Get your wardrobe organised for the season ahead

How to get your wardrobe sorted for autumn-winter 2018

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Last Sunday, I spent about 1.5 hours editing my wardrobe ready for autumn-winter. I always know it’s time to tackle this task when the hook on the back of my bedroom door becomes home to way too many clothing pieces that I just can’t fit in their regular spot.

I am in a different position from most people, in that the clothing brands I work with send me new clothes each season. I’m super grateful for this but I still like to keep my wardrobe tight because my space is limited and wardrobe overwhelm is real and not helpful at all.

What I keep from season to season are event and occasion garments that I just love, basics that my wardrobe could not be without and pieces that just make me smile every time I put them on.

If you’d like to take a look in my wardrobe and how I edited it last Sunday, head to my Instagram profile and check out the Wardrobe section in my Highlights.

Get your wardrobe organised for the season ahead

How to get your wardrobe sorted

If you’re looking to get your wardrobe in a very good position for the season ahead – especially if you’re joining us for the autumn-winter 2018 Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe online style challenge – then work through these steps below. 

Stress-free dressing is yours for the making. It just takes a little work and a little organisation.

1. Start with a thorough edit of your wardrobe. This a process I do at least twice a year – usually at the start of each season – it sets me up for knowing what’s there and what I need. I absolutely don’t let any item stay if it makes me feel anything less than fabulous. This is the process I follow.

2. Give the types of clothes you wear most often the best real estate in your wardrobe. If you work in an office from Monday to Friday, those clothes should be front and centre. If your weekdays are more on the casual side, these are the clothes you need to give prime position. Remember it’s all about saving time on busy mornings.

3. Organise your clothes in types and colours. I find this is great for identifying possible obsessive buying tendencies (me? stripes, checks and white tops!) so you can potentially save yourself from a future “must buy”. It also eases the outfit creation stress. You might want to anchor the outfit for a particular day to a certain top or skirt. Start with that piece and then go immediately to the pieces you know will work back with that piece.

4. Store accessories where you can see them and use them. If you don’t have your accessories easily accessible, then you won’t be motivated or prompted to wear them. I store mine in a side cabinet that is a fun furniture piece and acts as my bedside table. 

5. Protect your shoe-robe. I’m lucky enough to have a display cupboard dedicated to shoes (see gallery below). This not only protects the shoes from dust but it also means I can see at a glance what options are open to me. I also store my clutch bags in this cupboard – an adapted Billy bookcase from IKEA.

6. Organise your wardrobe electronically. As you buy something either take a photo of it on a hanger or find a photo of it online and save it to an album or albums in your phone.  This will then help with what version of planning you’d like to take onSome also like to spreadsheet their purchases and outfits, or use an app like Stylebook.

7. Plan out your outfits in advance. Spending time each Sunday to plan out the week is a great way to approach this. Use the weather app to give you a guide as to what temperature it will be and then create outfits based on what each of your days in the week holds for you. I write down all my outfits for the week in the Notes section of my phone or use the Styling You outfit planner

8. Hang all those outfits on a separate rack. A simple rack, like this one from Kmart, could be positioned in your bedroom or spare room and, each Sunday, you hang your chosen outfits for the week on it, with shoes at the bottom. This makes it a no-brainer each morning to get dressed. 

Now is the time to get your wardrobe sorted for autumn-winter 2018

Registration for our autumn-winter 2018 Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe opens on Wednesday, April 18. Make sure you’re on our email list to be first in the know.  I’ll be live on the Styling You Facebook page on Wednesday night, April 18, 8pm (AEST) to answer any questions you might have about this program. Capsulers get priority access to the seasonal Styling You Shop edit, which will publicly launch on Thursday, April 19.

Win 1 of 3 autumn-winter 2017 Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe memberships

THREE Styling You readers will win a six-week membership to autumn-winter 2018 Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe online style program. Each membership is valued at $119.

To enter, answer the question below, leaving your response in the comments:

How would an Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe membership help your unlock your style this season?

Entries open Wednesday, April 11 at 4.30am (AEST) and close Tuesday, April 17 at 9am (AEST). Australian entries only, sorry. The winner will be judged on originality and creativity. Photos can be uploaded with your comment. The winner will be contacted via email and their name will be published here. Full terms and conditions here.

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  1. Happy Birthday to me .. 46 today. Heading into a new chapter of my life yet again. Raised my kids, continue to work in a mans world and have set myself the challenge this birthyear to get back on the dating merry go round.
    Any help as to fashion, styling and being my very best me is not only appreciated but guarantees no excuses for taking those chances, trying something new and importantly saying – yes I am ready.

  2. I run two businesses 7 days a week. Every day I wear a uniform. Because of this, on my day off I really struggle to put a wardrobe together to walk out the door feeling special.
    There is nothing I would love more than to know a capsule is ready and waiting for me to enjoy my me time.

  3. Not only am I returning to my wardrobe after having a child but also after returning to work. My clothes are out of date and I’m time poor.
    I’m organized in the kitchen but definitely not in my wardrobe….but I would LOVE to be.
    Winning this would help me learn the basics for organising my wardrobe as well as my “look”.
    I could run after a toddler and run to work feeling confident in my look!

  4. Help! Save me from another season of too many purchases and still nothing to wear! I REALLY need the capsule wardrobe workshop!

  5. I think I have my style sorted… and have a wardrobe full of clothes but still struggle to find something to wear, and how to pull it together and I think Nikki’s Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe would definitely help!

  6. I really need a capsule wardrobe as I have so many clothes due to my shopping addiction..I’m sure I can wear what I have and not buy anything for ages with your guidance ..

  7. Oh I keep re:reading your travel tips for what to pack/wear wardrobe, so fabulous for a gal about to embark on a ‘never would have imagined trip Europe’ for my festival of 50 I the height of a summer. However coordinating this with my work wardrobe as Melbourne roars into the cooler weather, I covet your inspiring ideas and options. Thank you

  8. Hi Nikki I’m hopeful this membership will give me the confidence to tackle a ramshackle wardrobe! Fingers crossed that I’m one of the lucky ones. Thank you. X

  9. I would love to win because I desperately need help and confidence in putting an outfit together. I seem to buy clothes and accessories that I love the look of but then at home nothing matches or suits me. I wish I could find my style!

  10. An Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe membership would help unlock my style this season as it would help me get it finally together!

    Thanks Nikki….great prize!

  11. How generous of Nikki to offer a chance to win,
    To find my style and feel confident again.
    Changed lifestyle, budget, taste and style,
    Feeling confident and fabulous, has been a while.

    Autumn/ Winter is nearly here,
    What to wear is my fear.
    Jumpers jeans, coats and shoes,
    Please help me Nikki what to choose.

    Styling You is a fabulous site,
    Sharing ideas and outfits that look just right.
    With helpful advice, tips and fashion,
    Where like minded people share their passion.

  12. I would love to win so I didn’t hear this comment again –
    “Mum you are not going out wearing that – are you?”

  13. Gosh where do I start? I have no idea what I’m doing clothes wise… I feel like I’m fumbling in the dark every time I open my wardrobe and I look at the contents and still never have anything to wear. Help!

  14. I’ve done the wardrobe edit and find I’m not left with very much at all! I want to buy a capsule wardrobe and stop wasting all my time and money buying cheap things that do nothing for me. I’m feeling frumpy and flat and I need to get some style but I don’t know where to start! I’d just love to get some advice from Nikki and feel more comfortable and confident.

  15. As a new Mum I now don’t fit into my maternity clothes and looking into my wardrobe is quite daunting. I would love some help to sort out and refresh the whole thing!

  16. I’ve been following Styling You for a few years and love the fashion ideas and advice. After loosing some weight and starting to manage my fybromyalgia, I’d love help finding a new style that suits me. X

  17. Emergency help required! Am a 50+ professional with a new position in an organisation with a lot of 20 somethings. Have also just lost 15 kgs so things are big and baggy, besides looking very frumpy. I have a conservative style – dresses and jackets – need to modernise! Also my casual clothes all look the same – skinny pants with baggy tops.

  18. I need help, help, help. I have wardrobes full of clothes and shoes (2bedrooms full) but every morning I wake up and have no idea what to wear to work!!!! I turn 60 next Birthday and need to do a massive clean out and make my life simpler!!!!! Please HELP me, I’m an old lady drowning in clothes.

  19. Hmmm, well, to be honest in the last year, we’ve moved house, I’ve changed jobs, the kids have all moved to different schools and I’ve had too much Chardonnay and chocolate in my diet… I would love your help with a capsule wardrobe to simplify my wardrobe while I focus on getting myself back to wellness and my healthy happy best self!

  20. “This would help me as I am feeling a little lost as I lost my Mum in NZ in February and being a part of the capsule wardrobe would give me a focus and sense of belonging which I feel I need now and the chance to have a great update of my wardrobe (and life!!).

  21. This would be a great opportunity for me. Having just gone through my wardrobe eliminating and now given away. We are moving ti Tassy. Love this page keeping me up to date and with advice on fashion.

  22. I have a wardrobe FULL of clothes and tend to keep wearing the same thing over and over again. I’m a sports teacher, living in the outback with two active kids. In the one day I need clothes to take me from work meetings through to standing on the rugby and netball sidelines and then to dinner afterwards (and throw in the odd 400km drive to do so!) Some key, go-to options would be such an amazing thing to be able to plan the week out. Thank you!

  23. I need help with my style and a capsule wardrobe that I can just go to and know everything just works together. I’m tired of purchasing items on a whim and then leaving them unworn as I don’t know what to wear them with. Having a capsule wardrobe would mean waking up and having my outfits easily ready for work or play with the kids. Instead of staring at my cupboard blankly not knowing what to choose from the rack of clothes. I’ve lost my style since having twins and now that I’ve worked at achieving my fitness goal it’s time for a new look with your help. Thanks

  24. Would love to win a spot in the capsule wardrobe to help me edit my clothes, get some great styling tips not just from Nikki but the amazing ladies who are in the group. Feeling great great in what I wear would help tremendously with my confidence and help me to be comfortable in public.

  25. I’m a photographer and I need to unlock my style! My job calls for me to be presented creatively and stylishly, but often photo shoots have me running around, jumping on chairs and sometimes crouching or lying on the ground. I need to create a wardrobe this season that has me looking stylish AND is functional. I’ve noticed when I turn up to shoots and put in that extra effort into my outfit, clients are warmer to me (and I feel more confident). It’s hard to look stylish in my work clothes. The ultimate Capsule Wardrobe would help solve my creative style dilemma.

  26. I am a working mum, have recently started a business and recently lost 25 kilos. While I have gotten rid of a lot of clothes, I definitely need help with editing my wardrobe! While I, like many others, do like to shop a) I don’t have an endless disposable income, especially with a new business; b) I don’t want to buy things that will only be worn once or twice; and c) I need to reduce clutter in my life – I would love to have a wardrobe I can walk into without standing there and scratching my head for five minutes before deciding what to wear. HELP! (..please 🙂

  27. I returned to Melbourne about a year ago after living in SEAsia for 18 years. I had very few winter clothes but bought a few items last winter to get through. I would really love to have a coordinated winter wardrobe and have the chance this year to do it with the capsule wardrobe.

  28. I just got back from holidays. It was so easy to wear the same things every day, all items able to be mixed and matched from a small choice. Now I’m home and despite the full wardrobe I have nothing to wear. I really need help to apply the ‘edit’ to my everyday life and also to teach the same skills to my newly teenage daughter.

  29. My floordrobe needs to become a wardrobe ! I have hanging space, I just never use it. My daily routine is to scramble through the mass of clothes that lay beside my bed… head down… bum up, and rummage though until I find a couple of things are decent enough to wear. I work from home so the motivation to dress for success is out the door. Need to break some old habits ! Need help. Send help. Pleeeeease !!!

  30. Remember when you were growing up and you could tell what day of the week it was by what was served for dinner…spag bog on Monday, meat and 3 veg on Tuesday, fish ‘n’ chips on Friday…well…my…daily clothing choices have become a bit like that. I would love to win a UCW membership to shake me out of my clothing rut.

  31. I need HELP now, I have already bought to much, seeing a bargain and a great saving, I can’t help but buy for that reason. I also find I will see something and think of what I can wear it with, (what already in my wardrobe) to find when i do get it, I am not sure of my styling and sometimes to afraid to do what is in my mind or if i do, it isn’t what i imagined and I put the item back in the wardrobe wondering what to do with it. I go through my wardrobe twice a year and throw out stuff but then buy more and find it has not made much difference. HELP.

  32. Im a victim of fast fashion and an out of control wardrobe (my shoes have overtaken our spare room!) Leaving me with lots of clothes but nothing to wear. A capsual wardrobe would help me reset, rethink my buying habits and feel confident every day in the right outfit… i might be able to take back my spare room too!

  33. Ok, here I go…..

    I’m a group fitness instructor who lives in gym clothes and then weekends is either yard work (after teaching 2 classes on a Saturday morning first, again in gym clothes) and then is our rest day on Sundays as my hubby has worked away for the last 5 years and is only home on weekends so we don’t normally go anywhere.

    I have the basics of jeans, some nice jumpers and a few plain scarves, plus I do have some nice casual jackets in most basic colours.

    Ok, here is my predicament…… I’m moving to London in just 5 weeks……..EEEEKKKKK!!!!

    I have noticed you do a lot of layering and I realise that is what I’m going to need over there, plus some STYLE.

    Got to be in it to win it and I am hoping I have a chance. If not then I am still looking forward to what I can learn from your blogs and emails and facebook.

    Cheers Sam xx

  34. S.O.S.! Please help!!
    I am in serious need of some sort of guidance for fashion. I have decluttered my wardrobe and ready to contribute some life into my style, but I do not know where to begin… I get so overwhelmed by looking at and trying on pretty, “up-to-date” clothes that I buy nothing and end up wearing jeans and a shirt with no accessories. Wow, I may have just made the whole Styling You community shiver with disgust and/or concern. Like i said fashionistas please help… I truly need the wisdom and guidance of your Autumn-Winter 2018 Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe online style program.

  35. I did a big declutter after reading your book. I still feel I’m on the journey to declutter and organise my wardrobe to enable me to get the best out of it. The membership will help me get better in choosing the right items for wardrobe that is effective, good returns on investment and efficient.

  36. I can’t bear the thought of going through another Melbourne winter without updating my wardrobe. I am so sick of black, black, black. Please help!!

  37. The walk in robe wasn’t big enough for me so I converted a bedroom into a wardrobe for clothes and shoes – and I live alone! I have so many clothes still with tags on, yet I never seem to be able to find anything to wear. I tend to buy something every week but I need to be told to stop. I don’t want to say it’s an addiction but I need HELP.

  38. Hi Nikki,
    Put simply, I’d love to win because I’m drowning in too many clothes, I’m time poor and I struggle with Winter styling.

  39. I am in one of the many transitional times of our lives from working to retiring. With a wardrobe packed with everything you can think of and no idea how to dress SMART for everyday retirement.

  40. I am already a winner!!
    Before my four beautiful children, ages 13 to 25, I used to be thinner!
    I love my job then come home to cook dinner.
    If a messy closet is a crime – I’m a sinner,
    From boho to tailored – a fashionista beginner
    Please help me bring style from my inner….

  41. Please! I’m quietly undertaking a personal health & wellbeing transformation and I need a major overhaul of my wardrobe as a result. If I could, I’d post a pic of my muddled robe. #apictureisworth1000words

  42. I have spent years wasting money on clothes I think I love, but when it comes it wearing them I don’t. I would love to finally find my true style and curate a wardrobe to fit that style. I’ve tried capsule wardrobe planning, but just can’t pull it together, but Nikki I think your Autum Capsule Wardrobe planning could be the key I’ve been searching for!

  43. My obsession with buying bottoms has turned into an obsession with buying tops (I decided I can’t do t-shirts every day) unfortunately none of them seem to be working together ?!? Is it me or my choices ?!?

  44. Hi Nikki, thank you for offering this fabulous opportunity to win a spot in your online program.
    Like many of the woman who have entered this competition, I have a wardrobe of “nothing to wear” because I don’t have a plan.
    My go to’s are black & white, which I would love to change to autumn colours.
    I look on sites like Birdsnest & love how they put outfits together. I would love to have the ability to do that for myself.
    Thank you xx

  45. Ive been following you for a couple of years now and have loved watching your posts etc.
    Im a 45 year old, who has been a single mum for past 7 years, my baby just turned 18 and Ive reached a time in my life where my kids are all independent and I’m at a crossroad of who am I now. Id love to win a spot in your program to re style my wardrobe, it would be a great boost into discovering who and what I can be going into this next stage in my life.

  46. I buy pieces I like along the way but I would love to gain the knowledge and the confidence to know how to turn these pieces into outfits that make me feel amazing and take the stress out of each day.

  47. I turned 56 in January and I’m struggling with finding a style that I like but still feel like me and is age appropriate , we are undergoing a big renovation soon where we will need to move out for a while , the perfect excuse for a big sort out of my wardrobe !!

  48. Faking it til I make it! That’s me at the moment. But one thing I know for sure – the confidence that comes from feeling good in your clothes is real. Please help me unlock my style and make the confidence real! 🙂

  49. Hi Nikki, sometimes I feel as though I’m wearing the same clothes I wore when I was in my teens , (now in late 50’s )it’s easy to throw on jeans and a tshirt . I need to know how to dress for my age without feeling overdressed . I Need a more mature look . Thanks Nikki.

  50. I would love to edit my wardrobe, I do know my style, but tend to impulse buy every season. A capsule wardrobe would definitely benefit me, and help me make my wardrobe more easily accessible and wearable.

  51. I’d love a wardrobe edit as my weight fluctuates and I gave multiple of each type.. I need ideas on how to structure a corporate wardrobe that looks good! Not too casual.. and stop hours of what do I wear each day/week!

  52. I feel like I am becoming invisible as I get older, part of it is my fault (90% of my pants are black and the other 10% is navy), its time I took control learnt how to build colour and light into my wardrobe to give me confidence so I’ll shine and no one can look straight through me.

  53. My wardrobe is not a capsule – it overflows into the spare room but I have no idea where to start culling. Change of size used to be the driver but I have maintained size 12 for 6 years and accrued a wardrobe to go with it!

  54. I would like to create a cohesive wardrobe, where each piece has many options. I’d like to love my clothes again and not feel overwhelmed when standing in front of my wardrobe.
    Love your blog and Insta feedback Nikki

  55. Hi Nikki, I buy clothes for the life I want rather than the life I have and then get disappointed that I haven’t worn what I have purchased. My wardrobe is overflowing with great clothes (ie show pony stuff) and then don’t know what to buy to get the most out of my outfits on a day to day basis. Would love the help!

  56. The ultimate wardrobe capsule it at the top of my bucket list, just wanted to delicate some time to me this year. I’m doing parent / work juggle and could really use some styling tips to help me feel more confident in everything I do would love guidance on less is really more with a few show pony accessories. My fingers and ties are crossed

  57. While I love my clothes , I am so unsure of what my style is and I fluctuate all the time. I would like to identify my style and be able to identify key pieces that work for me!!

  58. I am a show pony kinda gal. There I’ve said it. My wardrobe is overflowing with amazing pieces I love that I’m not getting full potential out of as I tend to wear them as one offs. I feel a capsule wardrobe would open so many more possibilities.

  59. That is an easy question to answer for me. I have absolutely no style (ask my 2 sisters!) and am coming back from living in Europe to Sydney right in time for Autumn. So any help with getting my wardrobe in Style would be absolutely wonderful.

  60. Oh, I’d love this! Thanks for hosting the giveaway.
    I edited my wardrobe heavily at the beginning of last year. Life has been super stressful since so I’ve splurged (combination stress release and weight changes) and it’s back to bursting again. I’m already working on getting the stress under control, and I’d love to get my wardrobe back under control too. You’re right about it feeling overwhelming.
    Good luck to everyone entering!

  61. I wear a lot of hats at the moment – Business Development Manager, Nursing Student, Social Butterfly and Tennis Player…but lack the know-how for creating a versatile and exciting wardrobe. Would LOVE to get some tips and tricks from the best in the biz, so that I can have an amazing season (which until now, I’ve always just thought about as weather changes, not fashion bookmarks!)

  62. I need this. A 10kg weight gain and mum life and opening a small business has left me feeling frumpy and stuck in a rut! Send help!

  63. I am turning 63 in a couple of weeks and have retired from nursing. I have a lot of clothes which I love but I am finding they don’t fit my current lifestyle. I need help to organise a more casual autumn & winter wardrobe

  64. I lost my Mum on Feb so I’m feeling lost – the capsule wardrobe would help me get my mojo back and would inspire me again. Would be great to feel nurtured by everyone in this group.

  65. Nicki, I have done it, finally ….. I have purged my wardrobe of missed matched, one off impulse buys dating back years. I was always hopeful that the 70, 80 or 90 fashion trends may do the full cycle. I am ready for a new start, to learn and understand my style and how to bring it together. I am approaching the higher end of 50, still busy working full time, a Mum and wife but now have a little more time to dedicate to ME. I need my wardrobe to reflect my personality and zest for life. Help required if you dare take me on.

  66. From fabulous one day
    To imperfect the next
    Need to get this love/hate clothes relationship to just LOVE ❤️
    My wardrobe needs to suit my lifestyle but in an age/size/classy/casual/elegant way
    Is that even possible?

  67. I would love to win! I seem to only wear a few things in my wardrobe and I dont want to buy new clothes till i work out what works in my current wardrobe. I would love to learn how to put outfits together and build some good basics to mix and match my current clothes with. I get a bit overwhelmed and just stick to the same old things all the time.

  68. I have way too many clothes in my wardrobe, I’m in the process of organising a charity clothes swap and I would like to get rid of loads of stuff and wear what really works for me! I have some nice clothes but so many and so disorganised that I end up in active wear all the time!

  69. I’m fast approaching returning to work after having a baby and am already worried about what I’m going to wear! I dont fit a lot of my other work clothes so I’m sort of having to start from scratch until I do. I feel like I’m a blank canvas but need some guidance. I really have struggled with my own style and how to make the most of my wardrobe. I just always play it safe so would love some inspiration and advice on how to get my style mojo and especially get a capsule to work for me.

  70. I’ve got lots of exciting but stressful life changes coming up. My second bub is due soon and will coincide with starting a knock down rebuild and moving my family in with my mum and step dad. It would be great to have my wardrobe sorted so I can feel stylish and organised during this chaotic time.

  71. Oh good God I just want to stand in my wardrobe and walk out feeling and looking fabulously fabulous, accomplished in a jiffy instead of feeling like a tug boat dragging the clothes on my back up stream 20 times over feeling like I could’ve.

  72. Awesome tips Nikki, I would like to learn how to bring together the “basics” (which I have heaps of) & “show-ponies” (not many) together to reflect my personality, plus I am turning 40 this year & would like to start the next chapter of life in style!

  73. I’d love to win a styling you ultimate capsule wardrobe as I’ve recently started a new job in a high school and my corporate clothes don’t “work” there.

  74. I need a Styling You Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe membership pronto! I’m one of those people who tend to wear 10% of my wardrobe 99% of the time. I’d like to change this as my wardrobe space, like yours Nikki, is at an absolute premium. An Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe membership would help me get more organised (and my husband would appreciate me not spending money on unnecessary outfits that only end up gathering dust!)

  75. I love you blog and feel your capsule program would help me to organise my workwear, give me confidence to mix N match more as my husband says I have a lot of clothes! Given our budget it also meets my financial aspirations. Thanks for being you Nikki.

  76. Follow you regularly Nicky and love your tips , so would surely love your advice when it comes to this. I’m 50 plus GST and sometimes struggle with ” am I to old to wear this or too young for that ” . Fingers crossed.

  77. Hi Nikki, great tips. My wardrobe space is fairly small now. I did a big cull before moving. My lifestyle has had such a big change. Although, as an effort in finding something just for me I have joined Weight Watchers, it is helping me mentally and physically. I am looking forward to your next shop, I am planning on buying something for the upcoming (hopefully) cooler weather. I haven’t bought anything for a while, I keep thinking I don’t need anything, but I know it would be good to freshen things up with some new season pieces. I probably should join your capsule, I am sure I would learn a lot. x

  78. After losing 30kgs, I need to completely rethink my wardrobe. I need to cull the (now) oversized pieces and find out the new silhouettes that suit me best. Especially as my shape is continuing to change with my weight loss.

  79. I have so many clothes that I never wear that I end up wearing exactly the same outfits all the time! Does that even make sense??? It does not help my anxiety levels at all to think about what to wear every day!
    It’s like a carefully scripted rotation of dresses in summer and pants and top with jacket in winter!
    Oh and the number of shoes…ditto from above!
    Please help me heading into my 50s feel in control and stylish!

  80. I need this as I buy clothes that I like the look of without any consideration for what I am going to wear it with and when I am going to wear it! I really need to par back my wardrobe to what I really need, as I only really wear maybe half of it anyway.

  81. I have a massive wardrobe but seem to wear the same things over and over again. I struggle with any style, let alone “my own” – I would truly love some direction.

  82. It would help me rejuvenate my wardrobe in the awkward post-baby period when I’m starting to get back to ‘normal’ clothes and actually give me a nudge to think about outfits rather than automatically grabbing activewear.

  83. Ooh I would love this. I’m a farmer, we grow figs, quinces, wine grapes, pecans. We live in the bush and there aren’t many shops even if there was I don’t have time to think style while I’m out in the Orchard but I’d love to still be stylish.

  84. After loosing weight due to illness I am struggling with a wardrobe where a lot of items feel (and look!) baggy and daggy – especially the pants. I would truly welcome assistance from an Autumn-Winter 2017 Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe style program to put together a few flattering new items that will work together/mix and match so that I have some clothes that I can feel presentable and confident in.

  85. I don’t have any confidence when it comes to styling myself. I have no idea where to start so I just don’t – wearing the same clothes I’ve had for 15 years. I would like my clothes to reflect the woman I am today.

  86. I don’t have a ‘style’. Most days I feel frumpy. I need help to know what works for me and to make me feel comfortable and confident. Am off to do a wardrobe edit next. Thank you Nikki.

  87. I need to break free from old dressing habits that do nothing for me. I’ve lost 55 kilos and I’m struggling to bring together outfit combinations. I am still a plus size girl and tend to dress in oversized clothes that I know need to go… I keep buying new pieces but nothing seems to go together. Help me Nikki 🙂

  88. I’m about to start a new job and have decided that means I need a new work wardrobe – I often have a miniature meltdown in the mornings because there aren’t many pieces in my regular rotation that I truly love. It would be great to have some guidance as I “refresh” (read: completely overhaul) my corporate clothes, so I can make sure I maximise my spend and end up looking good and feeling great!

  89. After doing the Spring Summer UWC which took me way-out of my comfort zone I feel like a Autumn Winter one would be beneficial to sort out the winter side of the wardrobe. As I live in Brisbane our winters are not as severe as our southern sisters but none the less I still need help in putting an outfit together which is not tracky pants and a sweatshirt.

  90. I decided to go back to work after being at home with the kids for 15 years. This will be my year as I’m hitting 4-0! I would really like to nail the work and weekend wardrobe without breaking the bank.

  91. I have been a great fan of your work. I live in Singapore now, where my wardrobe is summer all year along. The office may feel like Autumn or Winter, but once you step outside I am a humid curly mess. I do not get layering right and am often too cold or too hot. I keep a shoe drawer at work to facilitate public transportation. Someday I feel overdressed and others too casual. I also find myself wearing the same things over and over again week in week out and probably utilize 20% of the clothes I have. Serious HELP needed!

  92. I have just stumbled across your blog and it is exactly what I need! Since becoming a Mum over 8 years ago, my primary criteria for purchasing clothes has been practicality. With my youngest now at school I finally find myself with the time to consider style again but I don’t have the luxury of hours to spend shopping so I am keen to find ways to focus my available shopping time and also my time for choosing outfits in the morning.

  93. I’m finally coming out of mummy haze (4yo & 2yo) and I don’t even know where to begin to update my wardrobe! I have kept many things that I thought I could fit back into eventually… and now they are out of style haha. So basically I have too much unflattering unstylish stuff! I need heeeeeelp 🙂

  94. Since I had my kidlet three years ago, I feel like I’ve lost my sense of self clothes-wise. My body has changed, my lifestyle has changed, but I still need to look great for work, and I still want to look great for me! My wardrobe is brimming with lovely clothes, I just don’t seem to know how to put them together anymore. And I repeatedly make impulse purchases because shopping time is a rare thing. I need a plan and I need to get some clarity!

  95. As a newly ‘minted’ 60 year old and an upcoming first time ‘nonni’ my wardrobe needs to adapt to the changes. As I also still work on a part-time basis there are many ‘parts’ of me I need to accommodate 🙂

  96. I am in a position where I have the wardrobe space but don’t cull enough so I end up with a wardrobe full of clothes but feel like I have nothing to wear. The autumn/winter ultimate capsule wardrobe process will make my daily dressing dilemma much easier and perhaps kick start me into finally culling a few things that I no longer wear or need.

  97. Sound like just what I need! I am a personal trainer who spends a lot of time in active wear, but when I’m not in my active wear I like to look well put together. I often find I have lovely individual pieces but they don’t all work well together, so when it comes to getting dressed its often a very stressful exercise because my lovely pieces suddenly don’t look right with what what I have in my wardrobe.

  98. Coming into Autumn I’m so confused about my style. I work in an office 3 days a week and do parent things the rest of the time – am in desperate need of a re-vamp and have no idea what my style is anymore!

  99. For me – moving from Sydney to the Gold Coast in June I have to totally rethink my wardrobe! I have culled so much but believe I still have so much that will totally be unwarranted. I figure it will be a more relaxed lifestyle than Sydney so I will flounder! I love clothes and that can be a disaster for me as I want EVERYTHING!! but I need to harness what I have and maybe some key garments to make life living in Queensland less stressful… that I am looking forward to!!

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