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Journal July 2019

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I was out walking yesterday during the middle of the day and I felt it … the end of winter. I knew it’s a bit of a tease because the night before I could not get my feet warm for the life of me but still. Still. I’m feeling spring in my bones.

We may still have officially another month until the start of my favourite season but a girl’s got to remain optimistic, yes? 

July has been a mixed bag of a month – work, life, school holidays – planning for the rest of the year. It’s also the month I celebrate my blogging business birthday. This blog started on July 28, 2008, long before Instagram and smart phones. What a wonderful ride it has been!

Pour yourself a beverage of choice and read on for a full and thorough debrief. 


We popped out of our pop-up store this week, so grateful having had the opportunity at Hummingbird Paddington and for the chance to meet so many old and new Styling You The Label customers. We’re on the hunt for a space to coincide with the arrival of our new collections in October and November and will keep you posted!

Just in time for the start of spring, we’ll also be re-stocking some of our best-selling warmer weather favourites … and there is a super special collaboration with a favourite jewellery designer 😲.  If you’re not part of our Insta community, head over here to be first in the know about ALL THE THINGS!

Styling You The Label Cate shirt and Jude jeans | FRANKiE4 Footwear LiSA sneakers

Styling You The Label Cate shirt and Jude jeans | FRANKiE4 Footwear LiSA M sneakers


I was excited to host Toowong Village’s Waste Free Living Workshop, presented by my blogging friend Kat (The Organised Housewife). It was a part of the Village’s #waronwaste initiatives and I walked away with SO many tips on how to minimise household waste by planning, pantry/fridge organisation and clever storage ideas. Kat was on The Today Show this week sharing some of her top budget organisation hacks.

The Organised Housewife and Styling You | Toowong Village Waste Free Living Workshop

After listening to author Mark Manson speak at a Business Chicks event this month, I’m determined to implement more of his giving less f*ck ways. This isn’t about living life without a care factor; it’s more that whenever I feel sucked into the minutiae of life and the stuff that can really frustrate and irritate, I try to pull myself out of it and think more about the bigger picture, my purpose (as a mum, partner, business owner, friend). This flipping of the mindset really does help. I’m not always successful in the flip but, when I do, perspective seems win over. 

Mark Manson and Nikki Parkinson

FRANKiE4 Footwear RUTH boots in gold 


Hot off the plane from Queenstown, we headed to Sydney to spend the weekend with the eldest for his birthday. I chose Bondi for our stay for a bit of a different vibe and was super impressed with Adina apartments as a family accommodation option in the heart of it all. We ate VERY well (see below), balancing it out with a 8km walk in the mild winter sun, whale watching and walking to Clovelly and back. I felt VERY at home in my active wear. HAH.

Adina Apartments Bondi

Active Truth smart pocket tights | FRANKiE4 Footwear TAMBO ACTiVE sneakers

Active Truth smart pocket tights | FRANKiE4 Footwear TAMBO ACTiVE sneakers

Bronte baths Sydney

I’m fortunate to be a part of Business Chicks’ PowerPlayers program, meeting each month with a group of incredible business woman who support each other through the highs and lows. This month was our annual retreat and we stay-cationed in Brisbane at the new Fantauzzo Hotel at Howard Smith Wharves. Loved the rooms, loved the location and loved the boutique vibe.

Styling You The Label Cate shirt and Maria Pants | FRANKiE4 Footwear JACKiE sneaker in black Fantauzzo Hotel, Howard Smith Wharves, Brisbane

Styling You The Label Cate shirt and Maria pants | FRANKiE4 Footwear JACKiE sneaker in black

Brave + True Label coat


Three Women by Lisa Taddeo: oh my, I’m only half way through this book and it’s got me thinking all the things … about women; about young girls, about me as a young girl/woman, about the abuse of power in relationships, about how we’re a long way from sexual equality. This is a non-fiction book based on 10 years of research and revolves around the stories of three different women, their hopes, disappointments, love, loss and abuse. It’s written in such an engaging and compelling way that I keep forgetting that they are true stories and real people.

Love and Other Battles by Tess Woods: I’m a new Tess Woods fan and listened to/read both her previous novels, Love at First Flight and Beautiful Messy Love this year. When this one popped up, it was a no-brainer. Woods has an incredible talent for creating and bringing to life characters we at once relate to and take into our hearts. In this novel, she weaves a three-generation story of three women (mum, daughter and granddaughter). It’s a heart-wrenching tale told beautifully with a surprise at the end I did not see coming.


The Lady Vanishes: I was late to this podcast but quickly and obsessively caught up. Much like The Teacher’s Pet, this is a mystery about a woman/a mum who disappeared and a family’s quest to find out what happened to her. It may be a different decade when Marion Barter disappeared (1997) but there is spookily an education and a NSW police department link/side story in this missing persons’ case as well. My heart breaks for Marion’s daughter Sally, who’s been relentless in her quest for answers for more than 20 years.

Eyes on Gilead: It might seem strange to listen to a podcast about a TV show but when it comes to A Handmaid’s Tale, I find listening to this SBS podcast really helps to mentally de-brief what I’ve watched. It can be needed therapy after episodes that leave you reeling/gobsmacked/angry/tearful/all of the above.


Booksmart: you don’t have to be a teenager or young adult to enjoy a coming-of-age movie and this one was one of the funniest and heart-warming I’ve ever seen. Directed by Olivia Wilde and with Will Ferrell as one of the executive producers, it’s the story of two smart final year high school friends who realise on the last day of school that they should have lived a little and not just studied during their school years. So the girls make up for it on the last night of school.

Big Little Lies wrapped up last week and after the final two confronting episodes, I sincerely hope that the ending is a lead in to a third season. You?

Eating/drinking (are you following @stylingyoueats)


Bondi Icebergs Club: get the iconic view with club/pub food and prices.

Icebergs Bondi

Panama House: Central American food, best shared. It looks like there is only a set-menu option for weekend evenings now but we were able to order off the main menu. 

Bill’s: with our accommodation directly above this iconic dining establishment, it would have been wrong to not eat our Sunday brunch here. You can never go wrong with the ricotta hotcakes, sweetcorn fritters and the creamiest scrambled eggs.

Bill's Bondi breakfast

Milky Lane: this recommendation slid into my DMs while we were in Bondi – at the same time we found out our flight was delayed. Synchronicity, yes? So we hit up that burger joint and it was so worth it!

Milky Lane Bondi


Polpetta: yes to everything but especially these meatballs hiding under a layer of mozerella.

Polpetta Howard Smith Wharves

Greca: my fave Greek restaurant in Brisbane. The sizzlingly honey/oregano saganyaki is next level.

Harajuku Gyoza: YES to gluten-free lemongrass chicken gyoza tasting like the real deal.

Gluten free gyoza Harajuku Gyoza

At home

Made this BabyMac cheesecake for a gathering with friends and wondered why I’d ever stopped baking cheesecakes. Love them, they’re so simple and always a crowd pleaser. I just GF-ed the recipe by switching in GF flour and GF biscuits for the base.

BabyMac cheesecake


I’m a little obsessed with the midi skirt, knit and boots look to round out the winter with an alternative to jeans.

To fuel the obsession, I bought this skirt from Decjuba and this one from Sussan after borrowing it for the Toowong Village workshop.

Sussan knit and skirt | FRANKiE4 Footwear EMiLY boots

Sussan knit and skirt | FRANKiE4 Footwear EMiLY boots


HUZZAH! The pool and deck reno is complete … well it will be by the weekend when the final strips go in between the Hardiedeck planks. I’ll do a separate blog post with all the before and afters and product details but you can check them out here. Now the fun begins … furniture, plants and decor shopping. 

Styling You pool deck reno


We celebrate both our sons’ birthdays in July. How lucky am I to have two Cancerian boys? Flynn turned 14 and Ben 24. Actually cannot believe I just typed the number 24! Wasn’t he just a baby and me a clueless first-time mum?!

And Flynn got his braces off just in time for his birthday!

… and the family who trains together for Bridge to Brisbane is (mostly) happy to have red faces together at Body Smart‘s Run Club.

Body Smart Bridge to Brisbane training

Beauty obsessions

I’m nothing if not a joiner … so when the beauty world blew up about the lip gloss/balm the Duchess of Cambridge put on her lips at Wimbledon, I had to add to cart, didn’t I? The jury is out as to exactly which colour she wore, so I bought ones to suit my colouring (Rosewood Shimmer and Candy Shimmer). I do love this Clarins product though and it will not be a passing fad.

I discovered that my favourite CC cream now comes in a mini version – perfect for travel or handbags.

And I bought my first Trinny London beauty products, online from the UK (arrived in DAYS). Remember Trinny and Susannah? Well, this is Trinny’s beauty brand. It’s been available for a couple of years but I was keen to try the Miracle Blur lip and line filler (The Business – it does what it says it will do) and Golden Glow Bronzer in Jensta (a very subtle cream bronzer highlighter which I love!). Each product comes in a little stackable tub. It’s a great concept and I dare say I’ll be back for more.

Clarins Trinny London It Cosmetics

Have a fabulous August. Tell me what you’ve been up to.

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  1. Totally hooked on Trinny London. Try the BFF – it is amazing. Also love her skin care segments, value her honesty with regard to filler/Botox etc & her insights into different skin treatments. She is relatable. I’m so sick of seeing pouting Mecca models who I cannot relate to. She features real women.

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  2. Hi Nikki,
    So pleased you enjoyed Sydney. I grew up in the CLOVELLY area and swam in the bay thee and in a BRONTE pool. It’s magic. I love going back and trying the new restaurants in the area.

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  3. Hi Nikki, I’ve been a long time follower. You put me onto my all time favourite moisturizer – Nivea Cellular Anti-age night cream. It was one of your products of the year about four years ago, and I’ve used it daily ever since, and will forever be grateful for your push in this direction! Sadly, it has disappeared off the shelves lately, and been replaced with a sneaky look-alike called the Nivea Cellular Filler Anti-Age Night Cream, which is a completely different product. Just letting you know in case you have some inside run on how the beauty industry works, and magically influence the return of this amazing product to the shelves of Ashgrove Woolies!!

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  4. So glad you’ve tried Trinny’s products – I’ve been thinking about Miracle blur as there isn’t anyting similar here. May have to “add to cart”

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