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Lilly & Lime: swimwear that supports and uplifts a D cup and up

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Sponsored by Lilly & Lime Swimwear 

Confidence is at the crux of all that I talk about in this community. Yes, there’s a lot of body image acceptance that goes hand in hand with that. Yes, it’s a work in progress for most of us.

And that’s ok.

My job is to help with that progress, to show you ways to find that confidence through what you wear.

In summer, that often means taking baby steps outside your comfort zone … to wear a pair of shorts, get your arms out or to pop on a swimsuit. Because it’s just too damn hot to not do those things.

Yet, still we do let ourselves, our minds, get in the way of staying cool and/or enjoying everything that summer has to offer.

I’m going to share on the blog with you some of my tips for getting over ourselves in the coming weeks in the lead up to summer.

This post is all about confidence in swimwear for those of us who have been blessed with boobs of the D cup and up variety, women who want swimwear that supports and uplifts.

And, yes, that very much includes me. Somewhere in my deep, distant past I was a C cup but my peri-menopausal girls now firmly sit in the D camp. And by sit, I mean flop.

I’d really love to blame breastfeeding my three kids for their south-facing, navel-graving position when left to own non-perky devices but they’ve always been that way. It takes A LOT of work to get those girls up where they should be and for too long my swimwear choices were not up for the job.

Two years ago, I first introduced you to independent swimwear label, Lilly & Lime Swimwear in my annual Swimsuit Edition (stay tuned for this year’s!) and then again last year with their expanded collection. This year they’ve just launch the Kokomo collection, which includes a new range of prints and styles. Read on for more.

The two women behind the brand – Emma-Jane Hughes (Bermuda) and Ashleigh Hill (Brisbane) – are friends who met while working in London. They’re proud owners of 30G and 30DD boobs and have made it their mission to help women who are bigger busted wear well-fitted swimwear. If you follow them on Instagram (and you should), you’ll discover a community of women from around the world who have embraced the confidence that comes from wearing a swimsuit that is supportive.

For me, it was a HUGE ah-hah moment. Whenever I wear a Lilly & Lime swimsuit or bikini, it feels like I have the support of a good, well-fitted bra. The result? I stand a little taller. I feel less concerned about other bits of my body that usually bring out the negative Nancy inner critic. And I’m not scared to jump in a pool or body surf for fear of a boob flash. The fear is real, my dear Stylers.

Lilly & Lime Swimwear Suzani Indigo rash guard | peach balconette bikini top | Suzani indigo full brief

Lilly & Lime Swimwear Suzani Indigo rash guard | peach balconette bikini top | Suzani indigo full brief

This season, Lilly and Lime are offering even more swimsuit options and brand new prints for D cups and up, including the first in their sun-safe range. This gets a big tick from me. The Australian sun is harsh. Wearing a rashie and staying out of the sun in the middle of the day is part of my summer sun-protection mantra.

New styles

The Lauren High-Neck bikini top: While not a sun-safe option on its own, the high-neck design of this top helps protect the incidental skin damage that can happen to our décolletage. Pop over the long-sleeve rashie and you’ll feel protected and supported. Where this top comes into its own is that this style is usually a no-go for D cups and up due to a lack of support. The Lilly & Lime version includes built-in underwire support and I find the cut away style to be extremely flattering across a broad chest/shoulder area.

Lilly & Lime Swimwear black high neck top | black full brief

Lilly & Lime Swimwear black high neck top | black full brief

The Juliette Cap Sleeve One-Piece: One-piece lovers, you are going to LOVE this swimsuit. It’s the swimsuit that’s going to allow you to be and feel sporty – and supportive. It’s ideal for swimming training, surfing, or just spending a morning at the beach with the kids. The built-in underwire bra keeps your girls lifted and in place, no matter how active you are. Add the long-sleeve rashie for extra sun protection.

Lilly & Lime Swimwear The Juliette Cap Sleeve one-piece in black

Lilly & Lime Swimwear The Juliette Cap Sleeve one-piece in black

The Rose Rash Guard: When hitting the pool or beach in the sun, think of this piece as the final layer to your bikini or one-piece. Pack it in your beach bag to slip on (zipped or unzipped) for stylish sun protection. This piece doesn’t include underwire support so is designed for wearing over a swimsuit.

(Oh, and for the “mini-me”s in your life, this season Lilly & Lime has also launched a girls’ sunsafe range. Check it out HERE.

Lilly & Lime Swimwear Suzani Indigo rash guard | peach balconette bikini top | Suzani indigo full brief

Lilly & Lime Swimwear Suzani Indigo rash guard | peach balconette bikini top | Suzani indigo full brief

New prints

There is a Lilly & Lime print for everyone with the stunning release of the Kokomo collection. Check out Kimono Ink, Kimono Forest, Rainbow Stripe, Suzani Indigo, Suzani Stone, Spot Stone Spot Forest HERE. Work separates together, back with a block colour or pattern clash your way to a beach near you.

Lilly & Lime Swimwear Suzani Stone balconette one-piece

Lilly & Lime Swimwear Suzani Stone balconette one-piece

Buying a swimsuit online

I know it’s not a natural thing for many but honestly I prefer it. Think about it, you can try on in the comfort of your own home without any harsh change-room lighting. If you shop online with a store that offers great pre-purchase customer service and easy returns/exchanges, then you can do so with confidence. 

Lilly & Lime make it super easy to match you to the correct swimsuit size for your body and breast size with this fitting guide, size check form and online size calculator tool. Because their swimsuits offer the same support as a quality bra, these measurements are key to finding your perfect match. 

A correctly fitted and supportive swimsuit top will feel comfortable on. Just like wearing a bra, it shouldn’t feel like it’s digging in to you. If the underwire is cutting in to you, then the back size is too small. If the underwire isn’t sitting flat on your chest, then you probably need to go up a cup size.

Buying separates also helps to get a swimsuit that is perfect for you. My top half is a bigger size than my pancake-flat bum, so I love being able to buy to suit.

Different bikini bottom styles will suit different people too. I’ve got a longer bottom-half torso, so I prefer a fuller (but not too high) brief. It’s all about playing with the proportions that work you. A smaller brief can give the illusion of elongating a shorter torso. A high-waist brief can look amazing on an hourglass with a longer torso. Check out the bikini bottom styles HERE.

Different bikini top styles work for different shaped breasts. Not only do my breasts have south-facing tendencies, they also venture sideways. They’re not full in the top of the breast either. With this shape of bust, I’m better suited to a balconette or supported bandeau-style swimsuit. The high-neck style also works for me. Conversely, if your boobs are full, top to bottom, then a full-cup or halter style might work best for you. Check out the bikini top styles HERE

Lilly & Lime Spot Forest Tankini | Forest Green full brief

Lilly & Lime Spot Forest Tankini | Forest Green full brief


Get excited. One Styling You reader could win a $AU300 Lilly & Lime Swimwear gift card. Follow the steps below to enter.

  1. Head over to Lilly & Lime HERE. Fill in the form.
  2. Once filled in, you’ll be directed back here to answer this question in the comments below: Which Lilly & Lime swimsuit would help you most feel supported in the pool or at the beach this summer? And why?

Entries open on Friday, October 26, 2018 at 5am (AEST) and close on Friday, November 9 at 5pm (AEST). The winner of the “answer the question” competition will be judged on originality and creativity. Both steps of the competition need to be fulfilled to be judged a winner. The winner will be emailed and their name will be published here. Entrants must include an email address when the filling in the commenting system below to be eligible to enter. Full terms and conditions here.

Location: The Whitehouse, Paddington, Brisbane. Thanks to interior designer Nat Winter for opening up her stunning renovation project to us for this photoshoot.

Photography: The Photo Pitch; Hair and Makeup: Dale Dorning/Arc Creative

Comments 79

  1. The balconette bikini top as I’m very self conscience being large breasted & having breastfed 4 children. I believe this would give me the best support having an underwire, a full cup, also to help lift those puppies so they don’t look so saggy & with the option of the extendable straps.

  2. Would love to win the Kimono Forest Green Tankini with matching high waisted brief. I don’t own any swimsuits due to under confidence in my old, overweight body issues but this December my husband has booked a small resort in Palm Cove for he and me to say fuck off 2018 and welcome in a new year with more promise and I am determined to enjoy the pool for once. (2018 has been a hell year with the loss of my wonderful Mum in May & then my wonderful Dad just 4 months later in September & my husband rushed to hospital in August for 5 weeks with a Staph infection in his blood & spine – he’s better now. I don’t want to win on my personal sob story, just sick of saying I’m fine when asked and trying to own it that it’s NOT fine yet, but it will be)
    Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  3. A Coral Balconette bikini top paired with Sunset Shell High waisted brief is my retro loving dream! My 16G boobs deserve to be supported whilst I’m embracing my new body. It’ll be my first summer since losing 40kgs. Everything is a little bit looser as you can imagine but that doesn’t mean I want to cover up and hide or wear all black. What I’ve learnt is that fit is everything, it’s the foundation of fashion confidence. I might be a 33yo woman in menopause who’s body has been through hell and back, but that doesn’t mean I’m done having fun!

  4. I love the Juliette Cap Sleeve One Piece! Talk about versatile – I could wear it to the beach or to the local pool to swim laps. This is the style I have been waiting and looking for, for so long! All my needs have been answered with this supportive yet sexy one piece. Thank you Lily & Lime!

  5. I have been tempted by the halter top and high waisted bottoms in the kimono ink print. I love the look of a halter neck, but have found them painful in the past as there isnt enough support for my 12Gs and the weight is all held in the neck tie. Also I have read Niikki’s swimsuit piece for years, and I know I should just wear the damn bikini, I havent quite got there yet.

  6. I love the Spot Forest Tankini! So great to see a swimwear brand in these sizes which has styles that are so young and fresh.

  7. I would love a Kimono Forest tankini as it has the boob support but also a closed in back. I feel better supported, and covered with higher fabric on the back.

    Along with the high waisted briefs to hold in the Mum Tum!

    Thanks Lilly and Lime.

  8. I’m in love with the KIMONO FOREST BALCONETTE ONE PIECE, I love that it offers the bust support in a one piece but the back is cut out and looks just like a 2 piece, so refreshing! Most large busted swimsuits are a full one piece, solid block. I definitely need to get back in the water, this suit would give me the confidence x

  9. Finally some cute and stylish swimwear for curves! As a 10g it’s almost impossible to find bathers I don’t fall out of and that still fit elsewhere! I love the floral full cup bikini top paired with the floral hipster tie briefs. The hip ties help balance the “G”irls and add some flirty feminine fun to the whole look. Bring on summer!

  10. The Juliette cap sleeve one piece would make me feel most supported this summer. Years of breastfeeding have left me with boobs that need a little help and excess breast tissue in my underarm (delightful right?!?!). The cap sleeve and underwire would give me confidence to enjoy myself with the kids at the beach.

  11. I just love the look of the forest spot tankini. The colours are just divine and I’m so tired of not being confident enough to strut my stuff in a fabulous swimming costume. For too long I’ve hidden behind cheap swimwear and I’d love to try some of these beautful swimmers to get me out and soak up the summer sunshine with confidence.

  12. I love the Juliet Cap Sleeve – this would help me swim in the beach- support, sun cover on my chest. No pulling up straps or dangly bits

  13. The forest tankini for me! I like that there are so many options that aren’t black that look really flattering (they all do look good). I’d love to step out and try something new knowing that my boobs are well supported and will stay put when I’m swimming in the ocean!!!

  14. For something different this year I’d like to embrace the rashie. I’d take any print-even basic black. My décolletage is showing signs of many years of unprotected sun exposure and I don’t want to exacerbate it! Plus, they’re a bit mysterious and sexy.

  15. As a small framed but big busted woman, having stage support for my breasts is a big deal. I hate feeling like I’m saggy there, particularly since my having 2 kids. My breasts used to be my confidence booster, but . I like the tankini and I love all the Lilly and lime designs in them. I find that tankini allow more movements and covers my tummy, yet showcases my breasts and defines my waist. I like the briefs because I don’t have to remove everything to go to the bathroom.

  16. I love the Spot in forest. It would up lift me because green is my uplifting colour and I can’t believe the amazing cup sizes on offer to get everything in the right place.

  17. I have the support of hubby who encourages me to be me, and to feel confident about my body, now I just need some supportive swimwear. I could see myself enjoying a day at the beach in a Lilly & Lime Spot Forest Tankini Forest Green full brief.

  18. I think that the Suzani indigo rash guard and full brief would be a good style for me as I am very VERY fair and get sunburned very easily.

  19. I move to a university college to study in 2019 and would love to take part in o week and other beach or pool activities feeling confidant my swimwear will keep me covered and looking fabulous.

  20. I would team the Lilly & Lime Forest Tanki and Forest Green Brief up with either a pair of Red or Navy Blue Board Shorts to ensure I feel Supported in all the right Places and Covered Up as well. Big Girls like me have a Right to feel Sexy, Beautiful and Confident too!

  21. I would love the full cup in the kimono forest, it would be nice to be able to play with my kids at the beach/pool without fear of falling out! Also having my boobs where they should be and not near my belly button would be a bonus!

  22. I would love a halter bikini in any of the gorgeous prints 🙂 I’m really ashamed that I usually leave the waterslide, beach and pool fun to my hubby because I can never find bathers to support my generous boobs and I’m embarrassed that I’ll pop out 🙁 It would be amazing to be the Mum who gets in and has fun making memories with my kids, instead of hanging back with the beach bag, watching everyone else have fun.

  23. I hate to admit it, but I was one of those women who has never had a bra fitted (well not since I was a teen and on reflection did not have much to measure!!). So this year I took the plunge, and got
    Professionally fitted for a bra. I have to preface this by saying, prior to this life changing fitting I was getting around in years old cheap and ill fitting bras. So here I was sporting a 12D, all the while I was actually a 16DD. I nearly died when I heard this, and boy can I tell the difference (as does my bank account). It was a big aha moment. Now because I know how good everything looks in an appropriately fitting bra, I have noticed my swim wear is less than desirable (and ill fitting). This article and competition could not come at a better time. Knowing that I have always had an ample breast (despite the sizing) I absolutely love the Lauren High Neck bikini top. I love halter styles and live an active lifestyle. And with my brand new revelation about sizing, I will definitely be a separates girl, as I am a 12 down below.

  24. I would love the Suzani Indigo Rashie as a concerned sun safety person but with a family who adore endless hours at the beach, every Christmas. I would love to team it with the peach balconette bikini with full support to ‘finally’ enjoy a suppprted busy position at the beach and of course the suzani indigo full brief. Thank you so much for creating a beautiful swim wear range for the fuller figured gal.

    Happy Summer!!

  25. In 5 weeks I’m due with my first baby, we have always been active beach goers as we live across the road from a beautiful beach in Tassie. It’s a bit unknown as to what size breasts I’ll end up with but at least I can feel confident in a Lily and Lime one piece knowing I’ll be adequately supported whether swimming, surfing or lounging on the beach! I’ve had my eye on a kimono cap sleeve one piece since it was released.

  26. Thankyou Lilly and Lime for creating these supportive yet fun swimwear range. It is such a struggle finding swimwear to fit a large bust….life savers!!!!
    I bought a Lilly and Lime tie up bikini top last year (and some fab high waisted bikini bottoms) and i would love the Juliette Cap Sleeve to wear over it….. becoming a lot more sun conscious as the years go on!!

  27. I just love the spotted tankini and full brief. It’s great to see a place that has swimwear, and is gorgeous as well, for curvy girls with larger boobs & with the all important supportive wires.

  28. I’m loving the Kimono Forest supportive range of high neck top and full brief, and the sun protection of the rash guard. Last summer I struggled to adjust a wet lined one-piece swimsuit on Fraser Island – that won’t be happening this summer with Lilly & Lime swimsuit separates supporting me as I swim! Thanks for the chance to score swimwear.

  29. Suzani peach balconette bikini is the over the shoulder boulder holder my girls need. Love the colour and it matches do well with the patterned rashies and bottom.

  30. Suzani peach balconette bikini is the over the shoulder boulder holder my girls need. Love the colour and it matches do well with the patterned rashies and bottom

  31. The rainbow stripe bikini! It looks exactly like a pattern I saw a few years ago and fell in love with, but could never wear since the cups were tiny and it didn’t have underwire. I just love the colours, not to mention the variety in all of the different styles – I’ve never seen this much choice in D cup and above sized bikinis before!

  32. I spotted the Spot Forest Tankini/Forest Green High Waisted Brief combo and suddenly felt the urge to chuck all my daggy black bathers away! This year I am embracing what my twin daughters fondly call my “zebra marks” and I’m going to swim with joy and reckless abandon! Life is too short not to feel good and enjoy yourself- the time is now ladies!!

  33. The Juliette Cap sleeve will be perfect for my Straddie get away at Christmas. From early morning walks and swims to to surfing with the teenagers or just lounging on the beach and reading it will support me and keep me sun safe. I can even wear it up to the gelato shop! Thanks Lilly & Lime and Styling You – I cant wait to start planning my beach wardrobe xx

  34. My girls will fill UPLIFTED in the Forest Green Full Cup. I love the colour and the best bit will be the possibility of matching the top with different bottoms; maybe the Kimono print!? I have had big boobs since I was 12 and it will be nice not to wear a halter that gives me insane neck pain and prevents me from going to the beach. I will make up for lost time in these gorgeous togs!

  35. The Kimono tankini looks right up my alley! Full coverage plus the support I need to feel confident in a swimsuit this summer.

  36. I need the rainbow stripe balconnette bikini because my 36GG boobs are like gorious rainbows when I put on a Lilly and lime bikini! Last summer they gave me my confidence to get in there with the kids at the beach and I can’t wait to do it again this year! No more hiding in the shade under a big kaftan

  37. Cap sleeve one piece. After just having my first baby & with summer approaching, this swimsuit would help cover the new lumps & bumps & give me the confidence to take to the water with my new little boy!

  38. The Juliette Cap sleeve one piece or the spot forest tankini! I have struggled with summertime my whole life! I’m so happy I didn’t keep scrolling when I saw your Instagram post Nikki! I can’t wait to experience the beach and the pool with my family and friends without worrying about my appearance or feeling anxious about my size.

  39. A toss-up for me between the gorgeous Spot Forest green tankini/pants combo, or the Juliette cap sleeve one piece. The tankini/pants offers flexibility when your top half and bottom half don’t see eye to eye on sizing, while the cap sleeve offers a smidge of sun protection while retaining maximum style. Maybe one of each!!

  40. Lily & Lime swimwear has done it again! So many designs and styles to choose from! I think I would choose the Juliette Cap Sleeve one piece for it’s classic timeless simplicity! Not only has it good support with the built in underwire, but it would also be super comfortable. Chasing 3 kids around is busy work and to know my ‘girls’ are safely tucked away is important! This piece is just my style! Love it and would use it so much at the beach throughout this summer!

  41. The colours, patterns and styles of Lilly & Lime are gorgeous! This first time mum would love to wear the Peach balconette top and Suzani Indigo high waist bottom all summer long. The balconette top would give me the support, shape and confidence to sit, stand and walk taller while the high waist bottom would cover my mummy tummy stretch marks and now wobblier bottom so I can frolic and play comfortably on the beach with my baby.

  42. I love the tankini – especially the forest green .
    As a Sydney woman who heads to see family in QLD ever summer how great would it be to have swimmers that fit ,support and look great

  43. The Juliette Cap Sleeve one piece would be the perfect addition to my beach bag- having both sensitive & pale skin, I’d love to look fashionable & stay protected from the Sorrento sun’s rays. With two little girls who are ‘water babies’ I know that a lot of time will be spent at the beach this Summer 🙂

  44. I’d like to be brave and wear a bright coloured bikini this summer for the first time in years…instead of hiding my post babies stretch marks.

  45. Underwire right fit & coverage & it doesn’t look like your wearing a daggy old fashioned out dated moo moo!
    My choice would be to be daring & try the bandeau Bikini top & matching full briefs in the kimono ink print. I think they look amazing & with the underwire & support these say they have is be willing to give them a try!!

  46. I love that black high neck bikini top so much! So great to be able to scan around the pool in and pop on a rashie over the top for more active water sports.

  47. For me it is more about being protected than supported. I have just had a malignant melanoma taken out , so the protection of the Suzani Indigo Rash Guard would help me feel more confident about getting out in the sun again.

  48. I’d love the Lauren high neck bikini top. I love this style but can never wear it as there’s not enough coverage or support in regular versions.

  49. Susani Indigo tankini and matching full brief: not just fab colours and design but perfect for a full day’s snorkelling. I’ll be able to relax and fully enjoy the beautiful reef without a worry that my togs will let me down and when I need to I’ll easily be able to have a “comfort break”. In the correct facility of course NEVER in the water!

  50. Being a full busted 14E girl I always struggle to buy swimwear I feel confident in and never know where to go to purchase. Hard to find beautiful on trend pieces in larger sizes. However all of the Lilly & Lime pieces look gorgeous, lovely colours and patterns but I really love the spot Forest tankini and full brief that Niki is wearing. I would love to win that and give it a run at the beach this summer or in the backyard spa knowing that I look fantastic and I am well supported 🙂

  51. I would love to be confident In the SUZANI STONE BALCONETTE ONE PIECE. Being a mum of a two year old who’s chest needs much more support these days along with my tummy this gorgeous piece is also my fav balconette cut and would be perfect. Love!!!!

  52. I immediately loved the Lilly and Lime Juliette Cap Sleeve. I like prints for swimwear but this just called out to me. I wear a lot of black and find it very forgiving for hiding and camouflaging other “ bits” too. I frequently wear a bra under my rash shirt to feel confident and just so I’m not mistaken for an old cow at the beach. Sadly everything heads south as you grow older. I’m confident that the creators of this swimwear have we curvier girls completely covered for any activités at the beach and during our swimming months in Summer. Thanks so much ladies. You are lifesavers.

  53. I would love the rainbow stripe high neck top and royal blue full briefs. For so long I have been on the look out for a bikini that provides both coverage and support. With 2 boys under 6 I need something that my ‘ ‘girls’ can’t escape from too easily when we are swimming. I’m over dragging myself into supportive tankinis but have never found a halter or high neck swimsuit with any sort of support. I can see myself splashing round in the pool in this bikini with the munchkins already!

  54. As I’m a 36F bathers rarely make it onto my body! I would love the confidence a Lilly & Lime Juliette capped sleeve swimsuit and Indigo rash guard would bring to my summer. We live on the Bellarine Peninsula close to the beaches but I have to admit, I just don’t go. Big breasts and English heritage (picture pasty white skin) just doesn’t lend itself to a beach body Thankyou for the opportunity

  55. I would feel most comfortable in the Suzani Tankini and full brief bottoms. Lilly and Lime have answered the prays of so many frustrated, big busted women out there looking for good quality, supportive swimwear. I have purchased one set previously which no longer fits unfortunately as currently pregnant but would adore a tankini set for Christmas for after bubs arrival for when I’m feeling particularly jelly like. Lilly and Lime swimwear has certainly encouraged me to stand a little taller also and ditch the swim shorts that I have insisted on wearing my entire life.

  56. I love the kimono ink underwire halter neck – beautiful print with great support for the top half and coverage for the bottom half, as well as looking fun and modern – what more do you need for fun in the sun?!

  57. I find it hard to find anything to fit ,so finding something would be great .without worrying about no support or popping out.

  58. The spot forest tankini – it would be so easy being green!

    I struggle to find swimmers that fit my long body and provide the DD cup “girls” with support. I find a two piece more comfortable, but after 4 kids I don’t want to wear a traditional bikini either. This gorgeous green tankini would be perfect solution for cossie confidence!

  59. I’d just love the Suzani Indigo Full Cup and Suzani Indigo High Waisted Brief because of the colour and the pattern. I think the pattern would make the bikini very flattering because your eye is busy looking taking in all the detail and therefore not picking up on the details I don’t want you to see. haha Both the bikini top and the brief look fabulous and would give me the support, coverage and therefore confidence (being a very curvy size) to be out enjoying the water and the sunshine this summer. 🙂

  60. The cap sleeve one piece in black. Would love a swimsuit that holds my F cups in place as I swim everyday to lose my weight to achieve my goals!!

  61. I love the full brief and halter top in the kimono green for me. With so many styles and lovely prints with coordinating plain fabrics to chose from, how can you go wrong. The rash vest for protection is a must for my pale skin.

  62. Love all the Lilly & Lime swim suits because they’re made with real women’s bodies in mind. The Spot Lilly Tankini would certainly support my ‘bikini’ body confidence because it’s so pretty and still provides lots of lift and cover. Can’t wait to take it to the beach.

  63. The cap sleeved one piece would be the best for me to feel comfortable playing at the beach with the kids without fear of the “girls” spilling out! This is my year to start making memories with the kids and no longer sit on the sideline of life.

  64. I think I might just be brave enough to wear the Kimono Forest Full cup and Full brief. It’s been a very long time since I’ve worn a bikini and to be honest the thought terrifies me. My peri-menopausal body has gained some weight recently but I have just started to move my body more and I’m loving Pilates and what it is doing to enhance my body shape. We have just put in a new pool and this would be a wonderful gift to myself for the summer.

  65. I love the simple look of the Juliet cap sleeved one piece! ☝Sun safe, stylish and supportive – the perfect combination!

  66. I’ll be breastfeeding a new baby this Summer and I just know I’m going to be busting out of all my current bathers! The kimono forest balconette bikini would give great support and I love the matching rashness for running around and being sun smart.

  67. I would love to win the Spot Forest Tankini and the Forest Green full briefest.
    I love a 2 piece but much prefer one that covers my midriff and still looks great.
    Knowing that I am fully supported and also feeling and looking great in my bathers would be a great way to go into summer.

  68. That neuaoforest green tankini with the supportive bra, camouflaging print and the full brief would give me all the support and confidence I need to hit the pool in supermodel style.

  69. Like alot of women with larger bust it is hard to find swimmers that support and don’t make you feel like you’re wearing a straight jacket. I’m loving all the colours & styles from Lily & Lime but my go-to would be the balconette one piece.

  70. The Juliette cap sleeve one piece in black, would be my pick. I could safely swim and body surf with my family without worrying about anything falling out. It looks very stylish and flattering.

  71. The Juliette cap sleeve looks stylish, classicly cut and supportive hidden bits. My choice for swimwear, after 3 babies in 4 years I need some classicly cut , confidence building swimwear for my post baby body and boobies

  72. Suzani indigo rash guard and full brief would be an absolute delight to wear this summer. Not only for the perfect sun protection but for the fact that I would not have to worry about any lumps and bumps hanging out whilst swimming with the kids at Nippers. We are a Nippers family and always like to get in and help. Parent help is always needed and it would be lovely to just dive in and not have to worry about wether my flotation devices( boobies) float to the occasion. Oh and should I mention the fact that with this vibrant pattern there is no risk of me being mistaken for a seal!!!!

  73. Underwire is the saviour of curvy, busty women. For years I’ve struggled to find swim wear that has underwire and NOT cups filled with padding, the absolute last thing you need as an F cup is MORE padding! I would honestly wear EVERY single Lilly & Lime piece because they are all perfect cuts for a curvy girl, not to mention I love every pattern/colour combo.

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