Motto top and pant | Nikki Parkinson | Styling You; photo by Sarah Keayes/The Photo Pitch

Afraid of wearing white pants? These tips and myth busters will help

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I love wearing white. LOVE it. But I know my love of white is not something that everyone shares – especially when it comes to wearing white pants. 

I’m not afraid of wearing white pants, so when the fabulous people at Motto challenged me to showcase six (mostly) all-white looks, featuring three different pairs of white pants, I said, “challenge very much accepted”.

Now before you click away, stomping your feet and shaking your head at me, convinced that there will never be a spot for white in your wardrobe, stick with me. I understand your fears and I want to share with you my tips and myth busters about wearing white – particularly wearing white pants.

If you can embrace white pants in your wardrobe, it will give you so many fresh options and combinations when it comes to creating outfits for the warmer months when wearing black or even denim pants or jeans might feel to heavy.

Read on to find out why I think white is ALL RIGHT, how to launder white, six white-inspired outfits and how you could win one of five $200 gift cards to spend at Motto.

White pant style myths that need busting (or at least work-arounds)

Most women’s fear of white can be broken into two categories – that we think it’s not a flattering colour and we worry about how we’re going to keep it clean. I’ve broken those categories down a little bit further to (hopefully) address those fears for you.

1. White makes me look bigger. Ladies, it’s not the colour that makes us look bigger, it’s the style of pant and what we choose to wear with them. A black pair of pants in the wrong cut for you can make you look bigger and “block” your shape with too much of a heavy colour happening all at one time. So let’s all move on from this myth, shall we?

Instead of dismissing white, look for a quality pant with a decent weight of fabric. Look for a style of pant or jean that suits your leg, butt and tummy shape. And work those pants/jeans back with tops that skim and float past any bits we want them to skim and float past.

2. The colour white doesn’t suit my skin tone. When it comes to wearing a white pant, this doesn’t matter as it will be away from your face. When wearing a white colour (with no other colour breaking it up) near your face, then take notice in the mirror whether your eyes light up when you have a pure (or close to pure) white near your skin. Try the same test with a cream or ivory fabric. Whichever shade of white gives you that spark, that’s your white family. If you don’t have that spark and really want to wear the white near your face, add a scarf or coloured earrings/necklace to break up the white.

3. You can see my underwear when I wear white pants. Well, yes, we will see your knickers, unless they are a shade of nude suited to your skin. Do not wear white under white. We will definitely see that. Good fabrics, longer tops and even square pockets on the bottoms will help disguise any sneaky, visible underwear situations.

4. If I wear white I’ll spill something on it. Yes, if you’re clumsy like me, you probably will. Just ask my family and friends. BUT. Nine times out of 10, I will defy said family and friends and I won’t end up with red wine or spag bog on my white clothes because I’ll be WAY more careful with what I drink and eat while I’m wearing white. And … shhh … I’ve also recently discovered StainGo – a handy product to have on hand and spray on should accidents occur. 

5. I can’t wear white pants, I have – or work with – small children. The first time I embraced wearing white in all its glory was back when my now-adult children were babies. The reason? I discovered the magical powers of a stain removal soak. Where had it been all my life? Well, I can tell you, it’s been in my life ever since. Most white pants and jeans can be soaked, no problems. Now, having shared a laundry tip that is probably far from new to you, I do also remember the days when small hands LOVED reaching up to you to be picked up or wrapped around your legs to be hugged. No, I wouldn’t wear white pants to the playground during those years but I did (defiantly) wear them when out without the kids.

The (fashion) story of three white pants

The three pairs of white pants from Motto I’ve featured in outfits in this post are below. Each is a good weight for coverage without being too hot for summer. Each is an ankle-length pant but, as you can see on me, they are almost full length and come to exactly where I like my jeans and pants to fall. I’m 166cm and wearing size 12 in each of these pants.

Afraid of the white pant? These tips and myth busters will help | 3 Motto white pants
1. White Bennie pants $89.95 | 2. Sophie white denim ankle jean $99.95 | 3. Sophie white distress denim ankle jean $99.95

The white bengaline pant

Anyone who’s ever embraced the pull-on bengaline pant, needs no convincing on these. The comfort level is supreme. The fabric is cool to touch and, without any buckle or zip, it creates a smooth line under any top. This is typically not a pant that you would tuck a top into, more it’s a pant suited to longer tops and tunics. Me? I like to cover my front and back bottoms when wearing a pull-on pant like this. Because of the amount of stretch in this fabric, do buy firm as they will easily give through wear.

Motto top, jacket and pant | Nikki Parkinson | Styling You; photo by Sarah Keayes/The Photo Pitch

Top | Duster jacketWhite Bennie pants

Motto top and pant | Nikki Parkinson | Styling You; photo by Sarah Keayes/The Photo Pitch

Top | Duster jacket | necklaceWhite Bennie pants

The white ankle jean

There is something so classic about the white denim jean. It always looks dressed up, no matter whether the pairing is for a casual or dressy occasion. While you don’t have the smooth tummy line of the bengaline, you do have the ability to do a full or half tuck of your top or tunic to create a different shape or proportion to your outfit. The mid-high waist of these jeans is universally flattering. The fabric contains stretch but is designed to keep its shape with wear and I love that the waistband offers a relaxed fit – no cutting in!

Motto top and pant | Nikki Parkinson | Styling You; photo by Sarah Keayes/The Photo Pitch

Top (this particular one is sold out but check it out in Ivory and TangelloSophie white denim ankle jean

Motto top and pant | Nikki Parkinson | Styling You; photo by Sarah Keayes/The Photo Pitch

Top | CamiSophie white denim ankle jean

The distressed white ankle jean

This jean offers all the benefits of its classically style sister but with the edge of a distressed finished. If you’ve been on the fence in regards to distressed denim, then this is the style for you to dip your legs into. It’s a soft distress – no skin will show! (So soft, it’s difficult to detect in these photos!) I love a distressed look for offering a tough-pretty contrast of pieces within the same outfit.

Motto top and pant | Nikki Parkinson | Styling You; photo by Sarah Keayes/The Photo Pitch

Top |  Sophie white distress denim ankle jean

Motto top and pant | Nikki Parkinson | Styling You; photo by Sarah Keayes/The Photo Pitch

TopSophie white distress denim ankle jean

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Entries open on Wednesday, November 1, 2017 at 5am (AEST) and close on Wednesday, November 15, 2017 at 5pm (AEST). Australian entries only, sorry. The five winners of the “answer the question” competition will be judged on originality and creativity. Both steps of the competition need to be fulfilled to be judged a winner. The winner will be emailed and their name will be published here. Entrants must include an email address when the filling in the commenting system below to be eligible to enter. Full terms and conditions here.

This photoshoot was shot on location at a private home in Paddington, Brisbane. Photography: The Photo Pitch; Hair and Makeup: Dale Dorning/Arc Creative

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  1. I would love to rock the uber comfy Bennie pants for staying cool in the Qld summer and I’d style it with a gorgeous floaty, flowy, top with splashes of aqua and green to feel bright, happy and comfy (hiding my mummy tummy that’s unfortunately severely separated stomach muscles after pregnancy). I love that these pants are so flattering and suit a bright long top…. totally my style!!!!

  2. Wow you look great in white! Maybe I just need to be more adventurous and I’d choose the white distressed ankle jeans for my foray into white! Thanks!

  3. I love the Sophie White Denim Ankle Jean, clean lines and a style that never goes out of fashion, the perfect pair for every occasion!

  4. I love the Sophie White Distressed Denim Ankle Jeans , they would be perfect matched with a off the shoulder top and sandals !

  5. I love the white distressed ankle jeans, they would look amazing with a hot pink cami top and strappy sandals!! Easy and breezy for a nice night out!! 🙂

    Lovely photos Nikki 🙂

  6. I love the casual and simplicity of the white distressed denim ankle jeans, I’d pair these beautifully with a bright over the shoulder top to complete the perfect look for summer!

  7. I’d pair the distressed jeans with a blush pink off the shoulder top, tan ankle strap wooden heel sandals and an oversized tan tote.

  8. The Sophie ankle Jean would probably not be too long for me and I love the style. After reading the tips I’d feel more confident about pairing them with a flowy, silk top- and I’d also love to try the floral print trend in the top. Then add a pair of sandals and dress it up with some silver jewellery.

  9. Let’s pair the Sophie White Denim Ankle Jean with some brown sandals, a sky-blue off the shoulder top and some silver jewellery – summer styled, ready to go and comfortable!

  10. Bennie pants are my perfect work pant with a colourful tunic on top.
    – So versatile and easy to create a different look each day!

  11. Using Sophie White Denim Ankle Jeans as my “canvas”, I’d layer on splashes of colour with a bold jewel-toned sleeveless top, and soft flowing floral jacket, to create a summery work of art!

  12. I might dare to wear white with a pair of Sophie distressed white denim jeans. Crisp white certainly matches my choice of floaty summery Christmas red, gold and green tops and dresses, and decorative metallic jewellery.

  13. I adore the Sophie White Distressed Denim Jeans -MOTTO’S latest delight!
    I now have the confidence to rock it in WHITE,
    I’d team this versatile staple with a vintage silk singlet by day,
    And a classic band shirt by night and party the night away!

  14. Love the Sophie White Denim Ankle Jean, I’d wear this with tan flat strappy sandals and a casual top of pretty much any colour – maybe something bright to give it that pop

  15. I love the Sophie distressed white jeans paired with the white off the shoulder flared sleeve top. Looks gorgeous especially if you’re tanned.

  16. The Bengaline pants – a perfect cut that I would team with a hot pink top (my favourite summer colour), strappy wedges and oh of course my nude undies. Ready to face the world feeling fabulous.

  17. Looking summer fresh in my Bennie pants. I’ll wear them with a baby on the hip and spew on the leg. A loose fitting long singlet top to hide the mess. Before I use the Stain Go to save my Bennie pants!

  18. The Sophie White Distressed Denim Ankle Jean. I live in jeans, but only have black. So I need something more summery. I’d pair it with a simple nautical stripe t-shirt. Classic!

  19. I’m always scared I’m going to somehow spill a jar of something over my nice new white pants. It’s always quite daunting. I do like the Sophie white distress denim ankle jeans, and maybe it’s worth the risk.

  20. White Bennie pants.
    Just for me. Chant…
    Pull-ups for my baby.
    Pull-up for time-poor mammy.
    Style it up for summer,
    With my large floral stunner
    Duster over white lacy camisole.
    Breaking the block of white so
    I look thinner and trimmer.
    Pair with fab platforms, oh simmer.
    Hide my flabby arms, post-baby, look – they happened.
    Conceal my tucked-in tummy, bit misshapen.
    The looks not cemented –
    Statement necklace, neckline accented.
    Some TLC at hair and makeup.
    That’s how you do a styling shakeup.
    If you have it – flaunt it!
    If you have lumps and bumps – roll with it.
    Summer resolution:
    M: ust
    O: vercome
    T: endency
    T: o
    O: vereat

  21. I’d love the white Bennie pants and would team them with a long black slip and white duster jacket. Would love a new summer outfit.

  22. Distressed denim ankle jean for sure… teamed with a pop of summer color in a shade of watermelon perhaps.. and summer wedges

  23. White Bennie pants look gorgeous on you. I’ve never been brave enough to wear white pants but with a long jacket over the top, I’d give it a go

  24. I would get the most wear out of the Bennie pants I think! And would style them back with a range of longer tops. I am loving the duster jacket too!

  25. I would wear pants number 1 and turn it into a grunge/rock look. I would tuck a black band tee into them and wear ankle high black boots with them

  26. The Sophie white ankle jean would be very versatile in my wardrobe I have a collection of striped navy tops to create a nautical look. All colours go with white and the white jean always looks stylish just look at Liz Hurley it’s her wardrobe staple and it could be mine too

  27. 2. Sophie white denim ankle jean would be perfect for summer. Looking cool, elegant and they would go with so many great tops. I’d love these.

  28. Distress denim with a midi cotton singlet in a moss green with lace cut out at the Botton with tan ballet flats ,silver bangles and pearl earings

  29. The white beanie pant dressed with a rose off the shoulder top bohemian style with a touch of silver on my wrists and silver drop earings and white flats woould even out th e outfit.

  30. Sophie Distressed Denim, with a flowing olive tunic, and comfy slides, practical, fashionable, and oh so cool for summer! I’d wear a nice simple necklace, and maybe a bangle, but let the jeans steal the show, because white jeans are a statement piece no one can deny!

  31. I would wear the white ankle jean with a colourful sleeveless top because the clean crisp white of the pants would make the colours of the top pop.

  32. I love the Sophie white distress denim ankle jeans and would style them with a white off the shoulder longer line shirt, rose gold slides, a long rose gold pendant and a heavy cuff bangle

  33. Hi Nikki, you made me fall in love with white pants! I never knew how to wear them, thanks for the inspiration 🙂 The white Bennie pants are my pick, they look comfy to wear and I like how they don’t have zips or buttons.

  34. Have always wanted a pair of great fitting white jeans so would go for the Motto white distressed ankle jeans. The top could have a bit of fullness to it and to brighten maybe the tangelo cold shoulder top, not too dressy but smart and fashionable.

  35. I never usually wear white pants but after reading this I am willing to give them another go. I would pair the Sophie White Bennie Pants with the Blue Print Vee Cami.

  36. Ok I’m convinced! I’d pair the Sophie White Distressed Denim Ankle Jean with a blue/white paisley print sleeveless top and a nice summer hat for al fresco brunch at the local cafe! A look that is fresh but has some pizzazz too! 🙂

  37. OOOh white jeans! I’ve never had the courage to wear these, but they look great in the photos. The white distress ankle jean I think would suit my shape, and I’d wear it with a summer florals kaftan top. It will be good to get out of my clothing comfort zone!

  38. I love love LOVE White, loads of it in my wardrobe but I don’t yet have a pair of white distressed jeans. I would love to win a pair of the Sophie white distress denim ankle jeans, they would fit in perfectly with my casual wardrobe for summer.

  39. The white distress denim ankle jean would be perfect for some of the casual catchups we have planned in the next 2 months. I would wear it with a chambray off the shoulder top or if cooler a longer colourful tunic with my tan Sara heals.

  40. I love the look of the white Sophie ankle jeans, perfect for casual clothes day at work , lunch dates on weekends and dress up for night ! I would team them with my Nat’s for day and my Donna’s for night ! Short, long and in between tops would all look great ! Thankyou

  41. Love the white ankle jean, great for spring/summer (Victoria) would wear a short colorful kaftan style top to hide my middle and wedges

  42. DEFINITELY the White Bennies!! I’m a pants loving girl and all my faves are bengaline so I know these will be beyond comfy and practical!

    Not to mention that as I approach 40 I am finding my style evolve and realising that most of the reasons why I don’t own/wear particular items (like white in general!) aren’t actually valid reasons – I’ve been depriving myself of so many amazing opportunites and now I just want to embrace them all!

  43. Ooooh… I have suffered from white pant/jean envy for my entire adult life! I absolutely love the luxe look white bottoms offer but have never had the confidence to try it nor have I ever found the perfect white pant/jean to suit my shape & hide all that cellulite! *Sob, sob :'(*
    I’m a jeans lover & therefore would try the Sophie White Denim ankle jean or even the distressed version & pair it with either a feminine floral top or a classic chambray off the shoulder top with beautiful tan accessories. (Undoubtedly a staple look for many but it would be a giant leap for me!) xxx

  44. Gosh I love the look of all three of the White Motto pants and jeans. I can see my self wearing the Sophie jeans with a fabulous black layered tank top and floaty kimono with Hot pink platform wedges for a night out, or team the jeans with a navy sequened cami and with a pair of black sling back kitten heels for a date night, for a more casual look a sailor stripe 3/4 sleeve knit top would look sophisticated, with the jeans cuffed up and a pair of navy espadrilles. In fact the three white motto pants are so versatile they can go from brunch to farmers markets to afternoon tea to a fabulous night out. Love them.

  45. They all look lovely – cool and fresh however it would pic the distressed white jeans for me – never had distressed jeans and never had white jeans so would be all new for me.


    I would LOVE to own a pair of Sophie white denim ankle jeans, perfect for a Queensland Spring/Summer. I would wear them with a navy and white stripped cotton off the shoulder top.

  47. Def the white Bennie pants, so practical for my work (or play) and really could be styled with any fab top from Motto!! yes please!

  48. I’m a jeans girl , so I’d love the distressed jeans , paired with a blazer and white tshirt and my frankie4’s . No fuss , easy to wear clothes and I’m done .

  49. I would love the Sophie Distressed denim pants. I love how they are “no skin” distressed. After reading your blog I think I would feel more confident and comfortable to style these pants with with the the “Ivory cold shoulder” top you have worn. I certainly know these pants would go with all the bright coloured tops and shirts in my wardrobe already as well.
    Thanks for sharing these great tips and advice

  50. I would style the Sophie White Denim Ankle Jean with a black top and Converses for the day, then pop on a leather jacket and heels for the night! I love that these jeans are such a versatile piece.

  51. Distressed Jeans are my bag, I’d team with some tan coloured wedges and a super colourful, floaty girly tunic and really rock the resort wear look.

  52. The Bengaline looks like the one to tempt me back to white pants. Comfort and easy to wear are high on my summer wardrobe priorities. I love long tops and tunics and it looks like the Bengaline’s to partners perfectly with them both.

  53. All look great but I like the distressed jeans Would love to try. I don’t wear them but I would wear them definitely

  54. The white Bengaline Pant.
    I am a shirt girl I have so many shirts and tops
    I can become Bohemian
    Classic Chic
    Pulled together mum in a rush
    Country girl
    Slick city chick
    But what I would really like to wear my Bengaline Pants with is some of those amazing tops and tunics from the amazing Australian company Motto!

  55. Ohhh they are all so nice but if I have to choose it’s would be the Sophie ankle jeans.
    I would team it’s with my new blush off the shoulder top from Seed and a par of cute sandals for a summer bbq.

  56. Just love the bennies! Teamed with Motto’s gorgeous ivory cami and the black boho duster, silver espadrilles ( so on-trend right now!) and a statement silver pendant. I am also loving Motto’s pink mesh Ritz jacket, worn open with a pink and silver pendant.

  57. Love the Sophie white denim ankle jeans. I love wearing skinny white jeans in the warmer seasons as they are so versatile. Dress them up with a sheer flowing printed top & heels for a big night out or with a casual striped cold shoulder top or loose fine knitted top & comfy flats for a more casual occasion.

  58. White on white .. yes yes yes !! Put away the red, a glass of white will be fine. Distressed Ankle Jeans for me.
    How would I Style them ??? WOW WOW WOW .. visit MOTTO of course, the Options are endless.

  59. Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    I love Motto in white,
    Especially Sophie ankle jeans, don’t you?
    (Teamed with a gorgeous Duster jacket too!).

  60. I love the white Bennie pants and would style them with all my different coloured tops – black bare shouldered top through to my bright red favourite floaty top!
    I’d wear my white thongs, or red shoes with them too, or my black heels!
    Love the myth busting about white pants too!

  61. I am 56 years old and have never owned a pair of white pants. The bennie pants look amazing and your photos have given me the confidence to think about purchasing a pair. Teamed with a striped navy and white shirt I would be ready for the holiday season.

  62. Bennie pants in white with comfort and smooth lines are perfect for me. There are
    Endless possibilities to wear them with style this summer. I’d
    Never go past a classic back and white combination, such as the Black Flounce Shirt or the Black
    Chiffon Tulip Tunic with the white Bennie.
    Now is the perfect time for OTS look and the stylish Fine Stripe Shirt Shifter Top is a keeper.
    I love florals. Hello Black Floral Jersey Sunseeker Top and Blue Jersey One Shoulder Peak Top
    Elsa Top in white would be perfect for summer parties. Add smart flats, heels, and statement
    earrings and I am ready for anything summer has in store for me.

  63. Thanks for the advice Nikki. A pair of white jeans may be my first experiment with white pants this summer. I have always avoided them as I am afraid of being clumsy. An off the shoulder jade green top with white jeans would make a vibrant statement over Christmas

  64. Sophie White Denim Ankle Jean
    the best look for the summer scene
    with a pretty floral blouse for colour and style
    Incredible look along with my famous summer smile

  65. I love the White Bennie Pants. I’d style them with a chambray shirt and some low cut converse!
    This has actually motivated me to pull the tag off my white jeans that I bought over a year ago!!!

  66. Oh I have not worn white pants since I was 18 (I am now 61) but after looking at this article Nikki – I am ready to take the white plunge!! The Bennie look fabulous thanks MOTTO – hope you give me the opportunity to change my thinking about white pants after 43 years!!!!!!!!!!

  67. I’m so excited to be given a promotion at work but it also means moving from uniform to civvies! I need to look stylish and creative and I love that the White Bennie pants will give me a bright basic to add any colour and lots of different style tops and accessories. Love a versatile wardrobe!

  68. I avoid white, a hang up from the little kids and sticky hands stage of my life. Time to try the crisp coolness of white! I’d wear the White Bennie Pants, they are the style I love in pants.

  69. Ooh Nikki I love your style … and I LOVE wearing white denim! thanks for the introduction to Motto clothing – they have a great range of products, all white-hot for summer! I would pair the MOTTO SOPHIE WHITE DENIM ANKLE JEAN with my flowing baby pink off the shoulder top. It has a gorgeous ruffle that goes all the way around. I would pair these with my new white Betts sandals and faux tan so that I don’t blend in haha.

  70. Fashionable and Stylish Motto White Bennie Pants would compliment my wardrobe styled with a sparkly white kaftan and my sparkly pineapple drop earrings together with my clear jelly sandals – a little glamour for summer in Australia

  71. The Sophie White Ankle Jeans with a grey v-neck tee, white converse sneakers and a big smile from feeling comfortable and well put together.

  72. Love white jeans for a Queensland summer. I’d love the Motto white ankle jean and I’d wear them with silver flats and a loose white top with silver trim or decals and silver jewellery.

  73. The white Bennie pants to wear under some of my dresses that have become a bit short for my taste (until it gets really hot, then I won’t care!). Definitely with a nice pale blue top fo Xmas functions.

  74. I would love the Sophie distressed ankle jeans as I’ve never been brave enough to wear white pants or the distressed look – may as well kill 2 birds with one stone! I picked up a gorgeous denim look lyocell tank top that would be PERFECT with these pants, with some gorgeous tan sandals and a cute long necklace or statement earrings. I’ll have to invest in some of your stain removing tips but – sticky 2 year old fingers are my life at the moment.

  75. I would love to wear the distressed ankle length jeans. I have really wanted to try distressed jeans and finally feel that this pair look perfect, no to young looking for me!! Teamed with an off the shoulder Navy top the jeans would be perfect for those Christmas BBQ’s.

  76. Ok now I’m more Confident to try a pair of white pants. I’d try the Beenies on my shapely bum bum with a pair of my Frankie 4’s and a lovely off the shoulder top.

  77. Definitely the Bennie for me. Comfort and style is very appealing. I ‘d wear with a floaty silk navy top and some bright accessories.

  78. I’d like to try the distressed ankle jean and I LOVE the embroidered chiffon cold shoulder top. I love all the colours, I can’t decide which one to choose. Maybe I need them all!

  79. I would love the distressed ankle jean. I would pair it with a navy off the shoulder top and a pair of tan flats for a casual look.

  80. I would absolutely love the Sophie white distressed ankle Jean . They look very stylish and great quality great to wear either with white or a pop of color to keep my summer easy elegant and on trend

  81. I’d love the Sophie ankle denim jeans, so fresh with nice clean lines….and would go with some brilliant coloured tops.

  82. Sophie’s White Ankle Jeans are just too gorgeous not to be seen
    I’d style them with an embroidered blouse in red
    And knock ’em dead!

  83. I’d love to try the white distressed denim jeans. I have a toddler and an 8month old baby and white clothes scare the living daylights out of me as I’m always worried the kiddies will make them so dirty in a matter of seconds. But napisan was invented for a reason right! Hahaha. I’d team them with a breastfeeding friendly shirt.

  84. Sophie White Denim Ankle Jean,
    Perfect for the North Queensland scene,
    Dress it up with colourful, tropical tops,
    From a beach lunch to a stroll through the shops!

  85. Every Spring / Summer I am inspired by the people around me who wear white so beautifully. In our QLD climate it looks so fresh and clean. Some seasons it works for me and others not so much, but I am inspired to try the Sophie White Denim ankle jeans this year. I’d wear them with cool summer tops in fresh cotton and linen for days and silk for evenings. I’m on my way to a tropical holiday in Feb and am really having fun sourcing my holiday wardrobe now.

  86. Love the Sophie distress denim look ……. have a friend who calls white pants “confidence pants”…… that’s how I would wear them and style them to look great!

  87. The Sophie jean – I’ve avoided white pants for the past ten years because of the issue of young children but my youngest is now 7. My husband says white pants are for old ladies or young women – I’d love to prove him wrong (I’m somewhere in the middle!)

  88. I would love the chance to throw on a pair of the Sophie white ankle jeans. ❤️ Worn, with love, confidence and a huge summer smile!!! That’s my MOTTO!!!

  89. I love the Bennie ones because they have the pull on style without the button. As a plus size person I hate the button and find it uncomfortable in summer. I can never find a pair of pants with a button that actually fit properly anyway.
    I’d pair these with a nice floral top for a daytime casual, urban, fresh look but the style is so versatile and could be changed up to dance the night away with a shimmery silver or gold top in the evening!

  90. I think the Bennie white pants look amazing. They’d be so flattering with a beautiful wedge heel and a monochrome top⚪️.. and sparky silver earrings !!

  91. Sophie white distress denim ankle jean, they’ll look great on my wife with her favourite high heel shoes. She has an amazing body and will do these white pants great justice 😉

  92. I’d love to try the Sophie distressed white ankle jeans. They looked great on Nikki and i’ve just bought some fantastic t-shirts for summer that would work well – bright colors and abstract prints. Finish the look with a comfy wedge heel and my current fav, a blue suade bag.

  93. I would love to try the Sophie white jeans with a bold coloured top. Perhaps a bit longer to start with until I felt comfortable wearing white pants.

  94. I love the white ankle “Sophie” distressed jeans & would fairly effortlessly dress up or down!
    A casual tee with flats or a glitzy number for the night sessions leading up to Xmas!
    So fresh! x

  95. I was inspired to buy my first pair of white jeans a couple of years ago, after seeing you at a workshop at Toowong Village. It was waay outside my comfort zone, being over 50 and a larger size girl. It has become a wardrobe staple ever since. I can style it with almost anything and it always looks fresh and a touch spech.
    I’m currently loving tan Frankie 4 heels with bright painted coral toes- looks awesome against the white ankle. Paired with aqua cotton Adrift top or a crisp white White Noba linen top with sparkles.
    I’ve not worn the distressed look before but am keen to try. It’s for that reason I’d choose the Sophie.

  96. Sophie white denim ankle jeans would go perfectly with a white silk double- layer cami topped with a white and gold cotton lace overshirt. I’d complete the look with gold wedge heels.

  97. Ah, well this is very timely! Have secretly wished for white denim for ages but always too scared to try…for the very reasons you said! I really like the normal or distressed, I can’t decide! Love white for summer 😀

  98. I love the look of the White Bennie pants and can see myself looking super cool pairing it with the Blue Print Flounce Shirt

  99. There are so many reasons to wear White Bennie Pants with my favourite Top Stitch Kaftan from Blue and Venus Mule sandals from Blue Illusion for celebrating any summer time as I read Stylingyou blog . It’s definitely a brilliant post to clarify many misunderstandings about white pants. I have more confidences to enjoy white pants with all my bright colours of kaftans now and beyond . I would look cool and elegant on hot summer days. This wonderful prize would be a significant opportunity to change my personal fashion statement with Nikki Parkinson.

  100. I love the sophie white pair but then they all look great and make me feel a bit braver to wear white , just maybe not on the farm

  101. Sophie denim white ankle jean,
    With Nikki’s tips I’ll keep you clean,

    Styled with a sleeveless top in navy blue,
    And a tan FRANKiE4 fabulous shoe,

    I’ll be stylish all summer long,
    With Nikki’s tips you can’t go wrong!

  102. The White Bennie pants styled with a gorgeous black Flounce Shirt would be an awesome combo for getting out and about this Summer 🙂

  103. As a cautious wearer of white jeans I find it very hard to find the right pair in the right weight that do not show the lumps and bumps. Generally I don’t bother as my experiences are not great but I would give the white denim ankle jeans a try and hope to be proved wrong. 🙂

  104. Love this article as I’ve always been afraid of white pants and don’t own a pair!
    I’m keen to try some though and think the White Bennie pants would be perfect. I’d team them with a navy and white off the shoulder top with some gorgeous navy tassel earrings, tan sandals and and a natural boater style hat 🙂

  105. I love my white jeans for summer and would love to add the Sophie to my collection. White jeans always say warm weather to me.
    Cindy F

  106. The Sophie Denim Ankle Jeans would look fabulous teamed with a pair of sandals and an off the shoulder pretty top in almost any colour or colours!

  107. Awesome outfits. I would choose the Sophie distress denim ankle jean and team it with one the my Nina Proudman inspired Boho tops. Yay Nina and Yay Nikki. Thanks for the opportunity to enter. xxx

  108. The Sophie denim pant is the one for me – perfect for a Queensland summer with a floaty relaxed ( maybe cold shoulder) top that will move with the breeze so I feel completely relaxed.

  109. Love the Sophie white denim ankle jeans, I can see myself deck out in this gorgeous pair of jeans with a floral printed flared sleeve boho top, strappy wedge sandals, a golden tan and a sparkling summer smile.

  110. I would love the Beanie pants! The pull up style I find is very flattering and super comfortable! I am a white pant lover ! They look so crisp and classy with a pink (my fav colour) flowy top….get for summer get togethers…..

  111. I would love the bengaline pants. With a 2 year old and a newborn comfort is king, and finding something comfortable, flattering and fashionable is not always possible. I’d team it with a bright colourful top for nice weekend outings!

  112. White bengaline pant – would love to feel confident in white…. probably not quite there yet but I think it would look awesome with a long top/ cape.

  113. I’d love the distressed white jeans although I’d be super nervous as I’ve NEVER worn white pants before! They look fabulous on others though so I think this might be my Summer to do it! I’d style them most likely with a kaftan top or a a summer weight poncho and wedges.

  114. Definitely scared of wearing white as I have two under 4yo! I would love to get into this look with the distressed pair. I would pair it with my striped ombre chambray shirt. Great post, Nikki! x

  115. I like the look of the Bennie pant. They look really classy and much more dressy than the white jeans. If only I was brave enough to wear them – the thought of cellulite being visible is holding me back. I’m a girl with a very small clothes budget (thrift shops are my go-to) so a pair of Bennie pants would be a truly appreciated gift. I would wear them under a nice tunic I found for summer in blues, silver and green (found in an op shop).

  116. Hi Nikki I would go the distressed white denim ankle jeans paired with your stunning off the shoulder white top cause I NEVER EVER wear white. I’m pale and clumsy, however, I have just lost weight and my teenage daughter is restyling me – so I’m up for the challenge of wearing white AND off the shoulder, something I do not own in my wardrobe! Look out – the new me!

  117. The Sophie distressed denim is my pick
    Colourful top is the trick
    Off the shoulder for a bit of sexy me..
    50 plus that is me..
    Hey…why not..I’m young at heart you see..
    Off to enjoy the day
    Smile with Glee..what more can I say..

  118. Ohh, I love the look of the Bennie pants. I’ve never bought anything in Motto before but these looked so good I had to check them out on their website. Can’t wait to try them on.
    They would be perfect for a summer day at work with a light tunic top.

  119. I would love the distressed denim ankle jean – but as a first time mum – I would promise to keep them clean for my first wear at least!!!!

  120. I would be rocking those white distressed-denim jeans…

    I’d pair them with a vintage classic cut soft tee, some killer earrings and comfy boots!

  121. I would love to own and wear the white bengaline pants. I do have a white sleepless top I purchased in Germany and it would go well with them. I have a Monet inspired blue scarf and I would wear my Frankie 4 blue sandals. However, I would also purchase along with the pants a few of the tops that are modeled above by Styling You Guru Nikki.

  122. I love all three. Wear a lot of Motto brand. I wear white jeans a lot but would wear the ankle white jeans with a blue or apricot cami and similar colour flowy top over. If cool weather I have s brown Motto leather jacket to wear with them. Wearing mid heels or flats.

  123. The Sophie White Denim Ankle Jeans are for me. I love a half tuck plus I can see this fitted style will mean I can wear flowy tops untucked without the swamping my petite frame. I have three kids under theee and i’m NOT afraid of white – a hard core soak is so much easier with white than any other colour.

  124. So…white pants. I’m 55 now and well, a bit bigger than when I was younger. So, White pants…do I dare? Well, they did look so good on Nikki and her story is so compelling. So I made a cup of tea and took myself up to my closet to let the idea marinate. And the more I looked at my wardrobe, the more excited I got. Those white Bennie pants would be soooo smooth underneath more of my long tops than I had envisioned. Looking around, I see that outfit that looked good for a warm winter’s day but looked too heavy in tones for spring or summer. But…if I paired that tunic with white pants? Ha! Suddenly, it looked light and airy. If I paired a top and matching long jacket like Nikki did and put them with the white Bennie pants, then boom! They looked bright and happy. I had planned to wear the Blue Mesh Gypsy Jacket that I just ordered with my Motto blue jeans but after seeing it in the Outfit Ideas section, I am stoked about the thought of wearing it with the Blue Iris Vee Cami and White Bennie pants. Bam!
    So exciting but yet typical of Motto to get me to think outside my comfort zone yet again. 😉

    1. Oh yeah, and don’t get me started on how great the white Bennie’s would look with that yummy, juicy Tangelo collection. Bam bam!

  125. Bennie Pants for me to go with off the shoulder blue swirly patterned top with white Cami underneath. I find different tops need different style pants. The white pants I have presently in my Motto wardrobe don’t suit the look I’m after….Bennie

  126. This summer I know I’ll be giving them s outfit a run at least a few times… the white distressed jean, black cami, black tree of life necklace and black and white heeled from cinori
    I know I’ll feel comfy and look good in any setting!
    Love motto and it’s so easy to create a stylish look for any occasion

  127. Rather fancy seeing myself in those White Bennie pants!
    Always loved when Princess Diana wore white jeans. Remember that? Such a classic and classy look. I’m into monochrome at the moment so thinking I would pair my white pants with a white shirt and a soft navy blazer.

  128. I like the white Bennie pants with a black and white gingham floaty “off the shoulder “top and black wedge espadrille shoes.
    Smart relaxed and comfy.

  129. Wow 48 and been too scared we’ll let’s give it a go I would love the sophie white ankle jean and I would match it with an off the shoulder tangelo and my fav black frankie 4 heel

  130. Love all your looks Nikki. I have never owned white jeans, only white shorts and 3/4 pants. I love the Sophie ankle jeans, teamed with my favourite colour navy.

  131. I would go for the Sophie distressed. Love that they aren’t “too” over the top distressed. Am heading on a new year cruise, love white on white, tee during the day I’ve just bought one with just the right amount of bling with my Frankie Hilary snake sandals (that I live in) and love the white OTS shirt you have teamed with them, and I’d put them with my navy Frankie Alyce’s with some rose gold jewellery.

    Just love Motto. I still have got a pair of black culottes from Faye’s label that I’ve had for well over 10 years that I still wear, so comfy. Love that they are so back in fashion this season as well.

    1. Hmmm, white? Am I brave enough? Of course! White bennies with a blue denim colour sleeveless tunic! Be gone you evil grandchildren! I dare you to approach me with your sticky hands! In my handbag I have a little pack of wetones waiting for you….

  132. The Sophie denim ankle jeans, ivory luxury chic cami, black chiffon boho jacket, silver long heart necklace and silver shoes would be my perfect outfit

  133. The Sophie jeans would really be my dream. I think they’d add some summer style to my wardrobe and bring some summer chic to my day. I love the slim styling and ankle length. They really look perfect!

  134. Help! I need need need these white distressed jeans from Motto! I’m going on my honeymoon in 4 weeks to Hawaii – the perfect place to wear white pants of course! I’m 41 ( first marriage ) and my current pair are outdated – low waisted, flared and heavy
    A new on trend pair would work with floaty tops and kimonos while sipping cocktails! happy Days ahead!!!

  135. Fabulous! I loved wearing white jeans in my younger years, but have avoided them since. I can now, after many years, see myself wearing the white Bennie pants with confidence! Pop on a tunic, kaftan top, or a duster jackets and a great pair of sandals.
    These pants give me the vision to see myself wearing them, and I am excited about the thought of a fresh, clean look, combined with great comfort.

  136. I love the Sophie white distressed denim jean. Takes me back to a time long ago when I had a pair of white jeans and I used to feel so summery when I wore them. I think I would style them with something in blues like an indigo tribal print peasant shirt or off the shoulder blouse and a silver tone sneaker.

  137. The Sophie distressed ankle jeans look Devine Teamed with the Indy Mesh jacket for that gorgeous splash of restrained elegance and I would feel comfortable and smart and not in the least overdressed – confidence plus !

  138. I’ve been on the fence about white jeans for a loooong time, perhaps it’s time to make the leap into the Sophie jeans. They look stylishly classic but versatile.

  139. I would love The Sophie distressed jeans & style them with the Motto Black Flounce shirt & the Frankie 4 black slides Tres chic !

  140. I love the look of the white bennie pants. They seem like they would suit the only slim part of my body which is my ankles, while easing over my apple shaped middle. I would have to have a long top over the top – probably in a colour – a smudgy navy or similar, then would pop a longish kimono over the top, which would serve to cover the rear (not that there is much there) and keep the white clean!

  141. I love a white pair of jeans! The Sophie jeans would be a versatile addition to my wardrobe. Teamed with striped tees, smock tops or blouses.

  142. The white Bengaline pant is the one for me as it will cover up the results of 2 kids on my body!! I would then match it with a hot pink top & big earrings for the festive season!

  143. My choice would be the White Bennie pants. They look cool and stylish for the coming warm weather. You can dress them up or down for any occasion and they would look great and timeless too! I would wear them with a casual tshirt or dress it up with a cami and summery shirt – from Motto of course!!!!

  144. White Bennie pants. I would wear with a pale pink top and my birkenstocks. Add some stud earrings and a statement necklace. A soft light blue floral kimono to finish my outfit.

  145. My choice would be the White Bennie pants as they look cool and stylish for the upcoming warmer months. You can dress them up or down to suite any occasion and they still look great and timeless! Great choice! I would wear a dressy tshirt or a summery floral shirt and cami.

  146. I would continue to conquer my fear of white pants in the beautiful and stylish white Bennie pants. I would love to dress them up with some Frankie4 wedges and some height and colourful tunic tops. I’ll defiantly be stealing clear of my kids though

  147. Would life to wear the Sophie distressed white jeans. I love white pants as it gives a lift to pretty much anything. I have never had white jeans though …

  148. I’d choose the white bengaline pants. It’s not something I would normally wear, so it would be interesting to try them. I like the sound of pants that smooth everything!

  149. Everyone will tell you my look is the Bennie pants and the duster jacket, I have a few jackets in that style and they always make me feel great

  150. I love white for summer. It always makes me feel much cooler and it looks so fresh. I can see the Bennie pants being my go-to over summer. I’d team them with royal blue tops for a less formal look but love the way you’ve styled white pants with the white OTS top. Gorgeous!

  151. Hi!
    Loving the Sophie distressed denim. I’ve always loved the look of white jeans but never just done it!
    I have plenty of pretty summer tops in pinks and florals that I would wear these with, but instantly I got a big smile thinking about my vintage Rolling Stones TShirt and black sandals. Quite rock and roll, but also could be quite cute

  152. I love all three pants featured, but the Bennie look comfortable. I’d wear them with a tropical longer lined top and sandals

  153. I would love to feel confident in a pair of the white Bennie pants,I’m only 5’2 inches & unfortunately fuller figured ! I think having a flat waistband would give me a slimer line & not as much bulk as a button & zip pair ! I would also like to try them with one of your lovely longer line tops !

  154. Sophie distressed ankle jeans for the win! Loving distressed jeans (especially if my skin doesn’t ooze out of the distressed bits!) also loving ankle jeans (great for the height challenged). I would team with my black lace top and black wedge gladiator shoes and rock it (even if in my own mind!) … that counts doesn’t it? Cheers, Fiona.

  155. The distressed white ankle jean
    White singlet
    Oversized open high-collared shirt (pastel block colour or patterned containing white e.g. dutch blue and white pattern)
    My white ‘bowling green’ hat
    Coloured strap-on flat sandals
    Cotton neckscarf
    *That will keep me cool, sun-protected and looking stylish and ready to go!

  156. I love the Bennie white pants – they would be extremely versatile with tops I currently have as well as new season ones to vamp up the style

  157. I love to wear white pants especially in summer as they always look fresh I would love the distressed white jeans style them with some nice summery bright tops

  158. I’d love the Bennie and I’d team them with a cute off the shoulder top I bought on the spur of the moment at Eumundie markets.

  159. The ankle jean teemed with something like a duster would be my pick – not something I’ve worn before but love how that looks! Some new inspiration for me – thanks!

  160. For me, I think I’d feel most comfortable in the Sophie white ankle jeans. I’ve never worn white pants but this has inspired me! And been told I could! Would try styling them with loose floral/ pokadot/ stripes shirt or vests and looks nice with trainers or a heeled wedge/sandal.

  161. The Sophie white denim ankle jean, with an off-the-shoulder top such as Motto’s Black Nano Trinity Top. Accessorise with black or pewter shoes & bag for evening, or tan for day. Love Motto!

  162. I would choose the white denim ankle pants as they are a “go anywhere jean” to dress up or down. Always wore white when working with children in the Library as it was easier to bleach or soak , and be as good as new .

  163. The Sophie Distress White Ankle Jean teamed with an off the shoulder top. Perfect for a Sunday brunch with the family!

  164. I love white pants, fitted, baggy linen, longer wide ones, ankle length, 3/4, 7/8, tge l7st goes on. I love to wear them with my other fave colour, navy. A navy cammi with a loose open white linen shirt or vice versa, a whitecammi with a navy loose flowing shirt. Blinged up ofcourse with a long necklace. Lovely

  165. Now looking to go outside the square – I would love the distressed denim – purely to re invigorate my style, be ” on trend” LOL and just be able to be confident in keeping up with the current styles and trends, whilst remaining to be enthralled by why it is great to be a woman to dress up!!lol

  166. Now looking to go outside the square – I would love the distressed denim – purely to re invigorate my style, be ” on trend” LOL and just be able to be confident in keeping up with the current styles and trends, whilst remaining to be enthralled by why it is great to be a woman to dress up!!

  167. Thanks shock horror, to that lasting c-section muffin top,
    (the joys of motherhood never stop),
    I prefer tops that are longer, to cover all sins,
    which is why those Bennie pants make me grin!
    I’d style it with the Motto Purple Print Lace Frillseeker,
    the effect making me appear much sleeker,
    the comfort level absolutely right,
    I’ll love knowing I look ‘all white’!

  168. I’m a jeans girl because i feel it holds everything in. So i would say that I’d go for the distressed white denim jean which I would style with an off the shoulder top in either a pastel or light denim top. I would love to say a white top but I’ve never done white on white. But with the guide of the Motto crew and a $200 vouchure I would love to let the Motto team help me choose the right style for me.

  169. I agree Nikki it’s all about the cut and the weight of the fabric.
    I love all 3 but particularly like the distressed jeans. I love to wear a cami with kimono or duster, flats or heels and some statement jewellery. I don’t know why but I always feel as though I’m on holiday when I wear white pants

  170. The distressed ankle jean would be my choice teamed with navy and white stripped top with sandals or slides for a day of shopping or white sneakers if heading to kids sport.
    They all look great on you Nikki – love how you make everything look great – which gets me out to try different out of my comfort zone on. x

  171. After hernia surgery the only comfortable pants for me are the pull on beenie style slim leg pants. I love wearing white pants with a white cami and different coloured unbuttoned shirts, especially denim ones with tan sandals…so fresh!

  172. Definitely Bennie. Super smooth look and can be dressed up for corporate work/evening wear and also a casual weekend look. Perfect for a straight from work to evening event by just a change of top and shoes

  173. The Sophie white distressed – these would be my first pair of white pants, and I think the distress would add a little bit of edge to an outfit. White looks so fresh, I just need to break out of my Melbourne ‘black’ habit x

  174. I’d choose the white Bennie pant for comfort and style it with a bright kaftan style top (decorated with a bit of sparkle!) and rose gold sandals.

  175. The Sophie White Denim Ankle Jean for me to complete that Summer look! I love the freshness of wearing white in the summer months and just love the look of the flattering cut in these Motto jeans.

  176. As I live on the Sunshine Coast, wearing white is acceptable. In my wardrobe you will find jeans, pants, wide leg pants, three quarter pants and shorts….all white! I wear with plain and prints. Not tried white on white yet…..but anything is possible.

  177. White Bennie jean all the way. I can picture it with a silver top for upcoming Christmas celebrations. Crisp, fresh and rather stylish.

  178. I love all your tips on wearing white thank you. I love wearing white pants myself…not afraid too. I love the white bennie pants…cool and comfortable. I am already a total Mottoholic and have a pair from last year but would definitely like another pair. So versatile to wear casually or dress up. I would wear with a blousy top that covers my bottom. My plan would be to wear it with white on white for instance the white Elsa top which I must buy! I also love all the new shades of grey and would like to try teaming it with the Floral print cold shoulder top. To dress it up a bit more the Ivory Floral Chiffon Tulip Tunic.

  179. This post was written for me! I always want to go for white pants but always talk myself out of it for pretty much every reason Nikki busts! I would like to try out the Sophie distressed jean teamed with my fave rose gold brogues and a relaxed print tee and chunky bangle stack.

  180. I would love the Sophie denim pants if they fit my fat knees? Please I’m desperate to get something white that looks good on me & I would wear a blue denim long shirt with them & my Frankie 4 Chloe’s or my Tan Maddie’s

  181. The beanie pant because I want feel comfortable in a pant and I have never worn a white pant before I thought that would look even larger and because of spills. I am willing to take the challenge,if choosen as one of the winners.

  182. Would LOVE to wear the white distressed jean, for a funky edgy look! And would really like it paired with that dark grey jacket, and white top, as Nikki has shown in one of the above pics – gorgeous! Being a bit older I love that ladies of my age can still get away with looking trendy, but still suit our age group, by wearing these lovely pieces by Motto

  183. Pair number one for me – the Bennie Pant. I have had a few pairs of black bengaline pants and need to embrace Summer and get into white! I have recently bought a long red layered tank and a colourful cold shoulder top in a tropical print and these pants would go perfectly with both!

  184. I’d wear the Sophie distress denim ankle jeans with a soft grey t-shirt tucked just in just a little at the front, with a pair of nude flats and a pink lip!

  185. The white bennie pants with a silky grey/white top with some red sandals for a pop. Althoigh I quite fancy the duster jacket Nikki is wearing with them

  186. After reading this blog I’m ready to give white a go, I love all the outfits but would pick the Sophie distressed ankle pant. I would style it with the blue duster coat some strappy sandles and statement earrings , ready for a Christmas event.

  187. I’d choose the Sophie white denim jean to take me from a casual BBQ, worn with a relaxed fit T-shirt and tan accessories, to a dressier date night complete with a flowy top and the prerequisite bling in either the earrings or sandals The Sophie jean has such versatility that I know it would quickly become my go to option as it fits in with my wardrobe personalities.

  188. The Sophie white denim ankle jean for me. They look classy and can be dressed up or down with ease. At the moment I would add my black and white gingham top and my black ‘connies’ with black and white check laces – look out world … here I come!

  189. I love the white Bennie pants. They look wonderfully cool , comfortable and stylish. They would look great with a colourful boho style top to cover my ample assets ! ❤️️

  190. If I were lucky enough to win this excellent Motto prize I think I would choose the bennie pants as they are something I haven’t tried before and I would style them with a black and white gingham smock top I have. (And some black tassel earrings of course )

  191. I love the look of the white bennie pants as they look super comfortable, flattering and will go with so much in my wardrobe. I would team them up with a gorgeous Camilla silk drapy cardigan in tourquoise/animal print and a white silk camisole, layered with a gorgeous long tourquoise necklace and a pair of white Edward Meller espadrilles. This outfit could take me out to a lunch or dinner event!

  192. Great tips, Nikki! I’ve only recently starting wearing white bottoms and agree that the cut and style needs to be flattering, especially in a white pair of pants. I’d like to try the distressed white ankle jeans and would style it with a black top and heels for having fun going out on the town. Cheers for now, Kxx

  193. The Sophie distressed jeans are totally my style, jeans are always so comfortable, would team them with a Cami & a long sheer Kimono over

  194. Tough decision and never worn white pants. I love bengaline pants and the distressed demon sounds great too, so toss up between the two. Love the first top too or would pair with a red top (red looks great on me). I also love Staingo, it’s the best product. You look awesome in all the pictures too Nikki

  195. The Sophie White distress would be my pick. I need to replace my current distressed white jeans, they have become a little more distress then jean. I live in off the shoulder tops now. The beautiful thing about white is that it goes with so many colours! And patterns! Oh my…
    sorry,just got lost in my mental wardrobe putting together outfits.
    Depending on the event, wedges, sandals, or a pair of converse are on my feet when I wear white jeans.
    This is why I need to replace mine, their versility is huge – catching up with a girlfriend for coffee or dinner out with date. I have literally worn mine out.

  196. The white Bennie pants would be an ideal addition to my wardrobe as I love tunic tops that hide my flaws and these pants would make these tops look fresh for summer. Love the article, great information .

  197. Love the Bennie white pant with a long black chiffon tunic and black heels! Great for an upcoming cruise! Motto make the best pants!

  198. Love the Sophie White Denim distressed Ankle Jean, would pair it with a White Singlet Tank top and a Blue Linen Jacket.

  199. I see that I’m a Bennie girl. Nice and sleek through the middle zone and flattering cut on the legs. Paired with a flash of colour on top with a lightweight shirt and strappy wedges would see me just about anywhere in Brissie this summer.Worth a go this summer clearly!

  200. I’d choose the Bennie. As for styling, I’m not quite brave enough to go all white, for me I’d wear with a white T or cami and a longer shirt worn open, a tunic or jacket in a colour.

  201. I’m not sure I really can do white pants but I love the look so would definitely try the bengaline pants. I really adore the look with the sheer black duster.

  202. I’d love the distressed look. Always wore white jeans when I was younger. Always where jeans now just not white always think I’m too old. But I’m 53years young and the time has come. Love all three pairs and would be great to win.

  203. I would love the Sophia white distressed ankle jeans paired with an off the shoulder white top ( cant wait to wear it …when is summer coming to NZ) with a wedgewood blue and white neck scarf.
    And of course some lovely comfy wedges and I would be barbeque ready (keeping away from the tomato sauce of course)

  204. I would love the Sophia white distressed ankle jeans paired with an off the shoulder white top ( cant wait to wear it …when is summer coming to NZ) with a wedgewood blue and white neck scarf.
    And off course some lovely comfy wedges and I would be barbeque ready (keeping away from the tomato sauce of course)

  205. Hi Nikki,

    I too have started to embrace wearing white, despite have a 2 and not quite 4 year old. It’s quite liberating.

    I would have to choose the Sophie distressed. They’re relaxed and I really like that they’re not too obviously distressed, I haven’t quite jumped in board with this trend and this seems like a nice introduction.

    After having them tailored to fit my shorty-McShort stature () I can see them being perfect to throw on with a casual shirt for the Kindy run but teemed with something a little more stylish for Sunday brunch and garden parties.

  206. I’d choose the Sophie denim jeans and style it with a smile.
    Then I’d add a blue and white striped ( yes stripes) soft unstructured jacket with a white t underneath. I’d finish it with FRANKiE Alyce tan wedges. Ready to go.

  207. I would choose the Bennie and the Sophie because I love the look the Bennie give you and the Sophie look really comfortable. Oh what the hell I’d try them all ❤️

  208. I’ve been on the hunt for a couple of weeks for a good pair of white jeans – still no luck! I would love to wear the Sophie white jeans with an oversized black or navy t-shirt and flat sandals for a day look & dress them up with a peasant top or tunic and wedges.

  209. Love the white jeans. Have embraced the kimono look and would love to pair the jeans with either of the featured examples.

  210. The Sophie White distress ankle jeans I would wear. I have always had the white pants in the wardrobe however always just left them there. I do think that I was considering or my shape and size. You have convinced me to be adventurous and that white is not scary to wear.

  211. Oh- I’m a little afraid of the white pant (I have never been a little girl- always a size 12/14). I also have two small children with grotty fingers so have always steered clear. But I am feeling brave and want to be confident in wearing anything. I would choose the Sophie white denim ankle jeans- classic and classy. Definitely a pair of tan sandals and a flowing navy/white top (my go to)! Eek!!

  212. I have always loved the look of white pants but have never been brave enough to try, ticking all of your reasons above. Perhaps my biggest fear is my chunky legs. The white ankle jeans teamed with the long tunic might be a way to gently embrace the white pant…

  213. I love the Sofie white distressed denim jeans. It is a great base that would go with anything on top, flowy or fitted with block colour, pattern, vibrant or pastel to give me a funky ‘edge’.

  214. I would choose the white bengalines and style them with the gorgeous moto black nano trinity top, the moto silver sassy necklace, and finish with the frankie4s sara’s In black. I am new to off the shoulders and ready to embrace it, also top heavy so the necklace will draw away from that, and my apple shape will benefit from black on the top and white on the bottom. Can’t beat black and white!

  215. Loving the white ankle jean, I’ve been contemplating adding a pair to my wardrobe, a great fresh option for summer and even brighten a cool day. I see these as being super versatile, could be styled simply with a tee and my white nats, or a colour tank with a statement earring and wedges, soo many options from one pair of pants.

  216. I’ve recently entered the wonderful fashion world of the kaftan but most of the pants I’ve been wearing under them are too hot and take away from the floating summery look. Initially I thought the denim white ankle jean would be perfect but perhaps the Bennie would work better. Maybe I need both.

  217. I love the destressed white ankle jean. I would wear with a bold stripe chambray and white off shoulder top a tan heel and a bright bangle (orange) and then just simple sliver ear rings silver bangle . A tan pouch purse . And I wear a ver soft pink lippy.

  218. The Sophie ankle jeans would be my choice with a summer blouse.
    I’ve never worn white jeans, but this look is something I’ve been thinking of trying.
    It looks so fresh and summery.
    With 3 kids I already have plenty of stain removal ready!

  219. Firstly, I love white pants !!! They are my summer “ go to item “ of clothing. I would choose any of the 3 styles above. It depends on how they look on me. I am currently looking for a pair of white jeans that look good on me and make me feel good in them.

  220. Hi Nikki and team, I love, love, love wearing white and will value those tips on wearing white. I adore the Sophie white distress denim ankle jean, they will look so great teamed with every top I own!

  221. The Bengaline pant looks perfect for everyhing from my active Coast work to lunch on the river, comfy cool and chic. Love that they would pair with most of my longer line tunic and floaty tops in my wardrobe.

  222. The white denim ankle jean for me. Teamed with any of three pretty bright glowing & colourful kaftan tunic tops from my wardrobe. It will feel like I’m at a fancy resort!

  223. Thank heavens for you Nikki! Finally, some sense finally on white pants. These looks are gorgeous.

    White pants/jeans are a go to for me , I’d love to add #2 to my wardrobe – ankle skimmers all the way with a beautiful silk kaftan or a cute swing top, add a little bit of chic bling & some sandals (heels or flats) & you’re good to go!

  224. I am set for a new White challenge. Maybe Bennie pants for me. I think I will need new tops for the new white pants for a fresh summer look to wear with nude wedge heels of course.

  225. Good Morning Nikki, another fabulous competition! I would like to win either of the Sophie styles please. I love white! Perfect for dressing up or down, would slot straight into my wardrobe. x

  226. I’m thinking no. 3 the distressed jeans. I might give the all white look a go, I don’t wear a lot of white but I’ll try it. If not maybe a deep burgundy top.

  227. Hi Nikki, well as usual you look amazing . Love the white top. I’m loving the white distressed jeans as they appear to be a bit roomier fit, absolutely gorgeous. Being a child of the 70’s, I love getting my denim on, so my choice would be a chambray off the shoulder top. Styled with chunky earrings or neckpiece and worn with any of the Frankie4 sandals, the look will keep you looking great all day. Thanks Nikki and Motto!

  228. White ankle length Jean is my choice. White ankle length jeans go with t shirts and sandals ,peasant boho blouses and boots or beautiful silk blouses and high statement shoes….I love the versatility of them.A must when travelling.

  229. I love the white ankle jean. I would pair it with flat open toed espadrilles and an oversized cotton tee for summer days.
    For dressier occasions a wedge heel and statement hi lo shirt.

  230. I love white it is so fresh. I have never worn it in pants as worried it would make me look bigger than I am. But now after seeing this I would wear the Motto Sophie distressed white ankle jean and pair it will a white top so that I could have fun with some colourful earrings then to add a pop of colour.

  231. The distressed white ankle jean. White pants scare me! However, the thought of something light and especially soft for summer is very appealing. I’d love to give them a go 🙂

  232. Love the Sophie distressed Jean & I would wear this with my new coral colour off the shoulder top & a pair of strap pay nude heels. Perfect.

  233. I think I would get most wear out of the Bennie pants – think it would suit my body shape best. I would like to style it with a nice bottom skimming top for the day running around and at night I would happily wear them with either a long tunic or a camisole and a duster coat. Will be going shopping soon. X

  234. Being a pear shape I have avoided the white jeans in the past but I’m loving the distressed white ankle jeans Nikki and I’d throw them on with a nice off the shoulder t-shirt or top and I’m good to go for summer entertaining! xx

  235. I would love the stressed White Ankle Jeans as I feel they would be an asset to my wardrobe. I have good legs so with some off the shoulder tops I’d get my “Sexy Back”. I loved the White Blog as people are afraid to wear White for all the reasons stated. Thanks Nikki & Motto

  236. So hard to choose! I think I would go for the Sophie distressed jean. It would go with a lot of my current tops, basically doubling my wardrobe with one piece!

  237. The white Bennie jeans are all sorts of perfect IMO – slim leg & elastic waist – what can’t I love about that! Paired with the duster jacket it looks summery & classy.

  238. I’d love to give the distressed white Jean a go, with a larger waistline I’ve always avoided jeans thinking I don’t have the figure for them, but looking at these lovely flowy tops that will skim right on over I’m sure I could make it work – worth a shot as these outfits look amazing!!

  239. I would love a pair of the distressed white jeans. Looks like they would suit my shape. Since they are distressed it means I can dress it up and dress them down without them being prissie.

    I would pair them with some black chunky peep hole shoes, shoestring strap wraps around ankles and a black long cami style top (to cover my love handles ❤️) I would wear this to happy hour drinks or on holidays etc.

    Fingers crossed that you pick me

    Cheers Lisa

  240. OMG white ankle jeans, what a scary thought but they look so good with everything and can dress them up for a night out so i guess i could get brave and try a pair.

  241. The Bennie pants would make a lovely dress pant for work … I’ve a ton of white tops so I’d add one of those duster jackets you’ve featured in this post for a whole new day time relaxed corporate look. Thanks Nikki for pushing us to new ways to look put together

  242. The distressed white ankle jean is for me. I have skinny legs (big mummy tummy) so the jeans would enhance my leg length when added with funky sandals. I love navy blue at the moment so would pair it with an off the shoulder navy blue top, some tassel earrings and a silver cuff.
    For night a floral soft shirt would be elegant.

  243. I love the beanie pants as l like the smooth silhouette it gives. Team it with a colorful midlength kaftan. Depending on the ocassion l would wear frankie 4 footwear flats for casual or for a more dressing ocassion pair with high heels and lots of bling.

  244. I’d love to try the distressed white jean. Just turned 45 and starting to think I’m too old for certain styles but this has given me confidence to try something new. Styled with a floaty light top for summer and a wedge heel would be a new look for me!

  245. I’d like to try the white Bennie pants with tan platform sandals and an Indian Kaftan top that I’ve never found the right pair of pants to wear with.

  246. You’re rocking all 3 pairs Nikki After reading your post I’m super keen to try a pair of white pants in my wardrobe! I’d love a pair of the Sophie distressed denim because they’d be so versatile! I could dress them down with a stripe or brightly coloured tee and sandals or silver sneakers for a day running around with my toddler or dress them up with a pair of wedges and a floaty top for a night out with girlfriends.

  247. I would like to be very adventurous and try the distressed denim and a white off the shoulder top. I’ve never worn either and I could face two fears at once.

  248. I would love the Motto white Sophie ankle jeans, I would style them with a colourful cotton top and wedges for summer would look great and be so comfortable.

  249. Ooooh I would love the white ankle jeans! I’ve avoided since my children were little & I’m a teacher! I love stripes & would wear them with sneakers for a casual look! & I have some floral & patterned shirts for work that would suit too!

  250. Would Love the look of the white distressed denim ankle jeans teamed with a pretty floral top and flats for a casual Sunday afternoon get together xo

  251. The beanie pant as I work from home and want to feel super comfy. I would wear it with a white cami and a colorful tunic (I just bought one from seed) to give some color and brighten me up as I have red hair.

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