6 pyjama options that one come without a cutesy slogan

6 grown-up pyjama options without a cutesy slogan in sight

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Easter has long been a time in our family for splashing out on a new set of pjs. It started when the kids were little and would have grown out of their winter pjs from the year before. Our Easter photos and Facebook memories are filled of the kids walking bare-footed in too-long pyjama pants hunting for eggs.

While the eldest kids have stopped growing and their need for new pjs is not as great, the youngest is still growing and happily embraces a new set. Me? I always take this time when the weather turns to treat myself to a new sleepwear option.

I’m a little fussy with what I wear to bed. I love snuggling under the doona, so don’t want something that’s too hot on. I like soft fabrics that breathe. Because peri menopause. URRGHH. And I definitely don’t need pyjamas with slogans that would have been more fitting on my daughter … when she was six!

While I generally refrain from sharing my bedtime outfits on Instagram, I do get asked about where I buy my pyjamas and it’s something that is asked quite a bit in our Facebook group. Read on for a look at six grown-up pyjama options without a cutesy slogan in sight.

I’m all about prioritising what you wear to bed. We spend so much of our time under the covers, I think we should feel as good as we can feel to ensure our sleep is good as it can be.

As an independent fashion retailer myself, I’ll first shop with other independents. This year I’ve bought pyjamas from Cachia and Not So Mumsy. Both are brands that have grown out of their social media platforms of the women behind them. I’m so happy with both of my purchases and will definitely buy from them both again. A word of warning though: these releases sell super quickly. Get in quick.

Another independent I’ve bought from in the past is bracewell+ – the organic cotton used in this designs is incredible to wear and washes and wears time and again.

When it comes to chain store options, I’ll always check out what’s available at Peter Alexander and Sussan. Sussan has always offered sleepwear options that look as good as they feel on. Peter Alexander offers fun options in quality sleepwear for the whole family. The P.A. Plus range means that beautiful pyjamas are available to more sizes. For a budget chain store option, check out Cotton On or Kmart

6 pyjama options that one come without a cutesy slogan

1. Not So Mumsy PJs All Day The Kitty Set $99

2. Cachia Amelia PJ $69.95

3. Cotton On Sleep Recovery top $34.99

4. bracewell+ slim jims $89

5. P.A. Plus Hydrangea PJ set $109

6. Susan White Romance PJ set $71.96 (on sale)

So, tell me, do you have an Easter pjs tradition? Where do you buy your sleepwear from?

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  1. We’ve never done PJs at Easter. In fact I only found out it was a “thing” a couple of years ago. I usually get a new pair of winter ones for Mothers Day, and because I’m 6′ tall I get them from Next.com as they have a tall range. But because they’re UK based and their seasons are out of sync with ours, I usually go looking in February and send the links for the ones I want to my husband with instructions to act quickly. If I don’t, I’ll get too-short ones from KMart with a silly slogan on the front and have a cold back all winter because the top will be miles too short.

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  2. Oh this isn’t a tradition for us (I usually buy Christmas themed pj’s). But I think I might need to jump on this idea! Love it.

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  3. I buy my grandies PJs for Easter, 7 pairs this year! I love Sussan for myself, but I did buy a pair of grey droppie pj pants from Kmart. Great picks Nikki x

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  4. These Pyjamas are gorgeous I do love the Easter tradition of buying new PJs for children I’ve bought Piper some Peppa Pig ones!
    For me I love Sussans and Peter Alexander pjs!

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