Motto Summer Miracle pant | Motto Rust Sierra slouch top | Black Nano Leisure jacket

Say hello to the spring version of your favourite Motto miracle pants

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When I wrote and shared this blog post back in March, I could not have imagined just how much you would have loved the featured pants as much as I did.

But you did. And you’ve been wearing them through the cooler months, silently giving thanks to the design geniuses behind independent Australian label, Motto.

As the weather warms up, maybe you’re wondering, where to from here? What if I need a pant for the trans-seasonal months or for travelling? 

Well, listen up … Motto has has your covered. Say hello to the spring version of your favourite Motto miracle pants. They have all the features you love in your winter version but made from a lighter super stretch ponte.

“The (original) pant took a year to design, and has been lovingly crafted to reshape your figure giving you a sexy smooth silhouette while maintaining maximum comfort,” says one half of the mother-and-daughter designer duo, Lauren Browne.

“We’ve since tweaked that fit even more, based on customer feedback. We’ve adjusted the way the waistband sits and the pants will now stay firmer on the body while still maintaining comfort,” she said.

The reasons these pants tick all my soft pant boxes are many but let’s start with the wide, reinforced waistband (see below) and the fabric itself. Together this creates a super-supportive pant that holds you in to create a smooth shape but in a comfortable way.

The summer version may still be ponte but it’s lightweight and breathable on. Yes, they won’t work for the height of summer but they very much work for now – and for an inflight outfit at any time of the year.

Motto Summer Miracle pant

You put on these pants as you would a pair of pantyhose. It’s a high-stretch fabric so if you pull them on from the waist, you’ll add further pressure to the seam stitching.

To show you the versatility of these pants, which have a skinny leg fit like a legging, I’ve put together three outfits: casual, work and evening using these pants and pieces currently available in the Motto spring-summer 2018 collection.

I’m wearing size 14, my regular size.


I love contrasting a pant like this with a little slouchy, over-sized action and this knit and jacket are perfect as lightweight trans-seasonal options. It’s the perfect road-trip, plane-travel outfit or sporting sidelines look. Simply add sneakers and you’re good to go!

Motto Summer Miracle pant | Motto Rust Sierra slouch top | Black Nano Leisure jacket

Black Nano Leisure jacket

Motto Summer Miracle pant | Motto Rust Sierra slouch top | Black Nano Leisure jacket

Motto Summer Miracle pant | Motto Rust Sierra slouch top | Black Nano Leisure jacket


The key to making these pants work for the office is to work them back with a tunic-length top to cover front and back bottoms and then adding a jacket for contrasting structure. When you nail that combination, get set for your most comfortable work day EVER.

Motto summer miracle pant | Motto Black white jacquard zip flounce jacket | Motto ivory crepe waterfall blouse

Motto summer miracle pant | Motto Black white jacquard zip flounce jacket | Motto ivory crepe waterfall blouse

Motto summer miracle pant | Motto Black white jacquard zip flounce jacket | Motto ivory crepe waterfall blouse

Motto summer miracle pant | Motto Black white jacquard zip flounce jacket | Motto ivory crepe waterfall blouse


Imagine heading out for the night with the knowledge that you have the comfort AND style boxes ticked. I say yes to that. No problems at dinner and then when someone (after 632 wines) suggests dancing, you say, let me show you my sweet moves. Simply add a lace cami in a pop of colour, a jacket with edgy detailing (this one has a sheer long piece on the hem that can be unzipped for a completely different look – see second photo) and a pair of heels and you’re good to go.

Motto summer miracle pant | Rouge Nano trim cami | Motto black crepe two-way jacket

Motto summer miracle pant | Rouge Nano trim cami | Motto black crepe two-way jacket

Motto summer miracle pant | Rouge Nano trim cami | Motto black crepe two-way jacket

Motto summer miracle pant | Rouge Nano trim cami | Motto black crepe two-way jacket

There is something about putting on these pants that makes you stand a little taller and feel a little more put together. Their comfort and fit make me feel confident.  

I love how they feel on and I love how easy care they are. Simply pop in the wash, dry and pop on again. Nothing beats that.

Do yourself a favour, if you loved the winter version, get your legs into these.

Shop all my favourite Motto pieces HERE. Check out the Motto online magazine for even more outfit inspiration, as curated by Motto creative director Faye Browne.


Get excited. Motto has ONE pair of black strong hold shaper pants to give away to FIVE Styling You readers. Follow the steps below to enter.

  1. Head over to Motto HERE. Fill in the form.
  2. Once filled in, you’ll be directed back here to answer this question in the comments below: Where could these Motto miracle pants take you this spring-summer?

Entries open on Friday, September 28, 2018 at 5am (AEST) and close on Friday, October 12 at 5pm (AEST). Australian entries only, sorry. The five winners of the “answer the question” competition will be judged on originality and creativity. Both steps of the competition need to be fulfilled to be judged a winner. The winner will be emailed and their name will be published here. Entrants must include an email address when the filling in the commenting system below to be eligible to enter. Full terms and conditions here.

Photography: The Photo Pitch; Hair and Makeup: Dale Dorning/Arc Creative

Comments 172

  1. Live in the outback, but holidaying at the beach.
    Packing lightly isn’t a cinch.
    These Motto pants are just what I need,
    No ironing, slim looking, I’ll look good indeed!

  2. Oooh I love these pants for travelling…….no ironing required, lightweight and they will comply with foreign modesty fashion laws.

  3. I loved the look of these pants when you first brought them to our attention, so am thrilled to know they’ve been updated for the warmer season! I would literally wear these everywhere (okay maybe not the beach) but I am such a ‘pants and a nice top’ person. It would especially be nice to wear them out to dinner, be able to overindulge and not feel the a jeans button digging into my waist!

  4. I would wear them on a tram,
    I would say “I’m glam I am”
    Out shopping with my mum,
    it would be heaps of fun.
    I would wear them while driving,
    I would wear them while jiving.
    I would wear them to a big event,
    In a swish marquee tent.
    I would wear them to school,
    My friends would think I’m really cool.
    I would wear them in the air,
    I would wear them practically anywhere!
    And wearing them I’d always look cute,
    so much so that all the cars would toot!

  5. [M]oseying around the house,
    [I]nterchanging looks from t-shirt to blouse,
    [R]olling into the night sipping champagne,
    [A]mazing comfort and style again & again,
    [C]hilling on picnics with my tribe,
    [L]oving these pants more than I can describe!
    [E]very woman needs these Miracle pants -worthy of their hype!

  6. I would wear them to work.
    My work pants are worn and stretched as I teach preschool.
    Getting down to their level over 50 times a day I need
    pants that are strong, long lasting and tough. These sound perfect.
    I’m sure these MOTTO can put up with GROTTO such as drool, snot, paint, playdough and sand too.

  7. Working in a school I need light, flexible clothes and prefer to wear long pants. These Motto pants would be perfect for my job.

  8. These pants would fit so nice & snug into my life….as a mum of special needs kids my life is hectic running btwn work, therapies, school & daycare. I often don’t get a chance to think about what I wear- these pants are both practical and stylish. Love

  9. Absolutely everywhere – these pants could easily become my 24 hour a day pants – will just have to own one or a few!

  10. these pants would take my confidence sky-high this summer, my behind would look amazing in these and give me a much needed confidence boost.

  11. Day. night, casual, formal, warm or cooler weather, workday, evening and everything in between! These pants can be worn anytime anywhere and would make a great investment in any wardrobe. I will be taking them away on my US holiday and expect to wear them constantly! I may even invest in a second and even third pair!

  12. I would definitely wear them to work and be very happy that if I was going somewhere after work there would be no need to change.

  13. These stunning comfy pants give me sooo much confidence they will happily take me ANYWHERE i choose to go thinking cruise for summer

  14. Because they are stylish, versatile and comfortable, I will be able to wear these Summer Miracle Pants everywhere and enjoy every day knowing I look good too.

  15. These Motto Pants will take me to comfort, never known before, confidence in looking great, and stylish looks dressed up or down for any occasion.

  16. These Motto pants will take me to new found versatility and comfort. So often style and fashion lacks both of these. One pair of pants for the day and I’m ready for anything and everything.

  17. These pants were made to be seen! I’d wear them to:
    – work
    – out to drinks
    – lunch with the parents
    – lounging at a cafe
    – to the moon and back!

    Essentially if they do what they say on the tin then I’d love to have them covering my unmentionables!

  18. How bloody exciting that you could
    Literally take these pants ANYWHERE and you would feel
    Like a celeb, no matter what you paired them with ! A must have this season.

  19. This year, these pants would take me to work, dinners out, plane and fashionable Hong Kong for our and about excursions and meals.
    I’m a working parent and having clothes that can be worn in multiple situations is a big plus for me.

  20. These pants will take me straight from school drop off, to the shops, then out to lunch with the girls, back to pick kids up then out for dinner with the family! Where won’t these pants take me!

  21. These pants could take me to work and then to the pub to drink away the memory of how stupid the women are that I work with every day.

  22. I would love these gorgeous Motto marvels to accompany me every day
    Through to work/evening in a joyous, unique & inspirational way
    Amidst beloved comfort, style and fashionable designs
    Even travelling when out & about or on an airline
    It is the versatility of a wardrobe staple I dream to dearly treasure
    Wearing them will be an absolute pleasure!

  23. These pants would hopefully be able to take me from the constant flat feeling about my body and self (due to my changed body since having kids) to walking tall again! Oh to walk tall again!!! At work and the coming end of year parties!!

  24. The pants would take me from casual to work, morning to noon to night, 7 days a week. They’re the perfect pant for any occasion. And they’re perfect for me because of their flattering fit, cut, support & shaping they provide. I need all the help I can get in that area…

  25. My Mum has recently lost 25kg…..and although she’s ecstatic about the weight loss, she doesn’t have a wardrobe anymore, everything swims on her. These Motto pants would be the perfect pant for every occasion, whether casual or more formal. These pants could take Mum from our family BBQ on Christmas Day to the neighbourhood party on New Years Eve to a classy dinner out for Mum’s birthday in January. Perfect!

  26. Motto Bellissimo! These fabulous pants are so versatile – I will be enjoying bubbles at Spring Carnival; a macchiato on Lygon Street; or promenading at Crown!

  27. These pants would be perfect for those sometimes rainy days of Summer when you just need a little bit of leg coverage. I would love these for catching up with friends, going for a walk or having a games night with friends as they look sooooo comfortable.

  28. Love the pants, the lighter weight fabric will be ideal for me. They will fit perfectly into my wardrobe and take me everywhere.

  29. Giddy up! My Modo pants will take me to the Spring Racing Carnival! I’ll buck the dress trend and be ‘Outstanding in the field!’

  30. Wow, I love these pants, they could take me from work, to casual drinks with friends or a dinner out on the town with my lovely husband.

  31. Oh my! These pants promise comfort AND style, so they can take me anywhere they want! No more lumps, wobbles, hitches or tugs means I’d follow them to the ends of the earth and back for their practicality, versatility and confidence-boosting style-ability.

  32. I am already thinking about my Europe wardrobe for June next year. These pants sound like a travellers dream – so versatile and packable!

  33. My Motto miracle pants will take me everywhere as they can be casual or elegant for evening. We’ll make a great team.

  34. My Motto miracle pants would take to smart casual occasion, I can dress them up or down to suit the occasion and I would feel comfortable and gfreat

  35. Motto Miracle Pants are gonna take me on a dance!
    From spring to summer… sometimes cooler, sometimes warmer,
    They’ll always fit me perfectly,
    An inter-seasonal miracle that keeps me carefree!

  36. I have never seen an item of clothing that is so versatile, miracle like and so flattering along with being extremely comfortable. I wear similar on a daily basis (nowhere near as stylish) everywhere and even to work. Never wear dresses or skirts. Owning these would be great for packing less and travelling. Along with the black, if MOTTO could come up with a white pair as well my wardrobe would be complete.

  37. From hidden shame, to public confidence. After putting on a few too many kgs post wedding I am all out of pants that fit (outside of leggings!) and would love to experience the Motto difference and joy!

  38. Motto pants are always comfortable and easy to wear, so work or play they are the ultimate anytime anywhere pant.

  39. Goodbye lumpy thighs……. Hello slimming style!
    Auf wiedersehen jeans pain…….. Hello all day comfort and breathability!
    Adios “I’m at a loss, I’ve got nothing to wear”…….. Hello options galore!
    Good riddance leggings, jeggings and tracky pants forever more!

  40. These lovely pants will probably take me to work, to pick up the kids, grocery shopping, to medical appointments, to parent teacher meetings, to take the cat to the vet, dinner with girlfriends and a million other mundane everyday places……….. where I would love them to take me:
    Shopping in Paris, cruising on the Riviera and to the top of the Empire Stae building where George Clooney would be waiting…… a girl can dream,,,,

  41. These pants will take me to the shops, the movies and for daily walks! I’m all about having a relaxed end to the year.

  42. I wear pants every day and these look fab. As a busy mum with eternally hairy legs, I love a good pair of pants!!!! These pants would take me from school drop off, to work, to after school sports, to wine time and from wine time…. anywhere is possible!

  43. This is just what I need. Pants that can take me from every day life to the airport. They look super stylish and so comfortable. Im looking for a pant staple to be easy care – wash, shake, dry , wear- repeat. Plus lightweight and versatile. Thank you for finding them for me Nikki.
    Want, need, Love ❣️

  44. These pants will take me to work (replacing a dodgy old pair of black ponte pants), and also on my plane trip to Europe in December!

  45. I can see me struttin my stuff in these amazing and versatile pants at the Bendigo Cup races. No worrying about my skirt blowing up in the wind!

  46. These fabulous pants would take me to work as a Prep teacher, then I know I could wear casually on the weekend with my boys and dress them up again at night time xx

  47. These Motto pants will be perfect for my fashion mojo!
    Creating quality, feeling like you are in the zone, sex appeal!!!

  48. These Motto pants will be perfect for my fashion mojo!
    Creating quality, feeling like you are in the zone, sex appeal!!!
    Motto for every occasion.

  49. My Motto miracle pants and me
    Living wild and free
    Off on a trip to magical Paris,the city of love and romance
    As long as I have my Motto miracle pants
    Which inspire me to live, love and dance

  50. These would be great for my upcoming trip to Melbourne – ideal for the plane but also dress them down for day and dress them up for the evening. Perfect travel companion.

  51. These Motto pants will be a staple item in my wardrobe. So easy to wear everyday running after the kids and just as stylish to dress up for a night out. Just perfect!

  52. These Motto pants will be a staple item in my wardrobe. So easy to wear everyday running after the kids and just as stylish to dress up for a night out. Just perfect!

  53. These Motto pants could take me everywhere but I’d take them on a spring weekend outing with the husband to some nice cafe or winery in the Swan Valley and wear them to see the very stylish Taylor Swift !

  54. My Motto’s could take me to the Savannah’s of Africa, the blue seas of the Mediterranean and the dizzy heights of New York’s Empire State – but in reality they will have to make do taking me to Nerang for work, Palm Beach for coffee and Surfers for drinks – they will love it none the less and so would I !!

  55. These Motto miracle pants would take me back to a confident frame of mind after indulging and enjoying myself perhaps a little too much in the colder months. They look like a great trans-seasonal staple to add to my wardrobe!

  56. I’m about to celebrate my 40th Birthday and have nothing weather appropriate to wear! It’s still too cool here to pop on a dress. But these stylish and comfy pants paired with a ‘nice top’ would be perfect for a night out at the wine bar!

  57. As I was reading all the way you wear them Nikki I was doing a mental tick as to where I would be sporting them.
    I would definitely wear them for work. As a nurse who works in various settings I need something that looks professional but also gives me the freedom to move.
    When catching up with friends I look for something to wear that is stylish and versatile. Again these pants tick those boxes.

  58. Diary of my Motto Pants:
    Monday – Today I did plenty of bending, stretching, lifting and sitting as I headed to the airport and travelled from Brisbane to Adelaide.
    Tuesday – Toured the wineries of McLaren Vale, staying warm and looking smart.
    Wednesday – Made time for a beautiful yoga class, no hitching necessary, and so relaxing
    Thursday – another flight, Adelaide to Sydney, train to family. Easy traveling.
    Friday – added some heels and bling, the theatre was amazing!
    Saturday – home to Brisbane, time for a quick shower ready for work on Monday.
    Love my Motto Pants ❤️

  59. I need some more staple pieces in my wardrobe that will work hard to bring everything together. I think these motto pants are just the ticket!

  60. Just about anywhere it seems (or seams )! But working 2 jobs they would be great for days I go from one to the other – just a change of top would be all I’d need.

  61. From school drop offs to the office,
    From the beaches to the park,
    It doesn’t matter where you are,
    These pants will hit the mark.

  62. I would where the pants to work, being an events manager i’m Constantly setting things and having to pull my pants up or making sure my tops are covering my back and bottom

  63. I’ve recently lost a lot of weight (and an still losing) so the flexibility the stretch would give me every day would be fantastic. I’m also about to launch a tour business for women, where I’ll be travelling often and need light, comfortable, easy care clothing I can dress up and down – taking me from art galleries, to shopping expeditions, cooking classes to cocktails (with a few changes to the top half!) Can’t think of any items in my current wardrobe that would fit the bill so well.

  64. If I were travelling to England or France
    I would pack my Motto Miracle Pants
    To see my daughter who lives far away
    Would certainly be delightful, I’d say
    The comfort and style would indeed abound
    Wearing them on the plane, I’d be found
    Travelling can indeed be a drag
    But in those pants my bottom won’t sag
    Oh please be kind and send me those pants
    So I will look stylish in England and France

  65. If I were travelling to England or France
    I would certainly pack my Motto Miracle Pants
    To see my daughter who lives far away
    Would certainly be delightful, I’d say
    The comfort and style would indeed abound,
    Wearing them on the plane, I’d be found
    Travelling can indeed be a drag
    But in those pants my bottom won’t sag
    Oh please be kind and send me those pants
    So I will look stylish in England and France

  66. My new Motto pants will be my staple on the sideline at weekend cricket games over the next few months. I actively discouraged cricket amongst my kids for 14 years but a couple of years ago my 10yo begged and nagged me to play and I couldn’t say no. Now I quite enjoy Saturdays watching his games. I take a comfy chair and a good book to read when there’s a lull in the game.

  67. Morning, Noon and Night. Monday to Friday. And then again on the weekends. These Motto pants will get a workout at work and on the weekends, dressed up and casual too! So versatile!!

  68. These pants will be perfect for looking stylish and being comfy on our flight to New York and for the action packed 8 days we have planned to celebrate a milestone birthday!!

  69. I love my motto miracle pants and would love to continue wearing them to work through spring. Would love trial the lighter ones for work and weekends.

  70. These pants could take me anywhere, from a day in the office, out and about for meetings, or dressed up for an unexpected date!

  71. They could take me just about anywhere as i’m A pants girl, through and through and cams think of nothing better than getting my hands on a pair of these gorgeous Motto pants!

  72. Motto pants look so comfy which is perfect for me
    taking me from work, to an office Christmas party
    Change my top and add some bling
    comfy style is my thing

  73. I would love a pair of these Motto Miracle Pants – would be perfect for a work trip to Perth and end of year Festivities in Adelaide – I find the weather quite cool whenever I head South!

  74. I love the fact that Motto miracle pants are Australian made! The spring \ summer pair will be perfect to wear for many occasions especially in Victoria with its four seasons in one day!

  75. I love finding a good fitting black pair of pants I can dress up with a jacket to work or to put on with a nice top to catch up with friends or to wear casually to race around after the kids. The motto look amazing and I would love to win them

  76. I would feel ready and able to say yes to all offers with these pants as I would always have something to wear and never have that ‘what should I wear anxiety’
    I anticipate they would go to breakfast in the beautiful Melbourne laneways then on to sightseeing and continue on to drinks with only a quick change of top and shoe.
    Versitile pants for everything a versitile Melbourne weekend could throw at me.

    1. My winter miracle pants are still in the wardrobe for the current changing climate….couldn’t bring myself to pack them away when I did my winter wardrobe edit….so…..the suggestion that there is now a lighter weight version sent me in a bit of a spin!!!!!! Yes please….they’ll be perfect for road trip to Melbourne in October and flights to the US in the new year!!! Thanks Motto – good thinking!!!

  77. Hi! These would keep me looking “pulled” together when I’m running errands or having lunch with friends. I love comfortable, smart clothing and these Motto pants fit that bill.

  78. I think they would take me just about everywhere! They sound so comfortable and versatile they will replace my stretchy jeans and become my new favourite!

  79. These pants could take me striding comfortably up the aisle as I take my seat on the international flight to Europe as everyone’s eyes pop while whispering in hushed tones – ” OMG ! Where DID she get those pants?! “

  80. I am worried I won’t want to take them off! They will work for school drop off and then to work and far more attractive than ‘active wear’!

  81. They will take me to work when I can sit down in comfort! With nothing digging into my waist. And if they are as comfy as you promise – a quick refresh and we’ll be out for dinner and a glass of wine!

  82. I absolutely love my Winter weight Motto and the Spring/Summer will work perfectly for Melbourne days. I’m off to south west NSW in late October and they would be perfect for plane travel and cooler nights. Gotta support our Aussies both in the fashion and farming fields!!

  83. Where will these Motto pants take me?
    The answer lies in their versatility.
    We’ll start with the school run at 9,
    Then head to work looking fine.
    Unexpected lunch with the girls?
    Just chuck on some heels and add some pearls!
    Joggers back on for school at 3,
    Then on to the shops – no changing for me!
    Now home’s where I’m changing to PJ’s normally,
    But the thing is.. these Mottos are too damn comfy!

    1. I travel to Thailand regularly to visit family. These comfortable and stylish pants would be great for wearing on flights and for the odd (very odd) cooler evening.

  84. These pants I’d love to take to Nepal with me when I do the Annapurna circuit soon. They would be aweosme to slip into at night after a long day of walking.

  85. love these Motto pants. Never heard of them before your write up and I am sure they would take me away on holidays as well as shopping where I needn’t worry about my figure

  86. I’m sure these pants will take me to the world of comfort! Have been looking for a pant that does exactly what the label says for a very long time.

  87. Simply great to wear day / evening dress up or be casual,I would be looking at wearing them on a long haul flight super comfortable style.

  88. Was fascinated by your review in March by these Motto pants as I’m a leggin type of girl and would love to introduce some real style in my life now that I am planning quite a few weekend escapes. I love that they can be worn as casual or dressed up for evening, are slimming, comfortable, are light to pack and look amazing teamed with the right tops and jackets and accessories. Fulfilling my bucket list soon by cruising on the Queen Elizabeth.

  89. These pants are super stretchy just like me – these guys are going to get me through my hectic schedule of school mum, working mum, active mum as a stylish mum. Can’t wait to slide them on and take them out. Obvs need multiple pairs!

  90. Perfect for when I’m babysitting my little grandson I’ll be able to get down to his level easily to play and get up without the usual winces, confident that nothing is going to pop out unexpectedly

  91. I’d wear these all over the places, while presenting at work confer news, drinks and dinner with the girls and they’d be perfect to travel around America next year

  92. Impressive looks for weekends to dinners you have here Nikki. This spring these motto miracle pants will be my go to after Aquaerobics. Where style matters for every occasion.

  93. I hope these amazing pants will take me back to me! I have lost my style way in the haze of motherhood, F/T work, cooking, cleaning, taxi-ing and putting everyone else first! I would use these as the start of a new “me”, starting with a versatile wardrobe makeover

  94. I’ve just jumped out in to the anxiety-inducing/exhilarating world of being a sole trader! This means loots of home office time combined with equal amounts of face to face time with new clients. A pair of these Motto pants will help be drift between both environments with a lot more ease!

  95. Could be an age thing, but I want to get dressed quickly, easily and feel comfortable and pulled together. I think these pants will be provide this for me.

  96. I would love to wear these on a flight over to New Zealand for a summer holiday with the family – they look flattering and great for all the bend and stretch you need when wrangling a toddler on a plane!

  97. I would love to wear this on a flight! It looks like the kind of classy, versatile and comfortable pant that is made for flying.

  98. These MOTTO pants would become a stable in my suit case, as an international flight attendant I need pants that can tick all the boxes as some months you never know where your going or for how long. These pants tuck the boxes plus are stylish.

  99. We are away most weekends and these pants would be great for packing and you could mix and match so many tops, dress up, dress down…so many possibilities. So versatile I love them. xx

  100. I would get so much wear out of these pants, work and play and with Melbourne weather warming up I need these lighter weight miracle pants.

  101. I would love to wear these Motto pants with the waterfall to work with a coloured jacket or at night with my super comfortable Motto black bomber jacket I purchased a few months ago. I always have problems with what to wear on the bottom for work but these pants would fit my shape perfectly!

  102. My much loved Metallicus pull on black pants are done – I have worn them on planes, to work, to sports events, out at night … I need a replacement!

    1. Post
      1. I loved(no, adored) my winter “miracle MOTTO pants”.. Now excited to find MOTTO are making them in light weight summer version. These were my “go to pants”…People asked, “Pam are they the only pants you wear now”? My answer was, “Yes, can’t get enough of them.I need them in more colours”.Comfortable.Hold their shape all day.”Hide” a few “sins”, at the mid core of this 76 year old body… BEST PANTS ever.I know the meaning of “MIRACLE”..Thank you MOTTO….

  103. I off on an overseas holiday in a couple of weeks and have been stressing about what to wear on the plane. These pants could be the answer.

  104. These pants will be so versatile to take for weekends away, I dislike packing but realise I just need more versatile pieces. They will take me all over the State!!!!

  105. These Motto pants would be perfect for me in Queensland. So difficult to find great fitting, cool, long pants, that can see you go from a casual morning coffee, to dinner out. Love ❤️

    1. Post
  106. These Motto pants would take me from a casual day at Disneyland, to dinner in LA, then onto Fiji. Comfort and style all the way

  107. Where could these Motto pants take me? Where COULDN’T they take me? My last overseas holiday earlier this year saw me leave Disneyland Resort in an ambulance, with a fractured shoulder…these pants look perfect for me to venture out again into the big wide world!

  108. Love the work look – professional and comfortable esp in the warmer months. Have been looking for a lightweight pants for work. Fab combo all around

    1. Post
  109. Happy Friday! These Motto pants would take me anywhere I go, especially good for lifting my Mother’s wheelie walker in and out of the car so no undie flashing

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