How to style your favourite ankle boots for autumn-winter 2018

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Oh, hello ankle boot season. I see you and I’m ready to ditch the pedicures and encase my feet in your fashionable fabulousness.

I love how you make me feel dressed up. I love that you work equally as well with a skirt or frock, as you do with my favourite jeans. I love that you offer maximum comfort AND style.

Well, that last bit only applies if your ankle boot of choice is the same as mine: FRANKiE4 Footwear.

It’s just four years since FRANKiE4 launched its first ankle boot range. Just when you thought designer/podiatrist/physiotherapist Caroline McCulloch couldn’t improve the design and function of her range, she has.

The collection of ankle boots for autumn-winter 2018 has something for everyone and every outfit, from low and mid heels through to the first 90mm heel from this footwear brand. The styling is sleeker with a more pointed toe in some designs. Leather colours range from wheat and taupe, through to tan, cognac, gunmetal, metallic and black.

All FRANKiE4 Footwear autumn-winter 2018 boots come with:

  • a built-in, podiatrist and physiotherapist-designed functional footbed that offers heel support, cradle and cushioning, arch support and forefoot cushioning
  • patented Custom Fit Assembly pack (more on that below)
  • leather upper
  • leather-lined footbed
  • leather lined with specifically placed foam lining to alleviate pressure on the skin
  • durable rubber sole with an additional 4mm of cushioning under the footbed, with a total forefoot cushioning of 7mm
  • side zip for easy access

Why FRANKiE4 Footwear

Before I take you through the range and let you know how you could win a pair of FRANKiE4 Footwear ankle boots, let me remind you why FRANKiE4 Footwear is my go-to footwear brand. I’m very proud to have been ambassador for this brand since 2015. Watching FRANKiE4 grow and watching more and more Styling You readers save their soles has been hugely rewarding for me.

I first slipped my feet into a pair of FRANKiE4 Footwear shoes way back in 2013. It’s not a moment that my feet will ever forget. I’m sure they muttered something on the lines of, “about time you treated us with some respect”. It was definitely an “AHHHH-ha” moment. You know, much like that infamous When Harry Met Sally restaurant scene, but for feet.

In defence of my previous bad footwear ways, I didn’t know how shockingly I was treating my feet in the name of fashion. AND I thought comfort footwear was something only equated with very unfashionable shoes.

I have Caroline to thank for changing that perception and creating a new reality. Her persistence in working to develop and design a fashionable footwear range that looks good AND supports our feet is the reason why there is no need to ever sacrifice comfort for footwear style.

These days, my feet do happy dances on a daily basis (it turns out I did do a lot of cumulative damage to my feet during my miss-spent 20s, 30s and most of my 40s – you can catch up on the importance of foot health HEREbecause I wear FRANKiE4 Footwear shoes every day.

Even when I’m working in the office, I’m standing at my desk. When I’m out and about, I’m on the move. It’s very good knowing that FRANKiE4 Footwear has my back … I mean feet.

FRANKiE4 autumn-winter 2018 ankle boots

I find it impossible at the best of times to play favourites when it comes to FRANKiE4 shoes and boots and this season is no exception. Below is not every boot from the autumn-winter 2018 collection but it is a selection of either new styles or previous styles in new colours. 

If you want to check out what the collection looks like via video, tune into the FRANKiE4 Footwear Facebook page tonight about 6.10pm, Queensland time. I’m hosting the autumn-winter launch and the parade will be streamed live.

I’ve styled the boots with a combination of frocks, skirts and jeans because that’s how I generally approach ankle boot season. I know for some that it’s a fashion stretch too far to wear your ankle boots back with a dress or skirt and I want you to know, that’s OK. Sometimes I’ll put on an outfit with an ankle boot and think: “No, not for me. Not this time.” But what I do like doing – and I suggest you do too – is playing and experimenting with different clothing pieces to nudge my existing self-imposed boundaries. 

What I don’t wear ankle boots with are wide-legged or relaxed pants. On me, this combination feels and looks a little clown-like. I see it on others (hello, my fictional fashion friend Nina Proudman) and it looks great. Not so great on me. I need a slim or skinny jean or a jegging-style pant for my proportions to be balanced with the boot. My autumn-winter footwear alternatives for a wider-leg or relaxed pant are a brogue-style shoe – check out the BETH – or a sneaker – check out the new FRANKiE4 sneaker style, JACKiE

I don’t tend to wear socks with my ankle boots or sneakers because they are breathable but on particularly active days, I will pop on a pair of FRANKiE4 sockettes. In winter, if I need for warmth, a thin pair of merino wool socks does the trick. Or if wearing boots with a dress or skirt, I’ll add a pair of black tights or leggings.

On with the autumn-winter 2018 ankle boot show … all featured are either available to buy now or available on pre-order from today. As with previous seasons, if you see something you love, avoid disappointment and order before they sell out.

The high boots

FRANKiE4 Footwear IZZY boot in wheat | How to style your ankle boots for autumn-winter 2018 | Photo by Sarah Barnsley, The Photo Pitch

iZZY: iZZY is back in black, gunmetal and wheat (pictured above). She’s a 70mm heel that I can walk in all day. She has a fabulous cut around the ankle and a side gusseting for comfort and contrast, in the case of the wheat-coloured boot.

FRANKiE4 Footwear ASHLEY boot in tan | | How to style your ankle boots for autumn-winter 2018 | Photo by Sarah Barnsley, The Photo Pitch

ASHLEY: this super popular tan, 70mm heeled boot is back (pictured above). This colour works with pretty much everything and for any occasion. I love the side detailing and stitching feature.

FRANKiE4 Footwear BRiDGET boot in metallic | | How to style your ankle boots for autumn-winter 2018 | Photo by Sarah Barnsley, The Photo Pitch

BRiDGETSay hello to BRiDGET (pictured above in metallic), an update on the GEMMA boot from last year. I love the new pointed toe as a dressier, 70mm heeled boot option, perfect for taking out at night … or simply for making a statement during the day. Also available in black.

FRANKiE4 Footwear NAOMi boot in cognac | | How to style your ankle boots for autumn-winter 2018 | Photo by Sarah Barnsley, The Photo Pitch

FRANKiE4 Footwear NAOMi boot in black | How to style your ankle boots for autumn-winter 2018 | Photo by Sarah Barnsley, The Photo Pitch

NAOMi: OK, Ladies Who Love Heels. You are going to lose your mind over this new addition to the FRANKiE4 Footwear family (pictured above in cognac and black). With a heel hight of 90mm, this boot goes where no FRANKiE4 heel has gone before. NAOMi is packed with all the cushioning and support you’d find in other FRANKiE4 boots but they are not for you if you’re not used to wearing heels. Me? I’ll embrace for occasions out. And by embrace, I mean embrace any opportunity to go out so I can get this saucy, pointed-toe style on my feet.

The mid boots

FRANKiE4 Footwear MiA boot in gunmetal | How to style your ankle boots for autumn-winter 2018 | Photo by Sarah Barnsley, The Photo Pitch

FRANKiE4 Footwear MiA boot in tan | How to style your ankle boots for autumn-winter 2018 | Photo by Sarah Barnsley, The Photo Pitch

MiA: You’ll fall hard for this new mid-heel (45mm) offering. MiA is sleek and brings her style game to just about any outfit. You’ll immediately feel dressed up, even though you’re not in a high heel. Pictured above in tan and gunmetal, MiA also comes in black oily nubuck.

FRANKiE4 Footwear LAURA boot in black | How to style your ankle boots for autumn-winter 2018 | Photo by Sarah Barnsley, The Photo Pitch

LAURAAlso new to the mid-heel (45mm) block, is LAURA (pictured above). Laura rides up further on the ankle and has a slimline feel to its design. Love the detailing on this boot, which also comes in cognac. She’s also a dress-up/dress-down shoe that will work with everything from jeans through to frocks and skirts.

FRANKiE4 Footwear SALLi boot in taupe | How to style your ankle boots for autumn-winter 2018 | Photo by Sarah Barnsley, The Photo Pitch

SALLi: Last winter, I fell hard for SALLi’s stylishly effortless ways. She’s back again on pre-order and ready to woo us in a new shade – taupe – a colour (pictured above) that’s perfect for a subtler boot statement, particularly if you’re naturally or unnaturally blonde like I am. I do love the low ankle cut styling of SALLi, particularly good for my thyroidy, cankle days.

FRANKiE4 patented Custom Fit pack

FRANKiE4 Footwear Custom Fit pack | Photo by Sarah Keayes/The Photo Pitch

I mentioned the patented Custom Fit pack in the boots with benefits checklist at the start of this blog post, but I wanted to circle back here to talk more about it as it’s something I get asked about a lot. 

I will preface my chat about the Custom Fit pack with the fact that I’m not an expert. I’m just someone who wears a lot of FRANKiE4 Footwear shoes. You do have a team of experts who are ready and waiting for your call or email to help you with specific questions about the fit of FRANKiE4 shoes or boots. I think that many of us don’t want to look like we’re “bothering” the customer service team of an online store, but I think we all need to get over ourselves here. It is VERY OK for you to call or email the FRANKiE4 team, even before you make a purchase. They want to go above and beyond to make sure that you are completely happy with your purchase and can help with specifics regarding fit and your particular feet. The other thing I hear a lot about is fear of buying shoes online. I hear you. I do. My hot tip is to contact FRANKiE4 ahead of your purchase if you are concerned about sizing and fit of a particular style. You can then go on to purchase, knowing you have 30 days to return your purchase – (in most cases) for free.

The Custom Fit pack (pictured above) comes with most FRANKiE4 enclosed boots, shoes and active flats. It contains a full-length footbed; a half-length footbed; and forefoot cushions. Which footbeds you use comes down to your individual feet. 

Standard fit: try the full-length footbed. This footbed has contouring to support your arch, cradle your heel and cushion your feet. If it feels snug but not too tight, you are good to go.

Narrow fit: If your shoes are feeling a little loose, place a forefoot cushion under the full-length footbed towards the front of the shoe. This will secure your shoe and provide a more snug fit.

Wide fit: Try the half-length footbed. It offers the same arch support as the full-length footbed, but extra room in the forefoot.

Extra wide fit: You can wear your shoes without any of the components in the pack. The in-built cushioning and support is very much there for you and your feet will still feel comfortable.

Me? When it comes to boots with even a small heel, I have to play around with a different footbed combination, adjusting this again once the leather has softened up a little (and it always does). My left arch is particularly high and has a vein running right over the high/bony bit, so I’ll start off with no footbed in the left boot. The right arch is not as prominent, but my feet like a little more room so I’ll start with a half-length footbed on the right. Within a couple of weeks of wearing and the leather softening, I’ll switch to a half on the left and full on the right.


FRANKiE4 Footwear has one pair of new-season FRANKiE4 Footwear ankle boots to give away to TWO Styling You readers. Win a pair of FRANKiE4 Footwear ankle boots of your choice (valued up to $299.95) by checking out the full range of new-season ankle boots HERE.

To enter:

1. Follow FRANKiE4 Footwear on Instagram

2. Leave an answer to the following question in the comments below

Which FRANKiE4 Footwear ankle boot is your favourite style from the new range? And why?

Entries open on Wednesday, March 14, 2018 at 5.00am (AEST) and close on Wednesday, March 28, 2018 at 5pm (AEST). Australian entries only, sorry. The winner of the “answer the question” competition will be judged on originality and creativity. The winner will be emailed and their name will be published here. Entrants must include an email address when the filling in the commenting system below to be eligible to enter. Full terms and conditions here.

This photoshoot was shot on location at a private home in Teneriffe, Brisbane. Photography: The Photo Pitch; Design: Kaleidoscope Design; Hair and Makeup: Dale Dorning/Arc Creative; clothing featured is a selection of current and past pieces from my wardrobe.

Comments 329

  1. Frankie Frankie on the wall,
    Whose the winner of them all?

    For comfort, class, style and love,
    It’s the Salli boot that fits like a glove.

  2. Frankie4 to the rescue!! Just love the new range out for Autumn Winter 2018, I am especially drawn to the boots SALLi, LAURA and MiA. The heel is just the right height for looking smart and professional but also excellent for long days of walking and on the go life style. Thank you Frankie4.

  3. It’s the Izzy in wheat for me. Why?
    In Izzy Frankie4’s I’ll hit the floor
    Striding strong out through the door
    Feet caressed and looking the best
    I’ll wear no other and ditch the rest!

  4. It’s iZZY for me. Versatile, a choice of colours, not too high or low. Scared to try as ‘others’ have failed to accommodate these hooves, but this would be an awesome opportunity.

  5. I love, love, love the Izzy in gunmetal, they will be perfect with everything I wear… A heel always makes you feel so much more confident. I just can’t imagine how beautiful I will feel in a comfortable heel!!! Frankie 4 are my go to shoe summer shoe and I would absolutely love a winter pair. This is a brilliant opportunity for someone with bad feet and knee. ❤️❤️❤️

  6. The new salli brings some pizzazz to the boot world. As a non heel wearer (it’s safer this way!) I feel like the salli would still look funky whilst still being wear-able!

  7. Naomi is the style for me, classy and stylish that can be dressed up or down. The heels will give me killer calves…so hot!

  8. The low ankle cut styling of SALLi in black along with the comfortable low heel would make any outfit Devine! I’d love to make her mine!

  9. I’d love the Izzy in black!! She’s perfect for school drop off, but also dressy enough for girls drinks or a special date night with the hubby!!

  10. With a 44kg loss to illness I know my feet will enjoy the MIA Gunmetal.(MIA is my motto as I’m sure my mind and body goes missing in action most times )

  11. MiA as my wife usually can’t wear high heels but with these on she’ll feel like she is without having to wear high heels.

  12. Oh, the BRiDGET in metallic is my absolute favourite- resplendently shiny, classy and edgy, pulchritudinous and FABULOUS!!! They made me squeal as I scrolled past, and I know they are going to consume my waking moments until I’ve convinced myself that shoes this comfortable are a need, not a want… Seo Min Hyun said that “good shoes take you good places”, so FRANKiE4’s must take you somewhere AMAZING!

  13. Mia in Black because I can only wear flat shoes. I love the oily Nubuck leather. It looks elegant and comfortable.
    I would have gone for the Jazz boots, but I don’t like the elastic part around the ankle. Elastics don’t last long in our climate.

  14. I’m finding it hard to pick between the SALLi and the IZZi, they are all so nice.
    I have wanted a pair of Frankie4’s for quite a while now… ever since my podiatrist recommend them to me for my bunions.
    But I have never come up with a reason to spend that money on myself. But I have always been envious and watched all the new seasons come out.
    I think I would have to go with the SALLi … great everyday wear

  15. Mia in Tan will be my go to boot. Loving the 45mm heel, as I’m hopeless with anything too high ! This is a perfect clean classic style that goes with all my wardrobe, whether being casual or dressy. The bonus is not only do they look great, my feet and legs love them too. So, yes please. I’d love to win a pair to “SAVE MY SOULS” XXX

  16. I gave up wearing heels due to foot problems and was so sad, but the Ashley in tan looks amazing and if the Frankie promise is true they could have me feeling fabulous and ready to face anything.

  17. I’d ❤️ Mia in tan or black, I just can’t decide. I’m embarrassed to say how many pairs of Frankie4s I own. After more than a year with plantar fasciitis I can now function wearing these shoes. Thanks Frankie4

  18. I just adore the salli in taupe. I think the custom fit pack is an excellent idea too. I can see these gorgeous boots taking me everywhere for autumn and winter. I love love love them.

  19. FRANKiE4, you’ve created the Laura, not to high as I’m terrible in heels, crave the comfort you offer in these, black a must as that’s my wardrobe, a size 8 that’s a must.

  20. I would love, love, love the Naomi in cognac or black – not fussy because I think I’ll be wanting both anyway! I’ve never found a heel that I can wear all day long, one that needs to sometimes start the early morning or finish the night with work functions, and not end up limping with horribly sore feet! Thank you Styling You and Frankie 4 x

  21. The metallic BRiDGET is calling me! Absolutely stunning for work and play. I have a few pairs of Frankie 4 and particularly adore their boots. I always get compliments and I love that they are so comfortable from the very first wear, no need to ‘wear in’.

  22. I love my Sallie boots. They are perfect for chasing my 2 year old cyclone child at playgroup, sneaking in a quiet coffee before doing the food shopping or wandering handmade markets with my bestie and newborn daughter all while looking stylish but feeling so comfortable. I love that I can wear my full orthotic without sacrificing style. I adore the new congac Izzy boots and that they share their name with my sons best friend is a super cute bonus

  23. Mia boots in oily black arrived this week after much anticipation-soooooo comfortable ! Felt like putting slippers on. Heel height perfect, not too low, not too high – I definitely need another pair in gunmetal (a great neutral) for my autumn winter outfits. Love the Frankie4 boots.

  24. I Love FRANKi4 Footwear so much that I don’t own a single pair! I simply cannot make a decision on which ones to start my collection with and this competition makes my head hurt. Please send help in the form of a beautiful pair of black LAURA’s or metallic BRiDGET’s or SALLi’s in taupe or…….. xxx

  25. The Naomi Black boot is my FAV – it would be perfect for all day at work and then could easily transition into a going out boot with a tweak of my outfit!!!! LOVE THEM!!!

  26. Oh gOrgeous NAOMi,
    it’s like you KNOWmi.
    In Cognac I’ll go,
    looking sharp head-to-toe.
    And women will cry ‘from where?’ And I’ll shout out “my gal FRANKi!”

  27. I love the look of Salli in Taupe. Comfortable heel height and great colour to match everything. I’ve been reluctant to wear a boot because of my ‘cankles’ so I’m very pleased that you recommend them.

    1. Mia is perfect for my age and casual, semi-retired lifestyle. I would like to feel dressed up without having to wear heels and comfort is definitely my first priority these days! Love Franki4’s.

  28. Bridget Metallic! They are so versatile and a safe move away from black. I’d happily wear them with skinny jeans or leggings, under wide leg pants or even with a skirt and black tights. I need these in my life!

  29. How stylish are the Ashley boot? And the tan… wow! These would become my go-to, wear all day, work, play boot. I’d look good all day every day, and still be comfy – even with my flat wide feet!!

  30. No more knees knocking together or swollen ankles, the comfy all-rounder Frankie MIA will make me go from ‘ouch’ to ‘ahh’ and sing “Mama I go walking again!”

  31. These boots were made for me! They would be the most perfect compliment to my Nikki Tan Punched sandals which I’ve rarely taken off this summer, they’re supremely comfortable & I absolutely covet the Izzy boots in tan now.

  32. I’m desperate to add a pair of Izzy boots in tan to my Frankie4 collection! This summer I was given the Nikki Punched Tan sandals and I just love them to bits, I continue to rave to all and sundry about how exceptionally comfortable they are for heels. Please please please can I win these!!

  33. I’ve had my eye on the Frankie ankle boots since last season and have been slowly saving away to purchase a pair of my dream boots. To win this competition and a pair of Salli boots would make all the waiting so worth it.

  34. I absolutely need the BRiDGET in the tan colour! Sometimes I feel a little grungy in winter boots, like they’re not elegant or feminine enough to look well-groomed. But with the pointed toe and a heel that I can actually walk in, I think these would be a winner!

  35. Izzy in gunmetal is the one for me!
    She’ll keep heads turning all winter, you’ll see.
    An absolute knockout compared to the boring black boot
    All autumn and winter my feet will be happy, comfy and carefree!

  36. Being a granny and having a crook back I definetly don’t want granny shoes that’s why I love Mia funky, not to high, colour perfect, I could walk a thousand mile in Mia maybe Salli would like to be the sister.

  37. Here I am, not even two,
    Writing poems just for you.
    The Salli boots I would like to get,
    To surprise the best Nanna you’ve ever met.
    She needs to get some orthotics fast,
    After many, MANY years have past.
    She said her feet are pretty sore,
    But my piggy bank is far too poor.
    With her Birthday just a week away,
    What better way to say HOORAY!

  38. Oh how can 1 choose?
    They all look amazing!
    Just discovered these incredible shoes and oh my they are comfy, the boots will be just as wonderful
    too. If l had to choose just one pair it’d be Laura.

  39. Thanks for the tips re the leather stretching & upping the footbeds! Oh and also to harass the sales team. I visited a shop in Windsor at Christmas ( I’m an online orderer living in a regional town) & the staff we’re excellent! Anywho’s i’m going to lash out & get a heel, an Izzy for starters. Love my Frankie4’s. Lx

  40. Naomi is my pick. Because if it’s anything like the other Frankie 4 Collection it will be like walking on clouds but in heels. What could be better?

  41. My favourite is the Izzy! Why? It’s all in the detail… Having a wide foot, but loving the look of this style can lead to anxious times when trying to shove your foot into similar styles (or trying to remove your shoes!!) So hello zipper – I feel like we will be friends!

  42. Ooooh!!! I love the SALLi in taupe. I have so much trouble buying shoes that are confortable. These look perfect!

  43. I love the Mia boot in the gunmetal gray. I love the name, my youngest daughter is Mia, and I know that the colour will work well with my wardrobe and the style of the boot really appeals to me.

  44. I love Salli! I have wide feet and calves, so the lower rise is perfect for my legs and a lower heel is best for shopping, school pick ups and days spent on the sidelines at junior footy games.

  45. I love the Bridget in black because it is classic and dressy but not too high. These designs are chic and a must have for winter!

  46. Hey IZZY you’re so fine, you’re so fine, you blow my mind! hey IZZY! Hey IZZY! In black!

    Long time admirer of Frankie 4 footwear. Looking forward to returning to work from maternity leave to buy my first pair!

  47. I would love a pair of IZZY in tan. I don’t own any Frankie4 shoes yet but keep looking and admiring. I am a teacher and would love a pair of heels that I could stay on my feet all day without them getting tired. Thank you for the opportunity to win a pair!

  48. Love, love, love LAURA in Black! What more does a girl need except a little black boot to get her through the winter chill.

  49. Mia gunmetal , my -a gunmetal, my gunmetal in a boot! Colour, shape, heel, Mia has it all. Glorious grey colour to wear everyday and make all outfits “shoot” out from the crowd.

  50. Lovely LAURA is my choice! Laura is very versatile, dress her up or dress her down and the stitching detail makes her the standout from the rest of the pack!

  51. SALLi in the Taupe. Elegant and stylish and I’m pretty excited that they are good for thyroidy-cankles because that’s what I have!!!

  52. FRANKie4 footwear I would let Mummy wear the Salli in taupe they’re cool and would like nice with her blonde hair – Bub

  53. Frankie4- my hard working, new Mum,daughter! Her fashionista Bub refuses to let her even wear socks. If it’s on Mum’s feet it gets pulled off and quite Frankly the Bub is right as what’s left in her Mum’s footwear department post pregnancy shouldn’t be seen in public.So here’s the challenge Frankiefriends- a pair of your stylish boots, shoes anything that passes the Bub test please so my daughter can leave the house this winter. Afterall she lives in Melbourne and bare feet could be life threatening.

  54. MIA is the unicorn of ankle boots. The ultimate combination of supreme flat comfort, that looks stylish. Both the tan & nubuck black are to die for with limitless outfit combinations. The tan great for bare legs with dresses & jeans, the black nubuck with black tights & feminine dresses when this winter chill hits. The slight texture of MIA’s nubuck leather softening the severity that shiny black leather ankle boots can have when paired with black tights. Love you MIA,

  55. I would love a pair of the MIA’s in tan. They are both stylish and practical, and would be a great asset to my wardrobe. It is a great heal height for me – practical for my life with 3 young sons, and great for my working wardrobe.

  56. {click your fingers while you read/sing this!}

    Must wear SALLi, think I’d better wear that SALLi down.
    Must wear SALLi now baby, guess I’d better wear that SALLi down.
    I’ve been running all over town,
    Ooh, I guess I’d better put my flat feet on the ground.

    All I gotta do is wear Frankie4 baby, wear Frankie4.
    All I gotta do is wear Frankie4 baby,
    wear Frankie4.
    One of these early mornings (ooh ooh ooh)
    I’m gonna be wearing those SALLi boots, yeah, alright!

    (Thanks to the song Mustang Sally for my inspiration )

  57. I have been waiting for the perfect tan boot to appear and Ashley looks like she will take the ticket! I haven’t had the pleasure of wearing a pair of Frankie4’s boots yet, so can’t wait to get some on my feet!

  58. My favourite is definitely the SALLi – and love this seasons new colour! I bought a pair last year and they truely saved my sole, (a niggling running injury finally got better with wearing my SALLis every day).

  59. I love Laura for her versatility. I’m a casual girl during the day with the occasional night out and I think that Laura will fit right in

  60. NAOMI in Cognac colour from an Australian’s favourite FRANKIE4 is my favourite ankle boots because it has stunning, luxurious and timeless elegance styles with famous FRANKIE4 podiatrist/physiotherapist Caroline McCulloch designs for super comfy shoes experience.NAOMI boots would be perfect match my favourite wide legs pants and long wool skirt.

  61. Love the Laura in cognac. The heel is just the right height to wear everyday and the colour will match with most outfits. Perfect for our north Queensland winters – stylish, comfy, practical and most of all breathable as they are all natural. I adore Frankie4 shoes having found relief from sore feet after purchasing my first pair.

  62. The SALLI would be fabulous. My extra wide feet keep my shoe buying aspirations firmly in check, so these appeal as the look so versatile in tan. Plus my tight runner’s calves would forgive a 45mm heel. It would be stupendous to have some cute boots in my wardrobe instead of just another pair of trainers to stink out my clothes or boring shoes that I bought because some of us don’t have Cinderella’s dainty tootsies.

  63. Bridget!!, loooove the metallic ,as I live in the snow country always looking for boots the aren’t black ,thinking Bridget will go will everything ,just might be my new BF

  64. Cinderella is proof that a pair of shoes can change your life! NAOMi in black would definitely bring some magic to my world!

  65. iZZY in Wheat is the perfect shoe for all of my autumn and winter adventures in both comfort and style! Love at first sight!

  66. I love the look of the Laura Frankie 4 boots. I can’t wear boots anymore as my orthotics don’t fit, my feet would have that ahah moment with these beauties they would match my wardrobe perfectly.

  67. definitely Salli that I am hoping to wear this winter and, like the song, they’ll keep me ‘running all over the town’ and keep my ‘flat feet on the ground’

  68. I’m a sucker for a heel and the tan Naomi is amazing! With an 11 year old clipping at my heels (oh alright, she’s overtaken me), I need all the height I can get!

  69. Mia in gunmetal for me this season. As a Jamie fan I would like to try the MIA, the heel height of 45mm is just right for teaching all day.

  70. Tan Ashley without a doubt. Every winter I fall in love with a new pair of tan boots, hoping this will be the year they don’t make my feet scream in pain. With the Ashley I think you’ll save my heart and soles

  71. Mamma MiA how can I resist you- you are the boot for me. They would be ABBAsolutely fabulous ! If I could Take a Chance with MiA they would complement my wardrobe and keep me stylish from work to watching the kids play sport . My feet would not have to send out an SOS and I could be the Dancing Queen all night long.

  72. Laura in Cognac is refreshingly different in colour, height, style and stitching and would be would comfortable perfection for me as well as being super versatile.

  73. I really love the SALLI in the new taupe colour. This boot is the best height for me as I can wear it comfortably all day. The taupe colour would be a great asset with wearability in all seasons. Love them!

  74. I think my favourite of the new season would have to be the SALLi in Taupe as I think it will be a great colour that can transition from season to season and will look great with what I already have in my wardrobe.
    As for following FRANKiE4 on Instragram, I do that already. I love seeing at how the staff have fun during their work days and the fact that their workplace is dog friendly.

  75. It’s a tough choice but Laura is my favourite style. The heel height is perfect for when I’m on my feet all day and I just love the zip feature on the outside of these boots.

  76. Love at first sight! The Laura boots in black – perfect for everyday and more! They are the perfect height, colour and look so soft and comfy! I have to have them…….

  77. LAURA, LAURA, I adore her!
    In this sleek black style,
    I’d roam for a mile.
    With attitude and spunk,
    I’d be out of this funk,
    No woes of bare toes.
    LAURA is my winter style.

  78. Hi Nikki,
    I would love Bridget in Black. She’s that perfect goldilocks height – just right!! Would be able to wear her with everything!!

  79. I love Laura in any colour but I would probably pick the grey, that bit of height over the ankle makes her stand out to me.

  80. The Laura in black not to high not to low just the right heel . I have never had the courage to wear boots with dress but with your styling advice I cant wait to try.

  81. When I was a kid I always wanted my Mother’s high heel shoes! I remember stumbling around in them wishing I could “walk in her shoes!” Now of course the wish is different!
    The reason I love shoes is because they give me a certain feeling, excitement or energy when I see them. They are the one area of my life where I can honestly say practicality or common sense do not prevail or even exist – I guess you could say they bring out my rebellious side.
    Of course my dream shoe is always the latest pair I own until I spot the next dream pair that I simply must purchase and possess and today that pair is Frankie’s Salli! Yes, a rare moment of sensibility and reality has hit and I’ve realised these are perfect for my worsening arthritis with their lower cut and heel! Although they are so stylish my rebellious side is excited too!!!!

  82. As you have Caroline to thank for changing your perception of comfort footwear (previously known as Nana shoes before discovering Frankie4), I have you Nikki to thank for introducing me to the stylish World of Frankie4!

    Through your blog I had discovered heaven for my sore & tired feet with their plethora of issues & I haven’t looked back!

    If Frankie4 ever require another brand ambassador or disciple… look no further ladies as I’m seriously your gal! I have already converted a number of my girlfriends & continue to spread the word every chance I get! You can never save too many soles!

    As I work in retail & am on my feet all day, almost every day I would give anything (well at least donate last year’s leather boots & flats that I could hardly wear) & instead add the MIA boot to my wardrobe.

    Not only is the MIA stylish & a true classic, it is also the perfect max height for me. I know that they would also fit my orthotics easily so that I may continue to save my own soles & career! <3

    Cheers 🙂

    1. Btw Nikki… where is that gorgeous black dress you’re wearing in the photo’s with the Metallic Bridget from? It’s simply divine! xxx

      1. Omg… & your Grey plaid Blazer featured with the Mia’s! To die for! Don’t know how I missed these pieces… I was initially too focussed on the boots! Ooops! 🙂

  83. Izzi in black is my favourite. Why? Love the colour and style and they would be perfect in Melbourne. I would love to win as a start to turning around what has been a horrific start to the year losing my Mum – thanks for the opportunity x

  84. Izzy black will be my winter favourite because the colour goes with everything and the heel height I can wear all day long just like my Sara black I wear everyday in summer!

  85. I’m just a girl, standing in front of (the most amazing metallic Bridget) ankle boots, asking them to love her!

  86. The iZZY in wheat is my favourite, it looks like such a versatile colour for all seasons- with dresses in warmer weather or with jeans in the cooler months ❤️❤️❤️

  87. It’s the Izzy in black! I’ve looked for a black boot that is both comfortable and stylish that can be dressed up or worn casually and these fit the bill! I’m sure we’ll have many happy years together

  88. The Laura Black for me not too low not too high just right . Ive never been game to wear boots with a dress but with your styling advise I cant wait to try.

  89. Hello Laura! Let me take you away to Italy. We’ll wander through cobbled streets and laneways morning and night. From ultra casual days exploring Florence to nights out in fashion conscious Milan you’ve got me covered.

  90. SALLi in taupe. Love the colour and and low boot around the ankle. Don’t have anything like this and would make great wardrobe addition.

  91. I would love to wear a Salli. After breaking one if my ankles a short & not so high heel would be great! Especially as my foot/ankle still seems to swell. Low but has great support – one couldn’t ask for more.

  92. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Mia in gunmetal. They look so fab and would be a great change from black and tan. (Although I love my Frankie’s in ANY colour )

  93. iZZY would be my pick from the fabulous Frankie range, they are such a classic but so stylish boot that could be worn day or night, working or dancing the night away!!

  94. MIA! In my line of work (rural) I wear boots year round that are not particularly fashionable. I would love to have an alternative stylish pair for those days that are a bit more special, and for wearing outside of work too. I have seen great reviews for Frankie4s and would like to try these out for myself too – and maybe convince the head honchos that we should be wearing these for work instead!!

  95. In my line of work (rural) I wear boots year round that are not particularly fashionable. I would love to have an alternative stylish pair for those days that are a bit more special, and for wearing outside of work too. I have seen great reviews for Frankie4s and would like to try these out for myself too – and maybe convince the head honchos that we should be wearing these for work instead!!

  96. Mumma MIA look at these cute boots in black oily nubuck they make me smile
    love the heel and look with jeans for winter they’re perfectly my style

  97. Mumm MIA in black oily nubuck will make me smile
    love the heel these ankle boots are perfectly my kinda style

  98. Oh Mamma Mia, in tan, is exactly what I’m looking for in a boot. As someone who only wears flats due to an ankle injury, ….yes please!

  99. I love the look of the Salli. I wear mostly ankle grazer pants and jeans and the colour black so this ankle boot in taupe would be the perfect fit! Casual but elegant, comfortable yet stylish, this boot would see a lot of outings!

  100. The SALLi look like I can walk from work to basketball practice to dinner and I love the taupe as it will go with the navy or the black work pants and then jeans on the weekend with the big wooly jumper and coat (think Victorian winter) . They look comfy but stylish a hard combo to achieve!

  101. I ♡ my iZZY boots from last
    year. This year I’d ♡ to add the SALLi in black. She’s a little more casual for wearing with dresses/skirts in our Brisbane winters but is still stylish enough for black pants & denim. ♡♡ my FRANKiE 4 boots.

  102. I love the detail in MIA and love the gunmetal which will never date. They look amazing paired with skirt, dress or jeans, so very versatile and a sound investment for your feet

  103. Love the Laura in black because its a low heel. I’ve got plantar facsiitis in my right foot and these would be perfect for comfort to wear.

  104. I love the Laura! I have had two broken ankles and purchased my first Frankie4 shoes last year and have lived in them ever since. I am excited by the new boot range and love the heel on the Laura – just the right size for me and I don’t have to compromise on style because of my ankle issues.

  105. Mia in Black would be amazeball’s for all my winter outfits out here in the bush please. I can hear that frosty grass crunching underneath already 😀

  106. I absolutely love the look of the Laura. They would be perfect for chasing the kids around on weekends, doing the school run during the week and even wearing to the office. I love a reasonably flat ankle boot, because I’m on my feet most of the time, but the slim line of the Laura would mean I’d feel comfortable wearing them with skirts and dresses, not just pants.

  107. Mia in Gunmetal would be the perfect partner for my feet & wardrobe this autumn/winter. Frankie4 4 Me 4 Ever!

  108. My favourite is the iZZY boot. It looks great, especially the tan – I love the contrast panel. These look like they will be my go-to boot for both casual and more stylish options, as they look great both with jeans (which I live in during the cooler months) as well as part of a dressier ensemble. I also love that this is not super high, as I’m not that great with extremely high heels. And because I’m short, any extra help in the height department is greatly appreciated!

  109. SALLi Black, I love the shorter heel, The hell and Arch support. Making them perfect for my peripheral Nueropathy The two different types of leather used makes it stand out as very stylish. And the toe cushioning means I can wear them all day.

  110. My favourite boot in this range is hands down the Ashley. The colour & heal height of the boot scream versatile. The boot could easily take you from autumn straight through winter & into spring. I love it!!

  111. Back in 2010 I had the honour of marrying an Ashley (hello dear husband) and now my feet would like the same privellege. The Ashley boots are perfect in every way and I am sure would be the start of a long and happy relationship between my feet and FRANKiE4.

  112. Swooning over SALLi tan. Ill be standing straight and tall stepping, tapping maybe even rapping, grounded to the ground feeling rather grand, no pain plantar fascilitis your a goner forever not stopping me any longer

  113. Love, love, love the Mia in gun metal! So versatile, can be dressed up or down and my feet would always be comfortable! I like the fact that they are mid rise as they can be worn with most styles of jeans too, not just skirts, shorts or dresses.

  114. Tapping on along the street, the girl in front looked really neat. High-heeled boots – how could she walk? Her legs were long and lovely like a stork. Clumping behind in my uncomfortable shoes, her gracefully gait gave me the blues. I’ve never ever looked like that in heels! How does she walk in boots so high? Soon she’ll be in agony in boots so high and we’ll know why. Ha! I thought and it will serve her right! I felt surge of jealous spite. ‘Rotten show-off!’ I managed to mutter, then I tripped on the kerb and fell to the gutter. The girl in front with high heels on, glanced back and turned to help. A mutter of thanks is all I could say as I glanced at her boots to wondered why, Frankie4 NAOMi is all she said as she walked on in her high heeled boots looking really neat as I sat back in the gutter now knowing why.

  115. I Looooooooove the black LAURA’s – they look perfect for anytime wear and I like the soft-looking leather. As I tend to wear my boots for work and leisure, these will be my dream-come-true boots!

  116. The Laura in black looks great! I love the detailing and this would be a perfect height/style to kickstart my new teacher career wardrobe.

  117. Salli is my favourite as I love a low cut boot and tend not to high heeled shoes so this is a perfect match for me. I also love the new taupe shade they now come in.

  118. ‘Wow that’s awesome’ is the first thing I thought when I saw that Franke4 did a size 12.
    My teens, 20’s to early 40’s have been spent with limited choice and definitely limited colour – Black, black and more black.
    When I saw this range, Mia in gunmetal stood out for me.
    A colour that makes black jeans pop and indigo denim look hot.
    These ones have stolen my heart and they’re not black and are in a 12, so I can start a new wardrobe for my feet!

  119. When Kath’s feet met SALLi……
    “I’ll wear what she’s wearing” Low cut, mid heel, high style.
    Form. Function. Forever.

  120. Mia Gunmetal! I LOVE these, I am looking for a new go to low heeled boot with soft ankles after a serious ankle injury – these look like the perfect boots!

  121. Wow! They’re all gorgeous but I particularly love the Ashley Tan. A little bit of a heel for those of us who are vertically challenged, great colour and a little bit of detail to give them a bit of oompth!

  122. NAOMi in black, wow! She is elegant and slim and I’m already thinking of outfits to match. So different to my normal low-heeled boots. For business she will be a winner and comfortable too.

  123. Last winter I was longing for a pair of ankle boots. This winter I would chose Naomi in classic black to encase my orthotic friendly, take me everywhere feet!

  124. Absolutely need a pair of Mia boots in every colour! Perfect heel height and perfect for my orthotics! I love Frankie 4!

  125. Oh Mama Mia! I love this low heeled Mia. Mia is so stylish, Mia is so sweet, if I could just have a pair of Mia boots my feet would feel complete.

  126. MIA in Gunmetal would be the perfect compliment to my Autumn and Winter stylings and MIA in black is the boot every girl needs… simple, elegant, clean lines and the prefect cut for jeans, skits or dresses. LOVE Frankie4 Footwear!

  127. MIA in Gunmetal would be the perfect compliment to my Autumn and Winter stlyings and MIA in black is the boot every girl needs… simple, elegant, clean lines and the prefect cut for jeans, skits or dresses. LOVE Frankie4 Footwear!

  128. IZZY… Black or tan… the only heels I wear are boots due to not wanting my feet to be sore and I have struggled to find a pair of ankle boots that fit/suit my skinny ankles, (this is a problem, believe me) The IZZY tick ALL the boxes, comfort, no gaping around the ankle and solid heel… All I could wish for and more!!!

  129. I am new to the ankle boot trend having bought my first pair last year and I am hooked. If I had to choose just one it would probably be the SALLi in taupe. Classy and able to be dressed up. Low and comfortable enough that I can go all day in them. A lovely neutral colour that will go with everything – what could be more perfect!

  130. The Laura Cognac is my favourite – adds a little a bit of style to my feet and some height without being a hazard since I have to carry and run around after two kids!

  131. I’ve been waiting patiently for a new pair of flat black ankle boots and I think Laura will be my new best friend. I was a bit sad last year that the SALLi didn’t work for me – although it did mean I brought home a gorgeous pair of IZZY in gunmetal

  132. I’m loving the Ashley in Tan! Who doesn’t love a tan boot to jazz up a pair of jeans, or a boho dress?! These look the perfect height too- somewhere between practical and ambitious. Achievable glamour! Love it.

  133. I am a busy mamma of 4 (who never stops) so the versatility and comfort of the Salli is for me! The new taupe colour is the perfect so with anything neutral that my post bub Winter wardrobe needs x

  134. I’m loving the look of the new taupe colour in the Salli – equally stylish with jeans or a dress! I’ve only just discovered Frankie4 – what a discovery!

  135. So hard to choose a favourite, I can see myself needing a few different pairs – one for every occasion. If I had to choose just one, the BRiDGET. A perfect, classic, everyday boot. It would be comfortable enough for running errands on the weekend in jeans, but stylish enough for work. But the Salli is a very close second!

  136. I love NAOMi Black as they would go perfectly with everything I have in my wardrobe, stylish and more importantly not too high, the perfect combination.

  137. BRiGDET in metallic is my favourite! I’m a sucker for a little bit of sparkle and the heel height means these boots work for both day and night time.

  138. I love love the BRiDGET in metallic what a fabulous versatile ankle boot. Beautiful leather will go with jeans for more casual look or dress up to go out and feel sexy as I go!! These boots would be the best travel accessory for my trip to UK. And along with a beautiful boot they are so comfortable I wear nothing else now but Frankie4. Go Frankie4 keep up the wonderful work of making women’s feet better ❤️

  139. I L.O.V.E IZZY in tan, but as i have peasant legs (wide calves) I always struggle to find ankle boots that fit. Luckily, SALLi looks like an excellent alternative for those of us who are challenged in the thin ankle area! 🙂

  140. That’d be the Laura in black, for me! Love the low heel, pointed toe, and slimline look. I think I could wear them with anything and they’d still a little bit badass.

    1. Loving the new Taup colour for Salli. I see my newly retired self traveling exotic places in these little beauties!

  141. I think the Ashley in the tan colour would be the ankle boot to push my self imposed boundary of ankle boots with dresses and skirts. It looks elegant enough to be teamed easily with a flowing skirt. I am usually a boots with jeans only girl but think the Ashley could change that for me!

  142. The Salli ankle boot in taupe has my heart heading into winter this year. I’m tall and it has the perfect low heel and a sharp look to it.

  143. I have been eyeing off the Salli boot in Taupe! I love my Frankie4 boots, took me right around Europe with no foot soreness whatsoever. Best footwear brand out there!

  144. Love the Naomi in Black for a dressier night out in winter – the higher heel gives it a bit more vavavoom!

  145. The Bridget in Metallic – I saw them on the Frankie4 insta and decided I had to have them this season before I saw any of the others! Love, love, love them!

  146. Salli in taupe, not too high, neutral, a great into to winter boots from a ballet flat only wearer! Perfect for a day at work and chasing around the kids ❤️

  147. Cue Finesse by Bruno Mars … Ooh, don’t we look good together? There’s a reason why they watch all night long, Yeah, know we’ll turn heads forever, So tonight I’m gonna show you off – BRIDGET IN METALLIC – because they are drippin’ in finesse!

  148. SAlli is the perfect boot & perfect heel height too! I’m a teacher with Plantar Fascitis in my left heel so the SALLi in Taupe would really save my soles this Winter! #thankyoustylingyou

  149. Black iZZY my favourite style of mine would be oh so fine for my very sore feet of mine.
    To wear all day long would be nice
    and especially at night for my birthday party of nine.
    A pair of shoes I can wear day & nighy that my feet would feel oh so nice.

  150. Mia- I don’t like too much of a heel. Love the quality of frankie4s – I have 5 pairs and counting! Frankie4 have ruined me for other shoe brands. Just not as comfortable.

  151. Has to be for myself “Mia” in gunmetal. The perfect height for me plus love the length of the ankle area.
    Classy and/or casual for my delicate feet. Thanks FRANKiE4 and Stylingyou.

  152. I am torn between the Laura in Cognac and the Izzy in Gunmetal grey. The range is huge though – I may change my mind a million times over Autumn/Winter!!! 🙂

  153. Sally in taupe is definitely the go.
    Now that I’m newly retired and also on the go (caravanning around Australia), this smart little boot will go well with my travel wardrobe smartening up an outfit or just comfort with jeans.

  154. LAURA! I love these boots. I’ve been looking for a mid-size heeled boot for so long and these are exactly what I was looking for. Stylish enough to dress up, casual enough for every day were. In a word: Perfect!

  155. Mia in tan for me! I like a lower heel and love that Mia is a little bit more casual than the others. Have been wearing Frankie4’s for a few years now. Love them!!

  156. I’m so excited to see the Naomi ‘ it just stunning !!! I love both colours … will be too hard to choose … I have a few Frankie Heels but cannot wait to step into winter with some gorgeous boots

  157. As a chiropractor who works with a podiatrist I’m delighted to have found these magical offerings! It’s a tough decision but I’m going to have to choose Salli in taupe. She is sleek, stylish and still fun so I can work a full day in comfort and style AND brag about how supportive they are all while being able to show my patients that they can help themselves from the ground up without compromise… then run after my twins or meet the girls for a coffee. Salli looks like she can take me anywhere!

  158. This is kinda sorta like choosing your favourite child!! But I have to say Izzy in wheat is the perfect boot for me. The colour will match anything I have in my wardrobe and the heel height is perfect for wearing everyday.

  159. I have all the heart eyes and am super excited for the Naomi’s – I love a heel but they don’t love me! So having Frankie 4 comfort in a HOT ankle boot is my idea of exciting!!! CNnot wait for them to come in!

  160. Ive recently moved from QLD to Tassie so it’s definitely boot weather down here!! Izzy in wheat is my favourite this season, loving the size of the heel, l’m short so I need all the help I can get!! All their shoes are so comfortable and my feet are loving any pair I get from them!!

  161. Oh the IZZY Tan would be Devine for my tired little feet! They look so versatile for winter and I can see myself wearing them with everything and everywhere 🙂

  162. I love the look of BRiDGET in metallic, perfect heal hight, perfect toe shape, perfect shimmer, and comfort to boot, what’s not to love?

  163. Dear Naomi – surely it must be true,
    off to Paris I’ll go, perhaps to Cognac too.
    But I cannot imagine on strolling the pavement, without such an exquisite Frankie4 statememt! With these divine boots, a dream from above, I’ll be ready to wonder through the city of love!

  164. I’m super pumped because just can’t do heels anymore EXCEPT in Frankie4 Footwear! I work full time at a standing desk so need comfy shoes (both pairs of Ashley’s were a godsend last autumn /winter) and Naomi in Cognac will deliver comfort, style and a heel height that makes me feel glamorous. thank you

  165. I’m super pumped because just can’t do heels anymore EXCEPT in Frankie4 Footwear! I work full time at a standing desk so need comfy shoes and Naomi in Cognac will deliver comfort, style and a heel height that makes me feel glamorous. thank you

  166. I love the look of Ashley. Would be good for work or play and it’s always good to have a heel when you are a shorty like me.

  167. Love the Laura boot in black. Love the way it sits higher on the ankle and the riding boot look. Looks like RM Williams x Nina Proudman= DREAM!!

  168. Salli tan all the way. I will wear these with everything and everywhere. Def be rockin the school run in a pair of Salli’s.

  169. Oooh salli in tan for me please! Love nothing better than a low heeled ankle boot and one that’s soooo comfortable – can’t beat it!!!!!

  170. My favourite is….
    Bridget in metallic as sported by Nikki,
    Made by Frankie4 for every fashionable chicky,
    Shimmery and sleek perfect for every occasion,
    A pair of these + me = a perfect equation!! ❤️

  171. I’ve just bought my favourite – Izzy in wheat but I’m also crushing on the Bridget in metallic .So versatile to dress up an outfit for day or night. I can never resist a bit of bling in my life.

  172. Oh its got to be the ‘Bridget’ in metallic for that ‘disco-dance the night away’ style. Which is exactly what I’m going to do when I come to Brisbane in July for a sneaky girls weekend. So much looking forward to it and the ‘Bridget’ in metallic would be the icing on the cake!

  173. Black Izzy. She’s tall and curvy like me. And she would give me all the confidence and support I need to feel beautiful and stylish through winter.

  174. I adore the Naomi boot!! So RARE is it to find that heavenly combination of fashion and form, who’d believe that such a heel height could still cradle my feet with nurturing love like only Frankie can. {certainly not my husband who is forever hearing my OH LORD MY FEET HURT} cries!}. Thanks for the opportunity to win a pair to strut around in Nikki – and believe me, I’ll be strutting!

  175. So hard to choose when it comes to Frankie4’s but if I had to choose …… SALLi would be the soles for me taking me from day to night, these girls were made for walking in any season!

  176. I love Bridget in the new metallic, what a beauty! A must to go in the suitcase to travel as a stunner at night or simply feeling like walking on a cloud as daytime statement! Thank you Frankie4 these boots are made wearing!

  177. Oh for the love of shiny!! You just keep outdoing yourselves, you have created perfection Frankie4. Such excitement as I saw I can have beautiful, comfortable, shiny and fabulous all in one!! Yay for BRiDGET I can already see a love affair at first sight.

  178. I’ve been saving up for SALLi in tan but now I think that I might be in love with the taupe. I’ve just had to start wearing orthotics so need to start again with my boots collection and SALLi is the perfect look for my everyday at work. I just love the low heel and the low cut around the ankle as I think it will give me all the freedom of movement that my chubby ankles desire while keeping my toes cost and warm in a cold Canberra winter

  179. Oh so hard to choose! Probably the Naomi! Perfect for running around at work during the week then styling it up with jeans & a nice top 😉 for weekend dining. Also perfect height to cover the ankles in the Canberra Winter. Love!

  180. So hard to choose! But my pick would be the gorgeous MiA in gunmetal grey. The mid heel is perfect for any occasion and the colour is versatile and sophisticated. Love love love!

  181. Izzy black would be my pick. A great boot for everything from work to a party. I think a nice pair of black ankle boots is a must have for every winter wardrobe and I would so love these boots !

  182. For me it’s a hard call between Naomi & the Laura boot, but I think the higher heel on the Naomi tips the scales …. sexy , stylish & comfort every girls dream footwear

  183. Salli in taupe will elevate my ladder trim pant from Katies. Whether Im travelling through Asia or taking a roadtrip along the Queensland coast. Comfort is key with Frankie 4. It’s a Win, Win, I say!

  184. Well hello BRiDGET in metallic – you are more than welcome to join my shoe-drobe! You are a little shinier and pointier than your sisters and I’m sure you’ll fit right in

  185. I love the Naomi in cognac . I love the fact that Caroline has poured her heart and soul into creating a heel that looks amazing but with maximum comfort.❤️

  186. Salli is the style that I really love, the low heel, the colour, taupe, is stunning, the high low feature is really flattering….Frankie4 you can do no wrong

  187. Hard choice but loving the Naomi. Great heel height to feel a little more styled up and a fresh take with the narrower toe. Love!

  188. When you have feet that get really sore,
    Never wear heels; it’s an unwritten law,
    Heels for orthotics are in no store,
    It’s why I need Ashley from Frankie 4!

  189. Laura, perfect little boot for me. Heel height not too high. Perfect boot for pants, jeans, skirts and dresses. I have nerve damage to both my feet and I and my poor feet would really appreciate and treasure a good quality, supportive pair of gorgeous leather boots this autumn/winter.

  190. Laura Laura Laura!
    They look fun. I love the outside zip. They look young and on trend, even if I’m not so young anymore. Fab with jeans or black tights and skirts ready for winter.

  191. Izzy in Wheat. OMG you are gorgeous. You should come live at my place. I have a spot especially for you but don’t get too comfy because you won’t get much rest. We’ve got places to go, people to see and fun to have. You and me babe, together!

  192. Would have to be the Izzy in wheat – what a fabulous neutral colour that will go with everything in my wardrobe, and a great height for everyday as well! ❤️

  193. Ummmmm! Too many to choose from but MIA in gunmetal would probably be first to the winning line for me. Why?
    Well she’s (M) mid heel which is as high as I can go (I) individual as it’s hard to gret a great grey and will become an Iconic part of the brand, and (A) for Ali! If I was lucky enough to win though I’d like to get the experts advice first and would let team Frankie4 tell me the one that would be boot perfection for me

  194. A super huge A+ and yes please for Ashley in Tan! She’s beautiful, versatile and makes you feel like you’re friends from the very beginning. A perfect partner for any occasion in Autumn 2018!

  195. I think I would choose the Bridget. So stylish and on trend. Perfect with denim, dresses or leather skirt. Could even see these with something soft like lace and velvet. Very yummy looking!

  196. I think it would be the Bridget. So stylish and on trend. So many opportunities with dresses, denim, a leather skirt or perhaps something boho or velvet. Yummy!

  197. I love the Salli in Taupe. I have been looking for a lower heel boot for everyday wear and these look perfect and would compliment my wardrobe perfectly!

  198. Oh, gun metal Mia! Where could we not go together! You would cushion my walk to work in the morning on the hard city pavements, you would stomp with me on the dance floor with my black denim and leather! You have stolen my heart, sweet Mia, please be mine ❤️

  199. I think I would have the sali in Taupe. I think the shoe is beautiful. She looks so versatile and comfortable and I could wear her with pants or dresses and not have to change shoes when on my feet at work using my standing desk. ( this summer I feel like I’m forever kicking shoes off to stand !)

  200. I think it would have to be the Taupe Salli. I’m standing most of the time at work and lately my basic flats are just not cutting it in terms of comfort and support. Time to invest in some supportive shoes I think!

  201. Definetely the Salli. Such a cute little style and easy enough to dress up or down for a more casual look. Love a good boot in winter. Keep up the great work Franki.

  202. Recently returned from first trip to New York for my 30th Birthday.
    First time in New York and first time in my life I realised the importance of quality walking shoes!
    Went for style over comfort (as I did throughout my 20’s!) and bought a cheap pair of boots.
    My feet were in agony within the first hour of walking and I spent the week hobbling around – what a mistake!
    Wish I’d known about Bridget in Metallic – would have loved to have shown her around New York instead. Next time!

  203. I’m besotted with Laura. Laura is actually my little sister who grew up on the farm with me and moved to the city. And just like Frankie4’s Laura she has a solid foundation of family support with a new sophisticated elegance that is happy chasing after her toddler at the park as well as having stylish evening drinks on a rooftop terrace with me in the city. Oh how I love Laura

  204. Ohhhh woow , I love all of them but I would love izzy , you can wear them with anything and still look amazing , jeans , dresses, smart or casual and yet they look comfy. And I would like to win because I can’t afford any of their boots ATM .

  205. I would love to gift a pair of boots to my friend Natalie Le Fevre. Texting her this morning as she waits for her foot surgeon’s appointment, I would love to help her end her relationship with ‘Miss Pointy toed unsteady kitten heel’ and ‘Ms Squeeze your Pitter Patters into sore ball creating stack heels’ and start positive foot hugging relationships with dear SALLi or Mia.

    1. I think SALLi and Mia would be
      Like a big warm foot loving, sole restoring hug that protects when when looking fabulous .

  206. Frankie4 can do no wrong, they make the nicest, comfiest shoes ever and my feet love them! I am in LOVE with the NAOMi boot in cognac, I’ve been looking for brown ankle boots with a high heel for years and haven’t been able to find the perfect pair until now!

  207. Gosh I love the whole range and there are a few I’d like to try but with a name like Sally how could I not go past the SALLi boot, super cute and just what I need for the Victorian Winter!

  208. Lovin’ Laura in Cool as Cognac! Country living doesn’t mean RM’s for ever! Frankies for this farm girl!

  209. Love the Mia in gunmetal. I love Frankie4 and now my go to shoes. Mia is beautiful, stylish and I am sure the fabulous footbed will keep me on my feet.

  210. Naomi in cognac , narrow fit for me ! The possibility of being able wear heals again has me every excite love love them x

  211. Old boots, I’m breaking up with you! I’ve met Frankie4 Mia and I’ve fallen in love! She is stylish and sassy and has more class than you’ll ever have! She will support me in ways you never have! She will fit into my lifestyle like you never could! And, I suspect Mia and I will be an “item” for years to come. So, old Boots, it’s not me, it’s you! So adios old boots, hello Frankie4 Mia! I love you already!

  212. The Naomi in cognac. I love to wear ankle boots but my feet are screaming to get them off after a few hours. Who’d of thought you can buy stylish boots AND be comfortable. Shut up and take my money!

  213. Please please please Mia in tan. Is there anything these gorgeous boots wouldn’t go with. Cinderella’s glass slipper has been found

  214. I am seriously in boot heaven. Naomi in Cognac will be my go to boot of the season.! A heel, pointed toe and comfort – what more could a girl ask for . WOW. So excited !

  215. Love, love, love the Bridget in metallic! The more pointed toe and streamlined low cut profile are fabulous…plus metallic is a neutral right? Goes with everything. No clairvoyant needed to see my Frankie4 ‘shoedrobe’ is going to get bigger this winter.

  216. For me it had to be the MIA in black as my current pair of boots are falling to pieces and this is the first style I’ve found that will give me the same kind of look. Plus of course I just know those Frankie4s are going to be sooo comfortable but so stylish at the same time! Perfection in an ankle boot ❤️

  217. The MiA in gunmetal is calling my name. Already a Frankie 4 convert it’s time to add grey to the winter mix. Can’t wait.

  218. Mia in Tan — this will absolutely be my go-to boot of the season. She’s polished and classy and is perfect for wearing to work, but she’ll also work beautifully over stockings with a dress and jacket for dinner out with friends on the weekend. I do a lot of walking and my feet are already tingling with anticipation for all the comfortable, well-supported steps they’ll take with Mia.

  219. I love the Laura in black. I think the higher cut is very dressy & modern. It would update my wardrobe nicely.

  220. Absolutely the Bridget in metallic!! What a stunner. I love her because she would be perfect for night-time and would go with almost all of my wardrobe.

  221. Naomi in black! Do you think it would be frowned upon to wear these gorgeous boots at my wedding? I need all the height I can get under my dress, as well as maximum comfort! And black and white are the perfect colour combo right?!?!

  222. Salli – a boot with style and designed to work with my ankles – am loving this look. Just perfect for me and my feet – and new taupe colour is so versitle. So excited about this boot.

  223. I like the look of Laura. I wear a lot of black and I think the tan heel will break up the monotony of my outfits! I would have trouble picking between the black and cognac

  224. I would love a pair of the Salli in black. I love boots and really want a pair I can wear with dresses and black tights… but I have the daily problem of cankles! So I’m sold if I can now wear them with dresses – my plan for my winter style this year

  225. Definitely the Salli! I’m on my feet all day with work and need a boot/shoe that is stylish and kind to my feet! Love love love!

  226. The Bridget – can’t wait to bring colour to work over the cooler months to come! Such a brilliant addition to their range!

  227. I fell in love with the Salli last winter and to see it in taupe this winter is a no brainer! The comfort Frankie4 footwear bring to my feet is amazing! Style and comfort all rolled in one package.

  228. The MIA in gunmetal looks like my new staple boot of the season! Since taking my physiotherapists advice to lay off the heels (except for special occasions) my hips and back have never felt better!
    Screw damaging my body for an aesthetic.
    The MIA will take me from casual weekend events straight through to work outfits and fancier dinners. The colour is bang on trend and the design is sleek and sophisticated.
    Can’t wait to purchase my new favourite boots!

  229. Bridget would be my stand out faves this season… something to balance out my Izzy’s in tan from last season 🙂
    Cannot wait for the cooler months and an excuse to whip these baby’s out!

  230. Hi Nikki, I love the new Salli colour, I have the tan already. Also the Mia. I have a suggestion though, why don’t Frankie4 make slippers 🙂 their shoes and boots are so comfortable, now take on the world of slippers! x

    1. Post
  231. The Noami in black is my favourite.
    I love the style and heel to dress up an outfit yet perfect casually with jeans too.
    She is one hot boot!

  232. Mia in gunmetal
    I’ve been looking for something
    that’s not black or tan in boots
    I resisted buying last year but with this range resistance seems it won’t have to last much longer

  233. The Bridget is my new favourite. I love the metallic, the more pointed toe and that it has a heel but not too high. I’d feel quite sexy in those with jeans or a dress.

  234. Bridget – like the Pointer Sister sung, ‘I’m so Excited’ about how these beauties will make my feet look, but even more excited on the way they will feel.

  235. The Bridget in metallic for me! She’s soft, shiny and keeps you feeling wonderful all day! What more could you ask for!

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