Styling You The Label Spring/Summer 2019

NEW: Styling You The Label spring-summer 2019 is here

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We want to you to be excited about getting dressed each day because our pieces make it so easy.

In designing the Styling You The Label spring-summer 2019 collection, we’ve listened to you. We listened to the feedback you’ve given on our first two collections and we’ve noted which kind of pieces you wanted more of … to make your wardrobe stress-free.

Styling You The Label spring-summer 2019

You wanted:

✔️ more double-duty, dress-up/dress-down pieces that work for the both the office and the weekend.
✔️ more pieces that don’t need ironing.
✔️ more blazers and jackets.
✔️ more garments that make packing and travel stress-free.
✔️ Pops of colour!

And that’s what we’ve delivered. 

We’ve also collaborated with Fred & Ginger to create stunning statement earrings to work back with our new designs.

Styling You The Label Spring/Summer 2019

Styling You The Label is a timeless label by women for women. We produce quality, easy-care pieces that will make your everyday and travel style so easy. Most of the pieces are made in Australia (winning!) and every single pieces is super comfortable to wear.

We’re proudly flipping the fashion industry’s idea of marketing on its head. What I hear every day from the Styling You community is that fashion marketing does not speak to them. That women over 30 can’t visualise themselves in a garment that they’ve only seen on an 18-year-old, size 6, super tall woman.

We proudly showcase our designs on women ranging in size from 8-18 and women in their 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s, so that you can better shop online with confidence.

Check out what’s new in-store now. Shop HERE. Stock is limited so don’t miss out!

Learn my secrets to wardrobe peace

This is the final time I’ll be offering my Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe online style program. So, if you’ve ever been on the fence about joining me to learn how to create your own capsule wardrobe, this is your final chance. You’ll receive all my secrets and the tools you need to create wardrobe peace.

*Will you join us? Details HERE

Here’s what Leanne (one of our Capsulers) thinks of the program:

“Thank you for creating the Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe. I liked how we were able to adapt the suggested pieces to suit what we may already have or find alternatives to suit budgets, lifestyles and tastes. I feel like I have a really great wardrobe for the season where I have so many combinations I can put together. I have loved the Facebook group as I felt really safe posting outfits and it was really lovely to receive such positive comments from those within the group and gain ideas from others”. – Leanne

*Please note there are no refunds on this program because when you register you have immediate access to all course materials.

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