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How to get your wardrobe sorted for spring-summer 2018

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I spent quality time last weekend sorting through my wardrobe. Let’s just say that it was not a pretty sight to begin with. Clothes were squeezed in wherever I could fit them. If I wanted to flick through and see what I actually had to wear, I couldn’t. They were that jam-packed.

Something had to give. We’ve had a glimpse of warmer weather and I needed to get on top of the situation. STAT. Yes, the woman who’s always preaching about wardrobe editing had let her own standards slip!

How to organise your wardrobe is a topic that I’ll never stop discussing with you. If you do nothing else at the start of each fashion season, this task alone will be enough to make the process of getting dressed each morning so much easier.

You know that stress I’m talking about, don’t you? It’s usually time-induced. Under pressure and with minimal time at our disposal, we don’t make considered choices in anything. But choosing to make a considered choice about what you wear each day can actually make that day roll a little better for you.

Mindfully creating a seasonal wardrobe is something we talk a lot about in my Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe online style program. The next round is launching for the spring-summer season in one week – on October 10. Read on for details on how you could win one of three spots in the program.

Here’s a sneak peek of this season’s capsule (the clothes and bags are available from the Styling You Shop next week – shoes are available from FRANKiE4 Footwear) … 

Styling You Shop SS18 | Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe

and another …

Styling You Shop SS18 | Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe

Before the season – and the next round of the program launches – I’d love you to dive right into your wardrobe so you’re completely clear on what is and isn’t in there. This is the process I follow. I know that this process fills most of us with dread but I urge you to carve out a couple of hours this weekend to do it. You’ll feel lighter and you’ll be in the best position to join us in the program next week.

I certainly feel lighter this week!

Win 1 of 3 spring-summer 2018 Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe memberships

THREE Styling You readers will win a six-week membership to spring-summer 2018 Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe online style program. Each membership is valued at $119.

To enter, answer the question below, leaving your response in the comments:

How would an Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe membership help you find style confidence?

Entries open Wednesday, October 3 at 5am (AEST) and close Tuesday, October 9 at 9am (AEST). The winner will be judged on originality and creativity. The winner will be contacted via email and their name will be published here. Full terms and conditions here.

Comments 90

  1. How would an Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe membership help you find style confidence?

    I’m a mid 30s cartoon wearing t-shirt and jeans layabout. Which hasn’t been a problem working in online content and film. But as I’ve transitioned into marketing I can tell you now that the t-shirt and jeans stichkt hasn’t done me any favours. I want to feel like a mid-30s professional who has her shit together. Clothing is the first part, but honestly I have no idea where to start. I learn best when learning from others, so I would love the chance to be a part of the Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe crew to get advice and not feel so overwhelmed!

  2. You would think that at 56 I would have developed a style, but I’m still not very confident in picking out outfits! I happily wear a uniform to work which takes a bit pressure off, and I look at a wardrobe filled with clothes that I’ve bought but have maybe only worn once or twice, dressing for life has proved very challenging often to the point that I will cancel going to an event because it’s just too hard! I’m sure that there must be a better way.

  3. At 43 and going through the perimenopause stage, I have no idea how to dress my suddenly more curvier figure (thanks hormones for that gift!?). I need guidance and and inspiration!

  4. Hopeless style coordination
    Err need assistance in creating a capsule wardrobe
    Lost in a sea of outdated and mismatched cloths
    Please help breath life into” how I show up in the world” each day.

  5. Hi Nikki
    I’m feeling being lucky enough to win a membership of the Ultimate Wardrobe Capsule, and having the support and guidance of your experience and fellow Styling You devotees will work wonders for my style confidence, something I struggle with daily. Thanks for the opportunity xx

  6. After having kids then going through a Divorce and having my kids full time. I feel I have lost who I am or was. Winning this would be amazing in moving forward with my life and hopefully, I could also help my teenage daughter with her fashion choices when she asks for help. I need fashion help and direction. Would be great to feel confident and take on the world again. Thanks for the opportunity to win and be apart of this xo

  7. As a perimenopausal mum to 4 children, two teenage daughters, a son and my youngest with complex special needs I have managed to lose 25 kilograms this year and am so happy (even though I still need to lose a bit more to be in the healthy weight range). Winning an Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe membership would mean that I can stop wasting money on bad clothing purchases and find my new style that suits the new me so that I can be confident again. Putting on a great outfit is one of life’s little pleasures!

  8. I’d love the chance to do the capsule wardrobe programme. As a teen mum in my twenties and thirties I had no money for clothes and so was never able to develop my own style. I’m now in my mid-forties and finally have some money to spend on clothes, not much, which is why I need to be mindful of my purchases. I just don’t know where to start! I’d love to be able to create a small, stylish wardrobe that enables me to feel confident and stylish, especially on weekends and for casual events.

  9. I am in a style wilderness, stumbling blindly from one look to another, but never quite feeling I am in the right place. Consequently, I have an overfull wardrobe of nice things that don’t play well together, and I always feel as though I have nothing to wear. Please help me!

  10. What is it with aging, is it perimenopause or is it my desk job? I have put on 8kg in the last 18 months and cannot seem to shift it. My wardrobe is full of pieces that I keep thinking I will fit into one day.
    I don’t know if that day will come, so in the meantime I need to sort my wardrobe and dress for my current figure so I still look and feel good about myself.

  11. I’m moving forward after a pretty disastrous period in my life, personal and health-wise. My passion for my business had pushed my forward, but after some serious weight gain my confidence about my appearance isn’t as it should be. I’m often presenting and would love to organise a new capsule wardrobe for the next phase of the new improved me!

  12. My mind is like a radio station. I can tune into different frequencies. I am sick and tired of some old negative ones e.g the I’m single and 51. Yawn! I would love to tune into a new station: RACS FM where I’m Relaxed Attractive Confident Sexy. So my mind is positive but … I don’t have the clothes!!! I can’t even dress myself in my imagination- it’s hilarious. I need capsule wardrobe inspiration for my awesome spring summer to come. Please help me dress so my imagination and reality can collide.

  13. I’m lost. My wardrobe looks like a disaster area and I can’t even work out what looks good on me anymore. I’d love to have a capsule wardrobe so that I only have the pieces I need and everything works with everything else. I need to learn how to go with quality not quantity so that less is more.

  14. Winning this Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe would give me my mojo back after being lost somewhere out there due to having a pretty tumultuous year.

  15. After (somehow!) putting on 15kgs since my wedding a year ago I have almost lost complete confidence in myself and my ever limited wardrobe. I would love to join the style capsule experience and rediscover my own style, self-confidence and joy in my wardrobe again.

  16. I would LOVE to be part of the ultimate capsule wardrobe program. I had my colours done late last year and am slowly and purposefully building my wardrobe using my best colours. I would love some help to finesse and refine my purchases to create my ultimate capsule wardrobe! x

  17. What would it mean to me ?
    Hopefully never having to hear the following comments again –
    “you are not wearing that are you mum”
    “you are getting changed before we go”
    “mum you only wear black – where is the colour”

  18. I think this workshop would definitely help me feel more confident in myself and would definitely benefit me for any interview opportunities that may arise in the near future. Please and Thank you.

  19. I need my dressing mojo back! The Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe Online Style Program would be perfect for that. I currently have too many clothes and I don’t know how to wear them.

  20. Hi Nikkie,

    I would love to be part of the Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe group as it is a supportive group of gorgeous ladies who offer great support. The UCW membership would help me focus in creating a warbrobe that works together, rather than making spontaneous purchases that I don’t need and then they just hang in the wardrobe as I have nothing to wear with them. And would take the stress out of stressing over what to wear every day!

  21. Hi Nikki, I only discovered you a few weeks ago through a White Label Nova Facebook post. I bought your book which I am happily reading and have trawled through your online information. Two weeks ago I did a big wardrobe edit, just as you suggested, put everything on the bed, put aside a large box of lovely clothes that don’t fit at the moment and did a bit of a shop for basics. It has all gone very well. I am able to go to the wardrobe and put together an outfit that fits and covers nearly every occasion, but now I am stuck. I know that I should have a blazer/jacket and am not sure how to add those show ponies you speak off. Accessories allude me. Joining your only ultimate style capsule might be just what I need to adjust to my new mid 50’s shape and style. Keep posting. I am finding this a fasinating and constructive ride.

    1. Post
  22. Hi Nikki

    I love your posts each week. I have discovered many new things since following you. Being a part of the spring wardrobe society would help me in so many ways. I think we all get a little stuck so what a great way to jump into a new season than getting help from you…stylish guru that you are. Xx keep the good stuff coming xx

  23. Oh no, it’s getting late and friends are coming for tea.
    I’ve yet to shower and what is worse, the kid’s done a number three!
    Throw open the wardrobe, the clock is ticking, but I don’t have to fret,
    For everything inside it makes a perfect set.
    It only takes a minute, to transform from a mess,
    As the UCW gave me confidence.

  24. It would help me by forcing me to the job I’ve been putting off forever- sorting and clearing the wardrobe. My poor husband has no room in our wardrobe because it’s full of my clothes, half of which I’ll probably never wear again. My kids are all grown up now and this opportunity would give me the confidence to choose the right outfits to go in my wardrobe without me resorting to comfort shopping and buying items because I like the colour (I have a wardrobe full of navy blue) that I either have already (well similar anyway) or which don’t suit my style. Basically I’m 54, work full time and I still haven’t grasped this concept yet – I need help please, Nikki!

  25. I want to feel put together!!! Whether it’s just hanging with the kids, dinner with hubby or catching up friends. Plus a capsule will mean I have more time to do this because I’m not wasting time deciding what wear!

  26. From a young slender reed to a middle-aged apple – how did that happen? I used to be really proud of my clothes and now I seem unable to decide on any purchase so I’m going year on year with a few thoroughly worn jersey work dresses and not much else. Casual wardrobe non-existent. Kids are grown up and I’m ready to meet the world head on dressed in something that makes me feel confident and happy and less like my own grandma.

  27. I’m a working mum of three, with no time for a shopping spree. My wardrobe is a mess, and doesn’t make me feel the best. I scroll through Nikki’s Instagram posts, and try to work out which outfit I like the most. Styling You’s #everydaystyle, always puts a smile on my dial. Winning a Styling You ultimate capsule wardrobe membership, would give me online fashion style right at my fingertips. I’m sure there will be a few words muttered, as my wardrobe gets decluttered. But it will give me confidence as I walk out the door, as getting dressed will no longer feel like a chore.

  28. I feel like since having kids my style is non existent! I really need some help to get my mojo back and start just focusing on me and feeling great in the clothes I wear. I’m seriously dreading the warmer weather as I have hardly anything in my wardrobe that makes me feel good! I need help

  29. As a personal trainer, my work wardrobe is pretty much determined, but I love getting out of my active wear and getting dressed up or down as soon as I’m finished work. My challenge in Spring/ Summer is being attracted to all the beautiful things that represent the promise and happiness of the season, but I often end up with an unco-ordinated wardrobe that is disconnected and doesn’t work well together. Help!

  30. Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe would be life changing!! I’ve lost a significant amount of weight from size 12/14 to size 6 and I’m still stuck in the size 12 mind. It seems all size 6 clothes are designed for 20 something’s less than 160 cm – not an almost 50 year old (eek) of 169 cm!!!

  31. I’ve fallen into the black on black, black and white stripes and denim. I would love to learn to be more adventurous with introducing colour into my wardrobe and i’d love to feel confidant with wearing anything that doesn’t fit my usual look. I’ve created a “lazy” uniform and it’s time to get some of my own personality into how I dress. I’ve got some great individual pieces I just don’t do well at putting them together.

  32. I don’t know what looks good on me, I just go with what fits and dark colors because lighter colors make me look sick…I really am clueless and i am ok with that (sometimes).

  33. Being someone is who currently overweight and struggling to shed the excess weight is hard. But trying to dress where I fell comfortable and confident is even harder. Your advice of dressing for the size I am right now has given me some confidence but I still struggle with anything else other than jeans and a nice top. As it’s warming up, I’m melting and not sure how to let go of my safety net of jeans. I love the right direction to not just step out of my comfort zone but through it out the window and embrace myself.

  34. Turning 50 in January , I feel I’ve lost my mojo. And am fearing the 50 and. Frumpy scenario! Would love to tap into the capsule to sort myself out! We run our own small business and really need to up my representation in the style stakes

  35. We are just about to move back into our home after a massive extension/renovation and have been living in our shed so all of my clothes have been in tubs for the past 3 months. I’d love to win a spot on the Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe to really hone in on what style I love/suits me and start my new walk-in-robe right!

  36. I am turning 50 (argh!!) in January and I would love to be able to do it in FABULOUS style !!
    A membership to the Summer Capsule Wardrobe would be the perfect early birthday present

  37. I started work this year after being at home raising children for 9 years & it’s so wonderful being a grown up again
    I am ruthlessly organised in all other aspects of my life yet I’m unsure how to get on top of my wardrobe
    I don’t like to frivolously spend money on clothes I like the thought of investment pieces…yet I’m unsure how to go about this, how to put it all together & what to buy so an Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe would be so very special to me xx

  38. As a mum to a newborn and toddler my style has been lost somewhere during pregnancy and breastfeeding. I’m in desperate need of finding my style confidence and want to reclaim my wardrobe. I would love to start a capsule wardrobe that includes pieces I not only love but are functional for my lifestyle. Help me reclaim my style!

  39. Winning a styling session with you would make my year. As a mum of three trying to build a business, work and parent, style is at the bottom of my list. After having my surprise 3rd baby at 37 last year I’m wanting to reignite the love of myself when I look in the mirror. I want to ditch my cheap looking Mum wardrobe (thanks Kmart) and invest in statement pieces and a capsule wardrobe that matches me and my style but the problem is I’m not sure what that is.

    I want the outside to match the confidence I’ve fought hard for over the last few years and working with you would just give me the confidence to shine!!!

  40. I have a very blended wardrobe that works well for work and play in Melbourne. But…..We are soon moving to beautiful W.A. and I don’t think I’ll fit in there at 41 (with my shape changing a bit more these days), and my current excessive wardrobe. I don’t mind investing in new pieces for play, but not even where to begin!
    The membership would be a marvelous way to lesson the load in my wardrobe and also a bit of stress on my mind x thank you for taking the time to review my message.

  41. I have very little clothes in my wardrobe mainly jeans and jumpers for winter and only a few t-shirts an shorts for summer so I’m not sure I would even qualify but I would love to win !

  42. My wardrobe is packed full of different styles, colour and now sizes as I have lost weight. I would love to have the knowledge and know how to have my own ultimate capsule wardrobe to make every day outfit choices so much easier!

  43. I feel like I currently have two wardrobes – one for work and one for home – and still never have anything to wear. I would love the Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe to help me compile one wardrobe to cover all bases.

  44. I’m struggling to find a style/system that suits my job and lifestyle. I vacillate from weekend casual to over the top dressing and not often matching the dress code for the situation well at all -Nikki’s motto of jeans and a good top works most times, but not every time. Help get me out of the comfort-zone! (I’d also like to donate all the items that don’t work for me at the moment to ‘dress for success’ or other such places as they are good – just not good for me right now.)

  45. An Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe membership would help build my confidence by clarifying what my style is, and by removing the ‘misses’ from the ‘hit and miss’ compilation that is my current wardrobe! It would motivate and provide a practical solution to make my style an ongoing priority. (It may even mean the husband can reclaim a wee bit of ‘walk in robe’ realestate )

  46. Roses are red violets are blue….oh what I’d give to win a styling prize like you!

    As a pear shaped middle aged women I sometimes feel frumpy in the way I dress. I would love to win one of the ‘Spring-Summer 2018 Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe Memberships’ to help me put together a stylish wardrobe that suits my shape and age and help me in my day to day outfit choices without the stress. xx

  47. For someone who only ever worn a dress on my wedding day, (one big surprise to people seeing me in a dres) I need to find out how to get out of pants and T-shirt’s with closed in shoes. I certainly need some direction like the car GPS to get me back on the road instead of the mud puddles.

  48. Hi Nikki
    I have just survived the past 18 months living in my house while it was gutted and renovated. Couple this with a massively stressful job where I was responsible for commissioning a new aged care home and retirement village with bundles of innovation and new technologies, life has been rather full on! Now I’m out the other end I find myself 6 kilos heavier where I have to trawl through my wardrobe everyday to pull together corporate outfits that not only fit but make me look and feel the part. I need your help to put some structure in my life.

  49. I desperately need assistance to find my style confidence again. I feel like a frumpy mummy having put on weight not fitting into over half of my wardrobe. I need to embrace my new curves and learn to dress my shape and feel happy again.

  50. I often travel internationally with my husband for his work conference & struggle every time to pack respectable clothes that I’m happy for his work mates to see me in! That resort wear/smart casual during day/slightly dressier for dinner/never really knowing what activities we’ll be doing stumps me every time & I end up spending and packing way too much. Please help me!

  51. I would love to win one of these courses, I have end stage kidney failure & am on dialysis waiting for a transplant. It is very trying putting up with the dialysis & I find it quite depressing. We recently moved into a new house, I have more clothes than I know what to do with, badly need to cull but I am not sure what or how much!

  52. After nursing my husband through cancer till he passed last year, I sort of lost myself.I now need to find the ‘new’ me in every facet of my life. This would definitely help me to feel more confident and make it easier to put myself together each day to face the world without him!!

  53. Are you really wearing that Mum!
    What have you done!
    And believe me, they are not even questions they are actually statements!
    Now I just get a look!
    So I think it’s fair to say it’s about time I got some help.

  54. I did the Spring/Summer capsule last year and absolutely loved it! I’m taking my young adult son who has Down Syndrome, on his first cruise this summer and I’d love to be able to just throw a capsule in my suitcase and know that I have all bases covered.

  55. I have done a capsule with you previously Nikki and really enjoyed the support and encouragement from the ladies in the group. I have gone from a size 20/22 to currently a 12/14. My wardrobe is constantly getting cleared out as my body changes. I know doing the capsule again will
    help me to be in control when buying new clothes instead of just grabbing anything and everything.

  56. My twins are now 21 and i was never able to get my hourglass figure back. However after finally getting my thyroid and depression sorted I gave up my job to sort out my health and happiness. I joined the gym after 25 years and along with good eating I have lost 9kg in 11 weeks. I am going on a cruise on 28th November this year so intend to parade round the pool!!! Im trying to lose another 5 kilos by end October. Yesterday through out lots of clothes as far too big. Planning on heading to Newcastle with my sister as will need a new wardrobe of classic clothes no more cheap clothes just to get by. I am a very happy girl life is good. Its just a shame I wasted the last 20 years not wanting to go out and enjoy life all due to my dam weight.

  57. I have finally lost a bit of weight and soon having surgery that will leave me with a very different shape. I’m hoping your online style programme will help me discover a new look and develop a capsule that flatters this new figure without breaking the budget!

  58. I know who I am now and I know what I like. But it’s been so long and I’m rather disorganised so I’m lost as to how to translate that into clothes & accessories that make me happy. I’d love some help please x

  59. I hide in clothes and the clothes don’t make me feel good.. I have a wardrobe full to the brim and things stuffed in there with labels still attached.. I know I have plenty to wear just lack the confidence to dive in there and pull it all together and make it functional.. and I need to ditch my obsession with prints and get back to basics.. any help on offer I would welcome it

  60. I would love to look in my wardrobe and see multiple combinations, I think I have the basics… not confident with that either! I have culled a lot but still need to do another one … also that help to ‘put it all together’. Thanks Nikki x

  61. I manage a team of Millennial’s; I’m in constant awe of their perennials,
    My tired wardrobe needs a reboot, to make me feel totally cute!

  62. Having a 2.5 year old and 12 week old I feel like my identity has been lost, I’d love the boost finding myself would give to myself, my kids and my marriage.
    It is amazing what our bodies can do though finding a stranger in your reflection is quite a different experience. I know who I was before kids is gone, even who I was with just one kid too, and I am very grateful for my family. I am also keen to reinvent, discovering, the new me.

  63. I feel that I never got my “style” back after having my daughter last year. I’d love to know how to create a coherent capsule wardrobe instead of having a cupboard full of clothes and nothing to wear, which currently only adds stress to my day. Getting dressed often makes me want to shut the bedroom door and cry!

  64. (To be sung to the tune of “Help” by The Beatles)

    HELP! I need you Nikki
    HELP! Not just any Nikki
    HELP! You know I need to look great

    I was an Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe member last year and loved it, especially the wonderful FaceBook group support. I thought I’d be able to go it alone this year but I was so wrong! My wardrobe and drawers are once again overflowing and I take forever to work out what to wear each day. Won’t you please, please help me?!

  65. Between a baby, breastfeeding and business, my wardrobe is full of various styles and sizes! I’d love to streamline it so I can find what I need – and regain some confidence as well!

  66. I’m so full of promises to myself. Promises to stop buying clothes that I often won’t wear but thought I would. Promises to make time the night before to sort my clothes out for the following day. Promises to follow Nikki’s weekly wardrobe planner. Promises to lose weight so that everything will look amazing and all my wardrobe dilemmas will magically disappear. I know I have some absolute gems of clothing already in my wardrobe but putting them together in an innovative and stylish way is the challenge. The Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe might just sort me out once and for all, and my jam packed ‘I’ve got nothing to wear’ wardrobe will turn into a closet of delight with a fresh set of new and exciting promises.

  67. I’ve just returned to work after 12 months maternity leave. I have no idea how to dress my “new body”. This would help me regain my work confidence and totally rock it!

  68. Effortlessly stylish is what I’d love to be…stuck in a rut of recycling the same 3-4 outfits is what I am. I need to learn the capsule wardrobe art form and finesse that baby all summer long!
    I have refined the skill of “if it doesn’t make you feel amazing when you try it on don’t buy it” that Nikki teaches, but the rest has just not stuck yet. HELP!

  69. I’ve lost a lot of weight, and whilst I knew how to shop for size 24/26, There are so many options now that I am size 18, but I haven’t been this size for 20 years and I feel so confused.. So used to buying big, baggy, cover it all and now walking into shops I’ve never even stepped foot in before, its actually quite daunting. But I have never really had advice if I am “on the right track”or not… Would LOVE the chance to try the Ultimate capsule wardrobe XOXO

  70. I don’t like shopping because I walk into a shop and feel a bit overwhelmed and am never sure how to put things together. I would love to get some insights as to how to put outfits together that suit me and that I feel confident facing the world in.

  71. As I’m getting closer to 60 I find I simply can’t wear the styles I used to love. I fear looking like ‘mutton dressed up as lamb’. I really have no idea these days what my style is and I keep buying new clothes that I don’t wear. I want a simple, stylish wardrobe I can feel confident wearing,

  72. Hi Nikki I have just spent 3 weeks holiaying with my friend and she has style and wore different clothes and put outfits together I never dreamed of doing, I feel with the help of your Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe I will find the confidence to find my own style and leave the house feeling amazing and confident everyday. Thank you and I love following you and the team at #everydaystyle community. Sherie

  73. I had my first child and put on a lot of weight due to stress. I hated myself, and I don’t use that phrase lightly. After a long time and a lot of soul searching I’ve been diagnosed with an eating disorder and finally started to lose the weight. I’m 1/3 of the way down so far. I’ve also been doing a lot of work on my mental health, and starting to feel confident again. But I have *no* idea about fashion, and now with my clothes consisting of everything maternity it’s time for me to get a new wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe would give me that final piece of the puzzle, and teach me how to look and feel GREAT!

  74. Thanks for the opportunity to win, I would love this as I am a bit of a hoarder and need to learn to release and also to know what staples I need. I have moved from the corporate sector to our own business and am really struggling to find the right work clothes now.

  75. I really need to update my wardrobe and with an easy to wear style that can take me from work to dinner out! I love pieces that are multifunctional but need guidance!

  76. Up until recently, I would buy clothes and think yes I’ll wear that all. the. time. Guess what – I didnt! I decided buy less shop wardrobe. So that’s what I’ve been doing although now I’ve fallen into the “jeans & a top” uniform. I think been part of the Capsule would help me get out of my “uniform” and give me ideas what to wear with what I have in my wardrobe and also idenify what I REALLY need.

  77. I stand in front of my wardrobe every morning looking at my clothes hanging right in front of me, and I seriously can’t find anything to wear. I’ve lost confidence in what to wear. So I end up wearing my old go to outfits. Nothing stylish but safe. I know there are lots of options in front of me but I just can’t see them. I definitely need a system and a new way of looking at what I have.

  78. Hi Nikki, I have been ruthless with my wardrobe, my space is a lot smaller now which may just be be blessing in disguise. My budget for clothing has also become smaller, so I would love to win a spot in the Capsule group, it would be a win win situation for me!

  79. How would an Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe membership help you find style confidence?
    I am lost in the world of fashion, when I walk into a store I am immediately overwhelmed by style/colour/patterns and the big question is – would it actually suit me and my lifestyle? AN UCW membership would assist in guiding me through the minefield of fashion mistakes ($$$) and save me from buying more of the “safe wardrobe items” eg: white button down shirts which I have multiple of. It would arm me with much better knowledge of what works together to achieve a relaxed stylish look and save me time and money when shopping. It a nutshell it would bring back the joy of clothes shopping – something which is no longer a joy to me but a chore.

  80. I’m an over worked, time poor mum with no real sense of confidence in how I look and what I wear. I choose clothes based on function and practicality rather than what suits me. I’ve put on lots of weight and dread the feeling that nothing fits, and have no idea where to start to gain back my “style”. I need my mojo back!!

  81. Every season I think this will be the one that I get my clothes and wardrobe sorted, but it never happens.
    I would love to be part of the Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe so that I can get my clothes working for me and I can feel confident in what I have and in what I am wearing. I would love this to be the season I get it all sorted.

  82. Where do I start? Too many years of indecision or opportunity to develop my own style….then one day you wake up and feel like clothes and style have passed you by…!! And I really would love the opportunity to reshape my future style…..

  83. I had to do mine early this year Nikki as we are off to Bali in just over 2 weeks for our son James wedding! I really had to find out what I needed for the heat even though I don’t need cool clothes here as yet! Love a good wardrobe edit Xx

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