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12 months on – why Recoverthol is still a part of my life

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Sponsored by Recoverthol

If you’ve been a reader here for even a couple of years you know that I don’t take on any and every sponsorship opportunity that comes my way. I truly only align with brands that I believe in, love and would recommend regardless of whether I was being paid to do so. 

Twelve months ago, I met the Brisbane couple – a pharmacist and doctor – behind the supplement, Recoverthol. We did some work together to help spread the word about the then-new product that helps manage hangover symptoms.

Why I love Recoverthol for managing hangovers | Nikki Parkinson Styling You

I raved about that product HERE after using it for a month and then continued to buy Recoverthol, ensuring I always had a stash in the cupboard and my handbag … for me and my friends.

So, when Recoverthol approached me again to consider sharing how those past 12 months have been since embracing their product, it was a no-brainer. In short, Recoverthol has been a game-changer for me.

I don’t in any way promote excessive drinking of alcohol – and nor do the creators of Recoverthol. What I do advocate is responsible drinking, if it’s something you choose to do.

Why I love Recoverthol for managing hangovers | Nikki Parkinson Styling You

It’s no state secret that I do love pairing a good wine with beautiful food. I also love that one of my hobbies is Champagne Club; that any cocktail featuring prosecco gets a big tick from me for summers spent pool side; I’m a collector of craft gins; and fully endorse an afternoon coffee, aka an espresso martini.

I also love a good sparkling water and make sure that that’s what on the menu most week days. I’m not perfect and at this time of year, those good intentions can be seriously tested by end-of-year parties, events, catch-ups and gatherings. 

And … here’s the biggie. I’m not getting any younger. Metabolising alcohol is not my body’s favourite past-time. What I’ve found Recoverthol does for me – even if I’m only having one or two drinks – is help me wake up fresher the next day.

That, my friends, as you know, is what we call a BIG WIN.

How Recoverthol works

Recoverthol is a clear liquid you pop into your first drink (without affecting the taste) to help manage hangover symptoms.

Why I love Recoverthol for managing hangovers | Nikki Parkinson Styling You

Yes, I get some side eye glances when I’m out, but my girlfriends have not only got used to watching me add this to my first drink, they’re usually asking for some for themselves!

The small vials of the clear fluid are super easy to stash in your handbag and have on hand for snapping and squeezing into your first drink. There’s no complicated procedure involved. It’s as simple as snapping back the top of the vial and squeezing into your drink.

Why I love Recoverthol for managing hangovers | Nikki Parkinson Styling You

Its formula contains cofactors that help the alcohol dehydrogenase enzyme in your body to break alcohol down. Our bodies use these cofactors up when we drink alcohol. Recoverthol enables you to replenish these cofactors while you are drinking alcohol – which is why you add it INTO your first drink.

“Recoverthol has been scientifically formulated based on medical knowledge of alcohol metabolism to support alcohol dehydrogenase enzyme to do its job,” says co-founder Brooke Mai-Whelan.

“When you drink, your liver gets to work using an enzyme to slowly filter out the alcohol in your system. Now some people have more, and some have less of this enzyme. Because you only have so much of this in your body, if you drink more that what your liver can handle (i.e. 1-2 standard drinks), you may suffer the consequences. Alcohol consumption, even at mild levels can tax your liver, interrupt your sleep, and give you a hangover. Studies have shown that 76% of moderate drinkers experience a hangover,” says Brooke.

“When we exercise, we need extra water to rehydrate. The same principle applies when drinking alcohol. You need replace the ADH cofactors that you have used up. So just like you need water when you exercise, Recoverthol may be beneficial when you drink alcohol,” she says.

I’m definitely not advocating using Recoverthol as a licence to drink more – and nor are the people behind Recoverthol. They’ve even developed a free app to help predict the effect of alcohol on your system BEFORE you have that first drink – based on your gender, height and weight. The app also helps you predict how long it will be until you are sober, based on your consumption.

Recoverthol is TGA-listed and stocked in pharmacies around Australia. You can also buy direct online. If you drink alcohol, talk to your pharmacist about Recoverthol to see if Recoverthol is right for you.

Why I love Recoverthol for managing hangovers | Nikki Parkinson Styling You

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Recoverthol has one 12-pack, Great Host Pack of Recoverthol plus a bottle of Champagne to give to one Styling You Reader. The total prize is valued at $320.

To enter, answer the applicable question below:

Have you tried Recoverthol and did it help manage hangover symptoms?

Why would you like to try Recoverthol?

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  1. I’m new to the whole concept of Recoverthol. It’s a genius idea. I do enjoy a drink now and then. Bring on the party season.

  2. I’m over 60 now and find my body is not as happy about wine as I am. Always waking up way to early in the mornings. I keep an active life but do love my wine, would love to try Recoverthol.

  3. I wish I had seen this before last weekend when I celebrated 50 by partying like I was 21…
    Hot flushes are bad enough at this age, without 24hr hangovers to go with them.
    Would love to give this. Try during the festive season.

  4. I have never tried Recoverthol, but at the start of bikini season feels like a better option than hot chips and gravy to get me through the day after the night before.
    I’d love to try it!

  5. I am jumping on board the Recoverthol train with gusto! Like many of us, my ability to recover from a big night out is diminishing with age (although 45 is the new 30, right?). I can’t work out if my desire to avoid a night out (or even just a night in) is due to my age (am I just getting old and boring??) or due to the dreadful way I can sometimes feel the next day (but it was SO much fun at the time!!!). This may be one way to regain some of my lost youth? Mind you, I remember waking up with a newborn feeling like I had a hangover due to extreme sleep deprivation, so the fact that it seems to help avoid the 3am wake up, and get me some more sleep would be worth it alone. I’ve bought my tickets, but a yearly pass would be an awesome thing to win. All aboard?? Chooo chooooooo………..

  6. I am organising a school Mum’s camp for 120 people and these would be perfect for our goody bags or for lucky door prizes.
    I love that it is a Brisbane product.

  7. My headaches after a”few” champers are getting horrendous so would love to try Recoverthol before I get to the stage of having to give it away. White wine has already been retired, don’t make me have to retire champagne too.

  8. With the “silly season “ coming up quickly it would be great to enjoy those couple of extra drinks without worrying about the dreaded hangover , especially since alot of chrissy celebrations are during the week and you have to work! Not fun when you are a nurse. I’m getting some for my Xmas party. Can’t wait to try

  9. After Nikki’s glowing review and 30% off incentive I ordered Recoverthol online a few weeks ago. The quick delivery time allowed me to test it out during a very long lunch that progressed into the evening. I pulled up great the next morning but wondered if it was “the placebo effect”. I gave it another test last Saturday night at a party and now I’m absolutely convinced this product works. Having a years supply would allow me to share, and prove to my few friends who enjoy a tipple how good it is instead of just talking about it.

  10. I haven’t tried it but my post breastfeeding body has a low alcohol tolerance and I’d love to celebrate my son’s birthday with a glass of bubbly, hangover not included!

  11. I am definitely giving this product a go ! I just hate loosing a whole day to a hangover. We have several celebrations coming up this festive season and I have to be fresh as a daisy every day. I will also be the perfect hostess and get some for my guests as well !

  12. Recoverthol you are a gem! since drinking at my age is now a guaranteed hangover, With me having a pity party. So I now pop in a Recoverthol and I’m good to go. No more hang over and I’m feeling fresh as a daisy. Cheers!

  13. I haven’t tried it but would love to give it a go this holiday season. We are going beach camping and enjoy a drink or 2 in the evening. To wake up and enjoy the sunrise with out a hangover would be a little Christmas miracle.

  14. I don’t drink much but like Nikki do enjoy a glass of champagne or two and with the silly (but fun) season approaching followed by a cruise (with drinks included) in January I’m going to give Recoverthol a try, I’d love to avoid that morning after feeling.

  15. I would love to try it out and see if it really works as it sounds too good to be true!!! I would not miss the awake time around 3am….the liver hour…… when I have over indulged which doesn’t seem to take much the older I get. Bring on summer and Recoverthol

    1. Hi Stacey,
      We have anecdotal reports from our users that Recoverthol improves sleep when drinking alcohol (including myself). This is one of the major complaints from people- that a night of drinking can affect your sleep dramatically. Please give Recoverthol a try and let us know how it goes.

      Warm regards,


  16. Yes, I have tried it on your recommendation and got it online using your discount (thanks!). My reason for trying it is that as a chronic fatigue sufferer it takes me a while to recover from a night out and even drinking two glasses of wine affects me disproportionately. So, I’m happy to report that for me personally it’s effective and I will definitely use my party pack over the festive period!

  17. Since I’ve turned 40 hangovers seem to be getting worse even when I drink less!!! How is that fair?! Would love to see how these work for me

  18. I have just placed an order, can’t wait to try it. Going to let my son’s try it too and hopefully results have us wanting to order more to share with family on our first ever Christmas cruise.

    1. Hayley,

      We trust that Recoverthol will have your family covered! Have a great time, and please let us know how things went!

      Warm regards,


  19. OMG- so excited by this. The constant dread of a hangover totally takes the fun out of a night out. Even a couple of drinks can leave me feeling blah. Very keen to try!

  20. I think you may have just changed my life – I had neither tried or heard of Recoverthol until today and have been dreading the after effects of each social event I add to my rapidly filling silly season calendar. Dunno about you but the older I get the longer the hangovers linger!

    1. Hi Paula,
      It is a well known fact that as we age, we metabolise alcohol less effectively (especially women). Give Recoverthol a go and let us know how you feel.

      Warm regards,


  21. I haven’t tried Recoverthol yet but thanks for the discount code as an incentive to do so! I’ve definitely found hangovers feel a lot worse with age, so any chance to help recover quicker would be greatly appreciated (especially with the crazy festive season nearly upon us!)

  22. I would love to try this Nikki as next year will be my Big 50 ( I know you know how important this number is) and I am hoping for lots of fun experiences throughout the year with family and friends. To have the benefit of using such a well researched product to ease the effects of a few drinks the following day oh my body & head will be immensely grateful. Please send me some Recoverthol to use this festive season and into my 2020 year. Thank you

  23. Thank you for the opportunity to try Recoverthol. Haven’t as yet tried it, but definitely would like to for the odd weekend drink we have. As you say, mid week is reserved for water etc.

  24. I was curious when Nikki first blogged about Recoverthrol a year ago so purchased straight away and have purchased throughout the year. Gave it a big workout when I went overseas in July to celebrate turning 60. So for 3 weeks the alcohol was given a bit of a nudge along with Recoverthrol and am pleased to admit “NO HANGOVERS ” So now stocking up for the Christmas break in Thailand. I am one to shout out the benefits to friends who have also given it a try. With success, I hope but will find out when we next catch up. So thankyou Nikki and Recoverthrol for helping this 60 year old who still likes to enjoy a drink on the weekend and holidays, wake up the next day not so shabby.

    1. Sue- we are so happy to hear that Recoverthol has helped you! We females metabolise alcohol less effectively as well age- so we need a bit of help. Enjoy the break away in Thailand and have a drink for us here at Recoverthol!

  25. When you rarely sip champagne and most of the time you abstain…. I have not tried Recoverthol.
    When you have an important event in your family and it is being held at a winery …. I would like to try Recoverthol!

  26. I haven’t tried it but would love to leading into the party season and gearing up for some much needed relaxing over the holiday period. Definitely notice the effects of alcohol more with age 🙁

  27. I tried it on Melbourne Cup day this year and for the first time in years I woke up the next morning without a headache. I am a convert and recently bought some packets for the silly season.
    Such a great find! Thanks Nikki.

  28. This product is amazing. I recently used Recoverthol on a weekend wine tasting trip – mixing many different wines & champagnes throughout the day. I used Recoverthol & didn’t suffer from a hangover or even a headache. Very impressed – highly recommend.

  29. Too right about metabolising alcohol slower than what I could in my 20’s- I’d try a great product to help me bounce back Like a trooper after any mid week, weekend, heck any soirée. What timing coming into Xmas celebrations

    1. Hi Elisha,

      I know first hand that I don’t metabolise alcohol like I used to in my twenties- hence why my pharmacist husband made this product. We know that once you try Recoverthol- you won’t drink without it.

    1. Hi Vanessa,

      Some of us are more sensitive to alcohol than others. We don’t have to drink to excess to feel the effects! Recoverthol has been formulated to support your body to metabolise alcohol more efficiently. Please give it a try and let us know how it goes.

  30. Coming into silly season I would happily give this a go, I still love to party like a rock star but sadly after hitting 50 the recovery period is longer & slower!

    1. HI Jacki,

      Hitting 40 for me was the game changer. As we age, we metabolise alcohol less effectively. Hoping Recoverthol helps you find Rock Star status again!

  31. I definatley up for trying it, since hitting 50 I really feel any more than 2 standard drinks & I hate that! I dont drink often but when I do I certainly dont want to be feeling it for days, especially coming into silly season!

  32. Have you tried Recoverthol and did it help manage hangover symptoms?

    Yes. I saw this on your blog and purchased some as I was curious if it would help. I am happy to report it does. I was a bit skeptical as to how it would work but I definately noticed I didn’t feel as fuzzy the next day. Looking forward to using it more over the festive season.

    1. Hi Mel. It’s Brooke from Recoverthol here. Just to clarify, the recommended dose for Recoverthol is one to two vials in your first drink of the night. Most people benefit from just one vial per night- so $5 an evening we think is a small price to pay for a hangover free next day. Recoverthol is distinctly different to Pure Wine drops and Berocca. It can be put into any type of alcohol to reduce the build up of acetaldehyde in the body. Pure wine drops neutralise preservatives in wine only, and Berocca is taken the morning after when hangover symptoms are in full swing. When taken correctly, Recoverthol may assist in avoiding hangover symptoms in the first place! If you are keen to give it a try, please get in touch.

  33. I’d love to try! Having three small children means even after 2 cheeky wines with a girlfriend the next day I’m feeling very blah.

    1. My husband and I have for a long time enjoyed a glass of wine late afternoon together. Ok, sometimes there is a sneaky second. It is so relaxing and delicious and such a part of our lifestyle. We are over 60 now and find our bodies are not as happy about wine as we are. Sleep disruption and mild headache in the morning. We are fit and active people, love life, love wine.
      Would love to try Recoverthol.

    2. Good luck Carlie-Hangovers and kids just don’t mix.

      Some people don’t need to drink alot to experience the effects of alcohol consumption. We trust that Recoverthol will help you!

  34. I would love to try this, having 2 small kids makes those days following a cheeky g&t extra hard so I’ll take all the help I can get!

      1. Hi Cat,

        A common theme in this forum has been the inability to process alcohol as effectively as ladies age. We trust that Recoverthol will help you!

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