How to get your wardrobe on track for autumn-winter 2018

How to get your wardrobe on track for autumn-winter 2018

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Most people would say I’m an organised person. You probably think I am an organised person. And generally I am. I do like structure and things “in their place”. It makes me feel calmer.

The problem is … LIFE … life can be the opposite of calm. Life can wreak havoc with any attempts to stay organised. I know things are pretty off track when my wardrobe is full to over-flowing and my office is a jumbled mess of unopened mail and clothes from photoshoots.

I addressed the wardrobe edit HERE but today I’d like to get you thinking beyond the edit and through to the organisation of what you choose to wear every day. When the planets align, I map out each week what I’m going to wear. When the planets are colliding in some – or all – aspects of my life, I find myself reaching for the same old clothes. EVERY day.

It’s not that I need new clothes, it’s just that it’s easy to reach for the same ones in your wardrobe. This happened just yesterday. I reached for an old faithful dress, as I knew I had a lot on my plate and didn’t have time to think through an outfit that I perhaps hadn’t worn in a while – or an outfit that would help lift my mood.

And that’s ok. I’m stoked I have old faithfuls hanging in my wardrobe, always there for me, but it’s not how I like to roll every day of the week.

I love playing with different clothing and accessories combinations. I love re-discovering old favourites. I love buying new favourites that work back with my existing wardrobe. 

Simply put, I LOVE getting dressed each day. Sure occasion dressing is fun but it’s the everyday style stuff that gives me a chance to show my personality to the world – on a daily basis.

You know that’s how I want you to feel too, yes?

I want you to get up, get dressed and feel confident in what you’re wearing. That’s why I developed the Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe online style program. This is the fifth program that I’ve offered to Styling You readers and it’s been amazing to watch women in our program really enjoy the planning and dressing process. 

Today, we start the autumn-winter 2018 Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe online style program and I’d love you to join us. 


How to get your wardrobe on track for autumn-winter 2018

Stylers. It’s time. It’s time to get your wardrobe on track for autumn-winter 2018. Our Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe program gives you a blueprint for the fashion season – one that you can adapt and make work in your own lifestyle.

What’s included in the autumn-winter 2018 Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe online style program:

  •    Six weeks of dedicated style support from me and fellow Capsulers in our closed Facebook group
  •    Suggested clothing pieces for plus-size, petite, budget, casual and workwear shopping
  •    Advice on how to shop your wardrobe first.
  •    Priority access to the Styling You Shop
  •    Dress-up/dress-down alternatives to make each suggested outfit work for casual, the office or an occasion.
  •    Suggestions to change up the outfit to suit a colder or warmer temperature.
  •    A chance to win every accessory in this capsule.
  •    A chance to win weekly Styling You Shop gift cards
  •    A free copy of my ebook, Confessions of a Reformed Packer

The Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe Style Challenge will show you in six weeks how to build an autumn-winter wardrobe, no matter what your budget. You will have ideas for revamping your existing autumn-winter outfits, plus tips and advice on how to mindfully plan your new-season purchases.

I want you to feel confident in your personal style – EVERY day.

My Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe Style Challenge centres around a 30-piece capsule wardrobe. I’ve hand-picked those 30 pieces, featuring brands and labels I know and love.

(25 of those featured pieces are available for sale in the Styling You Shop. All registering today – April 18 – for the Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe challenge will receive 24 hours priority access to the shop. The Styling You Shop will open publically online tomorrow, April 19. Stock is always limited, so don’t miss out)

From those 30 pieces, I’ve created 28 different outfits – four weeks of outfits. This is where you get a full idea of how a capsule can work for you. Here’s a sneak peek at just one of those 28 outfits.


What our Capsulers (yes, we call each other that!) say

I have enjoyed this capsule, my first, so much Nikki. I realised I have far too many clothes but still seem to wear the same few. Thanks again and thank you to everyone who posted and commented. It truly is a wonderful, supportive community you have created! Cate

I have learned so much this time round. This is my second capsule and I feel like it all clicked a it better this time. I learned how to use my wardrobe and have more pieces that are more versatile. I am usually a one-off shopper, rather than thinking about how something might fit into my wardrobe. Kirsten

I have loved the capsule, it was a great investment. Whoever knew I had so much, not only in my wardrobe, but also in a bag I was ready to throw out. Tania


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