Offspring Series 7; Episode 7

How to recreate the Nina Proudman look (Season 7; Episode 7)

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Every week Offspring dishes up for us a virtual wardrobe feast. I think it’s important for us to remember that getting the Nina Proudman look … or the Billie … or Zara … or Kerry … or Geraldine look is just that – virtual.

Each week I get asked about specific pieces from the show and where to buy them. In more cases than not, what each of the cast members is wearing is no longer available. So many of the pieces this season are vintage – so very much not available. Others have been custom made; others are samples from previous or upcoming seasons.

That’s just how a wardrobe department works for a TV show – plus they are filming in advance. Check out my interview with the Offspring chief costume designer here to get a clearer picture on this. 

What we have had available matches on this season is a number of the jewellery pieces, a couple of frocks and most of the jackets/trenches Nina wears. Aside from that, exact matches have been few and far between.

Recreate the Nina Proudman look

This week’s episode was no exception. The scarf and earrings were vintage. The top Thurley (not current), pants were Chanel and the boots Seed from a couple of seasons ago. The trench? That’s available here.

I’m coming around to Nina’s neck-tie wide-legged pant look. I would still prefer to see it without a boot but I guess a doctor has to be a teeny bit practical in the footwear department.

This was a sophisticated day look for Nina and out of the box for a job interview – but like all things Nina Proudman style, she can do no wrong.

How to recreate the Nina Proudman look | Season 7 Episode 71. Imonni top $119.95 @ The Iconic | 2. ASOS pant $56 | 3. Nicole Fendel earrings $20.30 | 4. Love Fairley necklace $230 (exact match) | 5. Django & Juliette boots $219.95 | 6. Milana scarf $99.95 @ David Jones

Nina’s second outfit in this week’s episode was a silk-goddess take on formal wear. Only Nina can wear a wide-legged silk pant to a cocktail party and get us all thinking and wondering how we can re-think traditional occasion wear. The pant is available on sale at Flannel but the top has sold out.

The de-brief (spoiler alert)

Except for Ray’s 10th birthday party (and even that came crashing down), Zoe’s “good uck” cupcakes baked for Nina ahead of her interview, and Jimmy and Zara’s reconciliation, there weren’t a lot of FUN happenings.

Things I did like: Nina really coming into her own in the interview. Oh Nina, even though you missed out on the promotion, you couldn’t have handled it any better. 

I think the writers will long be dining out on the “party pash and a prod” love “hexagon” between Kerry and Will and Jimmy and Zara. It just offers such good material … particularly when there is a gathering of the entire Proudman clan.

Offspring quote Season 7; Episode 7

Are you just as confused as I am about the whole Billie and Dan situation? Oh GOOD. I thought it was just me. What was that stunt with the fancy drinks and a whole bunch of lies? I think we haven’t seen the last of Dan … or is that just wishful thinking on my part?!

Offspring Series 7; Episode 7

Offspring Series 7; Episode 7

So tell me, what was your highlight from last night’s episode. Favourite outfit?

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  • Sophie O’Loughlin

    I love the necklace Nina was wearing at ray’s birthday dinner- any idea where it is from?

  • Cher Marriner

    I loved Billie’s top with the peacock on it, anyone have an idea where to buy it, I want one do badly before my next holiday.

    • Wendy Pearson

      It’s an Alice McCall top according to Get The Look Episode 7 on tenplay

      • Cher Marriner

        Thanks, I just saw that, but can’t find it on their website, actually their website has completely different fashions.

        • It’s very rare that what you see on the show is available now – it could be a previous season or a sample for an upcoming season.

  • Dee Nott

    Hi Nikki – I bought the white top only yesterday (and it arrived today and is STUNNING and fits me perfectly – just in time for my son’s 11th birthday dinner at Southport on the Gold Coast xxx) from The Iconic….and can’t wait for the pants from ASOS. thank you so much Dee Nott

  • Katie

    Does anyone know where Billie’s beautiful colourful top at the beginning she wore with the red jacket was from?

  • countrymum

    The crochet top was gorgeous as was the pink pantsuit. I also loved the white dress that Kerry was wearing.
    She is very stylish. Harry is a dish. Billie cracks me up. Really loving this season and cant believe its going to end so soon!

  • Wasn’t it just gorgeous – and a different take on cocktail/black tie!

  • Gosh that’s too funny! And yes, there are usually 10 episodes. Sad!!!

  • EmmaM

    can we talk about the crochet top… <3 anyone know where it is from?

    • Crochet top? The white one Nina was wearing? It’s Thurley but not current – I mention that in my post.

      • Salina Blake

        Hi Nikki. Not current for Nina’s top? Does that mean it will be current at some point?

  • Fiona

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate Harry’s slide into the hallway wearing suit? Very nice 🙂

  • Kate

    Does anyone know the designer of the pink jumpsuit/paint suit?

    • Sorry I don’t!

    • nellie1964

      Hi Kate,
      If its the pant suit worn at Rays party its from Flannel . Called the Montreaux shirt and pant.

      • Kim Ganfield

        Thanks for the info, it’s stunning 🙂

        • nellie1964


  • That interview outfit is amazing. Couldn’t stop looking at it so much that it was almost distracting from what was happening.


    Nina is divine. That peach jumpsuit was magnif. I feel like this series is finding its mojo.