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10 tips and advice for what to wear to a high tea fashion event

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So, I have a little gathering happening next Saturday. Hip hip hooray, Styling You is turning 10. There has been A LOT of chat about what to wear to the high tea fashion event. 

The gorgeous @stace_mcgregs (also one of the models on the day) piped up in a recent Facebook Live video, declaring: “There ain’t no party like an Instagram party! Let’s all go extra!”

So EXTRA it is.

Unsure about exactly what “extra” means in relation to outfits? Extra means next level. It’s a daytime event, so dress to impress in an outfit that shows your style personality. And it’s a room full of fashion-loving women, so if there was ever an excuse to frock up and have a bit of fun, this is it.

Now, not everyone reading this has a ticket to this event but for those playing at home, my tips below will help you for any daytime, frock-up event.

I’ve also included some #everydaystyle inspiration from the six Instagram stars who are modelling for me on the day of the event. Make sure you follow them along.

10 tips for what to wear to a high-tea fashion event

1. Think about creating an outfit similar to what you’d wear if invited to a daytime wedding or a races outfit without the hat/head pieces. If it’s a winter event (even in Queensland) consider brining an outer layer, particularly if you’ll be heading out somewhere else afterwards.

2. If you’re a frock kind of girl then go to town. High tea events are fabulously girly and a whole lot of fun, so indulge in your feminine fashion side. Go for a neutral or minimalist block colour or frock up in florals or graphic prints.

3. If you’re more of a jeans and a nice top kind of girl, then bring your nice top game but switch out the jeans for a pant. The Duchess of Sussex’s Wimbeldon outfit ticks all the boxes as an alternative to a frock.

4. The midi skirt (full or pencil) trend is perfect for a high tea event. It’s super feminine with an emphasis on the waist. 

5. Don’t rule out a jumpsuit as a fabulous outfit option, either. Whether it’s a neutral black or navy or a print that screams fun, this fashion piece always makes a statement. 

6. Keep your heels on the wearable side. FRANKiE4s are your friend every day but they are very much my sole savours for events. You will probably be sitting down for a fair proportion of the time but there will be time before and after where you’ll be on your feet. You want to go the distance.


7. Accessorise with intent. You’ll be hanging out with old friends and making new ones, wearing accessories that are conversation starters will help break the ice. If you’re wearing something neutral, allow your jewellery to take your outfit into EXTRA territory.


8. Wear something you already have in your wardrobe. Do you have an occasion outfit hanging in your wardrobe that’s itching to come out and party again with you? Do it. It’s not necessary to buy something new. I get a thrill out of wearing something from “the vault”. Try it!

9. If you are buying something new, make sure you buy something you know you’ll wear again in the next couple of months. 

10. Have fun with it. Try not to stress to much about what you’re wearing to an event such as this. Dress in an outfit that makes YOU (not me, nor the person sitting next to you or across the table) feel comfortable and confident. It’s about honouring YOUR style and showing up on the day feeling fabulous.

what to wear to a high tea fashion event | Styling You

1.  Wish dress $189.95 @ birdsnest

2. Country Road jacket $399

3. Jimena Alejandra earrings $249

4. Oroton bag $236 (on sale)

5. FRANKiE4 Footwear ALANA heels in blush $219.95

6. Jan Logan ring $965 

So, tell me, do you have a high tea event coming up soon? What are you planning to wear?

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  1. Thank you so much for this blog post, Nikki! Now I know I’m on the right path! But I will be bringing alternatives to Brissie (always a ‘just-in-case’ girl :-). And the idea of getting makeup done is terrific! Will discuss with the girls I’m travelling to Brissie with – maybe we can still book something. So much looking forward to celebrating your great occasion with you, Nikki. Cheers for now, Kxx

    1. Post
  2. I’m still tossing up exactly what I’ll wear next Saturday afternoon, so I’m happy to see these options and some lovely Insta-inspiration.
    I am a jeans and a nice top kind of girl, but I do love a frock so I think I’ve narrowed it down to two frocks. I think I’ll let accessory choices for warmth and comfort be my decision maker in this case.

    See you next week, Nikki!

  3. I’m still so sad that I’m not going to be there. Have the most wonderful time. I will be thinking of you. Happy birthday Styling You xxx

  4. Yes Nikki I am attending my 4 th Mater Little Miracles High Tea on this Sunday , held by Shaune Watts fundraising every year for the past 7 years now. Thanks for the tips, Im a pants sort of girl , so your suggestions gave me the confidence to wear what I wanted to. Red mid calf length culottes, black top TS, black long outer coat TS, red handbag , black open toe Supersoft wedge heels shoes, VeraMay & black/ gold TS jewellery. Have a fantastic 10 yr celebration. .

  5. I can’t WAIT for next Saturday! Have my outfit planned, hair and makeup appointments booked. Looking forward to celebrating with you, and maybe a photo together so I can show off

  6. I’m so sad I had events on your Birthday weekend Nikki
    I love all these ideas and I would have worn a fabulous frock,the boho maxi I bought from Birdsnest online the one I wore to a wedding a few weeks ago,I felt fabulous though a little cold even with a coat but it was worth it for the swish factor! I can’t wait to see the IG posts Xx

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