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10 everyday style fashion trends for autumn-winter 2018

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In my head, the Easter break signifies a switch in seasons for me. I get excited that the humidity drops a few percent and that the overnight temperatures once again match the air-con settings I’ve been sleeping to all summer.

The reality is, these changes are still very subtle here in Queensland. But I’ll take subtle. 

I’m ready to edit my wardrobe and switch up how I wear my clothes for the season ahead. See, even though the temperatures mightn’t have drastically dipped, it doesn’t mean I have to wait to embrace autumnal elements in my wardrobe.

By doing this, it makes me fall in love with my wardrobe over again and I leave behind my end-of-season wardrobe rut that sees me reaching for the same clothes every day.

This is also a time that I keep an eye on the trends for the fashion season. As I mentioned in my workshop at Toowong Village last week (see video below), most trends are not new and many float and morph from one season to another. 

This is great as it might be a trend (or trends) that you already have represented in your wardrobe. The other thing that’s important to remember is that you don’t have to embrace ALL the trends. Trends do help us keep our wardrobes fresh and modern but not all trends are for everyone.

There are lots of trends every season. Choose from that mix the ones that really speak to your style personality. It’s not about playing it safe, it’s about being true to who you are and showing that to the world.

That’s the recipe for finding YOUR style confidence. It’s the complete opposite to being a slave to trends.

Below I’m sharing with you 10 of the everyday style fashion trends for autumn-winter 2018. I’ve not touched on colours as I covered that in this post

This is by no means an exhaustive list but I’ve concentrated on wearable trends. The catwalk trends are all very well and good but mostly don’t translate to our everyday wardrobes.

10 everyday style fashion trends to try for autumn-winter 2018 | Styling YouWearing: Sportscraft dress (I’m in size 14) | Witchery scarf | FRANKiE4 Footwear NAOMi boots

1. Slogan sweats or tees: these have been around for a few seasons now and they’re back again. They bring a bit of fun and street-style edge to an outfit. Wear back with jeans and blazer or bomber jacket or mix it up by contrasting with a feminine skirt and sneakers.

Pictured: Sussan sweat top $69.95

2. Boho queen: long may boho reign, summer or winter. Any Nina Proudman fans will agree with me here. Think flowy dresses or tops, boots and a cross-body bag. We can all live in hope our favourite fashion TV character will be back on our screens this year.

Pictured: boho bird dress $169.95 @ birdsnest

3. Coatigans: you have to love the fashion world for coming up with a new word but when you break it down it does make sense and it could be the ultimate outer garment for the season. It’s dressier than a cardi but more relaxed than a traditional coat, so it will take you from work to weekend with ease.

Pictured: Seed coatigan $289.95

4. Daytime embellishment: this isn’t something that I need to be told but apparently some of us still shy away from sequins or metallics during the day. Not me. Sequins are my fashion spirit animals. I’ll wear them any time of the day or night.

Pictured: Tirelli knit $129.95

5. Floral prints: I usually shy away from florals but this winter there are some incredible offerings. The reason this season is appealing is that most have strong background colours. This helps balance out the frou-frou for me. You can toughen up a floral even further by wearing florals back with boots and a denim or leather/pleather jacket.

Pictured: Witchery top $119.95

6. Scarves: we’ll always reach for this accessory for warmth in autumn-winter but scarves have also returned to our hair (making bad hair days good!) and as adornments on our bags. Hello 1990s … I’m very happy to see you back. 

Pictured: Eb&Ive scarf $24.95

7. Checks: More ’90s gold that has me reminiscing of working in an office with typewriters as our tools of trade and ashtrays as our desk accessories. These were not good things but adding a check or houndstooth in a jacket (or any garment) was. I’m very happy to revisit this trend and may need an intervention some time soon to stop future purchases.

Pictured: Country Road blazer $299

8. Sleeve details: my love of off-the-shoulder anything will never die but, for winter, I’m swapping it for sleeve details. Think bell or fluted sleeves or cut-outs in sleeves. I liken the latter to air vents … perfect for a Queensland autumn.

Pictured: boho bird blouse $169.95 @ birdsnest

9. Sneakers: I wear sneakers with anything because, COMFORT, and I suggest you do too. Edge out of your comfort zone and work them back with skirts and frocks for a casual/pretty contrast.

Pictured: FRANKiE4 Footwear JACKiE sneaker $229.95

10. Velvet: adding a winter texture in an accessory is a simple way to elevate an existing outfit. It doesn’t have to be saved for dressy after-dark outfits either. This bag would look fabulous back with jeans, tee, sneakers and a blazer for weekend smart casual.

Pictured: Cue bag $190

Sussan top and skirt

Sussan top and skirt |  FRANKiE4 Footwear NAOMi boots

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Let me help you create an autumn-winter 2018 wardrobe that works for you

For some, clothes might seem a superficial path to confidence but for the women in the Styling You community, we understand what we wear can affect us on a deeper level. Sometimes clothes might be an armour or a motivational pick-me-up. I know they can be for me.

I work from home – ducking out for meetings during the day – so, in theory, I don’t need to dress up for my job. I learned, however, that the days I did make a bit of an effort were the days that I was more productive. It’s like pulling on a “confidence” uniform to get sh&*t done. Does that work for you too?

So, now I plan out my outfits in advance and I show the women in the Styling You community through my Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe online style programs how to do that too. I show my “Capsulers” how to create a wardrobe that works for them and how to shop mindfully for any new additions. It’s not about me setting strict rules, it’s about providing guidelines for you to create looks that work for your personality and lifestyle. You know my thoughts on style rules, don’t you? Forget them and make your own. It would be very boring if we all dressed the same.

I get to really know more about the women in this fantastic community through these programs and they get to know and support each other in a way that is rarely seen on the Internet these days. Amen to the sisterhood, I say.

Our autumn-winter 2018 Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe opens on Wednesday, April 18. Make sure you’re on our email list to be first in the know. Capsulers get priority access to the seasonal Styling You Shop edit, which will publicly launch on Thursday, April 19.

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  1. Nikki just a comment for all of the disappointed Metalicus ex-customers (I’m one), Vigorella is an Australian brand that will fill the void left behind by Metalicus very nicely for me, and I think that they are worth having a look at.
    Cindy F

  2. I so can’t wait to incorporate more autumnal clothing into my everyday. I love the Sussan top you are wearing above, it’s gorgeous! As for Metalicus…well they have lost another customer here. I’m so glad you highlighted their change of marketing as I began to wonder why I wasn’t seeing ANYTHING I liked for about the past year.

  3. Thanks for your post re autumn winter trends. Love the coatigan & daytime embellishment. Really disappointed too with Metalicus & will now spend my money elsewhere.

    1. I so agree Aimee. I have bought 1000s of dollars worth of Metalicus over the years but really dislike the new direction. Their apparent target market and their price point don’t seem to match either.

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  4. Hi Nikki, great pieces for Autumn, love boho, floral, bell/fluted sleeves and velvet. Done them all before and will continue happily. Considering it’s Autumn, it was revoltingly humid yesterday morning here on the bayside, then we had torrential rain thank goodness to cool it down. Bought a another pair of Frankie4 sneakers last month ready for the cooler weather. Looking forward to the new SY A/W shop! x

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