Autumn-winter fashion trends

The autumn-winter 2019 fashion trends you’ll want in your wardrobe

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Whenever we start to talk about new-season fashion purchases, talk invariably leads back to the trends of the season. Trends are what keeps fashion fresh; they are what keeps our wardrobes fresh.


Like I repeat each fashion season, not all fashion trends are for all of us. And trends these days are never new. Not only does “what goes around, comes around” but from one season to the next, there is a rarely a line in the sand between trends. Each trend morphs from one season to the next … and the next and the next.

Yes, you should take a look at what’s hot on the trend list for each season but before adopting anything you should take stock and remember who you are and how you want to present that person to the world. How you do that is about your style personality or personalities (yes, I have multiple!). It’s about your shape, your attitude and your lifestyle. Those things trump any trend in matters of the wardrobe.

So, my advice to you is: look at the trends of the season but take the time to consider the autumn-winter 2019 fashion trends you’ll actually want in your wardrobe before investing in your show-pony pieces.

(Need to cover off on the wardrobe basics? We’ve got you covered HERE).

Autumn-winter 2019 trends you’ll want in your wardrobe

Checks: this isn’t knew but something that many of us adopted last year, reminiscing on our relative youth in the early ’90s. No check is out of bounds, from the micro to the macro. Go to town.

Florals: you’re either firmly in the floral camp – or not. What will surprise you is that florals are no longer the domain of spring. Autumn-winter florals have depth and drama. Embrace.

Animal prints: of course, if you’ve been following along here for some time, you’ll know I don’t consider animal print as a trend. It’s a neutral, DARLS. But, if you can’t get enough of our favourite neutral, this is the season to stock up. (Just quietly we love our exclusive animal print)

Styling You The Label Brooke cami | Styling You The Label Christina skirt | FRANKiE4 Footwear Lisa heels

Styling You The Label Brooke cami | Styling You The Label Christina skirt | FRANKiE4 Footwear Lisa heels

Print clash: this is where attitude comes into play with trends. Mix your florals back with checks or animal print with checks. Go hard or go home … if this feels so not in your comfort zone, that’s very ok. Some of us need things to be on the matchy-matchy side and that’s OK!

Texture clash: winter is always about texture but outfit interest is next level when you’re contrasting that texture in layers. Think silk with velvet; linen with cashmere; boucle with denim … layer upon textural layer.

Colour: blushes become pinks; powder and cornflower blue calms and contrasts with navy; mulberry and wine works back with blue; yellow, orange/terracotta pop a neutral.

’70s re-visited: again! This comes through in silhouettes and shapes (jumpsuits, culottes and pinafores) as well as accessories – think tortoiseshell and resin.

How to easily update your wardrobe with new-season trends

1. Embrace the “nice top” part of your failsafe autumn going-out outfit.

2. If in doubt, add a blazer or jacket that embraces your favourite trend.

3. Just want to dip your toes into a trend? Embrace via accessories.

Here are just a few trend pieces available in store and online now that would make great show-pony additions to your wardrobe.

Autumn-winter fashion trends

1. Kmart blazer $27

2. Witchery blazer $279.95

3. Zara blazer $139

4. Trenery coat $299

5. Zara top $59.95

6. Witchery top $199.95

7. Country Road skirt $159

8. Brave + True pinafore (Birdsnest) $119.95

9. Country Road belt $69.95

10. FRANKiE4 Footwear flats 

11. Country Road earrings $59.95

12. Zara bag $69.95


So, tell me, where do you sit on the fashion trend train? What trends speak to you this season?

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  1. I’m so happy to see this post, thank you Nikki! I understand you need to sell your own line, but I’ve really missed these seasonal flat-lays and high street store suggestions xo

    1. Post
  2. I bought the Brave + True pinafore in charcoal/white pinstripe late last year and it has become a staple wardrobe item. Completely out of my comfort zone at the time, now it is my comfort zone. Love it so much.

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