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Online style program: rediscover your wardrobe mojo for 2018

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(Registration has now closed. Our next online style program will launch in April.)

I love ruling a line under a year with the prospect ahead of a 12-month blank canvas. The problem I have is that come January 1, I’m usually catching waves in the surf and work is the furtherest thing from my mind.

Truth be told, I need school to go back until things get vaguely back to normal around here.

Please tell me, I’m not alone in mentally not wanting to start the year until February?

One of things that needs a good shakeup at the start of the year is my wardrobe. I blame the festive season that rolled into balmy beach days. 

Whatever the cause, the thing is, it’s at this time of year that I need to get back my wardrobe game. I need to remember what I used to wear for my work-at-home life and I need to plan my outfits so that I’m making the most of what I already own but also planning to keep the fun and variety in what I wear.

This post included my top tips for keeping the excitement in your summer wardrobe but, launching today, I’m taking those tips a giant step forward.

If you’d like to rediscover your wardrobe mojo with me, then my Back to Work 2018 Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe online style program is for you.  

Rediscover your wardrobe mojo: Back to Work 2018 Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe program | Styling You

This is the fourth online style program. If you’ve done one of our seasonal capsule wardrobe programs, you’ll find that this is a little different. The principles, however, are still the same.

I’ve created not one, but two, 15-piece capsule wardrobes as blueprints for your Monday-Friday outfit inspiration. One is a corporate capsule; the other a casual capsule. Everyone who signs up receives both capsules, so if your Monday-Friday is a mix of both levels of workwear dress, then you can mix and max.

Like all my programs, it’s not essential to buy any new pieces. I offer suggested pieces to buy but they they are just that – suggestions. I encourage you to use those suggestions as inspiration to create your own capsule based on what’s already in your wardrobe.

The suggestions include options for petite and plus-size body shapes, as well as budget clothing and accessories ideas.

We will be sharing our outfits over two working weeks, starting Monday February 12, in our exclusive Facebook group. I can’t tell you how empowering it is to see women of all shapes, sizes and ages inspiring others in the group with their interpretations of each day’s outfit prompt.

Cost is $49.95. This time around, because it’s a short program and we’re releasing all the material and outfit prompts on registration, there are no refunds available. This is so we can all commit and get stuck in from next week.


Here is just what some of our previous “Capsulers” have said about how our programs have helped them.

It gave me the courage to declutter my wardrobe, getting rid of lots of pieces I was attached to but didn’t need. I can actually see what is in my wardrobe now! It showed me how to wear clothes in ways and combinations I had never thought of before, but love. It’s given me confidence to go op-shopping for the first time because I know what I’m looking for. It’s provided answers to people who were wondering what to buy me for my birthday! – Rebecca

What a supportive group of fabulous women. These past two capsules have really helped me look at my wardrobe and reorganise it all, as well as go outside my comfort zone and try new things. – Cathy

First time with the capsule and loved getting out of my comfort zone – I’m not wearing black pants every day to work! – Kirsten

I have started planning my work outfits for the week and have a separate clothes rack for them. Getting dressed in the morning is now so easy. – Therese

 I learned to shop mindfully (not fully successful but now tend to shop with a purpose) – and use my (big) wardrobe!! – Helen

I loved being part of this group. You all gave us so much support and inspiration by posting positive comments and ideas of how everyone interpreted the brief. – Jenny

So, tell me, what’s your biggest work wardrobe problem?

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  1. I agree with things not getting back into some sort of order until February. ” February is the new January ” in my book!

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  2. Can’t wait – even though I wear a uniform everyday for work I still can’t wait to see the other options and be part of this supportive network of women.

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