12 nice tops to wear with your jeans

Jeans and a nice top: is this your going out uniform?

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I cannot remember a time that I didn’t check in with my girlfriends to see what they were wearing if we are headed out to the same place/event.

And I can’t remember a time (in the non-sweaty, summer months) when our collective response didn’t go along the lines, “jeans and a nice top”.

I thought that this very much put me in a certain “mum” age category when it came to dressing for the occasional night out but it seems that it is cross-generational. Earlier this year, young-ish brand Missguided even created a category in its online store dedicated to jeans and a nice top.

So there you go, I’m not feeling so ancient or miss-guided anymore. HAH. I’m feeling relevant and justified for owning a lot of nice tops and jeans.

For there is indeed great appeal borne from the ease of pulling together this outfit combo. It’s an outfit that will make you feel a little bit special without feeling like you’ve gone OTT, which means you can apply this going out “uniform” to just about any occasion or gathering that falls somewhere on the spectrum below weddings and above a casual weekend brunch. 

jeans and a nice top meme | Styling You

Of course a jeans and top outfit needs a good pair of jeans as its anchor. This is not something that I always had nailed. I used to have a lot of nice tops sitting winking at me in my wardrobe but, without suitable jeans to go with, there they sat. Winking and mocking.

Things all changed with the advent of super stretch in women’s denim. Praise be. Finally (circa 2001), I could find a pair of jeans that sat ok on my flat bum, allowed me to breathe while sitting and made my legs look halfway decent. If you’re still struggling to find a pair that suits you, check out these below. My hot tip: the more stretch, the more likely you might need to size down. They should feel firm going on as they will quickly give, more quickly than non-stretch denim.


Bohemian Traders: there is something about the cut and colour of these jeans that keeps me coming back to them time and again. They perform all kinds of sorcery on making my legs look longer than they are.

birdsnest: the Powerstretch range in the bird Keepers label feels and good as it looks on. So, so flattering. And so comfortable.

Motto: It’s no wonder that Motto’s denim collection has flown out the door (both Motto’s door and mine in the Styling You Shop). This denim puts the C into comfort. Even the waist band is stretchy.

Sussan: I bought last year’s version of these and they’re still firm faves. The cut of Sussan’s jeans and pants just seems to work with my shape.

Jeanswest: Jeanswest continues to improve its stretch jean offering. The Freeform 360 range is very much worth checking out.

So, the jeans are sorted … now the fun part. The reason we love the nice top part of this outfit is that it’s an instant pick-me-up. Whether it’s the sparkles, the detailing, the colour, the pattern, the shape, something in the right “nice top” will bring a spark to your eyes and give you a confidence lift when wearing.

You may have a fabulous collection of nice tops in your wardrobe already. Try them on. Do they still make you feel fabulous? If the answer’s yes, awesome. Take out again soon. You’ll have fun together.

If the answer’s, MEH. Ditch the ho-hum and give yourself permission to go shopping for a new nice top to take you into winter and beyond. To help you along (and because I love a good browse), I’ve hunted down 12 of my fave nice tops out there in retail land. 

12 nice tops to wear with your jeans | jeans and a nice top | Styling You

1. Bohemian Traders top $159

2. Katies top $39.95

3. Witchery top $179.95

4. Binny top $239

5. Forever New top $79.99

6. Forever New top $99.99

7. Kmart top $15

8. sass and bide top $390

9. Solito top $129 @ Birdsnest

10. Talisman top $144.95 @ Birdsnest

11. Lula Soul top $119.95 @ Birdsnest

12. Jeanswest top $69.99

Now, a jeans and a nice top outfit might just need an outer layer, depending on where you live and whether you’re heading out at night. A blazer works a treat to continue that casual/dressy contrast you’ve already got going on with the jeans and top. If it’s super cold where you live, layer a thermal top underneath your top (these are my faves) and add a coat.

Shoe-wise, a heel works for a dressier look; a heeled boot for a more casual/boho outfit. Add a cross-body bag for day; a clutch for evening and you’re good to go out and have a fabulous night with the girls. Cheers to that.

So, tell me, is the jeans and a nice top outfit your default going out outfit? 

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  1. I just came home from my shopping day with the Kmart top to wear as a layer on a trip to Canberra next week with my good jeans west curvy jeans

  2. I wonder if jeans and a nice top is uniquely Aussie. It sounds very us. It’s my outfit of choice to anything where dress code is unstated and there will be no brides.

  3. Hi Nikki
    Thank you so much for this post – I would never have tried number 7 on but I was in KMart yesterday and it looks a million dollars !! I usually shy away from florals, but this is just gorgeous – great buy for $15 (PS: I am usually a 14-16 but I bought an 18)


  4. Hi Nikki
    Thank you so much for this post : I purchased the shirt (no 7) from KMart yesterday – it looks a million dollars with jeans and boots – I am normally not a floral girl , but for $15 I thought I would try it!
    I did go up a size – thank you so much xxxxxx

  5. My winter go to outfit. Have a lovely green and pink boho long sleeve Spell top (worn to brunch this morning) and a couple of Bohemian Traders with my Jeans West jeans.

  6. Hi Nikki,
    The Bohemian Traders top (the red one) looks very flowy. What size do you wear in this top?
    I have found their sizing to be quite generous. Thanks K

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  7. I live in jeans and top combo. Usually on the farm it is the old “farm jeans”, then I keep my “Good” jeans for trips away from the farm. Now to find a “good” top to go with them!! I like the look of 1,2 and 9.

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  8. Yep jeans and a nice top is def my go to outfit, especially when the cost per wear of said top is in the single digits (one of my faves is a Target top bought years ago). For special occasions… the “going out” jeans!

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  9. So thermal tops, first winter in Canberra after living in FNQ for a few years. There are so many to choose from! How do you choose which warmth! I’m freezing already and it’s not winter yet!

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      Hi Felicity
      UNIQLO does three levels of thermals – regular, mid and ultra. I’d say you’ll need the ultra in Canberra. I did ask in store recently and the regular ones are great here for Queensland. It would also depend on how much you were outside in the outfit.

    2. Hi Felicity, I’m originally from FNQ & now living on the NSW/Vic border, I’ve found that most places are heated so if going out I often just do the jeans, boots & nice top combo with a warm jacket over the top that you can remove once you’ve arrived. If it’s a private event &/ outdoors then can be a little trickier requiring numerous layers!! Lol Because it’s a small town we don’t have heated shopping malls so heading up the street also requires a few more layers especially if it’s windy & freezing, seems to go right through you. Pretty much opposite to Cairns where you go from your air conditioned house to your air conditioned car to your air conditioned office or shopping center!

  10. Hi, can you confirm for me what size Uniqlo top you wear? I am a 14-16 and bought an XL, as per their size chart, but it is SO TIGHT!

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  11. Of yes definitely jeans and nice top for me too! My nicest top is the Lauren top from white label noba. Bit of an investment but gets heaps of compliments and looks fabulous.

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  12. Jeans and a nice top sounds good to me, love the bottom row, especially 11. I keep thinking this colour would not suit me, must go and try it on ‘just because’. Happy Wednesday!

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