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6 clever wardrobe helpers created by Australian lady start-ups

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I’m always in awe of the people behind clever products that are designed to make our lives just that bit easier – particularly when it comes to products that help us with our wardrobes and outfit planning.

Below I’ve collated some clever wardrobe helpers that I’ve come across in recent months and think you should know about. Best of all each of these wardrobe helpers have been developed by Australian lady start-ups – women running small businesses to fill a market need.

Bon Maxi 

I first met Clare – the genius artist and designer behind Bon Maxi – last year and was blown away by how she’s created beautiful solutions for earring storage. There are options for hanging on your wall, in your wardrobe and travel. The products that had me super excited were “outfit planners”. When you plan your outfits for the week ahead, you can hang the matching earrings around the hanger on these holders

Bon Maxie earring outfit planner

Dangle dots

Still on earrings … if you love large, heavier earrings, there’s a fair chance your lobes don’t! Dangle Dots are invisible circles/dots that sit at the back of your earring and are designed to protect the earlobe, provide relief from weight and reduce how an earring can slip. 

Dangle Dots

Stop the Gape

Love a tailored shirt but don’t like how it gapes between buttons around the bust? The solution is the patented Stop the Gape product, a clip and magnet system that is easy to put in place but doesn’t damage your shirt.

Stop the Gape

Hollywood Hangers

Ok, so maybe not a wardrobe essential but if you’ve Marie Kondo-ed or Styling You-ed your wardrobe you might want to reward yourself with matching monogrammed hangers. Look no further than Hollywood Hangers. I’ll take a wardrobe a blush hangers please!

Hollywood Hangers

Barchy bags

I’ve got my supermarket bag situation down pat – I mostly remember to keep them in the boot of the car – but now I’ve also got my “anytime” bag situation sorted. I always have a Barchy bag in my handbag. They fold up to next to nothing and are lightweight. The designs are super fun too. I took two away with me to Japan on our recent trip and patted myself on the back each time I needed them for shopping or taking our towels etc to the onsen.

Barchy bags

Bekka May cosmetic bag

I’m road-testing my Bekka May bag for a weekend away this weekend and can’t wait to pack it. In a nutshell, this is a beauty junkie’s travel dream come true. It looks like a handbag but unfolds to offer storage for makeup, makeup brushes, hair stylers, skin care and hair care products. The bag was designed by Cat, an Australian flight attendant, who was sick of carrying multiple cosmetic bags. I hear you, sister!

Bekka May cosmetic bag

So, tell me, have you used any of these products? Got a clever wardrobe helper we should know about?

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  1. Yes!
    I have EverEco produce bags in my handbag always & a cotton fold up bag made locally. Apple Green Duck also do some great bags, light weight but not as foldable.
    My cosmetic bag is a GWP from Estée Lauder which must be 20+ years old but still running fine…

    Treading lightly is a greater priority for me than supporting a lady start up (agree, each to their own!) but, on reflection, my bags were purchased from a female owned business – so win win!

  2. I need stop the gape! Genius idea, all the girls in the office would love it too. Someone is always looking for a pin. It would be perfect for wrap tops too! I’m in Ireland it would really sell here.

    1. Hi Angie,

      It’s Jo from Stop The Gape. We are honoured to be included amongst these genius ideas! Great blog post!

      Thanks for your comments on our range. We love helping all women and men to feel more confident… but we hate the dreaded pin pricks! We can ship to Ireland, so hope on our to our website for more info, or send us an email to [email protected].

  3. I’m going to politely disagree. This is all synthetic ‘stuff’, future landfill which will be around for generations. What about some enviro friendly options, like a cotton (rather than nylon) reusable bag?
    We can do better than this!!

    1. Post

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