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If you love a vino, a Champers or a cocktail like me, you’ll love Recoverthol

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Ok, so it’s no state secret around these parts that I love a vino, a Champers and the odd espresso martini.

My favourite lunches are the long kind that involve good food, good wine and good girlfriends. 

I “bought” my husband a bar cart one Christmas and let him have ownership of one shelf on said cart. My shelf is devoted to craft gins (a girl’s got to have a hobby).

Recoverthol helps to manage hangover symptoms | bar cart | gin

Speaking of hobbies, Champagne Club counts, yes? And Book Club really is about the wine with the book optional, isn’t it?


There’s always a but, isn’t there? 

I know that I shouldn’t love my indulgences as much as I do. But I do. What I aim to do, though, is bring a whole lot of balance into the imbibing equation.

I (generally) embrace soda water and lime on a week night. I say generally because this is the end of week one after the VERY indulgent Christmas holiday period and I’ve actually been craving the lime and sodas and a whole lot of balance.

Throughout the year, yes, these lofty abstaining aims get challenged but what I’ve found when I cave and have a weekday wine or two, I feel tired the next day and not at my best for very full work/family juggling days.

So, when the Brisbane-based company behind Recoverthol contacted me late last year to tell me all about their product, I was all ears.

Recoverthol is a clear liquid you pop into your first drink (without affecting the taste) to help manage hangover symptoms. I first tried it on a pre-Christmas weekend, which involved back-to-back celebrations, ahead of a working week that needed me to bring my A-game.


The few side eyes I got when adding the liquid were very much worth it. I woke up both mornings feeling decidedly FRESH. And so did my girlfriends (I shared them around the table!).

I also packed a supply of Recoverthol for our trip to Japan. I may have found my ski legs after 27 years but my apre ski game is definitely NOT as strong as it was back in my early 20s. Feeling tired is not ideal for hitting the slopes and staying vaguely coordinated and upright!


I’ve been using Recoverthol each time I’ve had an alcoholic drink for more than a month now and it’s something I’ll not stop buying because it’s very much worked for me. I wake up with a clearer head and more energy – something that as I age doesn’t happen with even two glasses of wine. 

The small vials of the clear fluid are super easy to stash in your handbag and have on hand for snapping and squeezing into your first drink to help manage hangover symptoms. There’s no complicated procedure involved. It’s as simple as that.

Its formula includes the coenzyme (alcohol dehydrogenase enzyme) our bodies use to metabolise alcohol, so it enables you to replenish that coenzyme with Recoverthol every time you drink.

“Recoverthol has been scientifically formulated based on medical knowledge of alcohol metabolism to support alcohol dehydrogenase enzyme to do its job,” says co-founder Brooke Mai-Whelan.

“When you drink, your liver gets to work using an enzyme to slowly filter out the alcohol in your system. Now some people have more and some have less of this enzyme. Because you only have so much of this in your body, if you drink more that what your liver can handle (i.e. 1-2 standard drinks), you may suffer the consequences. Alcohol consumption, even at mild levels can tax your liver, interrupt your sleep, and give you a hangover. Studies have shown that 76% of moderate drinkers experience a hangover,” says Brooke.

“When we exercise, we need extra water to rehydrate. The same principle applies when drinking alcohol. You need replace the ADH cofactors that you have used up. So just like you need water when you exercise, Recoverthol may be beneficial when you drink alcohol,” she says.

I’m definitely not advocating using Recoverthol as a licence to drink more – and nor are the people behind Recoverthol. They’ve even developed a free app to help predict the effect of alcohol on your system BEFORE you have that first drink – based on your gender, height and weight. The app also helps you predict how long it will be until you are sober, based on your consumption.

Recoverthol is TGA-listed and stocked in pharmacies around Australia. You can also buy direct online. If you drink alcohol, talk to your pharmacist about Recoverthol to see if Recoverthol is right for you.

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So, tell me, is this a product that might be of help to you? Tried Recoverthol already? Hit me up with any questions you might have.

Recoverthol helps to manage hangover symptoms | bar cart | gin

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