The Model and Me: Mela Purdie autumn-winter 2018 at Zambezee Boutiques

The Model and Me: Mela Purdie autumn-winter 2018

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You know my thoughts on animal print, yes? I’ve long considered them a neutral in my wardrobe because they function as a plain-coloured neutral, working back with just about every other neutral I own.

When that animal print appears in a particularly stunning version as part of the Mela Purdie autumn-winter 2018 collection, my love for this classic print suddenly runs just that little bit deeper.

I’ve been talking up Mela Purdie on the blog here for almost a decade. I met the designer behind this cult Australian lifestyle label a couple of years before that in my old career as a journalist and fashion editor. Mela was helping Zambezee Boutique celebrate its 10th birthday.

Mela was rocking white pieces from her collection, worked back with a pair of tan Chloe heels, and I thought to myself, so that’s how effortlessly chic is done. There was skill in the way Mela had put together her outfit but it was the individual pieces she was wearing that put the E into effortless.

Fast-forward more than a decade later and I’m still wearing pieces from that time. They look and feel as good as new. They still work with so much in my wardrobe.

Mela Purdie pieces are investment pieces, yes, but investments that are timeless and will serve you very well for a very long time. Too often we spend more on outfits for occasions, outfits we might only wear once or twice. I’m a believer in spending more on the pieces you wear more often to get more bang for your buck.

I know this type of investment fashion shopping is not for everyone but I also know there are so many Mela Purdie fans out there who understand what I’m talking about. They choose to buy fewer quality pieces that will work for them longer than just one season, instead of the quick, fast-fashion fix.

The model

Mela Purdie tie overshirt in safari swirl | Zambezee Boutiques | Styling You

Mela Purdie tie overshirt in safari swirl @ Zambezee Boutiques

and me

Mela Purdie tie overshirt in safari swirl | Mela Purdie cargo pant | FRANKiE4 Footwear ALYCE wedge

Mela Purdie tie overshirt in safari swirl (I’m in 14 and there is plenty of room) | Mela Purdie soft cargo pant  (I’m in 16 but could wear 14 now) | FRANKiE4 Footwear ALYCE wedge

This shirt design is a new style for Mela Purdie autumn-winter 2018 and I like the way you can make it work in quite a few different ways. It’s a loose cut that can be worn completely open as a jacket over a tank or cami. It can be worn buttoned up but with the ties hanging down for a longer, more dramatic look for over leggings or jeans. It can be worn, as I have done, buttoned to the waist, with a tie at the front. Or it can be tied around the waist as the model as done.

It’s a trans-seasonal top that I can definitely wear now with sleeves rolled up but also wear as it cools down with a jacket or knit over the top. The safari swirl fabric is 100% silk. I can be hand-washed, though.

If you’d like a more easy-care option, then this style is also available in the Mela Purdie signature technical polyester fabric in black, French navy and white. I get so much wardrobe time out of my Mela Purdie technical polyester pieces. It’s a breathable fabric that can be machine washed and doesn’t require ironing.

The soft cargo pant I’m wearing here is more than three years old and it’s in the technical polyester. I have this style in about four different colours because it just works so well for spring, summer and autumn outfits. It’s a great travel pant style that works with a flat slide or sandal, a wedge or a sneaker.

Special offer

Enter stylingyou at checkout to save 10% on full-priced Mela Purdie at Zambezee Boutiques. Do also check out the previous season’s Mela pieces on sale at Zambezee Boutique.

So, tell me, thoughts on animal print as a neutral? Would I find Mela Purdie pieces in your wardrobe? How old is the oldest piece you own?

The Model and Me: Mela Purdie autumn-winter 2018 at Zambezee Boutiques

* These pieces were gifted to me for editorial consideration. Full disclosure policy here

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  1. As a recent interest of mine is sustainable fashion, I have discovered the delights of op shopping, and to my surprise I found a grey Mela Purdie dress for $7.00! I didn’t know the brand at that stage, but I could tell from the feel of the fabric and the cut of the dress, and how well it was made, that it was something special! I certainly got a surprise when I got home and did some research on this brand. I am so glad I have been able to give this dress another chance at life, and it didn’t end up in landfill. I can’t believe someone gave it away, as I can see myself wearing it for a long time, however I thank them for letting me have the chance to enjoy such a beautiful thing!

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  2. I know one talks about investment pieces but as I get older I am happy to shop around and have a variety of a few on trend items equivalent to the cost of one or two items and that will work back with my existing wardrobe….there used to be a magazine that showed on trend clothes options for all budgets that were similar….infinite possibilities with fashion though..

  3. Hi Nikki, I love a bit of animal print. No Mela Purdie in my wardrobe, I had a look at the Zambeezee website, some great pieces on sale. I can see the value in the pieces, especially for working in a corporate role. (Definitely not my role) I am continuing my new clothing self imposed ban, I really don’t need anything but of course need vs want! Kathryn x

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