The Model and Me: Binny autumn-winter 2019

The Model and Me: Binny autumn-winter 2019

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It’s no secret around these parts that one of my favourite Australian fashion labels is Binny. I first connected with Binny way back when Offspring and Nina Proudman were our collective fashion obsession. Last year I  finally got to meet Binny herself when she was guest at an event at Petrol Boutique in Brisbane.

I get incredibly excited to see each new season that Binny delivers. Her creativity and the way she tells a story through her collections has always blown me away. 

For Binny autumn-winter 2019, it’s about embracing the epic romance and drama of the cinematic Gone with the Wind era in a modern mix of shapes, fabrics and prints.

There is more to come from Binny this autumn-winter but in the first drop, it was the maxi skirt below that caught my eye when shopping at Petrol Boutique. 

The model

Binny Tara skirt | autumn-winter 2019

Binny Tara maxi skirt (more sizes here)

and me

Styling You The Label shirt | Binny skirt worn as a strapless dress | FRANKiE4 Footwear EMiLY boots

Styling You The Label Cate shirt (I’m in size 14) | Binny skirt worn as a strapless dress (more sizes here) | FRANKiE4 Footwear EMiLY boots

I first wore the skirt on a trip to see our son in Sydney a few weeks ago, wearing it with the white Styling You The Label Cate shirt and high sandals. 

For this post, I’ve made it more of a winter look with the addition of boots but instead of wearing the skirt on the waist, I’ve worn it as a strapless dress, knotting the shirt over the top. 

I love this versatility and I can see myself wearing this skirt completely differently again … with a blazer, cami and pumps. Or with a relaxed knit with the weather cools down (please tell me it will!).

This versatility is what I look for in all purchases but particularly in ones that are designer seasonal trends. Everyone operates on a different clothing budget. Me? I budget to buy one or two of these type of pieces each season as a way to keep my wardrobe fresh but I don’t buy them thinking I’ll only wear for that season. I choose with the idea that they will be wardrobe faves for many a season to come. 

Apart from its versatility, the reasons this skirt made this season’s cut are many. Firstly, the shape just worked for me, secondly the waist is elasticated, so it’s supremely comfortable. It drops in a flattering line, is  lined in cotton and overlaid with tule. And the embroidered strawberries bring the detail/interest factor I look for in a show-pony piece.

The Model and Me: Binny autumn-winter 2019

I purchased this skirt from Petrol Boutique in Paddington, Brisbane.

Styling You The Label

We love our show-pony pieces but know that a wardrobe that works FOR you starts with quality basics. That’s why we have developed Styling You The Label. We wanted you to have a go-to place where you could buy your wardrobe foundation pieces – all year round. The response has been HUGE and we’ve sold out or down to last sizes in many of our pieces. Some repeat orders are due with us later this week and next and we’re working on the next addition to the collection, which will include some cooler weather pieces. Thank you so much for supporting this next exciting stage of Styling You.


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