings before you type or speak!

    11. Thank you for all the work you do Nikki. Rest assured you are changing lives and attitudes every time you keep things ‘real’ online. You are a warrior!
      People like Prue are, at best, online trolls who gain satisfaction from cutting others down or, at worst, someone with a small attitude who will never change! In my experience, such comments usually suggest Prue (if that is her real name) has some real issues of her own.

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