12 nice knits to keep you cosy in style this winter

12 nice knits to keep you cosy in style this winter

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Like my coat collection, for a Queenslander, I own a disproportionate amount of knitwear. I blame my Queenslander house. It’s a perfect summer house but in winter, it never warms up from the overnight chilly temps.

I’m sitting here typing this and my toes and hands have not warmed up all day. I need ALL the things that help to make me feel warm. 

I loved talking nice tops in this post and that got me to realising that the nice top’s cosy cousin, the nice knit, has a lot to offer a girl trying to keep warm in style in winter.

And now is peak shopping time if you’re looking to top up your nice knit wardrobe. That’s definitely been me. I’m also looking ahead to a post-Christmas ski trip to Japan. A girl’s got to have her apre-ski wardrobe capsule sorted. HAH.

In this post, I’m sharing 12 nice knit faves available right now, plus some style tips for wearing your knits this season.

12 nice knits to keep you cosy in style this winter

Cashmerism batwing loose fit pullover in dark teal – I’m in size 14 (I’ve fallen hard for this Australian cashmere brand – wearing these pieces is an absolute delight and investment in your knit wardrobe)

knitwear styling tips

1. Wear your knit straight up. There is nothing I like more than popping on a knit and a pair of jeans, without a layering piece underneath. I know I’m lucky I get to not have ALL the layers in Queensland as it’s just such a relaxed way to dress casually but effortlessly. I keep things simple (like in the above photo) and let the knit do the talking.

2. Layer a knit over a white shirt. If I’m going to do the layering thing, this is how I like to do it. It’s a little bit preppy and a whole lot of fun. Start with a white shirt you’d be happy to wear as is, layer your knit over the top so we see the collar, the hem and maybe the cuff. If it warms up, simply take off the knit and drape over your shoulders. See. PREPPY.

3. Mix a knit with a dressy fabric for a winter cocktail or formal event. Oh, I do like a mix of textural contrasts in an outfit, especially winter textures. Take a cashmere, merino, angora and soft acrylic knit and work it back with leather/pleather, lace, sequins for a winter take on occasion dressing. You’ll still look and feel dressed up but bonus: you’ll be warm too!

4. Choose a neckline that suits your style and shape. Some love a v-neck or scoop neck situation to balance out a bigger bust. I love those too but I don’t shy away from a cowl or turtle neck knit for both warm and a different look. The key is making sure you don’t feel blocky in the knit shape.

5. Choose a fit that suits your style and shape. I look for a slightly relaxed shape in my knits – not tent-like but more a style that skims the body. This is most flattering on my shape and prevents that blocky/boxy kind of look I mentioned in point 4. I’m not afraid to size up to get that look. My petite style sisters look fabulous in more fitted knits but they can also rock an oversized/relaxed knit too. It’s all about attitude and how you feel in your clothes.

5. Look for a knit with subtle detailing for added interest. I’m not talking ugly Christmas sweaters here but if that’s your thing, go for it. I’m talking more about subtle patterns, stripes, pom poms, pocket details, tassels, elbow patches. All these things can take your knit game up a level.

7. Work out which knit fibre/threads feel best on your skin. This is a biggie for me – and I know a lot of people. Some knit fibres can easily irritate my skin. It’s not all wools but some blends or cheaper wools can leave me scratching like a crazy woman. This is the opposite of cosy. Cashmere, cotton and most merinos work for me. Plus, there are some fabulous acrylics out there that make me do a double take because they can feel as soft as the finest wools and cashmeres. For warmth, cashmere or merino are your friends. They breathe and offer fabulous insulation from the cold.

Below, I’ve sourced 12 nice knits for you to check out and maybe add to your knit-robe. Prices range from $20 to $249, with a variety of knit fibres/threads featured as well as some fabulous subtle detailing.

12 nice knits to keep you cosy in style this winter
1. Boho bird knit $139.95 @ birdsnest

2. Brave + True knit $94.95 @ birdsnest

3. Handpicked by birds knit $50 (on sale) @ birdsnest

4. Binny knit $249 (I bought this one – as seen here)

5. sassind knit $229

6. Katies knit $49.95

7. Elm knit $139.95 @ birdsnest

8. Kmart knit $20

9. Kmart knit $25

10. Country Road knit $199

11. Country Road knit $179

12. JAG sweat $89.95 @ birdsnest 

So, tell me, see anything you like? What winter knits would I find in your collection? Do you have a preference for a particular knit – wool? cashmere? cotton? 

This post contains affiliate links. You don’t pay any extra but if you make a purchase, I may receive a small commission.

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  2. I love all those jumpers. I wish you’d put some more v-necks though. I’m bigger up top and scoop and turtle necks tend to make me look all boob (good for hubby, not so much for me 😉 )

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  3. This is a great post & I love your choices here Nikki – perfect for the colder days down south for us Melburnians so thank you. I am actually wearing a merino jumper today (jeans and a nice top!), I found a super selection of plain coloured ones with a variety of necklines, all machine washable, at Aldi recently believe it or not, bargain prices!

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  4. Late comment, but do you find Brisbane colder than the Sunshine Coast? I am! I have been rugging up in layers more this winter. Think I may need more jumpers – how is that for an excuse haha 🙂

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  5. I adore cashmere Nikki I have a few cashmere jumpers and cardi’s but can’t afford everything in my favourite fabric but like merino and cotton and some acrylics no itchy wool for me either.
    I get you on the cold house mine is freezing from May till October Xx

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