15-piece week-day uniform capsule

How to create a week-day uniform capsule to suit your lifestyle

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We talk a lot about travel capsule wardrobes that make any trip away SO easy but what about creating a week-day uniform capsule to take the stress out of your everyday style?

This is part of what I coach our Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe members through each season (mark your diaries: our next program opens on May 10) but if I wanted to drill down wardrobe simplicity even more, I think having a stress-less week-day wardrobe involves three things:

  1. Having clothes that work back with multiple items in your wardrobe.
  2. Having clothes that fit your week-day lifestyle, ie do you work in an office? Are you at home with young kids? Do you run a business that requires a good mix of smart casual pieces?
  3. Having clothes and/or accessories which express who you are as a human and how you want to show up in this world.

When you fill your wardrobe with more of the clothes that work WITH each other, work FOR your lifestyle and REFLECT who you are, the less you’ll waste thinking about what to wear.

For the past five weeks, I’ve had every piece of my first Styling You The Label collection hanging in my office as a ready-made capsule to wear. I know, it’s kind of cheating, having access to pieces I’ve designed and had made just for me BUT It made me realise just how stress-free the concept of creating your own “uniform” can be.

Every pieces is dress-up/dress-down-able. Most mix and match with each other. Everything is suitable for travel – in the last month I’ve done trips to Sydney, Mt Isa and Mooloolaba where I’ve used these pieces as my base pieces. And all provide great canvasses for wearing different shoes, bags and accessories.

I’m sharing below a “typical” week-day uniform mix for me based on nine Styling You The Label pieces. Now, while my accountant and I would LOVE you to buy your entire uniform from us, I understand that’s not a reality.

What you can do – and what I coach in my Ultimate Capsule online style program – is that you can create your own version of the below capsule by subbing in pieces from your own wardrobe or other purchases to suit your week-day lifestyle. (As an FYI in our online style program, we offer five alternatives for each clothing piece we feature)

15-piece week-day uniform capsule

1. Styling You The Label Rachael cami in black (back in stock)

2. Styling You The Label Simone animal print shirt (back in stock)

3. Styling You The Label Ella bamboo tee in white

4. Styling You The Label Cate shirt in black (back in stock)

5. Styling You The Label Amanda technical skirt in sage

6. Styling You The Label Amanda technical skirt in black

7. Styling You The Label Beth denim skirt 

8. Styling You The Label Bec technical shorts in sage

9. Styling You The Label Kym linen blend dress in black

10. Elms + King Lexington shopper (Add to Cart BabyMac Shop) 

11. Liv & Milly Ravello cross-body bag in pewter

12. Uberkate everyday gemstone ring in silver/rose quartz 

13. Nicole Fendel Tahlia small earring in rose gold 

14. FRANKiE4 Footwear TESSA heel in leopard

15. FRANKiE4 Footwear MiM sneaker in pale pink

Here’s how I put together the above 15 pieces for five days of my working week. You could create even more combinations with the same pieces. Add in more accessories and shoes and a blazer or two and you have a easy week-day wardrobe uniform that just works.

15-piece week-day uniform capsule - 5 days of outfits

Let me know your thoughts! Do you have a week-day uniform? Does it make your life easier? If you’re up for it, why not share your own week-day capsule in our Facebook Group

15-piece week-day uniform capsule | Styling You The Label

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  1. Absolutely love these items and how versatile they are. I think its definitely a confident boost to have pieces that work well together and make you feel and look good.

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