The Model and Me: Kennedy Boutique spring-summer 2018

The Model and Me: Kennedys Boutique spring-summer 2018

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I’m back from a dreamy weekend staying at Halcyon House for our wedding anniversary. I’ll have more about the stay on the blog later this week but, in this post, I’ll continue my obsession with themed holiday dressing.

The blue and white decor at Halcyon is something that speaks to my heart and my wardrobe. Apart from black and white, blue or navy and white is what you’ll most find hanging there.

So, I found myself packing only blue and white for our mini-break. This may or may not be taking capsule packing to the extreme but I can tell you that it made packing VERY quick and easy. If it wasn’t blue or white, it didn’t make the cut.

You can check out some of the outfits here but below was another that met the brief. It’s from the Kennedys Boutique spring-summer 2018 collection. Kennedys started in 1971 as a bricks and mortar fashion boutique in Adelaide. There are now two more boutiques in Sydney and its online store, offering on-trend pieces for sizes up to 20/22.

The model

Kennedy Boutique Amalfi top in Royal navy

Kennedys Boutique Amalfi top in Royal navy

and me

Kennedy Boutique top | Motto jeans (not current) | FRANKiE4 Footwear ALYCE wedges in navy

Kennedys Boutique top | Motto jeans (not current) | FRANKiE4 Footwear ALYCE wedges in navy

Kennedy Boutique top | Motto jeans (not current) | FRANKiE4 Footwear ALYCE wedges in navy

I’m always cautious about one-size-fits-all/most garments. They either don’t fit all or they don’t suit all sizes/shapes. So, I was pleasantly surprised popping this tunic top on and finding that it really did work for me.

I feel it’s the combination of the light 100% cotton fabric, high-low hemline and contrasting hand-stitched, white ladder trim that gives the piece flow and shape, as see on me worn out. With a slight tuck you create even more shape by changing up the proportions of the top.

I’ve worn it back with white jeans but light-wash denim as featured on the model works just as well. As it heats up, I’ll swap the jeans for a denim skirt or pair of shorts, tucking the front hem in.

The Model and Me: Kennedy Boutique spring-summer 2018

* These pieces were gifted to me for editorial consideration. Full disclosure policy here

Buy a sundae to support our strawberry farmers

Jericho Road topI’ve been campaigning for our drought-affected areas (see below) for six weeks but this week I’m turning my energy towards our strawberry farmers, hit devastatingly hard by the needle contamination scare.

If you live in Brisbane – or are holidaying in Brisbane this week – please come along on Wednesday to King George Square from 6.15am-6.30pm and buy an Ekka strawberry sundae. These iconic dessert treats are usually only available once a year at the Ekka but this Wednesday, you could eat them for breakfast, lunch and early dinner! 

The aim is to make and sell 10,000 sundaes with all profits from the day will go to the Strawberry Growers Association to distribute where needed most.

I’ve volunteered to scoop up the treats from 7-8am, so come along and say hi. YES, I’ll be wearing my Jericho Road strawberry sundae top!

More info HERE.

#shopitforward for drought-affected areas

Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain | shop online with businesses based in drought-affected areas

Thank you to each and every one of you who has shared this post that now contains more than 60 online businesses located in drought-affected areas of Australia. An even bigger thank-you if you’ve shopped at any of the businesses. 

I’d love you to keep this list of businesses front of mind should you be doing any gift shopping over the months leading up to Christmas. The dollars go direct into affected communities, creating a ripple effect that will have lasting benefits for so many.

I won’t stop talking about and sharing these amazing businesses. We really are helping to make a difference.

Check out the list HERE.

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  1. I actually prefer the tunic on you. The jeans that the model is wearing take away from the pretty detail of the top. Being so flowy, you’ve captured the look perfectly with the fitted white jean. Love it!

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