Spring-summer 2018 fashion trends

The spring-summer 2018 trends you’ll want to add to your wardrobe

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I’ve been happily floating along in a fashion bubble this week, getting a front row (at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane) look at the spring-summer 2018 trends that will be vying for coveted real estate in your wardrobe.


I seriously love this time of of the fashion year. It’s a chance to edit your wardrobe (my tips HERE) and plan for some fresh, new additions.

Spring-summer is such a long fashion season in Australia and it’s also the season you’re more likely to be outfit planning for parties, events and holidays. 

The temptation can be to jump right in as soon as the season changes and buy ALL THE THINGS because it’s fresh and fun and so not like what you wore through winter.

What I’d love you to do instead is really stop and consider any new purchases with a season-long plan in place. There will be several “drops” of new-season fashion leading up to early December – you don’t want to bust your budget right now.

Shopping mindfully is something I help you with in my Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe online style program. This program will open for spring-summer 2018 on October 10 but in the meantime, I wanted to share with you a few of the trends that you might wish to add to your wardrobe.

There are a few key things to remember with fashion trends:

  1. There are so many “new” trends each season, there will be one (or three) for you.
  2. Most trends are not hugely left of field from the season before. Case in point, off-the-shoulder anything. It’s not going away any time soon.
  3. Embracing a new trend each season can lift and freshen your existing wardrobe.
  4. Sometimes that new addition will be as simple as a new top in a seasonal colour, a new accessory or a pair of shoes.
  5. Ignore the hype around trends and stay true to your own style. This is always my key message to you. If you don’t love it and it doesn’t “feel” like you, don’t force it. When you force something that isn’t you, you won’t feel confident. And confidence is key.

Spring-summer 2018 trends

1. Colours. Pastels and brights compete for your attention. Think everything from vintage rose through to mint and bright red or mustard yellow. Looking for a new neutral? Tobacco/almond is your colour.

2. Silhouettes. The shapes are more dramatic, with wide-legged pants leading the charge, stand-alone or in a jumpsuit. Love a midi skirt? It’s your season. Love to keep people guessing as to whether you’ve gone to the gym today? Athleisure is king of the weekend and any day. 

3. Prints. Last summer’s gingham is still with us but also morphing into bolder checks and plaid. Feminine florals make for a fabulous contrast and option for spring party dressing. The landscape print trend from last summer is very much still with us. And I’m loving a graphic/pop art print for a sense of fun.

4. Textures – sheer fabrics flow and contrast with bold sequins and metallic jacquards. Please don’t save your sparkle for after dark only. Sequins are key any time fo the day.

5. We’ve been flirting with the ’80s for a few seasons now but this season, expect more. More plower clashing of colours/prints and texture – all in one outfit. Throw on a logo tee in the mix and don’t be surprised if the Delorean rocks up to return you to 1984. Just get a fringe perm on the way back in time and no-one will be the wiser.

6. Shoes. The ultimate statement shoe this season is white (see ’80s flirting above). From a brogue to a high-heeled pump and sandals in between, this is the colour that will get you noticed. They certainly worked for me as a 13-year-old in 1980, dressing for Blue Light discos. In terms of styling, toe sandals are key to relaxed summer styling.

7. Bags. Apologies in advance if you can’t go there but scroll through your Instagram feed and so many people are. Yep, the bum bag is back BABY. Advantage: you’re hands are free and shoulders don’t require physio. Disadvantage: they look flattering on a very small percentage of the population. Alternatively, try the multiple bag trend by carrying a tote bag and cross-body bag at once. Anything straw/rattan in the bag department for summer is still super popular.

8. Accessories. Amen to big, OTT statement earrings. They really do come with super powers of distraction … distraction from how tired you might be feeling or whether you’ve opted, lazy-girl-beauty-style for throwing your hair into a pony or top knot. What might also help in the distraction department are sunnies. If you have a small head, then the small/slimline sunglass trend is for you. Me, my big head needs a little more balancing out. Trust me, I’ve tried some one and quickly returned them to the shelf.

15 pieces that will instantly update your spring-summer wardrobe

Spring-summer 2018 fashion trends

1. Decjuba tee $69.95

2. Brave & True top $94.95 @ birdsnest

3. Boho bird top $139.95

4. Decjuba jacket $129.95

5. Country Road pant $199

6. Country Road jumpsuit $199

7. bird Keepers shorts $69.95

8. Witchery skirt $119.95

9. Binny dress $259

10. Jeanswest dress $89.99

11. Entire Me earrings $49.95

12. Cotton On bag $19.95

13. Miu Miu sunglasses $450 @ Sunglass Hut

14. FRANKiE4 Footwear shoe $229.95

15. FRANKiE4 Footwear slide $149.95

Some new-season looks I’ve been wearing lately

See below for some new looks I’ve been featuring on Instagram. And make sure you come back to the blog each Monday during the spring-summer fashion season for my Model and Me posts, featuring releases from some of Australia’s key independent fashion labels.

Sacha Drake dress | Jilly Marsden earrings

Sacha Drake dress | Jilly Marsden earrings (full-length look HERE)

Bohemian Traders jacket, tee and pants

Bohemian Traders jacket, tee and pants

Lulasoul top at Kabana Shop

Lulasoul top at Kabana Shop

Jericho Road top

Jericho Road top

Maiocchi dress

Maiocchi dress

So, tell me what spring-summer 2018 trends you can see yourself wearing this season?

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  1. Hey Nikki
    Will there be more of these ‘flat-lay’ trend advice type posts coming soon? I really rely on them to inform my clothes-buying choices and would be devastated to see them disappear! Emma xo

  2. Loved that little blog of info! I bought cream fully lined culottes and off the shoulder top (Victoria Maine) a couple of years ago. Wore to Melb cup. I will be trying to re-vamp so as I can wear them more often – casual style. Suggestions please? I was such an 80’s gal (permed hair and all!) cant image doing the white shoes!!! Happy Spring!! Glee.

    1. Post
  3. Thanks for the style update. Loving the bold prints and ots. You look great in the wide leg trousers. I’m going to try a jumpsuit but will have to see if I actually purchase one. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Down here in chilly Melbourne I will be So Glad to see the back of this seemingly endless winter. A bit too soon to mothball up the winter threads yet though.. Roll on spring and lots of lovely cheery clothing. I have always loved a bit of wide-leg trouser action, so looking forward to dragging out my trusty pairs from last year. Having very slender pins, they help give me a bit more ‘volume’. Keep up the great work with your posts! Always great to read them.

    1. Post
  5. Ooh nice. It’s warm already on the Sunshine Coast so packing away winter clothes and sorting out my spring wishlist is on this weekend’s to do list. Looks like I can look forward to a couple of hours ideas browsing too! Hurrah wide legged trousers are back (I never stopped wearing them, but maybe a new pair is on the cards while there’s such choice). And while I don’t love the bumbag/beltbag look, I am considering buying one for the school run now it’s too warm for a jacket (pockets). Keys, phone, done.

    1. Post
  6. Love it all, especially the florals for Spring! Perhaps no bumbag for me. Still getting my head around white shoes that aren’t sneakers, but I’m sure there’s something out there for me!

    1. Post
  7. Some lovely things for Spring Nikki, I do love a boho anything and love the blouse from boho bird at Birdsnest,Love a jumpsuit or 3 as well.I’m to short for wide legged pants,but I love a small floral print.Not sure I’ll be doing the bumbag again or the white shoes I actually hate white shoes for some strange reason except for sports shoes or cons,much prefer a tan pair.Thank you for your readership Nikki Xx

    1. Post
  8. I’ve already purchased and worn the Country Road jumpsuit (pre-your post). Very comfortable, and something completely different for me.

    1. Post
  9. Spring is certainly here, the possums sounded like small elephants chasing each other over my roof last night! Fancy white shoes being back, I would like a pair of white sandals and I can’t go past a floral frock in any season. Won’t be getting a bumbag! Happy OTS is still around, it’s one area I don’t mind exposing. Happy Friday! x

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