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Why I couldn’t love my Modibodi underwear essentials more

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The revolution in my smalls’ drawer continues unabated. And just when I couldn’t love my Modibodi underwear essentials more, the original and leaders in period and leak-proof underwear introduce a whole new shape-loving style.

Scratching your head and still wondering what all the fuss is about? 

Last year I introduced you to Modibodi. You can catch up HERE but, in a nutshell, this range is the brainchild of Kristy Chong, a woman who experienced light bladder leakage following the birth of her second child. She thought, what if there were an underwear range that could absorb any leakage and draw it away without the need for a pad. Lucky for us, not only did she just not think about it, she acted on those thoughts and Modibodi began a more than four years ago.

She wasn’t shy to back away from what can be normal for most women, to talk about things that historically women simply didn’t talk about. I like that and that’s why I’ve not shied away from talking about so-called unmentionables either. I love that there is a pad-free solution to feeling fresh and comfortable when going about our normal, daily lives. 

What’s new

My belief and love of this product, is why I’ve put my body on the line to show you what Modibodi looks like on. And brace yourself, I’m doing it again to showcase what’s new in the Modibodi range.

You’re going to LOVE it.

WHY? Because it combines all that Modibodi brings to the table to insure us against light bladder leakage and/or light-medium period days but in a shapewear style that also supports with comfort.

Introducing: the Modibodi Contour Hi-Waist Full Brief.

Say hello to shapewear with comfort. I popped these on and felt like a gap in my underwear department had been filled. You know that gap, don’t you? The one where you need to wear more than a regular pair of undies because that fabulous dress or skirt needs a smooth line underneath. 

This brief holds you in, not in a tight, bulge-inducing kind of way but in a way that embraces your curves. The band at the top doesn’t cut in and the inbuilt mesh panel ensures a smooth silhouette. I’m up one size here and they sit just perfectly on me, a little lower than what you’ll see on the model on the website but that’s because I’ve got quite a long/wide lower torso.

Modibodi Contour Hi-Waist Full Brief | Nikki Parkinson Styling You

Modibodi Contour Hi-Waist Full Brief

Modibodi has also released new, limited edition colours’ range. 

The Classic bikini – light-moderate absorbency – is available in purple. This style is a great all-rounder in natural odour-fighting bamboo.

Modibodi classic bikini in purple | limited edition | Nikki Parkinson Styling You

Modibodi classic bikini in limited edition purple – light-moderate absorbency

The Sensual hi-waist bikini comes in limited edition teal. This is my favourite style of Modibodi underwear for two reasons – I love the bamboo breathable fabric but I also love the lace finish because, not just because it looks great but because it sits so smoothly on my tummy, creating a smoother line under clothes. 

Modibodi sensual hi-waist bikini in limited edition teal | Nikki Parkinson Styling You

Modibodi Sensual hi-waist bikini in limited edition teal

The Sensual full brief – light to moderate absorbency – is available in red for a limited time. Hello! This style has full bottom coverage, a higher waist than the Sensual hi-waist bikini above and mesh side panels for a little fun in your underwear drawer.

Modibodi Sensual full brief in limited edition red | Nikki Parkinson Styling You

Modibodi Sensual full brief – light-moderate absorbency – in limited edition red

The limited edition colours are also available in selected Modibodi bundle packs.

Why Modibodi?

I originally embraced Modibodi underwear for two reasons:

1. I’m a 51-year-old woman who decided to learn to run at the age of 50 and discovered that light bladder leakage was very much thing in this learning process. The leakage situation has improved remarkably as I’ve got fitter and have more kms under my belt but I still wear Modibodi as an insurance policy. I also love how comfortable they are on under my tights. The bamboo fabric is perfect for breathability.

2. My peri-menopausal periods flows horrendously thick and fast. As someone who never suffered from heavy periods, this has been a shock, to say the least. For the past five or so years, I’ve padded the problem (as well as using a super tampon). Now, I wear Modibodi plus a tampon on my heavy day (hello nasty day two). On the days either side of that day, I just wear my Modibodi underwear. This is liberating plus cost effective. 

I also embrace Modibodi on a daily basis, not just because of above but because they are comfortable, breathable and sit really well underneath my clothes.

I find that I’ll go into my underwear drawer and reach for a regular pair of undies but then come back to Modibodi as they’re just so damn comfortable and feel so good on.

I get asked a lot about washing my Modibodi undies after wearing them during my period or with any light bladder leakage incidents. To be honest, I don’t worry to much about it. I give them a rinse and then wash as I would normally.

How Modibodi works

There are two types of technology behind the Modibodi range.

The first is Modifier Technology™, which features a super-slim, 3mm-thick liner in the gusset of the pants. The three layers in the liner work together to keep you dry. The top layer wicks away the moisture, fights bacteria and stops smells; the middle layer safely absorbs fluid (2.5-20mls) and locks it away; the bottom layer is extra waterproof protection.

The second is Modifier Air Technology™. The underwear in this collection feature the moisture-wicking layer, which combined with moisture-wicking fabrics, keeps you feeling fresh and sweat-free all day.

Deciding which Modibodi underwear is right for you comes down to what absorbency you require.

If you’re simply looking for breathability, then the Modifier Air technology brief are for you. If you’re looking for full support in a period or bladder leakage situations, then go for light-moderate or heavy/overnight absorbency. For period backup to a tampon, then super light or light-moderate absorbency will work for you. 

Whatever the absorbency, the brilliant thing is how they feel when they’re on. It doesn’t feel like there is a massive, thick pad between your legs. You know the ones? The ones you need in hospital after giving birth? The ones that feel like there’s a mattress between your legs? URRGHH.

They don’t even feel like a regular, ultra-thin pad. They feel like a panty liner but more comfortable because the liner is built into the underwear.

All Modibodi underwear is made from either bamboo, sports merino or microfibre fabrics – these anti-microbobial fibres offer a soft, comfortable fit as well as breathability.

The range

You can shop either by collection or by protection, with underwear suitable for wearing under any outfit. Choose from classic, contour, sensual, active, seam-free, curvy, girls and maternity. I love that practical and useful does not have to mean boring.

Black is the most predominant colour and what you’d be looking for in a period-proof underpant but the nude and other fashion colours include a black gusset so I find that I can wear them on any day of the month, not just non-period days.

Sizing ranges from pre-teens through to women’s size 8-26 in some styles. Sizing is true to size.

You can buy singly but I love the option of buying in a bundle pack – a great way to get started on the Modibodi train.

There are maternity options and even packs for teen girls. I wish I’d had access to something like this as a teenager. Or had been able to pass on to my own daughter.

So, tell me, have you tried Modibodi? Yet to jump on board the Modibodi train?


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  1. They have changed my teen daughters life with her monthly cycle…no more waking up each morning to put the sheets in soak.

  2. These are a wonderful invention Nikki I haven’t had a period since I was 35 I had a hysterectomy because of endometriosis.I am lucky not to experience LBL except when I’m maybe coughing on the odd occasion,those surfboard pads are horrendous and no woman should have to be uncomfortable! I love this concept so clever Xx

  3. I agree, such a great idea. Isn’t LBL delightful, post menopausal sneezing. Must check these out for my granddaughter. Happy Friday, oh and I must say (cheekily, but in a good way) the first photo looks a little Dita Von Teese va va voom ;D

  4. Such a great underwear option for women in all stages of life. I was thinking how fabulous these would be on long haul flights!

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