Motto black jersey flounce v top | Motto black strong hold shaper pant | Motto Persia print wrap scarf | Nikki Parkinson of Styling You. Photo by Sarah Keayes/The Photo Pitch

These are the magic pants you need in your wardrobe this autumn-winter

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When Motto co-designer Lauren Browne contacted me to suggest I write about the label’s best-selling, super-stretch ponte magic pants, she had my curiosity piqued.

I am, after all, the Queen of the Soft Pant. It’s been a life-long wardrobe quest of mine to get my butt, legs and tummy into pants that look good, while also harnessing superior levels of comfort. It’s when this combination of style plus comfort comes together, that the magic happens. 

I implicitly trust Lauren and her mum (the creative geniuses behind this independent Australian label)  but I did wonder, just how different could these pants be from every soft pant before them?

Motto black strong hold shaper pant | Motto silver dry knit sunset tunic | Motto tapestry print wrap scarf | Nikki Parkinson of Styling You. Photo by Sarah Keayes/The Photo Pitch

Motto black strong hold shaper pant | Motto silver dry knit sunset tunic | Motto tapestry print wrap scarf

The day the pants arrived by courier, it was a Brisbane stinker. The kind of day that you just really don’t feel like trying any clothes on, let alone clothes that cover up your arms and legs.

But I am nothing, if not a professional. I cranked up that aircon and whipped on those aforementioned magic pants. 


Seriously. I could feel Lauren and Faye telepathically saying, “I told you so”.

Motto silver dry knit sunset tunic

Motto silver dry knit sunset tunic (I’m in size 14)

The very feel of them personifies comfort but then you pull them easily up over your legs, butt and tummy, something quite powerful happens. Your bottom half feels lifted, sculpted and supported but not in a way, in which breathing becomes an optional extra.

You know that feeling, don’t you? When a garment makes you look fantastic and super confident but has you dreading sitting down, standing up, eating a big lunch … or even breathing.

You also dread that any sculpting powers offered by said garment only serve to re-allocate the bits you were seeking to sculpt – and not in a good way.

Motto black strong hold shaper pant | Motto pink dry knit scoop back jumper | Motto patriotic print wrap scarf | Photo by Sarah Keayes/The Photo Pitch

Motto black strong hold shaper pant | Motto pink dry knit scoop back jumper | Motto patriotic print wrap scarf

Just days after first trying on these pants of power, I was on location for this photoshoot and popped them. I fell in love all over again.

And couldn’t stop sharing their virtues with all those around me. Umm, it was just my photographer, Sarah and I. Sorry for the gushing, Sarah. But THEY’RE REALLY good. Like REALLY. Can’t stop. Won’t stop.

Motto pink dry knit scoop back jumper | Motto patriotic print wrap scarf | Nikki Parkinson of Styling You. Photo by Sarah Keayes/The Photo Pitch

Motto pink dry knit scoop back jumper (I’m in size 14) | Motto patriotic print wrap scarf

What makes this pants so magical? They’re made from real ponte. Turns out there is ponte and there is ponte. THIS is ponte – a fabric mix of nylon, viscose and elastane that provides a soft, warm finish. 

Think high-end sportswear fabric but in a fashion pant that can be dressed up or dressed down. The wide waistband offers extra support – and helps the dreaded pant downwards creep that can happen in similar styles, particularly for women like me who possess the polar opposite of a peach-like Kardashian backside.

My hot tip to you: the key in getting the most magic out of these pants is to buy firm. I’ve gone down a size to a 12. Do not fear dropping a size. They will not feel constrictive, they’ll just feel firm and uplifting.

Wear them as you would wear a legging – under frocks or teamed with a tunic. Dress them up with a heeled boot or down with a sneaker or a brogue. Layer a blazer or longline cardigan over a tunic and add a scarf for an effortless winter style look.

When it comes to searching for the ultimate cold-weather travel pant, search no more. This is it. You can easily sit down for a long-haul flight in economy and not feel in any way uncomfortable. They don’t crush or need ironing, so you’ll arrive at your destination feeling and looking fresh.

Having written more than 800 words about these pants, I realise this blog post could have been super short. I could have said: these are the magic pants you need in your wardrobe this autumn-winter. BUY THEM. You won’t regret it.

Because, you won’t. You really won’t.

The End.

Motto black jersey flounce v top | Motto black strong hold shaper pant | Motto Persia print wrap scarf | Nikki Parkinson of Styling You. Photo by Sarah Keayes/The Photo Pitch

Motto black black free spirit top (I’m in size 14) | Motto black strong hold shaper pant | Motto Persia print wrap scarf 

Shop all my favourite Motto pieces HERE. Check out the Motto online magazine for even more outfit inspiration, as curated by Motto creative director Faye Browne.


Get excited. Motto has one pair of black strong hold shaper pants to give away to five Styling You readers. Follow the steps below to enter.

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  2. Once filled in, you’ll be directed back here to answer this question in the comments below: Where could these Motto magic pants take you this autumn-winter?

Entries open on Friday, March 23, 2018 at 5am (AEST) and close on Friday, April 6 at 5pm (AEST). Australian entries only, sorry. The five winners of the “answer the question” competition will be judged on originality and creativity. Both steps of the competition need to be fulfilled to be judged a winner. The winner will be emailed and their name will be published here. Entrants must include an email address when the filling in the commenting system below to be eligible to enter. Full terms and conditions here.

Motto black jersey flounce v top | Motto Persia print wrap scarf | Nikki Parkinson of Styling You. Photo by Sarah Keayes/The Photo Pitch

This photoshoot was shot on location at a private home in Paddington, Brisbane. Photography: The Photo Pitch; Hair and Makeup: Dale Dorning/Arc Creative

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  1. I’m an older woman, a bit on the tubby side & wearing these pants would help smooth out my lumps & bumps & kick start my life of being the best I can be.

  2. I am going to Europe in 8 weeks. I need these pants. Comfort, style and so so very interchangeable. Never even knew what ponte was till I started reading Nikki’s blog a week ago and now … I want it!! Also trying to lose a bit of weight before I go and it sounds like these pants are perfect!!! Pick me, pick me 🙂

  3. As primary teacher with young kids, I am always looking for clothing that is comfortable and stylish. These ponte pants fit the bill perfectly and I look forward to adding them to my winter wardrobe.

  4. These pants would be wonderful for me on my flight to Italy in September where I am headed with my mum and sister to celebrate my recent 50th birthday and whilst travelling around this beautiful country which I have always dreamt to go to!

  5. Everywhere because I would wear it all day long. I love to wear comfortable pants which nevertheless show my curves in the best possible way.

  6. These beauties could take me on the Turtle path, for walks on the esplanade and keeping me warm and dry whilst I exercise!

  7. We have just started our own creative agency and in between spending hours at the computer copywriting, I’m ducking out to photo or video shoots. These pants look and sound amazing – the sweet spot between the flexibility & comfort of a legging but less casual for meeting clients when on-site. I’m sold!

  8. We have just started our own creative agency and in between spending hours at the computer copywriting, I’m ducking out to photo or video shoots. These pants look and sound amazing – the sweet spot between the flexibility & comfort of a legging but less casual for meeting clients when on-site. I’m sold!

  9. These magic pants could take me into the dark recesses of the back of my wardrobe to retrieve a ridiculous number of usable but definitely non-magic pants. They could support my now ‘decidedly un-saggy’ derriere as I strut, sashay or saunter down to the Op-shop and donate these muggle pants to the Salvos. The absolute comfort and ease of movement would soothe my feelings of guilt for having donated the dodgy pants and kept the good ones!

  10. I’m hoping these magic pants will take me to Vietnam for my 40th Birthday! They would be easy to pack, feel comfy for the flight & everyday wear and would go with absolutely anything! I think I might need 2 pairs! Thanks for the opportunity to win these fabulous super stretch magic ponte pants!

  11. New to Nikki’s blog, but inspired by it I spent yesterday cleansing my wardrobe of all items that didn’t make me feel fabulous. There’s not much left! Now it’s time to rebuild – and I’m pretty sure the Motto ponte pants are going to be a fundamental piece in my new winter capsule! I see them taking me through a fabulous, confident winter season.

  12. These pant could take me anywhere in the world they look perfect for traveling in! When we fly I dress my giros in leggings but can’t find great ones for me, I think these might be it. Answer ; Lake Como

  13. They would take me everywhere on my trip to Japan next month. I’ve been on the hunt for a soft, travelling pant without the “drop crotch” effect, which for the more buxom thighed of us can mean chaffing after long walks. It feels like my form of pant heaven… Soft, supportive and interchangeable with my current travelling wardrobe. I’m currently working through your travel capsule e-book and I fear it’s the only thing missing from my perfect travelling style!

  14. This autumn-winter; the Motto magic pants will take me
    On an experience of comfort and relaxation where I can be free
    Embracing femininity & uniqueness that helps me be
    An inspiration; deep at heart the style which makes us smile with glee!

  15. To Birthday number ‘seventeeeee’
    That’s where these pants could sure take me!
    Approaching soon, this new decade,
    But must my style now be remade?
    A fashion goddess girl I’ve been
    Yet mutton dressed as lamb? Not keen!
    But now I’ve spied SY’s MOTTO
    These pants are sure the way to go!


  16. Where can these magical pants take me, all through Autumn and Winter with all my great Motto pieces, I can wear summer skirts and dresses with these pants underneath for warmth and have a great shape at the same time, with a warm jumper or jacket or wear them on their own with a great tunic and warm snood from Motto of course.

  17. Motto magic, will take me to auditions, rehearsals, coffee with the cast and even to catch up for drinks at the end of the day

  18. As Aussies our ability to forgo others opinions of our winter fashion for the sake of keeping warm is rejoiced in but a pair of these comfy pants would set my humour, silly hats and colourful winter jumpers apart from the rest!!!

  19. These pants will take me to comfort and warmth on the coldest of days,
    To school runs and errands or concerts and plays
    The options are endless, be it casual or class
    I’ll look trim and terrific with a bonus great arse 😉

  20. These MOTTO pants will be the basis of my capsule wardrobe. They will make me fabulous in London, stylish in Venice, gorgeous in Florence and confident in Hungary. My travel is part holiday, part competition as I will be competing as a breast cancer survivor in dragon boat world championships. I need the confidence of looking good and comfortable so I can concentrate on winning gold for Australia. Aside from breast cancer, recovery from a recent hip replacement inspires me to succeed.

  21. Magic pants can take me anywhere …the school run and my work day, drinks with my hubby and parent help at the school. Who doesn’t need a little magic everyday!

  22. Mirror, mirror on the wall,
    Motto Magic Pants are best of all.
    Could take me on a romantic escape,
    Give me confidence and great shape!

  23. if they are as comfortable as you say I’d wear them everywhere, I’d have to buy a few more pairs so I could be comfy all the time

  24. If these Motto pontes make my short legs look as good as Nikki’s, I will be going everywhere in them this Autumn/Winter!

  25. The gorgeous looking pants sound absolutely fabulous so I’m sure they will take me to a happy place inside my head wherever I choose to wear them.

  26. I’d love say these pants will take me on a long flight to London, Paris or Venice this winter. But realistically I think I’ll be wearing them while I snuggle in front of the fire with a good book and a cup of tea.

  27. These pants will be gold
    To take this Rockyite down to the cold.
    Sitting around a fire sipping a red,
    And then taking little space in the van cupboard
    At days end when we snuggle in bed.

  28. Oh Ladies – such glowing reports. I could imagine wearing them anywhere. Styled with a shirt and denim jacket – to a date night with a sparkly kaftan over the top, to sitting in comfort whilst undergoing my Chemotherapy – not to put such a sober thought on here.

  29. These pants would accompany me in New Zealand, I am a fellow Brisbane girl and we relocated for work last year. Winter is approaching and the temperature will be a lot cooler in Auckland than I’m used to, we have a trip to the snow planned for later in the year too!

  30. These pants would take me to a place where I can finally start loving my post baby body. I own one pair of maternity jeans (which now fall down) and my old wardrobe simply won’t close over my sexy new hips! Help! These would answer my prayers!

  31. These little beauties will be taking me to my kids Saturday Morning Netball and Soccer games
    I counted ten pairs of jeans in my wardrobe today and none of them fit well. Most are tight around the waist, with these pants I will be able to sit comfortably on the sidelines and cheer along without grimacing.

  32. I’m a pants girls from way back but hate playing Pants Lotto.
    I have so many different size pants for different days and occasions.
    Comfy pants for bloaty days, fitted pants for flat tummy days, leggings for winter, for traveling and of course the work-shift, I’ve even got pants for when I’ve eaten too much and need a fork-lift…you get the drift.
    So it looks like Motto has saved me from playing Pants Lotto again and I’ll only need one pair of their ponte pants to make me look slim.
    Thanks so much Motto! This will save me a mint, and I can use that money towards a face-lift.

  33. I could see these magic pants taking me to Europe, if only they were magic travelling pants. However they’ll have to make do working their magic on me here in Australia, following me around, hopefully making me look fabulous while doing the mundane.

  34. As Dr Seuss says “Oh the places you’ll go!” Honestly, I can’t imagine where I COULDN’T wear them!
    Around the house on a lazy Sunday with an oversized woolly jumper, to coffee with the girls after school drop off with a denim shirt and loafers, on my next flight with a denim jacket and sneakers, or top them off with a blazer and boots for dinner and a movie with my main squeeze. Seriously, who would want to take these beauties off?? I have a feeling my hips won’t lie

  35. Everywhere. I would live in these pants, especially when heading out for a big meal cos they are stretchy! MAKE ROOM FOR THE FEAST!

  36. I’m a comfort first kind of person so I am thinking that the Motto magic pants would take me EVERYWHERE. How have I lived without them in my life? In my wardrobe?

  37. I am going on a Cruise to Europe in May & think that these amazing pants would be just the perfect item to mix & match on my trip . Ponte is a wonderful fabric & I would love to try the Motto brand !

  38. I could easily see throwing a stylish ensemble together over the cooler months an absolute breeze with these answer-to-my-prayers Motto Magic Pants. Feeling confident doing the daily school run, running to the shops, a rare night out at the movies or – heaven forbid – an actual real date out with my hubby – dressed up or down with boots or flats. Sounds marvellous to me!

  39. Being a new mom these would take me pretty much everywhere, from shops, going for a walks with bub, to the monthly hospital visits bub will have for a year till surgery date.

  40. These pants look superb – just ordered a pair but I’m sure another pair won’t go amiss. They would look great with anything for anywhere – thank you

    1. Post
  41. These pants are ready for anywhere! Work and play, fun and relaxation, date night or home night! A winter essential!

  42. I need these pants to lift all my bumps & lumps throughout the cooler months plus keep me comfortable & stylish at the same time

  43. Let’s see… I think my Motto pants would take me to visit my family (that dreaded long plane trip!) and back again in style, and then on through our Queensland winter with so much more comfort and class than jeans!

  44. These magic babies will suck it all in, lift it all up and only
    minus the glitter, will transport my gloriously legs into the unknown depths of Secondary school emergency teaching (where I will need the confidence boost to survive the minefield of the teenage territory) and right back to home where my full time gig as Mum will be enhanced by a svelte, slender vision staring back at me. As I navigate the playground, grocery run and chore completion, I will feel the magic and gorgeous uplift to my Mama wardrobe.

  45. I think these pants will take me to work, a mad dash to school for parent / teacher interviews before marching off to the supermarket to pick up ingredients for dinner. And then a quick catch up with a girlfriend at our local for an espresso martini (or two).

  46. My first ever plane trip. Sadly I’m travelling with my mum to take my grandmother’s ashes home to Holland. Long flight(s) but you’ve sold me on comfort!

  47. These pants would go under my favourite grey wool tunic with a pair of boots for winter functions. They could also end up under a winter dress for my birthday in July

  48. I’m sure they will take me on a journey of self discovery…. to find my inner style (which has been very well hidden for quite some time now!)

  49. Wow these pants could take me to work every day..I am in and out of the car all day long. It would be brilliant if i had a super comfortable pair of pants that looked fabulous as well.
    Would be super happy if it lifted my butt as well

  50. My, my there are some very clever comments here so I will simply say where won’t these pants take me! Would be very excited to find out. Again very clever responses ladies well done.

  51. These pants could propel me right out of the oversized baggy pants rut I have been moping in, and let my quite acceptable pins into public view!

  52. Walking thru Spain in September. I could really use some easy to pack, and comfy to wear pants like these, please…. and thank you. 🙂

  53. Oh the places we’ll go!
    My magic pants from Motto!
    To work, to shop, to a girls night dinner
    All while making me look stylish & thinner!
    A wardrobe must, these ponte pants are,
    They will take me both near and afar!
    Paired with tunic, textured layer or dress
    My outfits needed this touch of finesse!

  54. As a therapist, I need clothing for work that is stylish but comfortable and allows me to move. I think I have just found my go-to pants for Autumn/Winter this year!

  55. Motto pants, they simply look…………
    Wearing them would whisk me off
    on a magic PANTarpet, to the land of luxury!

  56. Aaaarrrgghhh! Why does this blog keep adding must-haves to my list?! These autumn/winter these pants could take me to my brand new (career changing!) primary teacher job, where I shall fearlessly sit, stand and bend over in them while (mind-mindbogglingly!) remaining comfortable!! Viva la comfortable and fabulous pants!

  57. Where Oh Where could these magic pants take me??
    I can think of one hundred places or so!!

    To the Races,
    With a fabulous frock, and some Champers

    Out to lunch with the girls
    Teamed with shirt, scarf and FRANKiES

    Off to dinner under a frock….
    there’ll be no need for SPANXies

    Just think of the places I’ll go!

    To the Nightclub all glitzed up, with Katherine Kelly Lang
    All colourful and sparkly and ever so glam

    On a picnic – just cas, with a comfortable jumper,
    Where you won’t see love handles, or ANY bump bumper!
    OH MY!! The places I’ll go

    TO the shops, and the school, and the music recital
    Where these MOTTO magic pants, will be fashionably VITAL!!
    Teamed with fabulous tops, and sensational kicks….
    All my friends will be amazed with my ‘Oh-so-chic’ tricks….

    Such Motto-tastic places I’ll GO!!!!!

    Please and thank you.

      1. Of course, oh how thrilling!!!
        To have my words, given such billing?!!!
        I’d be honoured, and tickled, and willing!!

  58. My Motto Magic Pants will take me to work, home and on holidays. Never mind that my holidays may be in my own backyard as my Motto pants will lift me, support me and make me feel my best.
    Can’t wait to get a pair. Fingers crossed!

  59. I can see these pants as the perfect wear for my newest venture of babysitting my new little grandson! And I guess fir day when I go to my “real” job! I can also see them making many an appearance at my monthly lunch date with my daughters and daughters in law! Maybe I’ll just call them my magic family wear pants

  60. Oooh these pants might just be the catalyst to update my office work wear ‘uniform’ from frumpy crepe pants and blouses, to sleek pants and tunic tops that I’ve been planning but resisting!!

  61. These wonderfully magic Motto pants will whisk me out of my world of tentative, self-conscious travel and into the land of carefree, confident wanderlust

  62. I’m off to Cambodia in a few months and these Magic Pants certainly fit the bill for the perfect travel pant!

  63. Climb aboard my magic pants
    and let’s whizz away off to France
    Like Solomon’s carpet in the sky
    thanks to Motto’s magic we’ll fly high!

  64. The Black Ponte Magic Pants will take me to CANADA! In a few short weeks I will take off on my first ever long haul flight. I excited and nervous. I have agonised what to pack as I have never been away from home more than one week at a time in my entire 50+ years. I can dress them up, layer and accessorise for the various temperatures and events while being comfortable and stylish. Magic!

  65. I’m very excited to be starting a new job in a couple of weeks. I’ll be on my feet A LOT! These super comfortable magic pants are just what I need for my ‘new job working wardrobe’. I’ll be stylish and comfortable which is quite a feat at my age.

  66. I think the question should be where wouldn’t my magic Motto pants take me – that would be quicker! I’ve been looking for these pants all my life! Thank you for the fabulous find!

  67. I would love to experience this magic in my life. These pants would take me anywhere from running around with kids, a stroll on a cool Melbourne autumn day or even see me team with more dressed up options for work.

  68. From meeting to Mum’s Taxi, groceries to getaways. These amazing pants will sprinkle magic into the every day!

  69. These fabulously stylishly pants could take me any where, teamed with layers and eye catching accessories and completed with a stunning heel to dinners or drinks or a romantic rendezvous. Paired with metallic flats, elongated over top and a military inspired jacket, I would be ready for any day time engagement.

  70. Oh, the places we will go, near to home and afar. My magic Motto pants and I would soon become best buddies as we travel through life’s daily deals, exciting extras and the unknown. After all, who wouldn’t want a mate whose job it is to look after your comfort, ease and keep you looking good?

  71. Oh, the places we would go – near to home and afar. My magic Motto pants and I would quickly become best buddies who would hang out together on a daily basis. Who wouldn’t love a buddy that is supportive, stylish and goes out of their way to make you look good.

  72. You can wear them anywhere. Dress them up with heels or boots and a jacket or blouse or dress them down with sneakers and t-shirt and out the door you go.

  73. To heaven and back….I want to look like the Godess I feel. I love to feel confident, comfortable and look nice. What better way to feel empowered x

  74. If given half the chance I would and could very easily live in pajama pants. These pants sound amazing, anything that can be compared to feeling as comfortable as my PJs has my vote! Classy, well cut comfortable pants, bring it on! Just like the best kind of pajama party every day!

  75. These pants sound like exactly what I need to up the comfort levels on the long haul flight I have in April. To New York freaking city. To elope. With my one true love.

  76. Nowhere fancy for me but these magic pants would certainly help me “unlock my style” for the cold and wintry Sunday mornings cheering at my son’s soccer games! Teamed with my Frankie4 boots and a woolen poncho, its bound to be a winner!

  77. Oh the places I could go, in a pair of these fab pants! I’ll start with an Easter Road Trip to Deepwater NSW, to see my bro & his partner…. They look comfy for sitting in the car, then I’ll add boots, a scarf & denim jacket for Country Style… Cheers

  78. These magical Ponte pants will get me out of my Katies classic black 7/8 pants that I wear basically EVERY day…. I’ve always been too scared to wear a legging style pant! But damn it 2018 is MY year and I deserve to look and feel fabulous !!

  79. I’m so looking forward to being part of a community of women wearing the super-stretch ponte magic pants this autumn/winter. These will brighten our days by giving us comfort and a stylish foundation for adding colourful tops/jackets/scarves.

  80. Oh the places we will go
    The things we will see
    My magic pronto pants
    My Harvey and me

    Harvey will be happy
    Cause walking will increase
    When his mumma feels comfortable
    Not constricted and at ease.

    (Harvey is a 12 month old rescue border collie)

  81. The Motto Magic pants could take me to work, any social gathering including the local playground with the kids or just hanging around at home.

  82. Having arrived in Tuscany yesterday to celebrate the big 50 today I can truly appreciate the merits of a pair of pants like these. I’m going back to Spain in August so would love to be wearing a pair of these next time.

  83. I’m not sure what adventures await this Autumn/Winter. If I win lotto then these pants would be fantastic to wear on long haul flights to exotic destinations. But if I am still broke, then these pants would be great for being stylish and comfortable on school runs, grocery shopping, and all the other mundane things a mother of 4 boys has to endure.

  84. I would love these Motto pants…. they look great, comfortable & a perfect addition to my wardrobe!
    They would also love my bum, belly & bits as much as I do.

  85. These magical pants will take me to the Land of Postpartum Comfort this autumn at home, while out or in bed, as nothing in my wardrobe fits or sits right so I spend most days in my PJs instead.

  86. I will wear these pants to France,
    I will wear them when I dance,
    I will wear them into town,
    And! I’ll never, ever frown.
    I will wear them under shirts,
    Even under my green skirt.
    I will wear them here and there,
    I will wear them everywhere!

  87. These stylish and functional pants that will magically smooth my lumps and bumps from the morning school run, shopping, catching up for coffee with girlfriends, who will be complimenting me on how lovely I look in my wonder pants, (I will let them in on our secret !) to going on a movie date and dinner with my husband, which I definitely need to be comfortable sitting through a movie in without unbuttoning my pants! I’ll take them off and put them threw a quick wash cycle so they are ready to wear again for the next days adventures ! Can’t wait to try these winning pants on x

  88. Motto Magic Pants will ensure my options are open, casual, work, parties anything. Like the pants I will be flexible open to new opportunities knowing that they will totally support me and my new sense of wonderment.

  89. These pants will help me from looking mummy drab to mummy fab! I am constantly running after my two boys and would love these for comfort and style in the playground, they will cover my mummy tummy and make me feel more confident

  90. I’m seriously into comfort as far as pants go. I’ve a belly/abdomen full of scars (I like to call them survival marks), so comfort is paramount for me, especially as I do a 12 hour round car trip every alternative week. Motto ‘Magic Pants’ sound like the bomb, and who doesn’t like a bit of magic happening in their pants

  91. I feel like I’m constantly looking for the ‘right’ pants to fit into my wardrobe which I can feel confident wearing at work but also comfortable to chase after my four year old daughter- and this sounds like it could be the pair! I would love to win these!

  92. These pants will take me to work. I need something comfortable, practical and stylish to wear while visiting my patients in their homes.

  93. These magic pants would take me to the ultimate pirate party in Adelaide in June as we kick off “The Festival of Felix” for his 5th birthday. Being from Brissie I need warm clothes for Adelaide that I can also wear in Brissie! And being the Mum who WILL dress as a pirate for her child I need a great comfy pair of pants that hold all my extra cuddly bits in

  94. I need these Im 5wks out of a hysterectomy and the pant would be a life saver to hold me in as active wear isnt always appropriate!

  95. I would love these gorgeous pants for my Scotland trip. They would make my holiday even more enjoyable, thanks

  96. These pants would be the best travelling companion on my upcoming Round The World trip in December. They would take me to wonderful places in comfort and style!

  97. Navy!!??? Please make these in navy!!!! Then I’ll buy five pairs myself 🙂
    Good luck to everyone – I’m going to hold out and pray for navy so that I don’t buy them in black just because they’re here now.

  98. OMG, these pants sound like my new ‘go to’… the motto magic pants could take me to netball and soccer on Saturday mornings, work and school drop offs during the week, the movies, girls nights, date nights with hubby, a weekend to Melbourne and even Disneyland in September…. the possibilities are endless!

  99. I’m a more mature follower & have always liked the thought of wearing ponte pants but the pair I bought weren’t the real deal & just didn’t look/feel right. I’m travelling to Europe in October & would love the comfort of these for the flight. To arrive looking fresh & uncrumpled would be amazing. You rock the pants & the tops Nikki.

  100. The Motto miracle pants sound like they could convert me back to wearing pants again and not just skirts or dresses. Where have you been all my life!

  101. Ponte pants will make me look professional whilst working from home, yet comfortable enough to rush around doing housework in between clients.

  102. My Motto pants will help me look stylish while chasing my three year old twins, then make the transition to office wear chic effortless!!

  103. Oh these ponte pants will definitely take me to the sidelines this autumn/winter watching my boys on the football field – win or lose, I’ll be comfy. Nothing beats quality coupled by comfort.

  104. These pants would most likely take me to work, as a high school teacher, they would be helping me feel great while chasing a bunch of teenagers for lots of reasons!

  105. Italy, Spain, France, Portugal! If I win lotto or my prince finds his fortune, that is! So, in reality, Kelvin Grove. Might take them for a turn around the West End Markets or for a special treat, the movies!

  106. These pants looks great !! I am thinking these would be perfect camping at easter, dressy enough to throw on for dinner with friends & casual drinks by the beach at sunset.

  107. Anywhere and everywhere my heart desires, as I will look and feel so great in them that my confidence will fly.

  108. Thanks Nikki. As Metallicus can no longer be my go-to travel pants, as usual you have done all the hard work and found a replacement. These pants will be taking me on that qantas flight to South Africa & worn whilst traipsing through Capetwon, Franschoek, J’burg & will also do nicely for the colder nights whilst on SAFARI.

  109. My ponte pants will go anywhere my freshly shaped legs take me. They’ll be my outfit staple and I may even consider purchasing a round the world ticket to truly test their virtues.

  110. These pants sound like the ultimate in comfort and style. Sounds like they’d be great at home and out and about. I reckon they’d be perfect to take me over to Aotearoa, New Zealand to visit my grandsons and their fabulous parents.

  111. These pants are fabulous, they would take me anywhere I want them to, from shopping to the movies, pair them with one of your tops and your set for anything, even wear them to dinner, very versatile, love them , they scull you body so your looking flat and fabulous, therefore mam I g you feel better about yourself ,

  112. I have Knocked knees, tree trunk thighs!! These pants would take me to feel comfortable, stylish and glam on a everyday basis.

  113. I would love to win a pair of these Motto magic pants please Nikki. Any help with in the sculpting, firming and holding me in department would be so appreciated.
    I’m heading back into the classroom for relief teaching after being at home for 10 years … eeeeek. I’m with you – the tunic, pronte pants, scarf and ankle boots look will be my comfortable stylish look for winter.

  114. These pants could take me anywhere and anytime… Dressed up with a tunic or one of Motto’s amazing shirts for dinner … A casual tee, denim jacket and sneakers or even a short boot for the weekend coffee date…with a comfy sweater for travelling … They are the ultimate universal pant..

  115. I would be delighted to throw down the gauntlet to these magic pants to succeed where ALL other ponte pants have failed – in not sliding down my decidedly unpeachy derrière. I have lost count of the number I have tried and recycled in disappointment. So quite simply I would wear these magic pants EVERYWHERE this Autumn / winter. If they are magic, and I believe you Nikki, then try and keep them off me!

  116. Magic pants! my butt, tummy and thighs need magic pants… Motto magic pants!
    If they’re half as good as Nikki says there will be a little less jiggle when I wiggle, I’ll be comfortable and look hot all at the same time! Sounds like these will be a staple in my autumn-winter wardrobe.

  117. These amazing pants I’m sure would love to come along with me (& my family) on our trip to Greece. They seem like the perfect versitle pant, exactly what I am looking for!!

  118. I’ve been searching for travel friendly leggings and these will fit the bill perfectly….I’m off to France and Italy in June ….I will be heading to the williamstown store next week. Thankyou

  119. Without being too morbid I’m looking for some comfy chemo clothes before it begins in April and these motto pants would be a great start! So far I’ve only researched beanies. [email protected]

  120. Anywhere and everywhere!! With my little people in tow these will surely save my sanity for the coming cooler months!

  121. those Motto ponte pants look great. I would love a pair to wear to work so that I don’t have to worry about exposing my derriere every time I squat down to alter springs in my pilates class! My current (obviously not real ponte) pants don’t always provide the required coverage 😛

  122. These pants would be so easy to have as a staple in my wardrobe, take me from the office, to dinner and then onto a flight. Love that they are firm, soft to touch and give you support in all the right places while making you look good.

  123. Omg these pants would take me EVERYWHERE. Cruise to New Zealand, grocery shopping,
    brunch with the girls. Dinner with friends. Date night with the huz.

  124. Oh these pants would fit perfectly in my everyday life… 530am wrangling the kids; 8am school/daycare drop offs; 9am work ; 3:30pm racing to after school autism therapies; 5:30pm nighttime routine then the most important: 730pm the couch with a wine. I don’t get much time to myself so I try to feel good about myself by wearing beautiful clothes that flatter the “mummy jiggles”

  125. These are the perfect travelling pants I have been searching for my upcoming trip to the US and Canada in early April!!!
    They will conquer the capital, the Big Apple and the Canadian Rockies!!!
    Motto you rock my world

  126. From casual Friday at the office to the kid’s tennis lessons, breaky by the beach with the girls & date night with my hubby, these magic pants are the style essential I need to shine this season.

  127. I would wear them on an upcoming trip to Melbourne with my husband as he completes his MBA later this year! A much anticipated celebration weekend.

  128. These are the pants I’ve been looking for! I’m looking for comfort and style for a 3 week hike 300km hike across the UK. Something comfy and cosy for the long flight; and warm and stylish to change into – teamed with boots and a Motto tunic top and Cardi, for dinner at night in those cosy English pubs. Happy to provide onsite photos!

  129. Never mind the song these boots were made for walking, these motto magic pants will have me walking in style here on the Sunshine Coast, from anything out in the evening to downtown kids sports, trotting my lovely red haired cavoodle… all in comfort and style…. so recommended by Styling YOU!

  130. My super-stretch ponte magic pants and I think I will need a couple to take on the Ghan this winter. I will tell everyone I am wearing MOTTO!

  131. Bring on winter! I want to wear these pants now. Cannot wait. Might be the only way I can get through winter ❄️

  132. I would love to win the pants. Im am going on hilday with my sister-in-law for her 50th birthday to Italy and france. The motto pants Would be perfect for flying and travelling . They would be comfortable, practical and fashionable.
    I hope I can win a pair

  133. I would pack a few pairs of super-stretch ponte magic pants to take away with me on The Ghan this winter I am heading North to beat the chill of cold winter days. I will tell everyone what I am wearing!! MOTTO!

  134. These pants would be fabulous for staying comfortable and looking stylish while one a 24-hour flight to Europe in June. They look perfect! Thanks for the giveaway

  135. These pants will be my work staple in the upcoming winter season, teamed with stunning fibres, boho scarves, my beloved Youth Dew fragrance and glossy lips

  136. They’d take me to comfy town with a smoking curvy body and relaxed attitude when that grazing plate comes my way!

  137. They’d take me to comfy town with a smoking curvy body and relaxed attitude when that grazing plate comes my way!

  138. For the long flight to Canada in June. Going for comfort but still looking great for when I get that upgrade to 1st class!!

  139. These would be perfect for the office with a tunic but Also going to soccer with the kids with a puffer vest and a knit and boots

  140. These pants will take me on our romantic trip to Paris in mid April. Looking at comfortable travelling pants and something that will make me look chic walking around the beautiful sites of Paris.

  141. Where won’t these pants take me: they’ll take me to work and to standing by the side of my daughter’s soccer field, to drinks with ‘the girls’, to Sunday night chick flick escapes, to Saturday mornings at Bunnings, to date night with hubby and finally to cold climes getaways. They look like my everything.

  142. These magic pants will take me out of a post-preg fashion slump and get me back into the working mum style icon phase of my life.

  143. These pants will take me out of my active wear and into something more stylish, more sophisticated and more flattering

  144. These pants would be perfect for me for work. I’m a prep teacher, im up and down all day and inside and out. I need absolute versatility and comfort

  145. From a 4 hour stint at Parent/Teacher Interviews to a week long pasta fuelled Melbourne visit with a gal pal this school holidays.

  146. Real ponte pants from Motto, that will lift my butt (right off my chair) and take me on a magic carpet ride to the perfect restaurant for dinner with good friends, or to a glorious lunch with my girls, or to a fabulously romantic breakfast with my love. Magic pants indeed!

  147. These motto pants would take me to school drop off and pickups, work, shopping and girls night out. Love a versatile piece of clothing and need these pants in my life please.

  148. These amazing pants will take me everywhere.
    Can’t wait to dress them up with my heels or dress them down with my uggs 🙂

  149. These pants sound amazing! They will take me to work with a nice tunic during the week to brunching on the weekend. In September these gorgeous pants will be my staple clothingon an overseas trip to Chile.

  150. Nothing like wearing comfortable clothes that feel like you are not wearing any. They look so good you can wear anywhere.

  151. Off for some caravanning trips this Winter and I hope they’ll be perfect for the car travel, walking with the dog through unknown territory and out for dinner.

  152. These beautiful pants will be ideal to pack for my white Christmas in Europe this year. They will be perfect to wear on the plane with a beautiful flowy top and bright scarf too✈️

  153. I’ve never owned a pair of leggings that I feel comfortable in. So I think these could take me to a new level of feeling ok wearing leggings/pants that are comfy but look great too!

  154. These pants will join me on the long haul flight via Singapore to Rome and back again in May. They look stylish and comfortable.

  155. I think I’ll live in them so they will take me everywhere plus I’m of on a Holiday for my 40th on s long haul flight with my 6yr old twins. Some comfy pants are just what I need!!!!

  156. Oh comfy pants I love you for your coverage of my lady lumps. My favourite place to wear you will be on my frequent long haul flights for work but if you’re very good (and Nikki says you are) then I’m sure we’ll travel the world together. Hope to meet you soon

  157. Magic pants would be fab for travel – confidence about clothes counteract a lack of confidence about flying with my 1 yo wriggly son to Singapore

  158. These will take me from work to weekend. With tunics during the day and my sloppy joe at night. They look amazing.

  159. Absolutely everywhere!! but I’m thinking with sneaks and a Tunic and Top, I’ll wear them all weekend. Then on Sunday night I’ll wash them ready for heels and and a jacket For my working week.

  160. To the park! These would be perfect for running after my 3 little kiddies. As a mum to a 4 & 2 year old and a new six week old, I need all the lifting, sculpting and support I can get!

  161. From morning coffee and breakfast with the girls, to kindergym and Playgroup with the kids, to work and out for dinner with my husband. The ultimate pant to take from from am to pm with just the simple change of accessories!

  162. To Europe I hope! As I am about to get on a 22 hr flight to Amsterdam I would love to tell everyone about these amazing Motto pants and arrive in comfort – the rest of me may not look great but I know my legs would look fabulous.

  163. I would take them on a trip to visit my sister in Crete and make sure I bring them back with me because she’ll probably try to nick them the look so comfy

  164. They’ll take me from work to out for dinner with the girls or my hubby! A bit of makeup and a new bag and shoes, voila.

  165. I cannot afford to take a plane or travel here and there. But I aim to be the best I can, in everything I wear. I am not a fashionista, but am a hard working, realistic soul, who believes in the motto “Magic Happens” firm hold pants be with me, wherever I may go!

  166. These pants would be my perfect travel companion for my upcoming trip to Europe. Even though I’ll be travelling in the northern summer, Iceland is one of my destinations so the temperature there will be cool. The Motto Ponte pants would be great for the long flight as well as providing warmth and comfort on my days exploring Iceland.

  167. The Motto pants would be an amazing addition to my wardrobe which I am trying to revamp into a more professional look in my newish role, plus be a great option for weekend wear and a planned road trip up the coast from Melbourne.

  168. Obviously these pants could take you anywhere!
    But my choice would be Paris in the Spring – our Autumn-Winter.
    Comfortable on the long haul and so chic for walking, dining, anything!

  169. These pants would be great for wearing on the plane on our trip to Europe mid-year to visit my sister, as well as for cooler days and evenings when we are there.

  170. Where would these pants take me? I’m sorry to say I don’t have any amazing destinations! But i do want to travel to a place in my own mind where I feel good in the clothes I’m wearing – a place I’m struggling to be at the moment. Thanks.

  171. These pants could take me to fashion heaven! Finally look good, feel good with no tummy pain or constantly pulling up pants pain…..omg take me there NOW!

  172. These pants would be awesome for an upcoming autumn trip to see family, including a baptism and a 100th birthday party.

  173. These pants would take me out to dinner with my hubby over Easter (he’s been working away ALL YEAR so the reunion, and dinners out, are highly important.)

    Then when he’s gone again, these pants would work really well on a cruise I am taking the twin teens on. Wish me luck.

    I have been trying on my jeans and soft pants after wearing really light floaty pants all Sydney summer… and all mine are shockers…. I definitely need to get some that fit… closely… and that can do marvellous things to my derriere.

  174. My MOTTO would be to wear my new ponte pants everywhere this autumn! I’d wear them to Bluesfest tucked into my boots, send them quick, it’s next week!

  175. These pants would be perfect for my trip to Scotland, not just to wear when I get there but to wear on the plane as well.

  176. These magic pants would meet with approval from my fashion conscious granddaughters (12 and 8) and be the base of my developing capsule wardrobe.

  177. I feel confident that these magic, real ponte pants could take me anywhere I need to go (or want to go!). They are comfy, smart and versatile – dress up for going out, dress down for going to the supermarket, dress comfortably for traveling to ANYWHERE!

  178. These pants would take me comfortably from school drop-off to the kids’ playgroup, soccer training and the supermarket – looking good enough for a coffee or lunch with friends along the way!

  179. These amazingly magic Motto ponte pants could take me comfortably and stylishly on my first ever overseas holiday in June which my husband has just surprised me with!

  180. The first thing I thought of when I started reading was that these would be perfect for our flight to Singapore in July. Now I’m also thinking about all the potential combinations I can make with my existing wardrobe…

  181. Hopefully these pants would see me just leaving the house feeling a bit more confident this Autumn/Winter. I could really do with a wardrobe update please!!!!

  182. Those magic motto pant
    Could take me to a dance
    They could take me from relaxed
    To a fabulous evening to attract
    I differently feel
    That they are the real deal
    And I could not live without
    Those magic motto pants

  183. I would love if these pants took me to San Francisco! When you mentioned, comfortable on a long-haul flight in economy, I was very interested. It’s hard to find “comfortable fashion”. I am hoping to go to San Fran soon and am hoping these great looking pants come with me!

  184. Anywhere and everywhere. Work, leisure and lounging around, they are the sort of pants that will always look stylish.

  185. On a 14 hr plane ride to Cyprus. I’m looking for an amazing pant to keep me warm, comfortable & not have me leaving the plane me with baggy pants & knee stretch marks!

  186. These Motto magic pants could take me on to the deck of our boat as we cruise down the Mekong in August. They could force me to sip a cocktail or champers as we watch the sun go down. They could lead me to dinner and let me sit in comfort for hours. Oh, the fun they could have.

  187. Just love this type of pant because most fashion pants are too big in hip and bottom for me so love a smart fitted style. I am a runner so I understand why people love hanging out “in their active wear” but sometimes something a little smarter is called for particularly when you are are in your late 60’s

  188. EVERYWHERE!!!! I have been looking for the perfect pants for work for such a long time. Pants that will take me through to the end of the day and still be comfortable AND still looking good for another after work occasion. So many sad tunics and tops in my wardrobe waiting for the perfect pants to complement them – I am so excited and so is my wardrobe!

  189. These miracle pants will surely not only make our long haul flights to Europe in December, and then staying with the MIL over Christmas, a truly wrinkle free experience….now the latter I fervently hope for!
    If not, at least I’ll feel more polished than most tourists on the streets of Copenhagen 🙂

  190. Those suberb super stylish and versatile Motto pants would be the centre piece of my wardrobe for a 4 day trip to the NSW Southern Highlands in May. Whatever the weather throws at me, they will have me looking my best and will take me from Breakfast right through the day to Dinner in the evening. Just love them! Well done Motto on a great design!

  191. With a fabulous black top and earrings and a killer pair of heels these motto pants will take me on a 30 year Anniversary dinner somewhere super special!

  192. I have a trip planned to New York in May for a very big birthday. These perfect ponte pants would be ideal to wear on the plane for the long trip there as well as many many hours spent walking around NYC!! I may never take them off!!

  193. These magic pants will be my go-to pant when i head to Spain to walk all 800km of the Camino Frances in May/June . I will be carrying my own backpack so every item of clothing must be versatile. If i can have one pair that does everything then they are a winner in my eyes!

  194. I could wear them everywhere! Shopping, movies, school pick up, drinks with the ladies and most importantly, traveling. I always struggle with finding comfortable traveling pants that can be comfortable for everyday wear and also able to be dressed up when required – this looks like the answer!

  195. I am a busy Mum & business owner… I am self conscious about what I wear. I want to be able to look good, feel comfortable when I am out and about – be it the school run, meeting a client, a catch up for coffee with friends. Feeling good about how I look will give me the extra boost of self confidence that I need sometimes. I think that these pants will help me achieve that!

  196. They will be coming with me for a trip to Canberra for Anzac Day and then to Brisbane in June to pick up a cruise up to the Great Barrier Reef . They will be all that I need to keep me comfy and having fun with friends and Family. Dress up or dress down they will certainly save on space in the suitcase.

  197. These pants could hopefully take me from home, on the plane and to work in Sydney or Melbourne in the cooler months and home again, without looking like I have slept in them and be smart enough for the office too.

  198. i live in my active wear on weekends as i’m a suit girl during the week, nothing beats comfort after uncomfortable… but i still want to look good

  199. Hopefully they’ll take me from drab to fab 🙂 Seriously, if you have black pants that are as good as Nikki is saying, then they can take you anywhere in style, and we all want that!

  200. I think these Motto Magic Pants are going to find themselves in Ireland for autumn, where first they will provide me comfy good looks, while hiding the essential compression knee highs on the long haul flight, to offering versatility to my travel wardrobe for exploring The Emerald Isle. The warmth of the Ponte Magic Pants will also discover they are perfect for wearing beneath my riding tights, where a week spent at a castle enjoying the delights of the estates cross country fields and another week of joining the hunt in Galway flying across hedges and stone walls, will give me the added warmth needed. I think I’m going to need 2 pair

  201. Wow! These Motto pants sound like the go to pants for a Mum of young children, from crawling on the floor to park dates to shopping, swimming, extra activities plus running my business. The magic will be in their adaptability to change from casual to smart and a bit fancy

  202. These Motto pants would be a dream to win as I’d gift them to my 22 year old daughter, Laura. Laura and her boyfriend have already booked their flights to London in September. She’s travelling Europe for 7 weeks and wanting to do it with a large backpack only. These pants would be all she needed. The flight over and all the ones in between places, would be comfy with these on. Plus she can dress them up for when she sees Moulin Rouge and dress them casual for her pizza lunch in Italy…..all she’d need to pack would be undies and some tops….

  203. These magic pants are welcome to join me in Vienna later this year to visit my daughter and 2 little granddaughters who live there. I definitely need some comfy pants for the flight so I can at least arrive not looking like I was folded up in my suitcase!

  204. These beautiful pants will take me to New York, on the plane, then to the most beautiful musicals one could imagine, with my Frankie4 nats, then on to sight seeing with a fabulous birdies belle bird tunic on top, with my fantastic Frankie4 new black boots. Bliss!!!

  205. I am trying to shop less for sustainability reasons, and shopping smarter is the key to this. As the mother of a netball playing daughter, footy playing son and 2 beautiful fur babies, these magic pants will have me stylishly cosy from court to oval to dog park! I also work in a semi corporate environment, so the magic pants could certainly make a mid week appearance under a tunic or dress.

  206. I would have these pants worn out by the of the season as i would be wearing then absolutely everywhere and they would go with so much of my other Motto purchases

  207. These pants will take me to New Zealand this winter. But most importantly they will take me everywhere feeling good about myself and feeling comfy at the same time. I think they may even take me away from wearing jeans all winter!

  208. Boots, long line jumper, floral scarf and luxurious Motto ponte pants would make me look forward to going to work on those cold Melbourne mornings!

  209. I would absolutely adore a pair of Motto Magic Pants to include in my Autumn/Winter capscule for 2018. I would mix and match the Motto Magic Pants with my favourite pieces and wear them with sneakers or boots (from Frankie4 Footwear of course ). I would include these pants as an essential item for travelling either for weekends or long trips.

  210. These magic pants could take me from day to night in comfort & style! Would love to add these to my wardrobe, they would be an asset!

  211. I would absolutely adore a pair of Motto Magic Pants to kick off my Autumn/Winter capscule for 2018. I would mix and match the Motto Pants with my favourite pieces and wear them with boots or sneakers (from Frankie4 Footwear of course!!!). Also I would include the pants as an essential item for travelling either weekends or long trips.

  212. I am travelling to Europe this Autumn. These pants look like they would be amazing for everything from the plane journey to seeing the sites in Rome and Paris. Can’t wait!

  213. These are truly magic pants, so they would take me to a deserted beach that is somehow still fully functional with a cocktail bar and attractive male waiters ready to set up my sun lounger under the beach umbrella, where I will be able to read my book in peace, eat chocolate and drink cosmopolitans without gaining weight and… nope, that’s pretty much my magic fantasy right there. Bring it on!

  214. The possibilities with these pants are endless. My life is pretty simple at the moment so nowhere exotic at this stage – school run to out to dinner, to everywhere in between. I look forward to them becoming a wardrobe staple and them moving forward with me as the opportunity to travel arises when my babies are older.

  215. As I’m due to give birth to my third child in less than three months, these fab pants would be my go to ensure I feel glam day and night – whether it be a kindy drop off with a striped tee and my supergas or with a pair of heels and a blazer for a date night or evening with the girls. So versatile!

  216. So many options these gorgeous Ponte leggings would be a staple. I am sometimes 4 people in one day, mum, social worker, start-up founder, transporter to sports and after school activities and then chef and wife and I have been on an endless search to find the perfect pant to work with me all day, not lose their shape, hold everything in and not roll down when I sit! Are these truly the miracle pant?? I need them

  217. Oh wow… these Magic Pants would take me from work to weekend & make my fuddy duddy manager have Magic Pant envy & eat her words that Ponte’s nor Leggings are work appropriate! Haa!

  218. Thanks Nikki and thanks Motto. These pants would be a welcome traveller with me on long-haul flights to the Bahamas and Mexico in May. After we’ve been on holidays together I’m sure our relationship will continue into Winter and beyond. I’m looking forward to getting to know them.

  219. I hope these Motto magic pants take me Reykjavik. Once i have these magic pants on do i just tap my knees 3 times and i’m there? If that’s the case don’t worry about me winning them because i’ll be buying several pairs and wishing a different city with each!

  220. These pants would take me everywhere I think, they look fabulously versatile! I would wear them out to dinner, to work and on days off with my son. Perfect!

  221. These pants will be perfect for work and play this winter – AND for our first white Christmas in Europe in December.

  222. These pants look so good they could take me anywhere, from the office styled with a coatigan and boots to my local park teamed with a hoodie and leopard print sneakers!

  223. Thank you Nikki!!
    Motto have made the pants I need!
    I need to wear these on my (minimal packing) trip to NZ.
    I need to wear these at my Early Childhood work places.
    I need to wear these to dinner with my beautiful man.
    I need to wear these to rock at a show.
    I need to buy these for my 18 year old daughter.

  224. These superb looking pants will be coming with me to Europe in August. They will cuddle my body in comfort for the long haul flight, they will dress-up and dress-down day after day after day, wash and dry in various bathrooms, flutter dry in hotel windows, climb ruins and castles, hike for miles along city streets and country roads, sit in buses, trams, trains and ferries, eat in cheap and cheerful eateries, dress-up magnificently with my earring collection and travel wardrobe, and return home with me 6 weeks later looking as fresh as the day we started.

  225. Theses pants would take me to visit my daughter in London, she’s been gone for nearly 2 years, I can’t wait to see her. They will take me from the plane, to the theatre and then to sites of the Uk

  226. Okay, I’ll get straight to the Ponte…
    these pants could inspire my new Motto-
    “Always keep your pants on Ponte!”
    Seriously, they sound sooooo comfy and warm that they could take me anywhere- like a looong plane trip to Italy, or day tripping around London or shopping on 5th Avenue!!
    But I’d be happy if they simply kept me warm and comfortable doing everyday living, especially through a Melbourne winter.
    These pants would definitely take me to the “Ponte of no return”…
    because I just know they would be perfect!!

  227. These Motto pants sound like they would be perfect for everywhere and everyone! Love the sound of comfort on a long haul flight. An upgrade you can wear!! X

  228. If ever a butt and legs needed sculpting, it’s mine! These pants would take me everywhere throughout winter in brissie, including a few cheeky weekends away 🙂

  229. These pants will take me to an anthology launch(I’m a contributor) meeting local dignitaries- and because I am wearing them I will exude confidence and style. Then they will transform my style, I have always been a pants girl – and these look both stylish and comfortable.

  230. These magic pants could take me into the incredible unknown world of comfort while running after my kids. I would love to be able to have on a pair of pants that I don’t need to try and hitch up one handed while I balance my son on my hip. It would be lovely to bend over to pick up my daughter and not feel a waist band digging into me. Oh please can these pants take me to the world of comfort this autumn/winter

  231. Sounds like these magic pants need to come on an overseas flight with me in June. Sitting down for that long comfort is the go. I am always looking for that elusive comfy travel go anywhere pant. Maybe this is the holy grail of soft pants. Hopefully I’ll be lucky enough to be able to agree with Nikki

  232. Yes! the best idea I seen for a long time
    They will take me to the barossa valley winery every weekend all winter

  233. I think this MAGIC pants could take me everywhere – from a Sunday brunch to Monday morning meeting! Love them, they look so comfortable 🙂

  234. These pants sound amazing!! And exactly what I need on my first solo plane trip with my 3 kids, 6, 4 and 2.5 years, to keep me looking held together even if I start losing my cool.

  235. These pants would be perfect for UK trip scheduled for June/July to visit husbands family in UK. Not to mention back at home running between a football oval and netball courts this winter!

  236. From work to play, from train to plane – the sky (or my imagination) will be the limit and all of that in comfort and style!!

  237. After reading all 800+ words, I think theses pants are going to take me everywhere this autumn/winter! They look amazing.

  238. I think that I may have found my new best friend….motto magic pants! It would be like me and my shadow….just like the song we would be strolling down the Avenue.
    Everywhere I go , they would go with me .

  239. These magic pants would be amazing to travel with! We are heading to Tasmania in May and they would look amazing with my sweaters, coats and boots! I am positive I could also dress them up for work with a longer line top and a blazer – add some cute jewellery or a scarf and no one will realise I’m wearing ponte pants!

  240. I’m very excited to try these magic Motto Ponte pants, having bombed out on a ponte pants purchase a few years ago (I didn’t know the ‘size down for a firm fit’ secret then and ended up baggggyyy.. 🙁 Anyhoo, being the perfect travel pants, I would take them onto a plane to Brissie to go to Nikki’s Styling You Birthday Party! And team them with a beautiful sheer tunic (from Motto!) and party, party, party in them

  241. These gorgeous pants will take me comfortably to the wonderful wineries of Margaret River, Western Australia for a weekend of tasting and dining.

  242. These Magic Motto pants could take me through winter warmly and stylishly!! As a gal who hates to be cold they would let me wear more dresses and tunics without having to resort to jeans all the time

  243. These pants would take me on the school run, out to coffee with my friends and to the library where I can (comfortably) work on writing/editing my novel.

  244. Everywhere! On the plane, out to dinner, shopping- obviously so versatile! And flattering – a wardrobe staple and must have!

  245. These MOTTO ponte pants would be great for a weekend in the Gold Coast this Easter! Can’t wait to walk, run and just dance in them!

  246. We are travelling to the US and Canada in June/July and they would be the PERFECT travel companions. I think between the comfort on long haul flights, not needing to be ironed and such versatility with tunics and tops to dress up or down, they would be the hero of my travel wardrobe!

  247. The pants look fabulous on you Nikki as I’m sure they would on any of the ladies entering this competition. I too would love to try them; it’s great when a garment makes you look fantastic and super confident to take you anywhere!

  248. I am off to Hawaii for my 50th birthday and these would be awesome and super comfortable on the plane and just pounding the pavements in Waikiki I think. Stylish and supportive at the same time, win win !

  249. These would be great for any weekend activity. They will be awesome for looking for more stylish attending my son’s tennis games, yet still be comfortable enough to run around the court too. Dropping into the shops and having brunch with friends they will be versatile to do everything!

  250. Back to me ! I’m looking forward to finding that “my” sleek, styled and confident me again as I pick myself up and head into a new chapter within my life.

    Dress it, feel it, be it – being at my best everyday !

  251. Me and my 4 year old are heading to Greece this year, so these magic pants would be magic to wear on the long haul flights, cart the suitcases to the flight desk and likely chasing my little one around the airport

    Need some magic and comfort for that, meanwhile my butt will look incredible ❤️

  252. Wow Nikki. These pants are certainly popular with your followers. I am off to Africa soon and a pair of these divine pants would certainly fit the bill for comfort and style for plane travel. Best wishes.

  253. Where won’t they take me is more the question!! Magic pants look perfect for work and social events, dporting sidelines or lazing around home

  254. These are exactly what I have been looking for, and believe me I need as much magic as i can get!! My husband and I are off on a Trip of our lifetime to Peru & Argentina for our 25th Wedding Anniversary and these would be ideal for the plane, for the bus, and don’t forget Hiking!! I have been looking aimlessly for something just like these. We all know how uncomfortable long haul plan rides are!! I could be wearing the first pair at Machu Pichu!

  255. As Dr. Hook may have sang to Motto if he had a pair of their ponte pants

    Your pants make me want to get up and dance
    Your pants make my face want to grin
    Your pants make my knees want to kneel down say please
    Honey let’s put on our ponte pants and dance

  256. These amazing pants will take me in comfort on a long haul fight to my bucket list destination of France, and will be the perfect base for my attempts at ‘Parisian chic’ and ‘London style’.

  257. Any pants named “Magic” need to be in my Autumn/Winter wardrobe – with grandkids sporting events coming up all through winter I can see myself looking stylish and warm on the sidelines – boots, scarf & jacket – good to go. They’ll be awesome for our travel plans – interstate and overseas in the coming months. Have been training hard in the gym so might be nice to put some fitted pants on so I can see my work paying off!!!

  258. Hopefully these pants will be taking me to the First class business lounge – too much work travel means I am now eligible to use it and I would love to rock a stylish (and comfortable!) look while there for the multitude of travel left for this year (Auckland, Singapore, Thailand….)

  259. “I’ll have what she’s having!”( referencing the scene in When Harry met Sally, and after reading Nikki post , all 800 words of it!)…. They look like they will be my new BFF and go everywhere with me..

  260. These ponte pants will take me for so many long beach walks during autumn. Getting in some fresh air, magnesium and won’t be freezing at the same time.

  261. These pants will come with me as I Nurse my Mum dying in cold Hobart (live in Sydney).
    They would look great out and about and taking her for appointments.
    Think they would take me everywhere they look so comfortable.
    Thanks Motto

  262. They will take me in comfort as I commute and present me stylish as I reengage with work after a very long hiatus raising kids. New pants, new career and a new version of me!

  263. Very versatile pants …. could go from home office during the week with boots and a blouse to weekend watching the kids at sport with sneakers and t-shirt/ jumper and even out for dinner under dress with heels/ boots.

  264. To fashion redemption! I’m going back home to the UK for a visit. I’m haunted by a photo a friend posted on facebook last time I was there. I’m wearing the saggiest pants! I didn’t realise how bad they were until I saw the picture (& the comments!). These Motto pants could magically restore my style mojo.

  265. I am heading on a School trip to Germany in the September holidays. It would be great to rock up at the airport in these magic Motto pants knowing they will do the job of looking great while being comfortable so all I have to worry about are the students and their wellbeing.

  266. Motto Magic Ponte Pants will be a life saver this winter, taking me from school and work to coffee with friends and a jaunt from Brisbane to Canberra to visit the relies. There’s nothing better than clothing you can rely on to make you look good, and mix n match with your wardrobe.

  267. I hope these pants take me on a weekend away to Bright…where we can walk amongst the fallen autumn leaves, take a bike ride along the river and chillax at a winery or 3!!!

  268. They’ll take me through my first season as a grandma and as I push the stroller through town in total comfort everything will be under control and pumped up so maybe just maybe people might wonder if I’m the mother or auntie.

  269. Having recently retired I need a new look. These pants will be fantastic. I think that I will wear them everywhere. They are just what I need.

  270. These would be perfect on those cold mornings when the kids are playing soccer. Super stylish but comfortable and chic. Just what a soccer mum needs

  271. A stop over in Mauritius where I have might (now!) have a chance of fitting in with the snazzy French tourists while still having the comfort of a Mum en-route to the UK with two children in tow.
    Ps have promised myself I’ll re-read your packing articles after returning from a girls trip to Bali where I took eight (8!) yet no neutral seemless knickers, rendering a good third of my suitcase unwearable! #whenhoardersfly

  272. This Autumn and Winter I could snuggle up by the fire at home in Toowoomba wearing my beautiful new soft Motto pants and dream of stylishly sipping champagne on board a fabulous European river cruise holiday.

  273. Hanging with the Family over the Easter break eating hot cross buns and chocolate. There would be no need to loosen the top button as they would be the perfect pant for those tummy bulge days. Sure look comfy.

  274. Oooh, these could take me daily to my home office where I freeze in the cooler months in our breezy Queenslander. And on our family holiday to England this year in their winter. I’m always on the lookout for good black bottoms. I might just grab a pair with the $20 off they’re offering…bonus! 😉

  275. These pants would come with me to school drop off and pick up, grocery shopping, soccer games and training, karate with the kids, swimming training, baking and fingers crossed on a date with my hubby

  276. These pants will come with me everywhere! Drinks with a sparkly top and high heeled boots, with a big soft jumper and kicks to the sports field or walking the pooch, snuggling in with the family for a Netflix binge, on the plane to Italy in May and walking the hills of Alba and the streets of Torino… new best friends! Possibly even to Aperitivo….

  277. They would take me to school drop off, to work, to shopping, back to family life and then out in the evening. So versatile- can be dressed up or down, and comfy too – winning!

  278. These pants would go with me to New Zealand in May, comfort on the plane, walking, sightseeing and dress up for a night out

  279. These pants would be perfect for doing bits and pieces around the farm but then good to wear into town. No more wardrobe changes!! Hmmm maybe change a sweaty t shirt!

  280. Everywhere from a casual Friday at work to a night out on the town or a trip to the shops or movies… They’d pair well with so many items in my wardrobe to be very versatile!

  281. These pants are taking me everywhere this autumn/winter – school run, work, footy training and lazy Sunday mornings.

  282. These are just what I’m looking for to add to my capsule wardrobe for my family trip to France & Finland in May. Plus every other day of the week, if they’re as comfy as you say, Nikki!

  283. They would take me through life more stylishly and comfortably. The elusive comfort pant looks to have finally been found. Dress up, dress down and look great. Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner! 🙂

  284. These look like the perfect option for my working Mum life – they’ll take me from school drop off to the office with the addition of a jacket, then back for dancing and sport runs and finally to that P&F meeting in the evening!

  285. Oh my goodness, all my dreams have come true, a stylish, comfortable, awesome looking, slimming black pant, which will take me from day to night, work to cocktails, dinners, casual or dressy evenings and most of all to travel in comfort and style. I love it already. Thank you a million Motto and Style You for caring for your customers.

  286. As a *40s something* busy homeschooling mum; clothing which carries me through for work, ‘school’ and fun!

    With active young boys to chase and run after, wearing the wrong pants can prove a complete disaster!

    There’s a great divide, if you’re tall or wide, for ponte pants that don’t bunch or slide!

    Magic me, please, oh Motto Mavens, into a ‘hotto’ Motto mumma!

  287. Ah – EVERYWHERE. The pants to fit my body and my life – from casual Friday at work, to brunch with friends, soccer training, ballet practice. It’s unlikely one pair would be enough!

  288. These pants will take me straight to my wardrobe where I will be promptly tossing out the 3 ‘OK’ pairs of ponte pants currently residing there. I will then be assigning the pride of place hanger to my new Mottos – although I expect they won’t be hanging around there much as they will be taking me to the movies, shopping, lunch, dinner, cocktails, theatre ….

  289. OMG They LOOK SO GREAT on you!
    These pants will be PERFECT for my EUROPEAN Trip in JUNE for my 50th!! I have been working so hard doing Bootcamp Challenges and hours at the gym to get myself ready for this Birthday & these pants will show-off my new figure perfectly! (I may even find a man!)

  290. These pants would be perfect for me to take to Thredbo and Lake Crackenback for a week of skiing and still look stylish whilst being co for table.

  291. Every where …. shopping, soccer, ballet, school pickup, work…. total dream to find comfy yet make me feel sexy pants

  292. Would love these stylish pants to wear in June/ July to London and Paris, Hubby has arranged a day in the champagne region and these pants would be comfortable for the drive buy also be stylish enough for a lovely lunch in a fancy restaurant!

  293. I don’t think I’ve ever made a quicker purchase! I’ve been looking for the right black pant for so long! Thanks so much Nikki, purchased and on their way to me, can’t wait to slip into them!

  294. I foresee these pant taking me everywhere this autumn/winter. I have been looking for big girls pants which will look good, fit comfortably and travel with me with ease as I head to Europe for a holiday. Perfect!

  295. Comfy pants that look good too are every woman’s dream. These pants will take me into the office on those cold days when I would rather be in PJs.

  296. These Motto magic pants could take me to the park with the kids watching the majestic autumn leaves changing colour, on a snuggly couch squished in with hubby, kids and the kitten watching an all time movie favourite and listening to the fireplace roar, or even to the soccer game on a Saturday morning on a rainy autumn day cheering on the kids (and cursing the creation of soccer!)

  297. These new pants could seriously be worn absolutely anywhere! They can be dressed up or down. Worn on the couch or out to a fancy dinner date. They just look so beautiful and comfortable to wear.

  298. They sound like magic and I cannot wait to try them out. I think they would take me to that place of comfort that we always want to be in….. ahhhhh

  299. I think they’d love to come with me to Amsterdam, Berlin, Poland, Prague, Budapest then a two week river cruise on the Danube river then onto Ireland. Pants can never see too much culture. They would save me taking my black jeans that are the opposite of your 800 word description if these amazing pants.

  300. I’m off to Sydney in June for a retailers trade show, which involves a lot of walking but still looking stylish and would love to look and feel fabulous while doing so.

  301. Theses pants will take me to jnr NRL games on thoses cold , foggy mornings with my boots , jacket , scarf and beanie .

  302. These magic pants would ensure I travel in comfort and style – not like a grandma but a super star! I love pieces that are a no-brainer and make you look sleek, slim and pulled together effortlessly, and these pants fit the bill perfectly.

  303. To bed because if they are that comfy they must be pjs! Honestly though to the park and every adventure my kids take me on!

  304. In terms of comfort and style, I don’t think there is anywhere these pants won’t take me! The world will be my oyster! To the moon and back even!!

  305. Ponte is the fabric of the gods. These magic pantaloons would take me to the shops on a weekend without looking like a hobo, to work with the comfort of a lounge pant and on a plane without cutting me in half.

  306. Just what I have been liking for as a volunteer working with children mainly with special needs we are required to dress conservatively yet smart. I am up and down off the floor all day and have been searching for comfy pants that would fit the brief and I would feel good in. Motto looks like you have nailed it.

  307. Dress up, dress comfy, dress for work, suitable for all occasions with comfort as well… Winning! Would love to add these to my collection.
    PS You look fab as always, love the black shirt and scarf combination.

  308. You’ve won me over! By the looks of it I’ll need a pair for every day of tbe week! Black ponte pants are the most versatile piece in our wardrobe. Looks good, feels good. Yes please!

  309. As a busy professional and part time student these Motto pants will be as stylish and comfortable no matter where I’m headed… from field work to court and the uni campus they will keep up with my busy lifestyle

  310. These pants will take me from Queensland to Iceland this year for a work trip! On the plane, in the suitcase, in the snow… and I’ll still look sophisticated!

  311. These Magic Motto pants will take me on a flight to New Zealand’s North & South Island at the end of April. I will be travelling with my husband (aged 62) and it will be his first time overseas ! Looking forward to some wonderful sightseeing, wining and dining. I’m sure these pants will see us have some magic moments.

  312. These pants will come on my travels around the world, especially next year when my sister and I head to Spain and Portugal in April. I could feel the excitement in your post and I was “I must get my body into these”

  313. Where COULDN’T these Motto magic pants take me is more like it!

    I’m picturing wearing them to work under my slightly-too-short dresses….snuggling in a cozy hinterland cafe drinking coffee….nursing a glass of pinot by the fire….the opportunities are endless!

  314. These pants would take me to work teaching ! They look so versatile, so perfect for the classroom, playground, Staffroom and meetings! I’d also team them up with ankles boots, scarf and cardigan! Perfect!!

  315. I would wear them when i travel to Berry, NSW in WINTER for my little brothers wedding this August… as a born-again Queenslander I do not own sufficient cold weather gear for this enterprise!

  316. These amazing pants would not only take me from autumn to winter – but support me (literally!) on my current journey to regain my happy shape! At the moment, I’d describe myself as ‘festively plump’ but a few more weeks back at the gym and I’ll be rocking a round, firm booty and some stronger legs 🙂 I love fitted/tailored clothes and would adore the chance to take a pair of these guys to lunch with friends with a cute shirt or to dinner with a smart jacket and soft (thin) jumper (all black, of course!!!)

  317. I love Ponte pants, you can throw them on with anything. So if these are next level I’m in! School runs, Saturday sport, running all over town for after school activities for 4 kids (every freaking day!) comfort and style is my priority.

  318. These pants would take me back to work looking great. I travel a bit for work and pleasure and have had a few health issues. Last week I had stomach surgery and I look sliced and diced and wondering what I could comfortably wear back to work but still look professional.

  319. These pants would take me to England with my husband and son who gets to visit his Nanny (and me too) I’ve been searching for the ultimate pant for a comfortable plane trip!

  320. If these magic pants are what you say they are, they will become my new best friend. I live in these type of pants, but to find something that fits well is the hardest. They would become my new best friend & im sure they will make me smile every time
    I put them on.

  321. I just love the idea of these pants. Being a curvy girl I find I often have to compromise comfort to look stylish. So excited to find the pants that offer both.

  322. These pants could take my capsule wardrobe for A/W18 to the next level! I’m already thinking about everything they go with and how functional they are for a busy lady on the run.

  323. Wow, these pants could take me anywhere I want to go! They sound amazing with a flattering comfortable fit so I could wear them all day long watching the grandchildren play their winter sport, then change my top and wear out for dinner with my love! I need them in my life!

  324. Motto magic pants will take me everywhere. I live oon my favourite pants and these will accompany me to school drop off, netball games, shopping, catch ups with friends and of course on date days/ nights with hubby. The more important question is where won’t they take me….

  325. These are the pants to take me here, there and everywhere this winter – except the beach as I have a new swimsuit for that but straight back into the pants afterwards for drinks, dinner and holiday fun.

  326. This AW/18 Season these pants will be my staple, taking me to school drop offs, my uni study group, family gatherings, lunch with my girlfriends, and my trip to Melbourne this June.

  327. These pants would take me on the many trips planned for the next few months. I have work trips interstate and atrip to the US for a meeting and then a short trip with the kids. These would be perfect for travelling, comfort and style.

  328. These pants would take me to a place of “acceptance and self love”…. actually no these pants would take me on school, soccer and dance runs, they would go shopping, to the movies and would love to snuggle with me on the couch. They would love to take me travelling but they would probably only get a trip from Qld to Melbourne. In return I would promise them a special place in my wardrobe and a long friendship

  329. Oh wow, everywhere!! We have big trip coming up & these amazing pants would shine whether at the Eiffel Tower or the West End!!

  330. Wow I need these pants ! Comfy stylish pants that support and shape yes please . I’m sure these pants would be a super stylish addition to my wardrobe this autumn winter !

  331. These would take me to Adelaide and Melbourne where I can layer up and cuddle some friends’ babies then back to warmer QLD where of rock them with long-line light layers. Oh and then to Edinburgh! Oh the places they’ll go!

  332. European winter sorted! Was thinking how was I going to stay warm in my regular leggings – these MOTTO Ponte pants sound like all my prayers answered! Fab with some long winter boots! Comfort and style on those long flights too.

  333. Leggings that don’t creep down! Unprecedented! Comfortable leggings! A rare and splendid thing! I will be wearing these EVERYWHERE! If these are as wonderful as you say, and you seem fairly excited, I can’t wait to get me a pair!

  334. This is the perfect solution for the new me when it comes to traveling this year. I want to pack less, move freely and comfortably yet arrive feeling and looking smarter.

  335. I’m a student in placement… these pants will take me from meetings to home visits then out for drinks after… but realistically they will be amazing for cheering on my kids at rugby on the cold Toowoomba mornings!!!

  336. These gorgeous pants could Tate me anywhere in syle and comfort.
    From the office to drinks after work and weekend wear.
    To be able to go out looking stylish and to be able to do it in comfort would be amazing.
    When we feel good in our clothing we look even better.
    These pants would be my number one item in this seasons wardrobeamdnim sure I would carry them on through to the next.

  337. Dear beautiful Motto pants,
    Please consider taking me on a streamlined journey to body acceptance this coming autumn and winter, we’ll have lots of fun together: I took my first rollercoaster ride since having kids this week and it’s more than just a metaphor for my life right now. I love the layered activewear look and lifestyle but haven’t found my perfect match – hoping it’s you!

  338. These pants would take me to heaven and back. And everywhere in between!
    They look so comfortable on you Nikki. Thanks so much for your write up & letting us all know. Appreciated.

  339. I’ve been looking for pants like these. They would be perfect to dress up and down over winter and for our first holiday since my hip replacement along the great ocean road, Victoria. Would love to win a pair please (insert crossed fingers :))) )

  340. These magic pants will take me to work. As a Primary School teacher I need comfort and smartness in my work wear! These look like just the ones for the job

  341. As we travel a lot all over our great land to watch our son compete in races all while spreading the word on child sexual abuse I could see my self in these pants for comfy car or plane trips then out to presentation dinners or just lounging away at home they really are the ultimate pair of pants

  342. Ponte pants = perfect for sitting on the freeeezzzzing cold sideline, while my husband plays at the Golden Oldies World Rugby Festival in Christchurch, New Zealand. I might be tempted to sneak away with the girls for a glass of champers & I will be looking fabulous!

  343. That’s my “Motto” – black stylish comfortable ponte pants – get me on that plane! You’ve just reduced my luggage to “carry on” – do I really have to take them off to wash them!!!!!

  344. I need magic pants to get me through two long haul flights this year. In economy!! With an hourglass shape, I have yet to find The pair that fits my butt and stays on my waist. Add the many styling options and easy care and it would be magic indeed!

  345. If they are as comfortable as everyone is saying then I would practically live in them. I might even get away with wearing them to work!

  346. These pants would be on high rotation and take me to work in style, movies, shopping, lunch and dressed up for a night out. Fingers crossed!

  347. North to Alaska – perfect pants for plane, train, automobile travelling as well being comfortable enough to zip line, tundra hike and bear watch in. Could I even dare to sparkle them up for the dining room? These pants could solve my packing problems and leave suitcase room for shopping.

  348. The question should be ‘where wouldn’t these Motto magic pants take you’ and the answer would be ‘nowhere’. I could see myself wearing these fabulous pants everywhere! x

  349. Standing in front of my wardrobe I just realised I don’t have a versatile black pant only corporate pants and the dredded jeans (not black)…. Help! How has this happened? What’s a girl to do?? Time for a wardrobe update – YES ( insert happy dance). Looks like these Moto pants are top of the list for me.

  350. The motto pants could take me on my travels around the world but also to school pickups or dinner with the girls!

  351. I have been searching for a pair of black pants that will be comfortable enough to wear on my 30+ hour flight to Croatia and Italy but still have me looking stylish when I arrive. Magic! I have just read your review and these would be perfect 🙂

  352. These pants would take me on my 5 year anniversary / Latermoon to the Goldie this year. I need something I can quickly chuck on that is comfortable (#1!!!), versatile (super close 2nd) and that dates well that wont go out of season and can last a few years. The bonus would be the sculpting of my bum, hubster loves my bum but he can always love it more, right?! Especially on our Latermoon!